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(Cherry Cyanide Breaks A Leg)
5 hours ago
Contains Nurse Sindy's new and achieved cast stories. These stories include Lynn's Bad Break and Meg's Great Adventure. Also contains true accounts from men and women who have been placed in casts in real life. And a variety of cast pictures

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(Thea LLC & leg-brace Sample)
6 hours ago

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(Samantha's Pink LLC, 20 Min)
6 hours ago

Joe's Clips & Pics

Samantha's Pink LLC, 20 Min

Get individual Pics & Clips, Discreet PayPal Transactions, 10 megapixel images

Samantha's Pink LLC, 20 Min
Welcome the super hot new model Samantha. She's in a straight pink LLC with a pointed foot and the ball of her foot showing. She starts out just practicing crutching, which she had some difficulty with, so she takes it slow. After a bit, she takes a seat and touches her propped up cast as she wiggles her toes. Next, there's some excellent, smooth moving shots of her slowly crutching some more. She takes her time and is a bit of a tease as she crutches around. Finally, we end with a super hot shot wearing lingerie in bed where she poses for the camera as she shifts around and wiggles her toes.

Angel's Green LLC Crutching and Cast Talk, 28 Min
Sock lovers, you have been heard! Angel's wearing a pink sock over her toes for most of this clip. She's in a green LLC with her one-legged jeans crutching at the park, up stairs, and around a stage. Next, she's indoors with her leg propped up on the couch, doing some cast talk with you and wiggling her toes... with and without her sock. Finally she does some more crutching in the downtown streets, tackling stairs and some other obstacles.

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(100 HOT Lingerie Samantha Pics)
6 hours ago


100 HOT Lingerie Samantha Pics

Expires Friday: Samantha's Pink LLC, 20 Min

07.10.2020 - Last but not least is a sexy lingerie gallery of Samantha on the bed wearing skimpy clothes that show all of her legs and nice back side as she rolls around on the bed posing.

07.08.2020 - In another outdoor set, the beautiful Samantha lays down on a handycap sign for some fun shots and I get some cool vouyeristic shots of her through a window.

07.06.2020 - Samantha's outside looking super hot in her pink LLC and short shorts in this excellent gallery. Log in now to check out these first 100 stunning pictures!

07.03.2020 - Welcome the super hot new model Samantha. She's in a straight pink LLC with a pointed foot and the ball of her foot showing. She starts out just practicing crutching, which she had some difficulty with, so she takes it slow. After a bit, she takes a seat and touches her propped up cast as she wiggles her toes. Next, there's some excellent, smooth moving shots of her slowly crutching some more. She takes her time and is a bit of a tease as she crutches around. Finally, we end with a super hot shot wearing lingerie in bed where she poses for the camera as she shifts around and wiggles her toes.

13 hours ago
Woman with cast or sprain on crutches.

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(Anja back in the Arena - Video)
15 hours ago

now Summer Sale - check out the offers!
now Summer Sale - check out the offers!

the website with hot girls on crutches and nice casts

Last updates:
Anja back in the Arena - Video & Photos
Lara in the Old Town - Video
Lara in the Forrest - Video
Vania with SLWC - Video
Lara at the River - Video

check out our social media channels:


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(I covered my brother's room with picture)
17 hours ago

  • Videos come complete, not crooked
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NEW Video - Clip Today we show you:

    Ashley Victoria Benson (born December 18, 1989) is an American actress and model, known for her role as Hanna Marin in the teen mystery-drama television series Pretty Little Liars (2010–2017). She starred in the films Bring It On: In It to Win It (2007), Christmas Cupid (2010), Spring Breakers (2013), Ratter (2015) and Chronically Metropolitan (2016).


