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Woman with dual broken leg - TIKTOK VIDEO
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Woman with dual broken leg - TIKTOK VIDEO

16 minutes ago


Hi, Friends who love castfetish, I want to present you this new website dedicated to this wonderful world with:

Videos come complete only to tIKTok videos all are real videos

Many different and real types of Plaster Casts and fiber


Many sexy Girls, outdoor, indoor, with and without crutches and wheelchair

Reports about Girls in Real Med Casts and details of her stories

No Membership

Videos like -> Cast Videos ONLY TIKTOK VIDEOS TODAY


  1. How to get down the stairs with a broken legs
  2. Motocycle accident SLC – SAC
  3. Will be off work for at least two months, so i thought i would document my life during recovery
  4. Social Experiece with dual boken leg DSLC
  5. Woman with dual broken leg
  6. Il faut aussi savoir rigoler quand on joue des scènes
  7. Heel with fiber leg cast SLC
  8. Long arm cast LAC
  9. Jucie accident broken arm and leg , plaster cast
  10. Plaster long leg cast all signed perfect
  11. get me out this cast #brokenleg
  12. Things I can now do: – ease off of the crutches and walk in ze boot – swim!

This project is a way to consolite all video to this plataform if you have some perfil to download and publish videos tell me in castloverco@gmail.com

  1. NEW - BETTER QUALITY - Higher Data capacity !!!

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Beautiful girl sprain-crutching black sock

4 hours ago

This beautiful girl sprained her left ankle. 

She comes on her crutches, 

and uses them very well. 

She has a black sock on her ankle bandage. 

Beautiful close-ups on his foot. 

Vid 7:19

Crutchcast Clips

New Model Szandra SLC Clip

6 hours ago

Welcome to Crutchcast Clips!

We offers clips of crutching and hopping, leg cast and sprained ankle with models from Europe.

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Only 48 Hours! 50% OFF Code: YURIHBC

7 hours ago

Only 48 Hours!



Hi I'm Nora. Argentinian living in Spain and this is my website.

You can see my adventures in all the casts I've worn so far: LATS, CLC, LLWC, Velpeau, SLC, DSS, Straitjacket, LAC, SATS, LLC, Chastity Cast, SAFS, SLC...

Join our awesome community today!

Injury Sport - Broken Leg Injury and Cast Progression LLC CAST
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Broken Leg Injury and Cast Progression LLC CAST

8 hours ago

Injury Sport New SITE

To people with broken legs, arm using cast and braces in their normal life. 

Some useful features:

  1. Youtube videos
  2. Tiktok Videos
  3. News
  4. Social Network

  1. Tourist breaks leg in moped accident in Vietnam – spends 25th birthday in hospital
  2. Broken Leg Injury and Cast Progression
  3. Broken ankle, cast , crutches, SLC
  4. Strolling BLUE long leg cast LLC
  5. Outfit with plaster leg cast SLC
  6. Black cast after a Sprain ankle SLC
  7. Tall woman with broken knee
  8. My graduation with broken leg
  9. April with sexy pink long leg cast LLC
  10. Fitness girl with perfect blue leg cast

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Hello, news new sprain cast Linda !

9 hours ago
Woman with cast or sprain on crutches.

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100 More Erotic Roxy DLATS HJ/FJ Pics

9 hours ago

6/21/24: 100 More Erotic Roxy DLATS HJ/FJ Pics

Brokenangelz.com & Clip Site Updates
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BA Jade LLC / BA Elena SLWC

14 hours ago


*The largest (most images & videos) continuously updated cast site serving the community since 1997. 600+ videos, 3400+ image sets, 350K+ images* New Pix & Clips Weekly



2024-06-21 Jade LLC Check Out Those Toes LLC Pix & Short Clip

2024-06-23 Yvette SLWC Sexy at Home Pix

2024-06-25 Ca-Caster 2SLC Wheelchair and Crutches Big Pix & Short Clip



(BROKEN ANGELZ CLIP) Elena SLWC Cased Foot Play and Toe Exercise at the Doctor's Office

(English) Elena gimps into the doctor’s office right from work after a day on her casted foot is too much and she needs some TLC on her casted foot and long pretty toes. The doctor checks out her casted foot and asks her to gimp around as bit to see if the unbalanced heels are contributing to the problem. She asks Elena to jump up on the table where they have an animated conversation about her cast while the doctor soothes her exposed toes with massage, has her exercise them by grabbing a few items with her toes to help uncramp her foot and tries to bandage the end of her cast to protect her toes, but is unsuccessful. This must-see clip features animated conversation with new cast girl Elena and her very long pretty toes.



Zuzu is hanging at home having difficulty getting around without crutches in her term llwc. Actually she is having difficulty doing anything so she calls up her BFF to help her change from her loose at-home couch potato clothes and a clog into her comfortable "crutching out" clothes, daisy dukes that end comfortably above her cast and a single Keds sneaker on her good foot. She waits wiggling her exposed casted toes until her BFF arrives and then tells her what she needs to do to help out -- getting her into her jeans and helping her into her one good shoe. Then Zuzu crutches out of her apartment followed by her friend. Nice closeups of her casted foot and wiggling toes from a variety of angles in this one.

(BROKEN ANGELZ CLIP): Elena SLWC Cased Foot Play and Toe Exercise at the Doctor's Office

(BROKEN DEVILZ CLIP): Elena SLWC Sexy Newcomer Erotic Casturbation


(LONG TOES IN TERM CAST CLIP): Zuzu Term SLWC Getting Her Casted Pedicure w/Foot Massage

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Yesmin LLC - VIDEO 03: Batter naked or in lace?

