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The First Time (2girls11)

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2girls11: THE FIRST TIME: Summer 1997, Part 1

This is our first week on campus and we're still unpacking our stuff for summer sessions. We both decided to live together in one of the dorms on campus and take a summer class for each session just to get up to speed so when classes start in Fall, we're somewhat oriented with what college life is all about. And judging by what we've seen so far this week, we'll wind up being typical college babes, because our sense of fashion is right on, ripped denim shorts and short halter tops.

Sarah and I are both from the same town in California and went to high school together. In our senior year we were two of the most popular girls on campus. I can't tell you how many guys we dated and how many parties we went to, but it was a lot. Now we hope to continue that trend in college. There's also one other thing we share. Ever since Sarah and I met each other our freshman year in high school we've talked about this a lot and never shared it with anyone else. You see we are attracted to plaster casts, not necessarily in the way that we like to see girls wearing them, but in the way that we like the look and feel of them, most specifically leg casts. Sarah and I have never broken a bone, so neither one of us has ever worn a real cast, but we've had friends and seen many girls throughout our high school that have. Sarah found a website on her computer where we could order casting supplies, but we couldn't really do that because first our parents would wonder what was going on and second how would we explain it to our friends. So we've never really experienced what a real cast feels like.

I remember our senior year in high school our best friend Angela broke her leg rollerblading and had to wear a full cast on her right leg for three months. She was on crutches the whole time and Sarah and I spent a lot of time autographing her cast and wishing that we could wear one.

Angie always complained about her cast itching and having to walk on crutches and wear only one shoe, but we were always jealous especially when all the guys paid a lot of attention to her.

So now that we're away from home and our friends, Sarah and I have the chance to make our fantasy come true. She brought her computer with her and we were on the internet earlier in the week and ordered casting supplies on my credit card. The boxes arrived today and so we decided to cast our legs tomorrow.

"So what kind of cast do you want?" asked Sarah.

"I was thinking just a short leg cast on my right leg from toes to knee. How 'bout you?"

"Well, I'm not sure, should it be the same as yours?"

"Why not?"

"So I guess we'll both need crutches."

"Ya, that's right, where we gonna get them?"

"We'll have to go to a supply store and buy them," I said.

So that afternoon Sarah and I took my BMW and went downtown to a medical supply store. We were both wearing ripped denim shorts, Sarah wore a white halter top and I wore a blue t-shirt. We both wore white socks, me with Keds and Sarah with Doc Martens. We walked in the store, both a little embarrassed and each picked out some crutches and carried them out to the car. Of course we lied to the salesgirl and said they weren't for us. We got back to our room and started practicing on our crutches for the first time.

"Ya know, Debs, this is pretty easy, but my underarms are getting sore."

"No kidding, it's kind of fun walking on these."

"What leg do you want your cast on?" asked Sarah.

"My right."

"Hey Debs, why don't you cast your right leg and I'll cast my left leg, that way we can share shoes."

"Good idea" I said.

"Take your right shoe and sock off and walk around on crutches." So I took off my right Ked and white sock and crutched around with my right foot bare.

"This is a weird feeling, I can't wait to get plaster on my leg."

The rest of the evening Sarah and I watched tv and talked about what it would be like to wear a cast and walk on crutches and figured we would have to modify our fashion just a bit. We were right.

The day finally came and Sarah and I gathered our supplies and split them up. We both wanted to start with short leg casts and so Sarah helped me with mine first. I was already barefoot so Sarah pulled up the stocking over my toes and up over my knee, then she wet some of the plaster bandages and started wrapping them around my toes and moving up to my knee. Then she started molding the plaster with her hands and it was getting really smooth and hard.

"How's that feel Debs?"

"Very weird, this stuff gets really hard fast."

So Sarah continued wrapping plaster all the way up to my knee and then she folded over the stocking and molded the plaster around it. Then she cut off the excess plaster around my toes.

"Go ahead and wiggle them Debs." So I did. God, did it feel great, my whole lower leg was stiff!

"Sarah, this is awesome, my leg is stiff, I can't move it."

"Now just lie back and let the plaster set while I put on my cast."

"Don't you need help with yours?" I asked.

"I pretty much got the hang of it now," she said.

So once she had her cast on, it went from toes to just below her knee we were both on our beds laying on a sheet of plastic waiting for our casts to dry. About an hour later we figured we were ready. Sarah sat up and giggled. She thought is was great.

"Debbie, yes!!, after all these years, look, I'm wearing a real cast." and she wiggled her toes.

"You look awesome Sarah! Get your crutches."

So she grabbed her crutches and started crutching around the room and was so excited. I have to admit she looked really good in that cast. So now it was my turn. I could barely get off the bed my leg was so stiff. My cast was heavy and hard, I was so excited.

"So?" asked Sarah.

I got up on my crutches and started walking around.

"Damn, this is a great looking cast, I have to get used to swinging this thing around. But oh my god Sarah, it feels so good. This is awesome. Let's get dressed and go on campus."

