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1 hour ago

Britney s l w c meet Part2

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(VALENTINA Medical SATS "Explore my body")
13 hours ago

FREE VideoPreview and Pictures of all our sets
Stunning mix of "Real_MED" and "Rec" casts

Italian amateur model Valentina wears her medical SATS after breaking her left thumb in an housework accident in January 2022.
After finishing her gym session things get really hot for Valentina. Suddenly you’ll find her laying on her bed, dressed only with her armcast and sexy black lingerie highlighting her curves, ready to drive you in a complete exploration of her tattoos on her whole body.
Erotic content included
You will get 10 minutes HQ video
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14 hours ago
Woman with cast or sprain on crutches.

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(Ellen's Goalpost DSS - Part 2, 32 Min)
15 hours ago


Ellen's Goalpost DSS - Part 2, 32 Min

03.28.2023 - Ellen's waking up in bed sore again with her goalpost DSS. After managing to sit up, she starts to wonder if she might be able to "take care of herself" since nobody else is probably interested in her with her big cast. She spots her dildo, but now she's got to get her pajama pants off. She squirms and struggles, trying knobs and bedposts and finally succeeds in getting her bottoms off. Next, she attaches her dildo to her side table and tries to straddle it. She has some success in that position, but decides to try it on the floor. She uses her feet to stick the dildo to the floor and has to lean over in her big cast to get it lubed with her saliva. Next she has a great idea to attach it to a glass top and put that in the bed and is able to use the dildo like that. She's pretty happy with how that went, but she's looking for some place to stick it for more of a doggystyle feel, so she takes it downstairs and sticks it to the stove and is able to screw it to her satisfaction.

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(Incredible Plaster Velpeau - 38 m vide0)
15 hours ago



Since 2005

Velpeau the improbable cast!

Since I was a child I thought this cast was cool and I was very happy that my partner agreed to make it! These were days of much restriction and challenge. I did chores at home, like making coffee, putting on makeup and other things. To go out of the house with this cast on without a shirt and to go in public places takes a lot of courage! It called a lot of attention from people and I really liked it! Be sure to have this album in your collection of my adventures! 

142 Pics 
38 minutes of Video

Videos and pics of: 

- Cam Walker and Velpeau - Neck Brace - Household chores - Public Pics n Videos - In the super market casted - Perfect Feet - Moisturizing my hands and my body - Show my Face - Neck Brace - Beautiful toes and Hands - Sexy Cast - True Cast experience


Buy my latest album and get 30% off any other album on my site!

*Real Caster Lifestyle*
Instagram @castday

(LLC pack #8, SLC/Sprain #3)
15 hours ago
Bringing you new and archival cast and sprain shoots from CCC.

(Stef Sprain Clip)
16 hours ago
Welcome to Crutchcast Clips!

It's a studio store that offers clips of crutching and hopping, leg cast and sprained ankle with girls from Europe.

(PLASTER OF BRAZIL - Emanuelle photset -)
22 hours ago

Emanuelle - LLC photoset indoor part 01 - Accident

Emanuelle is a SuicideGirls model and comes to the city of São Paulo to take a set of sensual photos for a big lingerie brand. She arrives in São Paulo and stays in a beautiful penthouse in an upscale neighborhood of São Paulo.

She puts on a very stylish look and wears a beautiful shoe with 15cm high heels. He goes to the top of the roof where he takes some photos in front of the pool. Soon after, she starts making faces and mouths on a beautiful and high staircase that leads to the penthouse.

When she is going down the penultimate step, her ankle turns, she feels a snap and her knee also twists and she falls to the ground, despairs and is no longer able to support her foot on the ground.

She moans in pain, jumping to the bedroom to call for help. Emanuelle contacts a friend who tells her she's going to send a private doctor to her location.

The doctor arrives and notices the fractured ankle and twisted knee and warns that he will have to do a very large cast that will immobilize his entire leg.

The doctor starts making the cast and immobilizes his entire leg. she becomes calmer, her pain goes away a little and the doctor informs her that it will be 2 long months with this cast. She stops and thinks, calls the photographer and informs him that she had a serious accident and that she agrees to do the lingerie rehearsal with her leg in a cast since the pain has gone and the fracture is immobilized.

She schedules the photo shoot for the next day. The next morning she has a nice breakfast, separates the lingerie with extreme care and goes to make her photo set with a cast on her leg.

She uses some very beautiful and sensual models where, at the end of the day, they go to a beautiful square to take some outside photos for her portfolio.

The package contains photos of:

- her posing for her SuiciedGirls set

- the whole scene with high heels

- accident scene

- pictures of pain

- photos with the doctor doing the whole leg casting procedure

- having breakfast

- putting on lingerie

- wearing sexy clothes

- going to take pictures in a big square in the city

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(Niccola - Bonus Video)
28 hours ago


Membership Site with exclusive SwissCaster Content
the membership website with hot girls on crutches and nice casts - check it out!

Today new:
Niccola - Bonus Video


(Amanda Gallery Update)
30 hours ago


***Amanda Update.***

***Watch all videos live on the site! All videos are available to download as well.***

***We are smart phone and tablet friendly. No need to download videos in order to view them.***

Become a member today and see how it feels to get closer to her during her most vulnerable moment.

Sign my cast please....

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(Wednesday Update: 2 clips Caroline, Suzy)
30 hours ago

My Sweet Swedish Feet


Welcome, this is a place for people loving girls with socks having some foot accidents and using crutches, special shoes or just hopping and limping around.

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(Barefoot cast removed crutching)
32 hours ago

CRUTCHING VIDEOS-BRACE-CAST-SPRAINED If you want a custom video please contact us Exclusive forum discount: LOWPRICEFORUM Follow Instagram @mastercaster_4 for free previews Follow Youtube @mastercaster4 for free video previews

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40 hours ago

PayPal available NOW !!