18 hours ago

Yesmin LLC - VIDEO 03: Batter naked or in lace?

Italian professional fetish model Yesmin wears her Long Leg Cast in this sexy story starting out of the hospital and continuing with full nude and foot fetish activities in couple with her friend Svitlana who takes lessons as newbie fetish model too.

A week after breaking her leg Yesmin is completely naked in bed and shows you the toes of her plastered foot and tells you about her sensations of immobilization. She feels better and ready to return to her activity as a mistress and fetish performer, so she wears for you a sexy lace underwear. Then she satisfies your hunger for toes by painting her toenails with white polish.

Hard Erotic content included

You will get 15 minutes video


  1. With the purchase you are able to download both the High Quality (usual Glamourgesso quality), and the Standard Quality (reduced for slow connection, smartphones and disk-space optimization) version of Videos and Photopacks.
  2. **Buy with creditcard also without a paypal account. Just de-select "save data and create paypal account" and continue as unregistered user**
  3. Follow Instagram @glamourgesso_site for free previews

Running Errands On My Bike with a Broken Ankle - CASTTUBE
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Running Errands On My Bike with a Broken Ankle

19 hours ago



Videos come complete, not crooked

Currently more than 800 High Quality Video Clips and growing

many different types of Plaster Casts


Many sexy Girls, outdoor, indoor, with and without crutches and wheelchair

Reports about Girls in Real Med Casts and details of her stories

We have special gallery the Videos

NEW - BETTER QUALITY - Higher Data capacity !!!

NEW Video - Clip Today we show you:

  1. Running Errands On My Bike with a Broken Ankle
  2. Sweater Weather Pink leg cast LLC
  3. Checking the mail on my crutches
  4. Wheelchair Stroll
  5. Crutching Around
  6. Drawing on My Leg Cast and Crutching at the Beach
  7. Fell Down the Stairs and Broke My Leg – Now Hopping and Crutching in My New Cast 
  8. I broke my arms
  9. Emily’s road trip LLWC
  10. HANDS FREE CRUTCHES!? (broken foot update)

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$ Hard Wrapped

Anastasia Dllwc & Braces Gallery Update

19 hours ago


**Anastasia Double Long Leg Walking Casts & Headgear Update***

***Watch all videos live on the site! All videos are available to download as well.***

***We are smart phone and tablet friendly. No need to download videos in order to view them.***

Become a member today and see how it feels to get closer to her during her most vulnerable moment.

Sign my cast please....

Patreon SwissCaster
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Vanessa at Lake Biel - 4

19 hours ago


Cast Fetish & Beyond

Membership Site with exclusive SwissCaster Content

Today New:

Vanessa at Lake Biel - 4 - Video


Cast Fetish
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100 Beautiful Victoria Pics

25 hours ago

6/21/24 - 100 Beautiful Victoria Pics

Expires Soon: Victoria's Content Creator Leg Break Blue LLC - Part 1, 29 Min

CASTFACE - BOULEVARD TO VIDEOS - Lick her toes! Sexy ...

Lick her toes! Sexy ...

26 hours ago


Hi, Friends who love castfetish, bracefetish and ampfetish I want to present you this new website , this is CASTFETISH - THE FACEBOOK TO CASTER:

Many different types of Plaster Casts and fiber


Many sexy Girls and men, outdoor, indoor, with and without crutches and wheelchair

Reports about Girls in Real Med Casts and details of her stories




  1. amputee woman crutching
  2. Amputee woman with a leg cast

Men in cast 

  1. Andy going to shopping center 5 days fiber SLC adventure
  2. Hot guy on crutches SLC


  1. Alice on a wheelchair receives her KAFO Leg Braces
  2. Minerva Shoulder Spica and Leg Brace 
  3. Alice gets fitted with a Milwaukee Brace
  4. Long Arm Plaster Cast and Orthodontic Headgear


  1. Wearing a sock with a long leg cast. All medical.


  1. Double long arm casts DLAC
  2. Shopping in a leg cast SLC
  3. Working on my Wheelchair Skills during Quarantine
  4. Waiting in my LLC
  5. Random woman signs both girls casts!
  6. Getting out of a Hot Air Balloon
  7. Lick her toes!
  8. I got my cast off by Abby
  9. Hit by a car, broken leg, full leg cast, wheelchair, crutches cast
  11. Sara Double Hip Spica Corrective Cast II
  12. Injury Update: Non-compliance Cast

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Barefoot public and beach crutching -Emily -

26 hours ago

CRUTCHING VIDEOS-BRACE-CAST-SPRAINED !PAYPAL NOW! If you want a custom video please contact us Follow Instagram @crutching_around for free previews


Manner UPDATE!!!

31 hours ago

unique Real casts

Plastered Girls

Zuzu Term LLWC Slow Change

33 hours ago

The Best of BA/CM on Paypal

Featuring: plaster & fiber, crutches, wheelchairs, LLC'S, LLWC's, SLWC's, SLC's COMBO's, Heel Bars, SPICA's, plates, Etc. Pay with Paypal. 100's of [G rated only] clips available, more added continuously.

NOTE: Different services now have different rules for posting in public places. For that reason publicing clips featured here are sometimes longer and with fewer edits and blur filters. Where that's the case we will note that on the clip.