  • Competitive and married = TROUBLE
  • Psychopath Next Door Plaster LLC
  • Long leg cast LLC in the hospital
  • Having fun on crutches
  • Kamri & Lily GET SCOLDED by Librarian? | 10-Minute Photo Challenge
  • Supergirl 3x11 Alex Danvers Scenes #1
  • I covered my brother's room with pictures of shoes

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(Girl In Cast And Crutches Tries To Skate)
20 hours ago


  • Videos come complete, not crooked
  • Currently more than 800 High Quality Video Clips and growing
  • Many different types of Plaster Casts
  • Special Section to Famous in all kind of cast
  • Many sexy Girls, outdoor, indoor, with and without crutches and wheelchair
  • Reports about Girls in Real Med Casts and details of her stories
  • No Membership
  • New Gallery to images to Red
  • We have special gallery the Videos to amputated and braces women

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NEW Video - Clip Today we show you:



  • Best Red Carpet Moments! | X-Men: Dark Phoenix World Premiere
  • TAG DEL REGGAETON!!! - Julissa Guillen
  • Shopping, dogs, and ridiculous home workouts
  • Biggest Rope Swing Fail + Injury Caught on Camera **real footage of accident**
  • ROCKY Ash Recovering From A Broken Toe | Supermarket Fun
  • Girl In Cast And Crutches Tries To Skateboard And Falls On The Floor black leg cast
  • Poshmas - Big Brother 19 // Won't Stop
  • update: I dislocated both of my kneecaps

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20 hours ago

I sunny day in my AFO brace and new crutches. In the end of video you can show my face.

(Ashley Video 3)
20 hours ago


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(Lara with LAC - Part 4)
25 hours ago


Membership Site with exclusive SwissCaster Content
the membership website with hot girls on crutches and nice casts - check it out!

Today new:
Lara with LAC - Part 4 - wake up with arm cast - Video

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(s l w c)
27 hours ago

SLwC gimp

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(Melinda SLC Clip & Lucy SLC Clip)
28 hours ago

Welcome to Crutchcast Clips!

It's a studio store that offers clips of crutching and hopping, leg cast and sprained ankle with girls from Europe.

(Angela SLC Clip 15 min)
28 hours ago
Swedishcrutch Patreon

Crutchcast & Swecrutch goes Patreon and take back our old name SWEDISHCRUTCH!!

European models with cast, sprains & crutches.

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(Flower LLC Clip)
28 hours ago

Welcome to Swecrutch Clips!

It's a studio store that offers popular clips that have been published before on another studio store. Be sure to check, so you don’t buy duplicates. Enjoy!

(Britney SLC Photos)
28 hours ago


This is a website that offers images and clips of leg cast, bandage, socks, aircast, crutching and hopping, with girls from Sweden, Denmark and Hungary.

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(Flash sale 24H 50%off METAPREZZO)
30 hours ago

A new italian cast fetish adventure. A wonderful italian girl with a leg in cast, sexy pictures, lingerie,crutches, sprain and lot of more! italian dialogue and lot of fun. Custom video on demand!! check this amazing girl, not lost that!

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(Update CastPlanet & FootModel&WishAMP)
31 hours ago

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  • Footmodel.de- Latest update : 10. July 2020
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  • Lospac.com - Latest update : 06. July 2020
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31 hours ago

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(Lia Term SLWC Foot Rub Pix & Clip)
34 hours ago

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Lia Term SLWC Soothing Park Foot Rub Pix & Short Clip
Beatrice Term LLC Office Thief Caught and Foot Tortured Pix & Short Clip
Angel Daniela SLC
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One of the oldest and continuously updated cast sites from two of the earliest contributing members to the casting community (1997), updated 3 times a week with pix and CLIPS -- new material every week.

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(FREE Preview at VK & YouTube - Jenny)
36 hours ago

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(pictures and videos)
37 hours ago
pretty women with cast and crutches

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(Incredible crutching woman Slc)
37 hours ago

.This beautiful woman broke her right foot. She wears a white Slc, and she is very good on crutches. You go a long way. Fantastic

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(Casts after a car crash part three)
44 hours ago

Girls in Cast

NEW VIDEO are available on Clips4Sale

Casts after a car crash part two (language english) This two girls had a big car crash 3 weeks ago. Now Niki wore a single hip spica and long arm cast, and her friend a long leg cast.

