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(Timmi SLC Clip + 1 more clip)
1 hour ago
Welcome to Crutchcast Clips!

It's a studio store that offers clips of crutching and hopping, leg cast and sprained ankle with girls from Europe.

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2 hours ago

Susy - pointed achilles cast

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4 hours ago


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27 hours ago
Woman with cast or sprain on crutches.

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(Cindy - Combo)
28 hours ago

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(3 new videos)
33 hours ago

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(Tuesday: Caroline Suzy all clips 20%OFF)
34 hours ago
My Sweet Swedish Feet


Welcome, this is a place for people loving girls with socks having some foot accidents and using crutches, special shoes or just hopping and limping around.

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(Hello Taxi - homecoming)
34 hours ago


Membership Site with exclusive SwissCaster Content
the membership website with hot girls on crutches and nice casts - check it out!

Today new:
Hello Taxi - homecoming - Video


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(Bella Video Part 2 Update)
35 hours ago


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(Milena SLWC & LAC Photoset)
43 hours ago

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(BA Benetta Term SLWC / CM Stella LLWC)
46 hours ago

*The largest (most images and videos) continuously updated cast site serving the community since 1997*
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2022-11-25 Cassidy LLC at Work New Pix & Short Clip
2022-11-20 Jade LLC Nylon Office Rip 75 New Pix Pix
2022-11-22 Jordina SLC Big Pix & New Short Clip

Stella Term LLWC Crutching for a Coffee Break and Home to Relax her Tired Toes
After a hard day of work standing on her casted foot and fully casted leg Stella stops into her favorite cafe for an expresso and where she can finally prop her casted leg up and wiggle her exposed toes in peace without everyone in the office checking them out. After some closeups and POV of her wiggly toes Stella gets up to leave and crutches to her apartment where she waits for the elevator and finally gets home where she can relax on the couch, take off her one boot and wiggle and curl the nyloned toes of her good foot like she’s been able to do all day with her bare casted toes. A Nice crutching and casted foot closeup clip featuring Stella’s cute toes in this, and we'd rate the closeups and toe curling bare and in nylons a must see.

(Broken Anglez Clip): Jade LLC Office Casted Foot Massage in Nylons and Ripped Off
(Broken Devilz Clip): Amirah SLC Not-So-Secret-Santa Vibrator and Finger Pussy Play
(Casted Memories Clip): Stella Term LLWC Crutching for a Coffee Break and Home to Relax her Tired Toes
(Long Terms in Toe Casts Clip): Zuzu Term SLC Shopping for some Shoes and Other Items

(Melinda Sprain Clip - Only $10/Month)
48 hours ago
Swedishcrutch Patreon

Crutchcast & Swecrutch goes Patreon and take back our old name SWEDISHCRUTCH!!

European models with cast, sprains & crutches.

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50 hours ago


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(Kamilla healing in the hospital part two)
53 hours ago

Girls in Cast

NEW VIDEO are available on Clips4Sale

 Kamilla had a car accedent. She healing in the hopsital, but her big long leg cast is very unconfortable.

Check our what's new link to visit our Clips4Sale homepage

(Tabatha Video 2 Update)
3 days ago


***Tabatha Update.***

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Sign my cast please....

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(A l i c e)
3 days ago

Alice l l w c gimp to crutch..

(NEW SLC pack!)
3 days ago
Bringing to you the best of College Crutching Cuties from the last 15 years. Packs will continue to be released, so stay tuned, and reach out with any questions at RickyCatchings2022@gmail.com

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(Adina's Orange/Black DLLC Delight Clip)
4 days ago


One Week: Adina's Orange/Black DLLC Delight - Part 2, 26 Min

11.26.2022 - There's not a whole lot to say about this clip because this is the part where things get x rated. In the previous clip, Adina got herself to the stairs on her own wooden crutches and then her partner holds her legs as she scoots herself up the stairs. Adina had tried to get herself comfortable for a while before calling in her partner to help her do some stretching and leg raises. He helped her get undressed, revealing some sexy undergarments and that's where this clip picks up. He climbs up on her and starts kissing her and then pulls her panties aside to go down on her. After a bit of that, she positions her head near the edge of the bed and starts going down on him. After that, it's just sex in different positions until she has a massive real orgasm and he finishes on her casted toes. Log in now so you don't miss it and if you missed the first half, you can buy the entire 45 minute clip at Clips4Sale available now.