INSTAGRAM VIDEOS - Julepeti She‘s in a blue short legcast right now.
- What's New -

Julepeti She‘s in a blue short legcast right now.

36 hours ago


Hi, Friends who love castfetish, bracefetish and ampfetish I want to present you this new website , this is INSTAGRAM VIDEOS

This new site is focused on all those real stories that people upload on the Instagram platform, here they tell us step by step what they had to live with their injuries and on this site you can see and enjoy them.


Men in cast 

  1. Men in cast
  2. Guy with broken leg LLC cast


  1. Broken Evva leg bondage
  2. Evva with perfect pedicure


  1. Some new pictures of julepeti She‘s in a blue short legcast right now. Get well soon.
  2. Leg cast with sock
  4. Zebra cyborg Bilateral KAFO
  5. Gabriela with broken arm LAC CAST
  6. Movie with woman who broke both legs DLLC
  7. Coralito Nav , Mexican woman with broken ankle SLC – ALL posts – Real injury
  8. Real broken arm LAC cast
  9. Woman in real fracture to leg and arm, LAC and LLC cast

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Suzi SLWC Photoset & Sample

39 hours ago
the only true golden cast-site on the internet

18000 extra large photos in almost 400 sets and 20 hours of HD videos for only one monthly subscription fee.

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Orange SLC & LAC at home  - VK Videos

44 hours ago


Hi, Friends who love castfetish, bracefetish and ampfetish I want to present you this new website dedicated to this wonderful world with:

Many different types of Plaster Casts and fiber


Special Section to Famous in all kind of cast

Many sexy Girls, outdoor, indoor, with and without crutches and wheelchair

Videos like -> Cast Videos

  1. Woman with dual shoulder Spica cast and LLWC
  2. Orange SLC & LAC at home
  3. Lisa with plaster Slwc cast at home
  4. Woman happy with pink leg cast SLC
  5. Sara with fiber long leg cast LLC
  6. Carola Interview with her plaster leg cast SLC
  7. Mary with plaster SLWC Cast at home
  8. Emma with blue broken ankle SLC
  9. Leg cast to Holy in the street
  10. Mary SLWC cast

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castedeurope channel
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3 new videos

46 hours ago
Castedeurope Channel on Patreon

Featuring 465 online streaming videos

... and growing fast!

Become our patron on Patreon
and get access to all of our high-quality videos

3 reasons to subscribe to our channel: 1) streaming videos - you can instantly watch videos without downloading large files to your device. 2) video quality - all videos are in full hd resolution and went through a meticulous process of remastering and color-grading. 3) many never before released videos.

Kicki SLC Clip - Only $10/Month

3 days ago (6/20)

Swedishcrutch Patreon

Crutchcast & Swecrutch goes Patreon and take back our old name SWEDISHCRUTCH!!

European models with cast, sprains & crutches.

- What's New -

Rolling and crutching at my home

3 days ago (6/20)

4 minutes who use my wheelchair and my crutches . I wear only panties and bra.

Flora LLWC Chapter 3: “Rings and Socks” (EN, DE, PT-BR)

3 days ago (6/20)

Flora LLWC Chapter 3: “Rings and Socks” (EN, DE, PT-BR)

Flora wakes up in the morning with her large cast immobilizing her leg. With patience, she takes her first steps with crutches and sits on the sofa. There, she plays with the contrast between the black sock covering the toes of her casted leg and the white sock on her other foot. Seductively, she removes the black sock from her casted foot, revealing close-up shots of her beautiful toes with a perfect French pedicure. Then, Flora places rings on the toes of her casted foot, creating a truly spectacular effect.

Afterward, she changes clothes and goes down to the apartment pool with the help of just one crutch. There, she removes her clothes to reveal a very sensual bikini and reads a book on a lounger. After a while, she gets up and walks alone, without the help of any crutches, to the edge of the pool. This allows us to admire her perfect model-like body. Later, she returns to the apartment, changes clothes again, and goes out for a walk in the street wearing a black miniskirt that contrasts with the whiteness of the cast on her leg.

The video is 31 minutes long (1 GB, 1080 HD)

Flora LLWC Kapitel 3: “Ringe und Socken”

Flora wacht am Morgen auf, ihr großes Gipsbein immobilisiert ihr Bein. Geduldig macht sie ihre ersten Schritte mit Krücken und setzt sich auf das Sofa. Dort spielt sie mit dem Kontrast zwischen der schwarzen Socke, die die Zehen ihres gegipsten Beins bedeckt, und der weißen Socke an ihrem anderen Fuß. Verführerisch zieht sie die schwarze Socke von ihrem gegipsten Fuß aus und zeigt Nahaufnahmen ihrer schönen Zehen mit einer perfekten französischen Pediküre. Dann steckt Flora Ringe auf die Zehen ihres gegipsten Fußes und schafft damit einen wirklich spektakulären Effekt.

Anschließend zieht sie sich um und geht mit Hilfe nur einer Krücke zum Pool der Apartments hinunter. Dort zieht sie sich aus und enthüllt einen sehr sinnlichen Bikini und liest ein Buch auf einer Liege. Nach einer Weile steht sie auf und geht alleine, ohne die Hilfe von Krücken, bis zum Rand des Pools. Dies erlaubt uns, ihren perfekten Modellkörper zu bewundern. Später kehrt sie ins Apartment zurück, zieht sich erneut um und geht in einer schwarzen Miniröcke, die mit der Weiße des Gipsbeins kontrastiert, spazieren.