Check our what's new link to visit our Clips4Sale homepage

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(Britney SLWC wToe Spica Crutching City)
45 hours ago

Cast Clips for the Cast & Foot Fetishist -- In Clear Large Format SD AND HIGH DEF


Britney SLWC with Toe Spica Crutching Around The City with a Broken Leg and Toe with Foot Play
Just as Britney got used to her bulky term cast and started to gimp around on it without the use of stick wouldn't you know it but she was on the metro when someone dropped a bag right on her exposed big toe breaking that too! As clip video begins Britney's just left the doctor's office with more plaster on her foot than she came in with, this time encasing her big toe so only he four cute toes are left to wiggle and curl -- and they do because the plaster toe cast bites against her toe cleavage. Now poor Britney is back on crutches getting around town because her foot is still too tender to put much pressure on it. Anyhow she'd rather keep it up to protect her the four good toes she has left from being stepped on! She crutches around until she is too tired, of crutching and of people checking out her funky plastered big toe. She finds a bus stop where she checks out and massages her remaining good toes protruding out of her plaster prison. But when the bus doesn't come she gets up and begins to crutch the long journey home... Nice closeups and worm's eye view of Britney cute casted toes in this one.

Stella Term SLWC with Heel Bar Getting Used Walking AgainWithout Abusing My Poor Toes!
Stella is eager to get off her crutches but her heel bar is so high due to accommodate her exposed toes pointed down at an angle after an Achilles tendon operation. She wears a comfortable sneaker on her good foot but needs to rely on something to balance out her very different leg heights. So she ditches one crutch and uses one other the balance on as she gimps through the park on a sunny day. Her casted toes still hit the ground though because of the position of the foot in her cast unless she walks with it out and to the side while bending her toes upward. This is difficult to do as she makes her way through the park with it's hot pavers and stone steps abusing her poor exposed foot until she gets to the observation deck overlooking the city. She props her foot up to rub her vulnerable toes and wiggle them to get some relief from the cramping due to the position of her foot in her cast. However by the time she is halfway down the stairs she needs to rest again and wiggle and curl her toes. Then she continues on. There are lots and lots of great closeup shots of Stella's cute wiggling curling toes in this one, and if your in to that this is a "must see" clip.

Deborah LLC Extreme Job Interview With Foot Worship
(English) When Deborah comes in for a job interview the interviewer is skeptical that she can her duties  as her assistant. However she might be the perfect candidate to meet her potential supervisor's unique job criteria.  Once Deborah's toes have been wiped clean she learns one of her duties will be to satisfy her new supervisor's foot fetish on an as needed basis. And it's needed now! Her new boss cannot resist sucking on Deborah's pretty polished toes protruding from her stiff plaster full leg cast. They are just there for the sucking with Deborah having limited ability to get at them or do anything about it but sit and watch dumbfounded as each pretty toe is tongued and sucked on. She must admit it feels good though! Her potential boss makes her pull off her one good heel as well so she can worship her good foot, while Deborah watches nibbling on her single heel. Finally the interview and the foot worship is completed and Deborah is allowed to put her one shoe back on. A sensuous "must see" foot worship clip that complements Deborah's previous interview foot play clip.

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(Daphney Gallery Update)
45 hours ago


***Daphney is in a pair of casts. Nylons on make her feet look so tan. Yum.***

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Over 180 different cast shoots.

Over 10,000 High Resolution photos.

Over 2,500 minutes worth of video footage with models hobbling around in rigid attire.