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(Jessica Lynn and Blair’s 90° LLC Cast Su)
4 days ago

Joe's Clips & Pics

Jessica Lynn and Blair’s 90° LLC Cast Sundae, 47 Min

Get Clips à la carte, Discreet PayPal Transactions, 10mp images

Jessica Lynn and Blair’s 90° LLC Cast Sundae, 47 Min
Jessica and Blair are both on the couch moaning and complaining about their painful casted legs that they broke at the same time in the same accident. They talk about the accident and Blair offers Jessica some of her vape to “take the edge off” and Jessica agrees. Jessica tells Blair about a recent hookup with a guy that she thinks was into her cast. Before long, they both have the munchies and decide to try and make their way to the kitchen but Blair has left her crutches upstairs. Jessica says they can just share hers and so they get up and try to crutch together using only two crutches. They make it a few steps before having a painful fall. They eventually make it to the kitchen to get some ice cream and return to the couch where the discussion continues. The vape really did take the edge off and they’re soon in much better spirits as they eat their ice cream and make some flirty signatures on each other’s casts. Jessica tells Blair about how her recent hookup “accidentally” spilled ice cream on her casted toes and then seemed to taste it as he wiped it off. As they talk about this and how Jessica handled it, Blair spoons some ice cream on Jessica’s toes, catching her off guard. Then Jessica does the same thing to Blair and then tells Blair how cute her toes look with ice cream on them, before having a little taste. Blair then has a little taste of Jessica’s toe ice cream. Refusing to be outdone, Jessica lifts Blairs leg and has a taste directly with her tongue. It’s not long before they are heaping ice cream on each other’s toes and licking it all off.

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(Drienne broken ankle white slc crutches)
4 days ago

Drienne broke her right ankle. She is wearing a fantastic white Slc. She arrives home in her new slc, and takes off her jacket and boot. Then she takes off the sock that covers her toes. After a well-deserved rest on the sofa, he begins to walk around the house, up the stairs on crutches. Vid 11:04

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(Zoe worn SLWC staircase pics, 66 images)
5 days ago

ORIGINAL PHOTO AND VIDEO CONTENT FOR PEOPLE WITH PASSION FOR CASTS .......... 5107 PICTURES, 65 VIDEOS, 17 LIVESTREAMS (30+ hrs) ... and still growing, updating more than 20 times a month ... "WHAT'S NEW" section added .......... October 11th - Theodora SLWC night walk and pub, part II, 26 minutes .......... October 7th - Sarah shopaholic LLWC, 13 minutes .......... October 5th - Jenny plaster LLWC bedrest, 60 images .......... October 3rd - Theodora SLWC night walk and pub, 28 minutes .......... September 25th - Sarah LLWC toe closeup video, 21 minutes

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(3 days w/ Plaster SLWC - 41 min video)
5 days ago


Since 2005



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(pictures and videos)
5 days ago
pretty women with cast and crutches

(Emma Term SLWC Nurse & Wheelchair)
5 days ago
The Best of BA/CM on Paypal

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NOTE: Different services now have different rules for posting in public places. For that reason publicing clips featured here are sometimes longer and with fewer edits and blur filters. Where that's the case we will note that on the clip.

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(Janeen's Painful Tube Sock LLC Pics 2)
6 days ago


Janeen's Painful Tube Sock LLC Pics 2

11.23.2022 - Janeen's miserable time with her fresh LLC continues as she pulls off her remaining sock and poses her toes before making her way to the kitchen on crutches.

(Commenting on Cast Issues + I Love Fall)
6 days ago


Cast unique


Hey guys!
There's two different series on my page again:
"Leo – Commenting on Cast Issues" with a beautiful light blue SLC and
"I Love Fall (Herbstliebe)" with a gorgeous black LLC.

In the first one, you'll meet Leo in various situations,
talking about sleeping position in a cast,
the absurd accident that led to her sprained ankle
or her current working conditions.

In the second one, my friend picks me up to check out a beautiful new photo location.