Das Video ist 31 Minuten lang (1 GB, 1080 HD).

Flora LLWC Capítulo 3: “Anéis e meias”

Flora acorda de manhã com o grande gesso imobilizando sua perna. Com paciência, ela dá seus primeiros passos com muletas e se senta no sofá. Lá, ela brinca com o contraste entre a meia preta cobrindo os dedos do pé engessado e a meia branca no outro pé. Sedutoramente, ela tira a meia preta do pé engessado, revelando close-ups de seus lindos dedos com uma pedicure francesa perfeita. Então, Flora coloca anéis nos dedos do pé engessado, criando um efeito verdadeiramente espetacular.

Depois, ela troca de roupa e desce até a piscina do apartamento com a ajuda de apenas uma muleta. Lá, ela tira a roupa para revelar um biquíni muito sensual e lê um livro em uma espreguiçadeira. Depois de um tempo, ela se levanta e caminha sozinha, sem a ajuda de muletas, até a beira da piscina. Isso nos permite admirar seu corpo perfeito de modelo. Mais tarde, ela retorna ao apartamento, troca de roupa novamente e sai para passear na rua usando uma minissaia preta que contrasta com a brancura do gesso em sua perna.

O vídeo tem 31 minutos de duração (1 GB, 1080 HD).

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My very pregnant Plaster SLWC - sign up for free

4 days ago (6/19)



Since 2005



  1. My Very Pregnant Plaster SLWC

  1. Meet my friend Re


Accidents, pedicure in a cast, Videos on Parks, Restaurants, Hotels and more...

Here I show my caster life. I usually stay from 2 to 5 days in a cast to try to show the whole caster experience. The daily life with the cast, its difficulties and experiences. I am not an artificial model and I am really a caster. My casts are beautiful and well made. I like to behave as if there were medical recommendations. Wait for the cast to dry properly, don't put your foot on the floor when it is a non-heeled cast, etc. And allied to all this, I post a lot of material, with beautiful photos and amateur videos, but well produced.

My stuff is amateur and quality, I am a caster and this is my lifestyle :)

What you will find there:


Regular posts - Lots of caster material - Beautiful feet in casts - Passion for being in a cast - Fiber Casts - Mineral plasters - Braces sometimes - Texts casters - Photos and videos with my face - High Heels - Many videos in public - Perfect casts


*Real Caster Lifestyle*

Instagram @castday

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Tina Video Part 2 Update

4 days ago (6/19)


***Tina Update**

***We are smart phone and tablet friendly. No need to download videos in order to view them.***

Over 230 different cast shoots.

Over 13,000 High Resolution photos.

Over 4,800 minutes worth of video footage with models hobbling around in rigid attire.

***Join for as low as $26.00 a month***

llwc making in the kitchen part twoo

5 days ago (6/18)

Girls in Cast

NEW VIDEO are available on Clips4Sale

Cast making at home, in the kitchen. My wife triesit, how does it feel in long leg walking cast. Part twoo.

Check our what's new link to visit our Clips4Sale homepage

Fictional TV Show "My unusual Hobby" (SLC + LLC)

5 days ago (6/18)


Cast unique



Hey guys!

Have you checked out my current series "My unusual Hobby"?

#crutching #llc #slc #castapplication #cutestory

In the series, a fictional TV program introduces Lotti and Rachel

from Germany, who provide an insight into their hobby "Recreational Casting". 

The friends tell how it all began and are accompanied as they pursue their hobby.

As a supporter ("patron") you'll not only get access to this

series, but to the entire content of the page (since 2018).

It's in German with English subtitles.


And here's my website with further/different content (no membership):




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New Girl Kendra

7 days ago (6/16)

Camwalker sparined stroll

New packs ! Yes

8 days ago (6/15)

New sighting packs! Christmas discount !!!!

new links new photos new video ! Hot stuff !

8 days ago (6/15)

New new new 5 new photo posts! 2 videos ! 2 sightings packs Links Are Now Valid for 1 year!!!

Flora LLWC Chapter 2: “The bookstore and coffee shop”

10 days ago (6/13)

The video begins with a close-up of Flora's beautiful toes, still dirty from the plaster that immobilizes her entire leg. The writer opens her personal diary and starts writing a new chapter of her adventures with her beautiful fully plastered leg: "The bookstore..."

Next, we accompany Flora, who has now changed from her white shorts into a very, very short black dress that reveals the entirety of her long legs and the cast. The technician has applied a very high cast, almost reaching her groin. The cast is not yet fully dry, so Flora has to walk with great difficulty using crutches, without putting any weight on the plastered leg.

Tired and bored of being at home, Flora decides to take a walk to a bookstore with a café that has recently opened in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. With great effort, she gets in and out of the car and enters the bookstore, where she browses the latest literary releases. She then decides to go up to the café on the first floor. The staircase is spiral, so she leaves the crutches aside and, holding onto the handrail, slowly makes her way up. Once upstairs, she sits down and orders something to drink and eat.

Throughout the scene, we see close-ups of her beautiful toes with a perfect French pedicure. After a while, she goes back down the stairs to return to her apartment, where she sits down to read a book, while we are left admiring the perfection of her plastered leg and her perfect feet and toes.

The video has a duration of 33 minutes (3.2 GB, 1080 HD).