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51 hours ago


(Emily SLC, Irina COMBO, Priscilla COMBO)
57 hours ago

- Wide range of models, locations and outfits from all over the world
- Stunning mix of "Real_MED" and "Rec" casts
- Tons of HD videos in all sort of situation
- Extreme HD pictures in colour and black/white edition

#tag-based fully searchable database
Accident: #MED; #REC
Material: #PLASTER; #FIBER

Follow Instagram @glamourgesso_site for free previews

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(NEU ! schwarzer TG Schlauch von BSN)
61 hours ago

Seit 16 JAHREN der Onlineshop mit mehr als 1000 Artikel, grosse Auswahl an Kunststoff Gipsbinden und vieles mehr! Schnelle und zuverlässige Lieferung! Nur TOP Qualität und TOP PREISE!.
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(Deborah SLC Watch Me Casturbate)
3 days ago

Erotic Cast Clips for the Cast & Foot Fetishist -- In Clear Large Format SD AND HIGH DEF


Deborah SLC Watch Me Casturbate Until I Cum
Sexy Deborah is on couch aimlessly wiggling and curling her toes and playing with her casted toes with her good foot. As she continues to play with her toes she gets hornier and hornier until she pulls all her clothes off and begins pleasuring herself from the front and back. This casted cutie is really sexy and puts on a real show as she gets into it, going deep until she cums.

Viktoria Term LLWC and Brandy Term SLWC & SAC Combo Time to Get up and Sightsee
(English) Two casted tourists on vacation together after their accident get up to start another day casted touring the Adriatic island where they are staying. It's a struggle getting out of bed in their heavy casts as they check out each others wiggling toes. They complain about all the things they can't do casted in the island paradise they are staying at. One Viktoria offers Brandy assistance bushing her hair because she has an arm cats as well as a leg cast. They both changing into loose-fitting comfortable clothes. They get ready making themselves up in the bathroom for another day of what they know will be struggling about on old cobblestone streets as other tourists and the locals gawk at two casted girls and their naked toes hanging out of their casts. This sexy clip features nudity not erotica.

Lia Double SLC with Pointed Toes Hospital Casturbation
Dancer Lia wakes up after her operation on both Achilles tendons and realizes after examining her pointed toe casts that she won't be going anywhere for some weeks unless its painful tip toeing on her exposed digits. Whats a girl to do in the meantime? Casturbate of course! Sexy Lia shows off why she is such a popular cast model by slowly and sensualy getting herself off in her hospital bed. And we have captured her full pleasure on video and from a variety of angels as she plays with herself from in front as well as behind! With toe and pussy closeups of course. We'd rate this a must see.

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(Andy male model LLC)
5 days ago



Andy in perfect LLC

54 photos of Andy perfect shape LLC

a lot of crutching, show his toes,

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(Emma Term SLC Stuck at Home Working)
5 days ago

Medically Applied Term Casts on Pretty Girls Expertly Photographed in Realistic Situations


Emma Term SLC Stuck at Home Working Casted
Stuck at home during the spring with a casted foot due to you-know-what long legged Emma wears just short shorts and a halter top to do work in her bedroom/home office. She tries to get comfortable in the heat, hoping, crutching, sitting, propping her cast foot up and waving it around. Anything to get it comfortable including wiggling her long pretty toes. Nice closeups in this one from a variety of angles.

Zuzu Term SLWC Drive Casted
Perpetually casted Zuzu shows off her car skill in this one. Crutching to her car and hopping in and out of her vehicle as well as driving with her casted foot. Fortunately for her, and the other drivers for that matter, her good foot remains uncasted. She stops off at her favorite cafe for a quick drink. Mistakenly drops her keys on her naked toes and then crutches back to the car to drive t more errands. Some nice closeup shots of her naked casted toes in and out of the car.

Yvette Term SLWC Boat Trip in Sandals
Yvette takes a river boat trip to sightsee for the day with her friend but she has trouble getting her sea legs because she only has one good one! She's traded in her usual single heel for a flat comfortable sandal, but for whatever reason the dampness seems to make her leg ache and she can't get comfortable in her term cast. She sits down, swings it around, gets up and her friend checks it. She tries to ignore it, gimp around the deck to sightsee and have fun until the trip finally ends and she gimps off the boat with her friend. Nice shots of her long toes in both her cast and open sandal in this one.