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7 days ago
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8 days ago

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(SAK+SLWC+LAC lingerie - pantyhouse)
8 days ago

Giovanna SAK + SLWC + LAC - Chapter 03 - bedroom - lingerie - pantyhouse

As soon as the end of the day comes, Giovanna walks with great difficulty up her stairs and going to her room.

She wears a beautiful sexy nightgown, lies on the bed, turns on her TV and has the idea of ​​wearing a beautiful white pantyhose. She separates and places both her prosthesis and her leg, which is in a cast, making it even more sexy and attractive.

She goes to her dressing table and starts putting on some pretty makeup for those night shots. She enjoys her cast and shows how difficult it is to do everyday things in her room.

it's 23 minutes with scenes from:

- climbing stairs

- wearing pantyhose

- walking with difficulty

- using armband to make up .

- bed scenes

- foot fetish scenes

- What's New -

(Jumped off her horse and broke her leg,)
9 days ago

Hi, Friends who love castfetish, bracefetish and ampfetish I want to present you this new website dedicated to this wonderful world with:
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Videos like -> Cast Videos
  • Clip 188 Jumped off her horse and broke her leg, crutches, boot
  • Clip 189 Broken foot crutches
  • Clip 190 Broken tibia in a LLC plaster Love black and white
  • Clip 191 Broken arm in real life LAC sling
  • Clip 192 Sprained ankle, crutches
  • Clip 193 Car accident SAC
  • Clip 194 Crutches
  • Clip 195 Broken arm, sac
  • Clip 196 Broken leg, long leg cast and crutches
  • Clip 198 She climbs and fall, broken arm and broken leg, LLC, LAC
    • UPDATE! Cast Removed
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(Amydouxxx SLC Vibrator Casturbation)
9 days ago

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OUR LATEST CLIP: Amydouxxx SLC Vibrator Foot Play and Casturbation
Amydouxxx crutches into her room after fixing herself up in the bathroom. She is in her lingerie after a long day of standing at work. All she wants to do is massage her one good foot and the toes of her casted foot. As her foot feels better she decides to make the rest of herself feel better as well. She pulls off her top and bottom takes out her vibrator and starts playing with herself. She goes to town with her little helper gripping her casted toes with her good ones as she cums with closeups. Then she turns over on her belly, plays with her toes some more, puts her lingerie on and crutches into the bathroom again before crutching back into her room.

- What's New -

(Clip 8 SHORT LEG CAST Accident gym Tik T)
10 days ago


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  • Walking Without Crutches!
  • Bridgette's Road to Recovery
  • meeting my internet best friend with a broken knee!!!
  • broken leg Sunday!
  • Vika is coming!!! [Model Shoot]
  • ‍Ask Savannah Anything?
  • Savannah 420 - 1 - 2 Blue leg cast


  • Videos come complete, not crooked
  • Currently more than 800 High Quality Video Clips and growing
  • Many different types of Plaster Casts
  • Special Section to Famous in all kind of cast
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  • Reports about Girls in Real Med Casts and details of her stories
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  • We have special gallery the Videos to amputated and braces women

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  • Clip 8 SHORT LEG CAST Accident gym Tik TOK WOMAN 😍
  • Clip 263 Broken leg, LLWC, crutches, full leg cast
  • ¿Cast Fetish? ¿Fetiche de yeso?
  • Alger Unloader Adjustable Cast Stirrup Demo
  • DECORATING MY CAST | Life on crutches VLOG #6

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(Szimonetta - SLC TERM)
10 days ago

Szimonetta - SLC TERM

(Girls in cast)
10 days ago
Beautiful girls with cast. Llc, slc, lac, neckbrace and wheelchair.

- What's New -

(Tanya at the Port - Part 1)
13 days ago


Cast Fetish & Beyond

check out our Onlyfans Channel
Tanya at the Port - Part 1 - Video

(Diana LLWC- sexy naked in bed + indoor)
13 days ago

Diana Lingerie - sexy and naked in the bedroom + breakfeast + home office

Diana wakes up on her second day at the hotel very inspired, ready to walk around and enjoy the day. She's lying on the bed in just a cast and a sock to cover her cast toes. On top only the sheet she slept on and now she needs to change.

Before it is clear like every woman who has a beautiful body she looks in the mirror takes off the sheet that covered her face and shows all her beautiful body in front of the mirror. He goes to the bathroom accompanied by his crutch, where she is already caressing his cast, cleaning his toes.