Flora LLWC Kapitel 2: "Die Buchhandlung und das Café"

Das Video beginnt mit einer Nahaufnahme von Floras schönen Zehen, die noch schmutzig vom Gips sind, der ihr gesamtes Bein immobilisiert. Die Schriftstellerin öffnet ihr persönliches Tagebuch und beginnt ein neues Kapitel ihrer Abenteuer mit ihrem vollständig eingegipsten Bein zu schreiben: “Die Buchhandlung...”

Als nächstes begleiten wir Flora, die ihre weißen Shorts gegen ein sehr, sehr kurzes schwarzes Kleid getauscht hat, das ihre langen Beine und den Gips in voller Länge zeigt. Der Techniker hat einen sehr hohen Gips angelegt, der fast bis zur Leiste reicht. Der Gips ist noch nicht vollständig trocken, daher muss Flora mit großer Mühe mit Krücken laufen, ohne das eingegipste Bein zu belasten.

Müde und gelangweilt vom Zuhausebleiben, beschließt Flora, einen Spaziergang zu einer Buchhandlung mit Café zu machen, die kürzlich in der Stadt São Paulo, Brasilien, eröffnet hat. Mit großer Anstrengung steigt sie ins Auto ein und wieder aus und betritt die Buchhandlung, wo sie sich die neuesten literarischen Neuerscheinungen ansieht. Dann beschließt sie, in das Café im ersten Stock zu gehen. Die Treppe ist eine Wendeltreppe, also legt sie die Krücken zur Seite und steigt, sich am Geländer festhaltend, langsam hinauf. Oben angekommen, setzt sie sich und bestellt etwas zu trinken und zu essen.

Während der gesamten Szene sehen wir Nahaufnahmen ihrer schönen Zehen mit einer perfekten französischen Pediküre. Nach einer Weile geht sie die Treppe wieder hinunter, um zu ihrer Wohnung zurückzukehren, wo sie sich hinsetzt, um ein Buch zu lesen, während wir die Perfektion ihres eingegipsten Beins und ihrer perfekten Füße und Zehen bewundern.

Das Video hat eine Dauer von 33 Minuten (3,2 GB, 1080 HD).

Flora LLWC Capítulo 2: "A livraria e o café"

O vídeo começa com um close-up dos belos dedos dos pés da Flora, ainda sujos do gesso que imobiliza toda a sua perna. A escritora abre seu diário pessoal e começa a escrever um novo capítulo de suas aventuras com sua bela perna totalmente engessada: "A livraria..."

Em seguida, acompanhamos Flora, que agora trocou seus shorts brancos por um vestido preto muito, muito curto que revela totalmente suas longas pernas e o gesso. O técnico colocou um gesso muito alto, que chega quase até a virilha. O gesso ainda não está completamente seco, então Flora tem que caminhar com grande dificuldade usando muletas, sem apoiar a perna engessada no chão.

Cansada e entediada de ficar em casa, Flora decide dar uma volta até uma livraria com café que foi recentemente inaugurada na cidade de São Paulo, Brasil. Com grande esforço, ela entra e sai do carro e entra na livraria, onde dá uma olhada nas últimas novidades literárias. Depois, ela decide subir para o café no primeiro andar. A escada é em espiral, então ela deixa as muletas de lado e, segurando-se no corrimão, sobe lentamente. Lá em cima, ela se senta e pede algo para beber e comer.

Durante toda a cena, vemos closes de seus belos dedos dos pés com uma pedicure francesinha perfeita. Depois de um tempo, ela desce as escadas novamente para voltar ao seu apartamento, onde se senta para ler um livro, enquanto ficamos admirando a perfeição de sua perna engessada e seus pés e dedos perfeitos.

O vídeo tem uma duração de 33 minutos (3,2 GB, 1080 HD).

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Betty's Content Creator Leg Break LLC, 42 Min

10 days ago (6/13)

Betty's Content Creator Leg Break LLC, 42 Min

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Magda Medical SLC Crutching

12 days ago (6/11)

MADRID CAST VIDEOS-CAST-!PAYPAL NOW! Follow Instagram @madrid_cast

Reni double llc making

13 days ago (6/10)

Girls in Cast

NEW VIDEO are available on Clips4Sale

Reni has a double knee problem. She is in the hospital, she gets double long leg casts.

SLC & Anna term Clips

14 days ago (6/9)
Cast & Crutches content from the UK


15 days ago (6/8)
Real Male Cast Sightings
on PayHip for sale

Purchase amazing sighting videos of men, recorded mostly at European hospitals! High quality videos in 4K/UHD and original audio (no disturbing background music).


- What's New -


19 days ago (6/4)

Alysia - slwc application

- What's New -

Video update

22 days ago (6/1)

Cameron - llc app visit and heel app

Lunch Party in LAC&SAC (CLL-022)

23 days ago (5/31)



Preview : http://www.youtube.com/c/CLLabnossy

Pay with PAYPAL

No membership, only download.

Flora LLWC. Episode 1. “The accident” (EN, DE, PT/BR)

23 days ago (5/31)

Flora and Her Plaster Dream: Chapter 1 “The accident”

Scene 1: An Intimate Secret

Flora enters her boutique apartment in São Paulo, radiant in tiny white shorts and mid-heeled sandals that reveal her beautiful feet and impeccable French pedicure. She sits down and begins to write in her personal diary, revealing one of her most intimate secrets: her fascination since childhood with casts on legs and arms. The camera zooms in on her feet, capturing the perfection of the pedicure and the natural beauty of her toes.