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(3 new videos)
6 days ago

Instantly watch tons of full hd quality videos

Castedeurope Channel on Patreon

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(Jozephine LLC Crutching & Shoe Help)
7 days ago

1000+ Clips from "THE" Longest Continuously Running and Largest Cast Community Site


Antoinette LLC Application and Cast Talk (720 X 480 SD)
LARGER EDITION (Double Size at a lower price!) REPOST - Before 2009 we converted original 720X480 .MPG's and reduced them to 360X240 .WMVs of lower quality before posting to C4S because of storage limitations. I found these original larger size better quality files while archiving old DVD's. I will be reposting them at REDUCED PRICES along with original content. Another great cast application and afterinterview video. Barefoot, Antoinette is casted from soup to nuts on the floor of her home as she chats with the two cast appliers about the process. One holds her leg at an angle while the other casts. She looks a bit nervous ;) It's a nice slow application process that allows you to savor the whole process as she gets fitted in a multi-colored llc. She seems to warm up and get more comfortable as the process continues - chatting the whole time. Once casted, she up and packing pictures in a box and crutching about. She alternates between losing her crutches and gimping around with no or one crutch instead. Then Antoinette crutches to her chair and with her casted leg up and toes curling (and rather robust bazooms) she talks about the cast. Some great closeups with casted sole and face shots in the same frames! Also some really great closeup of her casted toes.

Lia Term SLC Gimping around Seaside and Trying to Cool a Hot Foot
Sexy Lia gimps around on a scenic vacation is a showcase of her sexy curling toes blasting out of her cast and half shoe with lots of closeups from all angles including worm's eye. Its's tough getting around and its hot. She takes stroll down to a pier overlooking the ocean where she pops her cast foot up to allow the cool air to cool off her casted toes. She also dangles her cast foot over the side to cool off. Her foot is still hot in the cast though which is absorbing the beating sun while her poor toes touch the hot concrete with each step. So she sits down to pull off her half shoe for some relief. Of course, outside of wiggling and curling her toes, it does nothing to cool off her cast foot which is securely imprisoned in hard fiber. So after a time she puts it back on ad continues her gimping by the sea which at least provides some relief for her naked toes. If your a Lia and/or really pretty toe fan this is a "must see"!

Candy Term SLWC Struggling to Sightsee
(English) Candy looks sexy even in a term cast. She picked out a sexy pink and complimented it with silver toenails. She also tailors her jeans to end smartly with a cuff just above the knee of her casted foot. She wears one flat sneaker for comfort but that creates a pronounced limp with her casted heel which she compensates for in her sexy walk. She's with her friend in the mall when they decide to spend the rest of the afternoon sightseeing at the best spot overlooking the city and river. Candy races across the street with a pronounced gimp as she tries to avoid traffic and gets herself ready for the significantly steep climb up the steps to the promenade overlooking the city. It's a struggle and she props her casted foot up on her friend's shoulder to rest it and shoe off her cute little toes. When they finally get up to the promenade she dangles both her good and cast foot over the edge. then she complains to her friend that her cast foot is aching from the climb. They both start the long descent down the hard rocky staircase, and continue Candy's public gimp down the street. A nice closeup of Sexy Candy's cute toes in the mall as well as when she is on the promenade dangling and checking out her casted foot.

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(C A M)
7 days ago

Ashley camwalker crutching

(S L W C)
7 days ago
Cassidy slwc crutching out

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(Reka - SLC TERM #day1)
8 days ago

Reka - SLC TERM #day1

(Series "An unexpected gift")
8 days ago


Cast unique

Hey guys,

I'm Alexandra from Germany. I started to create feet-related content in 2016 and in 2017, I did my first cast video. I love to imagine new stories, to slip into different roles, and to stimulate (your) imagination.
On my Patreon channel, I post feel-good cast entertainment content for over two years now. For a monthly amount of your choice, you'll get instant access to all previous and future posts.
New stuff (videos, pictures, polls...) is available several times a week. Videos are in German with English subtitles. It's a membership system – you'll be charged once you join in and after that on the 1st of each month following.