So we both crutched over to our dressers and grabbed our ripped denim shorts and helped each other pull them over our casts, I wore a really cropped white halter top and Sarah wore a blue ribbed shirt. We both grabbed our shoes, me a Nike hi-top and Sarah a white sock and Ked. Then we grabbed our crutches and went outside.

We were both crutching down the sidewalk headed towards campus. What a sight we must have been, two girls on crutches, both in short leg casts. Believe me we got a lot of looks from the guys as we approached the crosswalk. My cast was really heavy and it was pretty warm outside, but I have to admit my leg was pretty comfortable and I wiggled my toes a lot. As we crossed the street we both even got a few looks from the other girls. It didn't matter, we were both very comfortable in our casts. Sarah and I split up at the student union and she went to her business class, and I crutched over to my communications class. I crutched up to the elevator because the stairs are definitely out for a while. In the elevator there was this other girl who had on her ripped denim shorts, halter top and Keds and she kept looking at my cast. As we got off at the third floor she came over to me.

"Wow, that's a pretty neat cast, how'd you break your leg?" she asked

I had never thought what I'd tell someone else about wearing a cast. I couldn't tell her that it was a fake, so I just made something up at the spur of the moment.

"Oh, I broke it rollerblading on campus."

"How long you gonna have to wear it?" she asked.

"Probably six to eight weeks." I said realizing that was a lofty goal.

"Oh my, that's a long time, by the way my name's Heather."

"I'm Debbie, are you in this class too?"

"Yeah, come on let's go...you need any help?"

"No, I'm just a little slow," I said.

So in class Heather and I talked a little bit before it started and it turns out she's from the same area I'm from in California and she's also a freshman. I had to sit in an aisle seat so my cast would fit and so I sat with my right leg in aisle and put my crutches down on the floor. Today's class was pretty boring because it was just basically an introduction to what we'd be doing over the summer. My cast felt pretty comfortable and I still wiggled my toes a lot.

"So don't you plan to autograph your cast Debbie?" asked Heather.

"Yeah, sometime I guess."

"You doing anything tonight?"

"No, not really."

"Well, why don't we get some girls together and we'll jazz this thing up a little."

"Cool," I said figuring Sarah would like that as well.

Heather told me her and a couple of her friends usually got together in a study room at the student union a couple times a week, so we decided to meet there, and so I crutched back to the dorm. It felt really neat to be able to crutch through campus and see all the guys staring at you just because you're wearing a cast. I had waited years for this. And my cast still felt very comfortable as I swung my leg back and forth.

I met Sarah back at the dorm after classes and of course the first thing we did was exchange stories about our first day wearing casts. Sarah said that she got a lot of stares today on campus and I told her so did I. We then talked about getting some autographs on our casts, so we could really show them off.

"I met this girl in one my classes who invited us to a study session," I said.

"That sounds alright, I already have a lot of reading to do," said Sarah.

"Well, she also said we need to autograph these casts, so she volunteered her and her friends."

"Awesome," said Sarah.

So that evening Sarah and I crutched over to the student union together and met up with Heather and her friends downstairs, of course we had to take the elevator, stairs are kinda out at this point with crutches. Heather introduced Sarah and I to all the girls, there were about 8 all together and they all looked at our casts and agreed some autographing was necessary. I noticed that they had a big box of magic markers sitting on the table and I thought to myself that these girls are really serious.

Sarah and I set our crutches aside and sat down on the couch and set our casts up on the table. All the girls gathered around with magic markers and went to work.

"So how'd you girls break your legs?" asked one of the girls.

"I broke my ankle rollerblading on campus, I just flew off a curb," I said.

"Did it hurt?"

"Yeah at first it was pretty painful, but it's ok now," I said trying to sound somewhat convincing.

"How about you Sarah?"

"I also broke my ankle when Debs and I were moving in our dorm, I was carrying a box down some stairs and just slipped and landed on my foot."

"So have you girls been getting a lot of stares on campus, I mean two girls on crutches and wearing casts is a sight you don't see too often."

Sarah and I looked at each other and smiled.

"Yeah," we both answered.

"I had this really cute guy staring at me today during lunch," said Sarah. "I was sitting at a table with my cast up on a chair trying to do some reading for english class, but I was distracted because he kept giving me the eye. Guess he didn't have enough nerve to come up and talk to me. Oh well, maybe he'll be there tomorrow."

We all laughed.

It must've been about a half hour later when the girls announced they were finished with our casts. Sarah and I looked down and I think we were both pretty amazed at how much work had been done. Our casts were completely covered with autographs and drawings in a wide variety of colors.

"Wow!" exclaimed Sarah "you girls did an awesome job!"

"You sure did," I said "ok, now which one of you is the art major?" and we all laughed.

We finally got down to studying, but I couldn't really concentrate, all I thought about was my newly autographed cast, I had to look down at it every now and then because it looked so cool. I think Sarah was thinking the same thing, she kept looking down at hers too. After a while we decided to head back to the dorm, we thanked the girls and said we'd be in touch, the weekend was coming up and we didn't have any plans yet.

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