Scene 2: An Unexpected Accident

After a while writing, Flora decides to change her shoes for sexier high heels that she loves. However, while climbing a bookshelf to reach for a folder, the heels throw her off balance and she falls to the floor with her leg bent. A scream of pain breaks the silence as she drags herself to the sofa as best she can. She calls a friend, who immediately contacts an orthopaedic surgeon to attend to her.

Scene 3: Diagnosis and Cast

The doctor arrives and confirms Flora's fractured tibia and fibula. To immobilize her leg for 45 days, from the tip of her toe to her groin, he will have to put a large cast on her. We observe in detail the process of casting Flora's beautiful leg, from mixing the material to its final application. At the end, Flora takes little hops to avoid touching the still-damp cast on the floor as she heads to the bedroom.

Scene 4: A Dream Come True

Wearing a short, low-cut black dress, Flora trades her sandals for crutches and begins to take her first steps, still unsure. She decides to resume writing in her diary, as she will now see one of her childhood dreams come true: wearing a cast. She wonders what her first outing with the large cast will be like. She takes the elevator down to the parking lot, where she will get into the car that will take her to... (to be continued in Chapter 2).

Additional Details:

The video is 43 minutes long (4 GB, 1080 HD).

In addition to the scenes described, there are images of Flora's beautiful feet and toes with various types of footwear.

Close-ups of the fingers dirty from the freshly applied cast and their subsequent cleaning with a damp cloth are included.

Flora's first steps with crutches and with crutches and high heels are shown.

This first chapter introduces the protagonist, Flora, and her intimate secret, her fetish for casts. Her fall and subsequent fracture take an unexpected turn in the story, making one of her most desired dreams come true. Chapter 2 promises to reveal more details about Flora's life with her cast and the experiences that await her.

Flora und ihr Pflaster Traum: Kapitel 1 “Der Unfall”

Szene 1: Ein intimes Geheimnis

Flora betritt ihre Boutique-Wohnung in São Paulo, strahlend in winzigen weißen Shorts und Mid-Heel-Sandalen, die ihre schönen Füße und unberührte französische Pediküre enthüllen. Sie setzt sich hin und beginnt in ihr persönliches Tagebuch zu schreiben und enthüllt eines ihrer intimsten Geheimnisse: ihre Faszination seit der Kindheit mit Gesten an Beinen und Armen. Die Kamera vergrößert sich auf ihren Füßen und erfasst die Perfektion der Pediküre und die natürliche Schönheit ihrer Zehen.

Szene 2: Ein unerwarteter Unfall

Nach einer Zeit des Schreibens beschließt Flora, ihre Schuhe für sexier hohe Hüte zu wechseln, die sie liebt. Während sie jedoch auf einen Buchregal klettert, um nach einem Ordner zu gelangen, werfen die Fersen ihr das Gleichgewicht ab und sie fällt mit gebogenem Bein auf den Boden. Ein Schmerzschrei bricht die Stille, als sie sich so gut wie möglich auf den Sofa zieht. Sie ruft einen Freund an, der sofort einen orthopädischen Chirurgen kontaktiert, um sie zu betreuen.

Szene 3: Diagnose und Schauspiel

Der Arzt kommt und bestätigt Flora gebrochene Tibi und Fibula. Um ihr Bein für 45 Tage zu immobilisieren, von der Spitze ihres Zehens bis zu ihrem Schwanz, muss er ihr eine große Schaufel aufsetzen. Wir beobachten im Detail den Prozess des Gusses des schönen Beins von Flora, von der Mischung des Materials bis zu seiner endgültigen Anwendung. Am Ende nimmt Flora kleine Hops, um die still-feuchten Guss auf dem Boden zu vermeiden, als sie in das Schlafzimmer geht.

Szene 4: Ein Traum wird wahr

Flora trägt ein kurzes schwarzes Kleid mit niedrigem Schnitt und wechselt ihre Sandalen gegen Krüge und fängt an, ihre ersten Schritte zu machen, obwohl sie sich immer noch nicht sicher ist. Sie beschließt, wieder in ihr Tagebuch zu schreiben, da sie nun einen ihrer Kindheitsträume verwirklichen wird: ein Cast zu tragen. Sie fragt sich, wie ihr erster Ausflug mit der großen Schauspielerin aussehen wird. Sie nimmt den Aufzug zum Parkplatz, wo sie in das Auto steigen wird, das sie zu... (to be continued in Chapter 2).

Zusätzliche Details:

Das Video ist 43 Minuten lang (4 GB, 1080 HD).

Neben den beschriebenen Szenen gibt es Bilder von Flora's schönen Füßen und Zehen mit verschiedenen Arten von Schuhen.

Die Schließungen der Finger schmutzig aus dem frisch aufgetragenen Guss und deren anschließende Reinigung mit einem feuchten Tuch sind inbegriffen.

Die ersten Schritte von Flora mit Krügen und mit Krücken und hohen Fersen werden gezeigt.

Dieses erste Kapitel stellt die Protagonistin, Flora, und ihr intimes Geheimnis, ihr Fetisch für Casts vor. Ihr Fall und die anschließende Bruch nehmen eine unerwartete Wende in der Geschichte, so dass einer ihrer begehrtesten Träume wahr werden. Kapitel 2 verspricht, mehr Details über Flora's Leben mit ihrem Schauspieler und die Erfahrungen zu enthüllen, die auf sie warten.