He brushes his teeth, cleans his face and goes back to the room where he will choose his look for the day. In her wardrobe she chooses thong panties, with the metal description written SEXY, which she will wear all day inside her clothes.

Along with that, a beautiful black pantyhose that makes her much hotter too. A beautiful black high heel sandal to go with it. All dressed up, she goes to the hotel hall to have a delicious breakfast. at breakfast she draws a lot of attention and some snaps are seen.

She goes back to her room and goes to work a little in home office mode where she is a strong businesswoman.

The total video is 32 minutes with scenes from:

- nudity in bed

- dressing up

- thong underwear

- wearing pantyhose

- high-heeled sandal

- sexy bed scenes

- going to breakfast

- Working at home

- What's New -

(Amirah Sprain One Shoe In the Office)
14 days ago

The Sprained Foot Play, Worship, Tickle, Site* WHAT'S NEW = Site Search

OUR LATEST CLIP: Lia Sprain in the Office Foot Show
Poor Lia's sprained foot hurts so bad as soon as she gets into the office, she has to pull her pump off and prop it up on the desk. She wears black socks to work with her black heels so hopefully nobody will notice if she is walking around on one sock and one shoe. However, in the privacy of her office even the sock annoys her foot, and she pulls it off to air out her perfect tootsie. Now she continues her work with both legs propped up on the desk and her bare foot out, wrinkly sole facing camera for a full clip of POV shots and she wiggles, curls and splays her cute toes on her bare sprained foot including rubbing them up against her only shoe and gripping it and her heel between her naked toes. What an excellent foot show featuring one of our sexiest models. A must-see clip.

To make CCLINKS more usable to the community, some of us webmasters have agreed to voluntarily downsize our listings. Fellow webmasters please join us!

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(Cast-Video - last day special offer)
14 days ago

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(Katharina limping in the park)
18 days ago

Girls in Cast

NEW VIDEO are available on Clips4Sale

Katharina broke her leg. Now she go to the partk and limping in short leg walking cast.

Check our what's new link to visit our Clips4Sale homepage

(at home - in your room - balcony - paint)
18 days ago

Giovanna SAK + SLWC + LAC - Chapter 02 -Second day- at home - in your room - balcony - painting room


After the plaster is 100% dry. Giovana walks to her room, she has to climb a very difficult stairs and her movement with the casts is very limiting.

She goes up to her room to rest. In her room on the second day she puts on a very flowery dress where she enjoys her room a lot.

Her destiny is to go to the balcony, for a change walking is being very difficult, but she goes to the balcony to take a beautiful sun, enjoy her plaster. On the balcony she enjoys walking, does some good scenes and enjoys a lot.

She will now walk to her painting room where she is making a beautiful wall painted by her hands, now she will paint in plaster. Just imagining it makes her excited.

Go to the Painting Room, get a wheelchair, and start painting and do a mini painting on your beautiful plaster. After that she goes to her room to rest for the next day.

There are 28 minutes of videos with scenes from

- bed scenes

- going up and down stairs

- walking with difficulty

- scenes on the balcony

- enjoying the feet

- foot pod

- painting with plaster

- close up on plaster

(CastBrazil - Amy Adams with slwc 01)
19 days ago

Anna SLWC suffers a domestic ankle fracture accident She jumps at home, puts rings on her feet, kisses on her feet, walks on crutches!

When picking up a box Ana suffers a domestic accident.

She screams in pain all over the house, the ankle fracture is already felt. At her home after putting a beautiful SLWC on her foot, she does household things, where she will brush her teeth, walk around the house, put on a beautiful golden sandal to jump around the house, when she gets to her room, she starts admiring her beautiful foot all wrapped in a beautiful plaster.

Put rings on her toes, and start kissing them and feel a lot of pleasure in those kisses, lick and smell the plaster, which makes her very shivery.

She will definitely pick up her crutches and show off on the streets, change clothes and go for a walk on the streets of São Paulo, Brazil. A beautiful SLWC adventure

Video contains 18 min scenes of

- accident

- pain and scream

- foot fetish

- ring on toes

- high heels

- crutching

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(New in stock)
20 days ago

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22 days ago

Giovanna an amputee suffers a terrible run over and suffers multiple fractures.