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(Ellen fiber LLC video)
42 hours ago

ORIGINAL PHOTO AND VIDEO CONTENT FOR PEOPLE WITH PASSION FOR CASTS .......... 6932 PICTURES, 95 VIDEOS, 31 LIVESTREAMS (50+ hrs total) and still growing, updating more than 10 times a month

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(Jessica Lynn Pantyhose SLC Pics)
43 hours ago


Jessica Lynn Pantyhose SLC Pics

Three Days: Jessica Lynn's Achilles Rupture SLC/LLC - Part 1, 37 Min

03.27.2023 - Here we find Jessica getting ready to go out with some friends, just like the scene in the video. She plays with her pantyhose and beautiflly poses her hose covered casted toes.

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(Maru’s Public Black DLAC – Part 1, 33 Mi)
43 hours ago

Joe's Clips & Pics

Maru’s Public Black DLAC – Part 1, 33 Min

Get Clips à la carte, Discreet PayPal Transactions, 10mp images

Maru’s Public Black DLAC – Part 1, 33 Min
This was a spontaneous shoot when I met up with Maru at a park recently. We decided to do arm casts because of her outfit and also that her friend Bella did a similar shoot several years ago. She mentioned that she has a membership to a bulk item store so we started there. Maru is really fun and animated while shopping. She constantly interacts with items as we walk down the isles, picking things up and commenting on how her casts make it more difficult. Finally, we stop in the cafe and she attempts to eat a huge slice of pizza with no assistance and a lady even has to stop and comment about it. We made another couple of stops after this so stay tuned for the next part.

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(Gizela LLWC Sample)
47 hours ago

the only true golden cast-site on the internet

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(pictures and videos)
47 hours ago
pretty women with cast and crutches

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(3 new videos)
3 days ago

Castedeurope Channel on Patreon

Featuring 426 online streaming videos

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(Update CastPlanet & Lospac)
3 days ago

Cast-Video.com :

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CastLinks informs briefly and concisely and places the most important links to our sites

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(Tila SLC Clip - Only $10/Month)
3 days ago
Swedishcrutch Patreon

Crutchcast & Swecrutch goes Patreon and take back our old name SWEDISHCRUTCH!!

European models with cast, sprains & crutches.

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(BA Cassidy LLC / CM Amydouxxx Acc & LLC)
3 days ago

*The largest (most images and videos) continuously updated cast site serving the community since 1997*
Featuring 1600+ Casted Girls / 3000+ image sets / 350,000+ images & 600+ clips / New Pix & Clips Weekly / Updated 3X a Week

2022-03-24 Barbie SLWC At The Office Pix & Short Clip
2023-03-26 Cassidy LLC in the Park Big Pix & Short Clip
2023-03-28 Yvette Term SLWC Shopping With Cast Sock SLWC Big Pix

(Casted Memories Clip) Amydouxxx Accident Tumble, Fall, Casted and Crutched
(Some English) Poor Amydouxxx takes a very bad tumble at home in her sexy daisy dukes while standing on an unstable stool to reach for a something on the top of her bookcase. Once the fog clears, she realizes she can't move her leg and something is seriously wrong and she is clearly very emotional. In the next scene she is on the gurney in the cast clinic describing her accident in English, still clearly emotional with her leg wrapped in a bandage over a wire mesh frame. The doc and nurse examine her leg and determine its a break. So, they apply a stockinette and begin casting her full leg in plaster. The scene cuts to the final stages or plaster application of her cast and the nurse helping her off the table, providing her some crutches and helping her adjust them (scene in English). Her Sticks will be her constant companions to get around the next few weeks with her leg fully encased in plaster, so she better get used to them. Amydouxxx is a convincing and emotional accident victim, making this a must see for accident and casting enthusiasts.

(Broken Angelz Clip): Stella Term SLC Hanging Out at Home with her BFF with Cast Signing, Hopping and Foot Show
(Broken Devilz Clip): via SLC Massaging Casted Toes Through Hose and Bare Casted Toe Sucking
(Casted Memories Clip): Amydouxxx Accident Tumble, Fall, Casted and Crutched
(Long Toes in Term Casts Clip): Zuzu Term SLWC What Will I Wear To Go Out Tonight? A Huge Heel and Crutch of Course!

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(Nice women in SAC and LLC real ca TIKTOK)
3 days ago

Hi, Friends who love castfetish, meeee I want to present you this new website dedicated to this wonderful world with:
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  • This project is a way to consolite all video to this plataform if you have some perfil to download and publish videos tell me in castloverco@gmail.com
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(Sonja slwc meet)
3 days ago

** Full access to Picture and Video site **

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(Matilda with her first pink SLWC inCASTT)
4 days ago


  • Videos come complete, not crooked
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NEW Video - Clip Today we show you:



  • Brace ankle crutching
  • Matilda with her first pink SLWC in Home
  • Short Leg Cast blue
  • Walking with Crutches and Gips in German Store
  • Matilda first LLWC for few days, go shopping, and tell about her adventure ( English language)
  • Walking on one leg with crutches!
  • My experience with a broken foot
  • Blog 2// Cast but never defeated

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(Jazmin - Fiber SLC (custom))
4 days ago

Jazmin - Fiber SLC (custom)

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(Emily Busted Knee Part 2.)
5 days ago

Emily Busted Knee Pain Part 2.

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(River Video Part 2 Update)
5 days ago


***River Update***

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Over 230 different cast shoots.

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(Girl crutching-wheelchair-kneebrace)
5 days ago

This beautiful girl has broken ligaments in her right knee. She can't put her foot on the ground. She wears a kneepad under her blue pants. She sits in the wheelchair. Then he goes off on his crutches. Vid 5:10