Flora e seu sonho engessado: Capítulo 1. O acidente

Cena 1: Um segredo íntimo

Flora entra no seu apartamento boutique em São Paulo, radiante com shorts brancos curtos e sandálias de salto médio que revelam seus lindos pés e pedicure francesinha impecável. Ela se senta e começa a escrever no seu diário pessoal, revelando um de seus segredos mais íntimos: seu fascínio desde jovem por gesso em pernas e braços. A câmera se aproxima aos seus pés, capturando a perfeição da pedicure e a beleza natural dos seus dedos.

Cena 2: Um acidente inesperado

Depois de um tempo escrevendo, Flora decide trocar os sapatos por saltos altos mais sexy que ela adora. No entanto, enquanto sobe em uma estante para pegar uma pasta, os saltos a desequilibram e ela cai no chão com a perna dobrada. Um grito de dor quebra o silêncio enquanto ela se arrasta como pode até o sofá. Ela liga para uma amiga, que imediatamente entra em contato com um traumatologista para atendê-la.

Cena 3: Diagnóstico e gesso

O médico chega e confirma a fratura da tíbia e do perônio de Flora. Para imobilizar sua perna por 45 dias, da ponta do pé à virilha, ele terá que colocar um gesso bem grande. Observamos em detalhes o processo de engessar a bela perna de Flora, desde a mistura do material até sua colocação final. No final, Flora dá pequenos pulos para evitar tocar o gesso ainda úmido no chão enquanto se dirige ao quarto.

Cena 4: Um sonho realizado

Com um vestido preto curto e decotado, Flora troca as sandálias por muletas e começa a dar seus primeiros passos, ainda insegura. Ela decide retomar a escrita em seu diário, pois agora verá realizado um de seus sonhos de juventude: usar uma perna engessada. Ela se pergunta como será sua primeira saída com o gesso tão grande. Ela pega o elevador e desce até o estacionamento, onde entrará no carro que a levará para... (continuará no capítulo 2).

Detalhes adicionais:

O vídeo tem duração de 43 minutos (4 GB, 1080 HD).

Além das cenas descritas, são mostradas imagens dos lindos pés e dedos da Flora com diversos tipos de calçados.

Incluem-se close-ups dos dedos sujos pelo gesso recém-colocado e sua posterior limpeza com um pano úmido.

São mostrados os primeiros passos de Flora com muletas e com muletas e saltos altos.

Este primeiro capítulo apresenta a protagonista, Flora, e seu segredo íntimo, o seu fetiche pelos gessos. Sua queda e a subsequente fratura dão uma guinada inesperada na história, tornando realidade um de seus sonhos mais desejados. O capítulo 2 promete revelar mais detalhes sobre a vida de Flora com sua perna engessada e as experiências que a aguardam.

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Marlene - Ski Accident

23 days ago (5/31)

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New Today

Marlene - Ski Accident - LLWC - Video


24 days ago (5/30)
Beautiful girls with cast. Llc, slc, lac, neckbrace and wheelchair.

Flora LLWC - photoset a footmodel

30 days ago (5/24)

Sedução de Gesso: O Fetiche Revelado de uma Escritora Secreta

Ela é uma escritora famosa que não quer ser divulgada, mas é caster (gessolatra) desde a infância, então ela decidiu vir a São Paulo e quando ela estava escrevendo o livro sofreu um grave acidente quebrando a perna. Ela acabou gostando muito da ideia de passear de gesso e gostaria de...


Quem quiser vê-la pessoalmente que compre o projeto porque lá vai ter fotos do seu rosto e de todo o seu corpo maravilhoso.


Enquanto se recuperava, ela mergulhou ainda mais fundo nesse mundo, explorando sua própria sensualidade por meio do gesso. Agora, ela está pronta para compartilhar sua jornada única e pessoal com aqueles que também apreciam o fetiche.


Ao adquirir seu projeto, os interessados terão acesso a 200 fotos exclusivas que revelam não apenas sua perna envolta em gesso, mas também seu rosto e corpo deslumbrantes. É uma oportunidade rara de se conectar com a mente criativa por trás das palavras, enquanto explora os prazeres sensuais do fetiche de gesso."



Seductive Cast: A Secret Writer’s Plaster Fetish Revealed

A renowned writer, who prefers to keep her identity a secret, discovered her passion for the plaster cast fetish from a young age, or as she calls herself, a 'plaster enthusiast'. During her stay in São Paulo to write her next book, she suffered a serious accident, resulting in a broken leg. Surprisingly, this experience awakened in her a fascination with the casting process and the use of plaster.


While recovering, she delved even deeper into this world, exploring her own sensuality through plaster. Now, she is ready to share her unique and personal journey with those who also appreciate the fetish.


By acquiring her project, interested individuals will gain access to 200 exclusive photos revealing not only her leg wrapped in plaster, but also her stunning face and body. It is a rare opportunity to connect with the creative mind behind the words while exploring the sensual pleasures of the plaster cast fetish.


Verführerischer Gips: Das Enthüllte Fetisch einer Geheimen Schriftstellerin


Eine renommierte Schriftstellerin, die es vorzieht, ihre Identität geheim zu halten, entdeckte schon in ihrer Kindheit ihre Leidenschaft für den Gipsfetisch, oder wie sie sich selbst nennt, eine 'Gipsliebhaberin'. Während ihres Aufenthalts in São Paulo, um ihr nächstes Buch zu schreiben, erlitt sie einen schweren Unfall, der zu einem Beinbruch führte. Überraschenderweise weckte diese Erfahrung in ihr eine Faszination für den Gießprozess und die Verwendung von Gips.


