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The New House

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As I came to the house that I had bought I realized, that I had never searched it before I bought it. I started by getting up the stairs to the attic. There everything seemed to be in order, everything was dry and clean. An old couple had lived in this house before I got it. They seemed to have treated everything fairly well.

I looked into every closet and wardrobe. I didn't find anything exiting before I came to the very last wardrobe. There they were! A wheelchair, brand new, as it looked, and a pair of full length crutches! I saw also a pair of wonderful steel-braces in full length! What a paradise had I got? I took my new belongings downstairs, although it was a little difficult not to start using them at the moment!

When I got sown to the first floor I couldn't resist! I sat down in the wheelchair and folded up my skirt enough to be able to put the braces on. At first it was quite an experience to sit in the chair! I lifted my legs up to the leg-rests and felt really comfortable with my seat. The legs up from the floor, it was sensational! And the leg braces onto my nylons, I had never thought it to be so wonderful! It took me a little while to get the idea of unlocking the braces, so I could fold my knees and have a good rest for my now so disabled legs! I knew there was an elevator for the wheelchair. I had seen it when I first came to see the house, and I had asked the salesman not to take it away. He looked a little strange at me, so I told him, that you never know when you need one. We laughed and he let it be there. Lucky now! I wheeled to the stairs and connected the chair to the elevator. I succeeded to get down to the bottom of the house, and I wheeled away to the mirror. I had got all my furniture and everything I've collected during the years, so I felt at home here in the living apartment. I intended to use the upper part of the house for my writing. Now, I thought, I could may be sleep in the bedroom upstairs, as I was able to reach it with my chair.

I thought it like my chair already. All my life I had been wondering what it would be like to live as a disabled woman. My life as a healthy woman had been very good to me, so I had nothing to regret. It wasn't like that. It was alike, that the better things went on, the more I wanted to have my rather nice-looking legs crippled. Don't ask me why!

Now I had come to an end of this! Now I had the chance to make my choice! As long as nobody knew, I could play this as a game whenever I wanted. But I wanted more! I wanted to go out and live like this! It was so exciting! I couldn't even move myself in the chair without feel like every little hair on my skin was lifting up and caressing me!

What would it be like to be caressed by anyone?

Why could it be so nice and wonderful to sit like this? If I asked a really disabled woman, and I had asked many, they would say, that everything is so much more difficult when you are in a chair. I was prepared to buy this too! Why? I had no answer and didn't care at the moment. I was satisfied as it was and I intended to live at least inside the house wearing leg-braces and help my mobility using crutches and wheelchair. I had a very sensitive skin, it was a sensation already to take the nylons on each morning!

I sat and felt how stiff my ankels were, fitted into the braces and with the shoes at the end of the braces. I got the idea of walking, and I locked the wheels and took the crutches to me, since I had lifted my legs down from the leg-rests. I folded the rests away to the side before I moved my body a little closer to the end of my seat. I decided my left leg to be the stronger of them, so I took the brace of the left leg in my hand and straightened the leg out. I got the knee-lock in position with a click!

How nice everything had became! I felt an unusual satisfaction just by taking my leg with my hands and straighten it! The feeling, when my hand caressed the stocking was almost too much! It was a wonderful, sensual experience, tasting like vanilla for the mind! I took a steady grip on the hand-rest and supported me by putting my right hand on the seat beside me. As I at last succeeded to reach a standing point I grabbed one of the crutches and out it under my arm. I had never thought it would be so hard to do a simple thing like getting up! I got my balance and took the other crutch to support me. I felt just marvelous standing there between the two, brown, silky wooden-crutches with green satin on the pads! I felt the wood on the handles, it was as sensual as the feeling of the stripes on my legs trough the nylons I wore! I stood there for a moment, gliding with the hands over the wood, felt how soft and silky it was!

As I pressed my shoulder to the crutch I could let one of my legs swing a bit ahead. I tried the gait a little until I found one that suited me fairly well. I felt the stripes take care of my legs as I put the weight on it! It was just like I had imagined, just more and even better than that! I was in some of the heavens, I didn't know which one. And finally I had my gait, I could crutch myself over the floor, feeling the wonderful warmth of the braces love to my legs!

I spent the whole evening using my new supports, and I couldn't get too much of it! It was so delightful! I went around, looked at me in the full mirror that I had, and I sat in the wheelchair from time to time, when I felt a little tired in my back. I got to bed with the chair aside of me, ready to wear me to the bathroom if so. I had a good nights sleep and had wonderful dreams of many stories, not yet written and published. I woke up and lifted me on my hands until I sat in the chair and could lift my legs over to the rests. I had no idea before how real the feeling had become! I knew that I was able to walk if so, but I could also play my little game, pretending my legs were totally disabled. I knew, that I had another wonderful day to live with my fascination!

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