An ordinary day Giovanna is at her house waiting for the update of her prosthesis to arrive at her house, she is walking on crutches because she is without her prosthesis doing some household chores.

Your bell rings the delivery of your prosthesis is made. She goes to get her prosthesis sits on the couch and adjusts it and does some housework before leaving.

Her phone rings, she says she's ready and goes outside when she realizes she's forgotten some documents. When crossing the street she is on the phone and doesn't notice a car approaching and she is severely run over.

She falls to the ground and can't move and full of pain through her leg and her arm she can barely move with a lot of pain. The help is done and she wakes up at the doctor where fractures are found in the foot, ankle, wrist, arm, the doctor arrives with the results and informs her that she will be in a cast.

The entire plastering process with the doctor is filmed. She starts to plaster her foot where she complains of a lot of pain and the plaster is done with great care.

Soon after, her arm is put in place and the cast begins, a long time until it is cast and she waits at the clinic until the whole process is finished.

After the plastering process was carried out, she used a crutch and walked with great difficulty to the sofa in her house where she sat and began to clean her fingers and toes with a wet cloth. After cleaning, she sits on the couch and starts doing a nice reading and starts enjoying her cast on the couch.

There are 30 minutes of videos with scenes from:

- devotee walking

- walking without prosthesis

- showing the stump

- taking your prosthesis

- adjusting prosthesis

- walking

- going to work

- being run over scenes of great pain

- medical scenes

- plastering leg and arm

- going home

- cleaning plaster

- enjoying the plaster at home.

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(Lulu Foot Tickling at the Doctors Office)
25 days ago

The Sprained Foot Play, Worship, Tickle, Site - WHAT'S NEW = Site Search

OUR LATEST CLIP: Lulu Foot Tickling at the Doctors Office
Lulu is at the foot doctor because her right foot is feeling numb. The doctor tries some manipulation on Lulu's soft sole and pretty toes of her bad foot. Then she uses her pen to check if there is feeling in Lulu's sensitive toe cleavage. When she finally gets some reaction, she decides on the radical next step. Aggressive finger tickling. Now Lulu feels... everything. She squeals and squirms while her tootsie is tickled relentlessly until her pretty toes curl. A very sexy finger foot tickling clip.

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(Sexy kneebrace and afo brace)
39 days ago

A strange morning ..... i wear only little thong and on my leg i wear kneebrace and afo brace. You can show my body and my tits! it's the most sexiest video if i made!

(Sak+ Slwc + Wheelchair)
39 days ago

Sofia SAK + SLWC- chapter 04 - Sofia going shopping in a department store using a wheelchair.

Sofia going shopping in a department store using a wheelchair.

Going shopping with a prosthesis is already difficult, now imagine besides the prosthesis having the other leg in a cast.

Upon arriving at the parking lot, the search for the wheelchair was very quick. Getting out of the car and getting into the wheelchair was not an easy task. After cleaning the chair, she sits down and makes the recordings herself having the view she has when sitting in the chair.

Upon entering the store, she becomes the center of attention, the position with her prosthesis raised upwards even more attention.

She uses the wheelchair by herself and looks for some products to buy and use at home in her recovery.

Many people look at some even comment and ask her what she suffered in the accident.

Sofia is choosing some clothes and asks for help and assistance from an attendant who helps her choose the best option for purchase.

She pushes her chair alone, goes to the cashier, pays for the products and pushes her to her car.

There are almost 15 minutes of videos with scenes from:

- Wheelchair

- closeup

- pushing the chair

- showing the plaster to the public

- Foot caress scenes

- shopping with wheelchair

(Sofia sak slwc public places)
40 days ago

Sofia SAK + SLWC- chapter 03 - day 02 - going to public places

After spending a whole day in her apartment resting, visiting in the afternoon and sunbathing by the pool, she had a good rest and now the 2nd day has arrived and the plaster has dried.

She decides to go to the bakery on the corner by car as her car is all adapted for her needs. She stops in the special spot, everyone looks and sees her getting out of the car and walking to the bakery balcony.

She sits down and starts ordering a beautiful Brazilian colonial breakfast for her long day. As she is sitting at the entrance, everyone looks and observes her beautiful prosthesis and cast on the other foot. After that, she decides to go to one of the most beautiful and busiest parks in São Paulo.