RECENT SERIES: "An unexpected gift"
Oliver and Jessica have a date. Oliver seems to be very keen on spoiling Jessica's feet. Furthermore, he has prepared a special surprise...


  • "The Yoga Teacher" (purple SLC)
  • "From Coma to Corona" (LLC+SLC+SAC combo, wheelchair)
  • "Needing a break?" (white LLC)
  • "What to wear?" (black SLC)
  • "Hej!" (public / Ikea trip, green SLC)
  • "Likes and vices" (double cast, wheelchair)
  • ...and so many more!

See you there!

Yours, Alexandra | ALEXANDRA FOOTAGE

Patreon / Cast unique: www.patreon.com/alexandrafootage
Main website | video shop: www.alexandrafootage.com
YouTube: www.youtube.com/alexandrafootage
Instagram: www.instagram.com/alexandra_footage

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(R E E S E)
9 days ago

R E E S E vids from R E E S E rules clips4sale site

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(New erotic and story pages)
10 days ago

Fashion, erotic and fetish drawings by a professional illustrator and concept artist. Recurring characters, medical casts, nudity and sexual themes, complex line arts, fashion-like colored pages, colored story pages. Regularly updated DeviantArt gallery and Patreon page with hires downloads, various themes and requests (through tiers and voting). Click site address to visit the DA gallery and "What's new" for the Patreon page.

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(170 Adara Jordan's Erotic Purple DHS Pix)
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170 Adara Jordan's Erotic Purple DHS Pics

Expires Tomorrow: Adara Jordan's Erotic Purple DHS, 33 Min

07/01/20 - Like I say pretty often on Fantacast, I had a hard time finding some non-nude pics for the preview above because this gallery is so sexy! Log in for some very hot pics!

06/25/20 - You've come to meet Adara for a steamy weekend together, but she didn't tell you about her DHS cast. She starts off under a blanket and then reveals her entire DHS, inviting you in for a closer look. She talks dirty as you examine her cast. She tells you to give her casted toes a kiss, which turns into a mini foot worship session as she directs you to lick and suck her toes. You do such a good job that she invites you into bed to make out with her. Later, you've been gone too long so she decides to "take care" of herself with a Hitachi for a lengthy masturbation scene. When you return you find her masturbating and she's glad to see you as she instructs you to start with her toes and then move your way up her cast and do her right! Later, she's in bed alone and she really needs to use the restroom. She slowly makes her way to the bathroom using crutches and pees on camera before making her way back to bed. This is one of the hottest videos ever made for FC!

06/20/20 - Lexi's posing her blue LLWC on the bed in the studio. At first wearing her boot, then taking it off. I love how the wide angle lens makes her long legs look even longer!

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(Minnies Sprained Bare Foot Tickle)
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Minnie Bad Hosed and Sprained Bare Foot Tickled Until She Squirms
Samanta is eager to get back at wrestler Minnie for tickle torturing her and she grabs her friend's bad foot, at first tickling her black hosed bad foot and then pulling it off very early in the clip and spending the rest of her time tickling poor Minnie's bare foot relentlessly form all angles as her long toes wiggle and curl. Minnie tries to pull her foot away but Samanta is relentless and keeps pulling it back to tickle her. The way they are both laughing you don't know who is being tickled more. At the end Minnie's foot ends up so sore she's got to massage her bare foot herself.

Samanta Playing Footsie Gets You Tickled till You Scream
Samanta drops by amateur wrestler Minnie's home and the latter is all bummed out because of her latest injury. She can't where anything on her leg and is sitting around in only one heel and black hose and her bare foot. Thinking she will cheer her up Samanta pulls off one of her own shoes and starts playing footsie with Minnie's naked foot. This only annoys Minnie reminding of her own naked foot and she decides to teach Samanta a lesson. Minnie can barely move her toes because of her injury so starts tickling Samata's size 8 and a half's with her long fingernails that she keeps especially sharp and pointy to show her how lucky she is by forcing her to curl and splay her toes, with the tickling getting more intense when she doesn't comply. You can see how ticklish Samanta is just by the previews. She looks (and acts) like she is about to jump out of her skin as Minnie tickles her relentlessly in this clip. A must see for dramatic tickle reaction fans.