Während ihrer Genesung tauchte sie noch tiefer in diese Welt ein und erkundete ihre eigene Sinnlichkeit durch Gips. Jetzt ist sie bereit, ihre einzigartige und persönliche Reise mit denen zu teilen, die diesen Fetisch ebenfalls schätzen.


Durch den Erwerb ihres Projekts erhalten Interessierte Zugang zu 200 exklusiven Fotos, die nicht nur ihr in Gips gehülltes Bein, sondern auch ihr atemberaubendes Gesicht und ihren Körper zeigen. Es ist eine seltene Gelegenheit, mit dem kreativen Geist hinter den Worten in Verbindung zu treten und die sinnlichen Freuden des Gipsfetischs zu erkunden.

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Samantha- Job interview

33 days ago (5/21)

Housewives with cast -crutches - Custom video

Brand New SLC Publicing clip!

33 days ago (5/21)
We are now on Patreon! Enjoy the full CCC Catalog on a monthly basis with new clips added weekly from the archive plus some never before seen clips added as well! Three membership options: the whole collection, old stuff only, and the new stuff only. All available for download. Links changed every month! Check us out and see the entire CCC collection.

new video - tried to get up with a new one white cast on leg

33 days ago (5/21)

life of a paraplegic girl in a wheelchair foot-fetish/brace/cast contents video/photos/audio




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BlackAngel Foot Tickle at Home

33 days ago (5/21)


The Sprained Foot Play, Worship, Tickle, Site - WHAT'S NEW = Site Search

OUR LATEST CLIP: BlackAngel Foot Tickle at Home

When Jade notices how cute her new roommates small foot is when she pulls off her shoe she cant help but  tickle the hell out of her small soft sole. BlackAngel howls with laughter and tries to pull it away. But Jade doesn't relent and uses her fingernails and a soft brush while BlackAngel begs to ger her cute little naked foot back. When Jade stops and BlackAngel gets her foot back its so tickle sore she almost can't get her shoe back on it. 

Medical White Short Leg Cast first 150 pics and 4 videos

35 days ago (5/19)
Male Caster showing off my cast adventures. Theres over 2000 pictures and 40 videos so far for you to enjoy. all different typed of casts.

Jamie’s Red Long Arm Thumb Spica - first 100 pics

35 days ago (5/19)
CASTED FRIENDS ~ I decided to start this page to share with you picture sets of some of the girls I’ve casted over the years. ~ Third Set is 175 of a new casted friend named Jamie in her Hot Pink Long Leg Cast ~ Second Set is 200 pictures of Amanda in her Bright Blue Long Leg Cast ~ First Set is 250 pictures of Amanda in her 2 Hot Pink Short Leg Casts

New chapters of the CastCompany comic online

36 days ago (5/18)
Emmys Foot Fantasies

Enter my comic world

Sprains - Casts - Crutches - Accidents and wonderful girls!

Check out wonderful and creative cast and sprain comics
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38 days ago (5/16)

Beautiful Casts on Pretty Girls!

VIDEO updates!

38 days ago (5/16)

Unique casted girls...

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BEST SLWC - Road Trip to Argentina

42 min of Video

79 Pics

Video with English and German subtitles! Audios in Portuguese!


ENG - It was 4,000 kilometers and a perfect cast, with my little toes in their best shape and even a flat tire. It was an incredible adventure to go to Buenos Aires with this cast. There were lots of tours, breakfasts, museums, restaurants and tourist attractions! I even met a girl with a giant LAC on her arm in a restaurant!!! Join me on this adventure and add this album to your Castday collection. I doubt you'll see another Caster adventure like it in this world!!!


DE - Es waren 4.000 Kilometer und ein perfekter Gips, mit meinen kleinen Zehen in Topform und sogar einem platten Reifen. Es war ein unglaubliches Abenteuer, mit diesem Gipsverband nach Buenos Aires zu reisen. Es gab viele Spaziergänge, Frühstücke, Museen, Restaurants und Touristenattraktionen! Ich habe sogar ein Mädchen mit einem riesigen LAC auf dem Arm in einem Restaurant getroffen!!! Begleiten Sie mich auf diesem Abenteuer und fügen Sie dieses Album zu Ihrer Castday-Sammlung hinzu. Ich bezweifle, dass es auf dieser Welt noch einmal ein solches Caster-Abenteuer geben wird!!!



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LLC broken leg in the snow. sock/crutching/wipeout

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Bone Breaker Board
Discussions to get a real medical cast

Introducing the only board that deals with real medical casts and methods to get one. This board is open for serious discussions about possibilities to break bones, torn ligaments and noninvasive options to get a real medical cast for a longer time officially from a doctor.

This board is for all who like to be casted because of a real bone fracture, torn ligament or any other injury. Are you interested in or have you ever dreamed of having a broken limb to get a real cast or brace applied by a doctor in hospital and/or do you like the pain coming up while having a broken arm or foot? Otherwise: are you willing to break someone's bones to help him getting a real cast for several weeks and not only for a few hours? Then this is the right place for you! Meeting others with the same fetish, the same imaginations and the same plans - this is what I want to offer with this board. Share your interests, your imaginations, your experiences and your breaking techniques with us!

Over 300 members, over 1000 threads and growing:

Updated the site code and server!

58 days ago (4/26)

One of the oldest cast sites on the net and host of this great links page! Many of the old, great stories too!