A full day where from the entrance to the bank where she walks very slowly due to her restrictions she suffers some beautiful looks and caught.

He sits on the bench and takes some beautiful photos, talks on the phone and then decides to walk a little to a tree to make a new scene on a beautiful lawn with lots of close ups and details.

Then all your going out and seeing is filmed too.

There are 16 minutes with scenes from:

- walking with crutches in public

- going to the bakery

- drinking coffee in public and petting the cast foot

- going to a large public park

- exhibitionism scenes

- sitting on the bench, lifting the foot

- affection in the plaster

- podolatry in public

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(Don't worry!)
43 days ago


Feel-good cast stories. Made with love!

NEW VIDEO: "DON'T WORRY!" (09:07 Min.)
In a telephone conversation, Nina describes the events of the last few days to a friend. We see Nina in her beautiful red SLC on the sofa and while telling her story in various flashbacks: in severe pain, at a loss in front of a steep staircase, well cared for by her sister and in a good mood during a walk.

This feel-good video contains:
- a red SLC
- matching crutches and nail polish
- authentic emotions
- crutching

ALEXANDRA FOOTAGE – Feel-good cast stories, made with love in Germany. Created and realized by a woman ^^

Main website | Video store:
"Cast unique" | Membership site with DIFFERENT content:
YouTube | Mostly previews of new videos:

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47 days ago


50 days ago

Sofia SAK + SLWC - Photos Full Project

3 days of projects that yielded more than 160 photos that tell Sofia's full story. It all starts when she arrives from a trip to have her prosthesis fitted. When trying to lower the window blind her foot turns and she breaks her ankle in great pain.

The process of her being in pain, the doctor came to cast her leg, many details are photographed. The first day she is in plaster she uses crutches to keep from leaning on the floor. Go to the part of the condominium where there is a beautiful pool to sunbathe. A beautiful event room she sits enjoys a beautiful sofa too. Photographing at night in the apartment a beautiful view from the 26th floor.

2nd day she will have a coffee in an outside bakery, where her prosthesis and cast draw a lot of attention. She goes for a walk and visit a beautiful park in São Paulo, she goes to the park with a lot of people passing by, coming and going, looking and seeing her plaster cast and her prosthesis.

After this tour she needs to buy new clothes to go and mold her prosthesis. on the 3rd day she chooses a big mall, to buy her clothes. She has the need to go in a wheelchair, she gets out of the car, gets into the chair, supports the prosthesis on the chair and gets around pushing her own chair.

All these days are recorded with this beautiful package made especially for you.

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(Zsofi - LLC home - custom)
53 days ago

Zsofi - LLC home - custom

(SLWC SAK Pool - Bikini - Socks - foot)
60 days ago

Sofia SAK + SLWC Chapter 02 - Pool - Bikini - Socks - footfetish - Sunset

After a few hours Sofia's plaster dries and in São Paulo it's a sunny day, she decides to go to the condominium pool to sunbathe in a bikini and a beautiful plaster a perfect combination. She goes down from the hotel room with the help of crutches and goes to the common areas and to get to the pool a staircase with steps which makes her entry very difficult and she goes very slowly with the help of her prosthesis.

On the pool deck, she takes off her clothes and stays just in a bikini enjoying the sun, until she goes to the edge of the pool to land for some photos and videos. Details of her feet and prosthesis look great in closeups. He goes back to the jail, puts on his clothes and goes down the stairs with the same difficulty he went up.

Upon arriving at the condominium area, he finds a large lounge with beautiful armchairs and I decided to play some games there. Returning to her room, she decides that she wants to cover the cast with the stocking she brought for this very special occasion. Very calmly and patiently, she puts on her sock and walks around the room, which is already at the end of the day, a beautiful late afternoon, when she starts to enjoy her feet in a cast, making good caresses.

A beautiful view from the 26th floor and a slwc and sak parade with lots of details and fun.

The video has 23 minutes with scenes from:

- go to the public place of the condominium

- going up and down stairs

- take off your clothes and stay only in a bikini

- swimming pool with bikini parade

- close ups

- foot fetish

- putting on and enjoying sock in plaster

- enjoying the foot

- parading on the 26th floor