Aislin Sprain Falling Off Her Skyscraper Heels with Foot Massage and Bandaging
(English) When sexy Aislin falls off her skyscraper heels while frantically preparing for a meeting in the office it's no wonder she badly sprains her thin ankle in the process. She peels off her heel to reveal her high arched foot in nylons. She massages it to make it feel better and tries to walk on it without a shoe, but its no use. She plops back in the couch and calls her assistant to come and help her. Her assistant massages Aislin's tender nyloned foot as Aislin grimaces in pain. She suggests Aislin pull her nylon off so she can massage her bad foot more directly. Aislin complies revealing her pretty long polished toes. The massaging continues until her assistant wraps her badly sprained ankle in bandages and leaves her immobile on the couch with her naked foot and her her one good nyloned foot still in her single skyscraper heel. It looks like she'll be hopping all day or for many days after. Check out these two cuties as Aislins pretty ped get's pampered then bandaged.

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CASTDAY BRAZIL LLWC, SLWC, SLC, LOVELY FEET, BEAUTIFUL PICS * Vintage and recent shoots :) * Lot of public pics. * The videos show details of the toes and Liza walking with a swing that only Brazilian women have. * Liza in the wheelchair. * Liza w/ crutches. * Liza walking w/ her cast. * A lot of beautiful pics showing details of the toes and the whole body and a little bit of you face. * Our material is amateur and quality, we are casters.

(Christa's Bunions)
11 days ago
Welcome to my store! Over 550 clips at Clips4Sale of bandage, socks, aircast, crutching, hopping and limping, bunions, amputee with lovely models. Enjoy!

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(Samanta Foot Doc Extreme Toe Tickle)
12 days ago



Samanta Foot Specialist has Her Foot Specially Toe Tickled Until She Howls
When amateur wrestler's bad foot treatment doesn't go as planned she turns the table on the foot specialist, easily overpowers her, ties her to the gurney, pulls off one shoe to show her how it feels to be the patient with a bad foot. She performs some extreme tickle treatment on the hapless clinician's foot and uses her dagger-like nails to tickle her exposed foot until she squirms and screams for it to stop. She especially concentrates on the doc's long toes, tickling the balls and getting her fingers in between to tickle her sensitive toe cleavage. She even uses her hair to tickle in between her toes. The docs reactions to this extreme sustained extreme toes tickling are extreme themselves -- but it gets worse. Her tickler finds some oil and rubs it all over her exposed foot to make her tickle abuse all the more potent. The effects are severe and immediate as the doc screams and howls for the tickling to stop as her foot and toes are tickled mercilessly. Like her patient she won't be able to get her tickle abused foot in a shoe anytime soon. Its a hell of a ticklish lesson in proper bedside manner!

Darcia Foot Tickle and Lickle Naked and Nude with Tummy Tickle Anthology
It's all sexy Darcia, all tickle, all the time in this specially priced anthology. First Darcia is tied seated with her hands behind her and her one bare foot extended in front of her as its tickled mercilessly by our master tickler using her fingers of Darcia's soft crinkly soles and she screams and howls with laughter and her toes curl in reaction. That followed up with a lickling on her sore foot while she is in the same position. The session is so intense she can't wear a normal shoe and ends up at the doctor's office in a half shoe with half her naked foot sticking out. The doctor only ends up tickle torturing her poor foot further with and without half shoe and then takes her into the next room where she is tied down prone completely naked and foot, tummy and side tickled until she almost can't take it anymore and howling, screaming and laughing until she is about to burst.

Aislin Art Thief Gets Foot Lickling and Forced Self Worship
abused tootsie is now subjected to tongue tickling (lickling). She begs and pleads for it to stop as her soft soles are lickled until finally her abuser relents and pulls her exposed foot out of the rack its in, but instead of being let go, for being such a whiner she is forced to smell and self-worship her own naked foot. Aislin is very sexy, and has very very cute feet and toes. And that makes this clip and its unique forced self-worship scenes a major "must see"!

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(New picture "Paddle boat")
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On my DeviantArt page you can find 3D renderings of women in all kind of casts and braces.

All for free, of course.

Some pictures contain nudity. In order to view them, a free DeviantArt account is needed.

If you like my pictures, feel free to leave a comment

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(ALTOCAST back in stock !)
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1 case ALTOCAST Fiberglass Casting Tape (10 rolls) from 39,- EUR


The online shop for products used to create immobilizing bandages

Some of your special advantages:

  • neutral packing, invoice and packing list inside package
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  • answer the polls on our site to influence our future product range!
  • future extension of our product range with currently not available products in Germany and Europe!

17 days ago
The best MEDICAL SLWC pictures and videos on the Internet. All the pictures and videos were taken after 4 weeks of using the cast!

If you are bored of models wearing fresh casts and you enjoy well-used medical casts, socks and nylons on casts, crutches, this is the best stuff for you!!!

BUILT-IN CHAT LAUNCHED !!! If you have any questions or you have have any problems with purchasing or you just want to ask me something, feel free to do it !!!



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(Story & photos of casts. German Message)
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Medical informations, stories, photos, videos and messages around casts and bandages. - All free.

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Sponsors of my new fiber glass cast🤑👢 I established some fixed values💲, but if you feel free to help with another value if you want. In the making and use of the cast I will create a group on whatsapp , facebook or Instagram, where it will be easier for the sponsors to access, so you can follow closely how my plaster day will be. Sponsors can make special requests about content to be produced🎥🎞️, I will listen with affection. You will be the first to have access to the catalog of paid content when it is ready. Exclusive videos can be ordered. Bronze Package📹 - 💰 U$ 25 Interaction group and a video Silver Package 📹📹 - 💰💰U$ 50 Interaction group and 2 videos Gold Package📞📹📹📲 - 💰💰💰 U$ 75 Interaction group, 2 videos and 5 minutes of live on plaster day Platinum Package📹🎥🎥📲📲 –💰💰U$ 100 Interaction group, 2 videos and 10 minutes of live on plaster day Diamond Package📹🎥🎥🎥📲📲 - U$ 150 Interaction group - 3 videos, with an exclusive of 5 minutes and 10 minutes of live. wa.me/5543996732865

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A content sharing site for casters

More than 22000 images

This is a site like flickr or deviantart, but created for casters. You can upload your photos, publish videos, stories, see content submitted by other casters, comment on them and add to favourites. The site is free but private to avoid spam and people that don't belong to our community, so you must register.

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(Zuzu's Original Cast Fetish Site)
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(Hörspiel "Aller guten Dinge sind drei")
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authentic • valuable • unique

Moin Moin,
in meinem Shop wartet ein neues Hörspiel auf euch!
"Aller guten Dinge sind drei" – Romantisch-sinnliches Hörvergnügen rund um Gips, Umknicken, Krücken, Füße, Nylons und das unumgängliche Outing eines Gipsfetischisten.
Eine kleine Hörprobe gibt's hier:

Um im Shop etwas zu kaufen, braucht ihr euch weder registrieren noch anmelden. Ihr zahlt mit PayPal, Kreditkarte oder per Überweisung und ladet dann eure Dateien runter.

Schaut doch mal vorbei!
Eure Alexandra

Haupt-Webseite | Videoshop:
"Cast unique" | Gips-Membership-Plattform:

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(Last chance before removal)
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Get 100 % unique, original, candid videos in high quality for symbolic price.

In clips you will see only nice and attractive girls and ladies with

* casted legs

* sprains

* cam walkers

* braces

* bandages

* air casts

* crutches

(K I T A N A)
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