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The Chair Part 3: Unexpected Results

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By Catherine A

Brian was amazed when he saw the full legbraces perched in a corner at the yard sale. He picked them up and looked them over. They looked about Susan's size, he thought to himself. Hmm, no price listed. He brought them up to the old woman who seemed to running the place to ask how much they were, but she seemed very agitated.

"They are not for you, young man." She said to him strangely.

"But they're here, they looked like they were for sale, and I want them, so here's a hundred bucks." He dropped the bills on the table and walked off with the braces. He heard the woman muttering under her breath, something about a mistake, but he didn't care. He was excited just to think about Susan wearing the new braces.

The were pretty nice, really, all metal with Velcro closures and pretty little black shoes with straps across the tops. He hoped Susan would go for them, she enjoyed playing in his little handicapped girl fantasies once in a while, and these would be perfect for a marathon weekend game, he just had to pick the right time, the perfect circumstances, everything had to be just right.

In the following weeks, Brian bought a pair of new forearm crutches to go with the braces, cleaned up the braces so they were like new, even rented a wheelchair with a crutch-holder mounted on the back. He finally picked the perfect weekend, asked Susan if she was in for a great weekend of fun and games, which she eagerly said yes to, and rented the room, a huge suite in a very nice hotel, hot tub, big TV with cable, giant California king sized bed, and even a wet bar. It cost a fortune for the weekend, but Brian didn't have any problem with cash, and he hoped that Susan would not only be impressed, but really get into the act this time and go all the way in her pretending.

Brian didn't really have anything for actually handicapped girls. He had dated a girl in a wheelchair in high school, Marie. She had cerebral palsy, couldn't walk at all, her feet and legs palsied, her hands a bit palsied as well. She was nice, and a lot of fun, but he hadn't liked the extra baggage her handicap had burdened the relationship with and they had broken up, but he kept thinking about her, how interesting and exotic she had been to him because of her handicap. He used to love helping her in and out of her wheelchair, help her do things she couldn't, but it had eventually been too much for him. In college he still had his fascination when he met Gwen, a beautiful Co-ed who he was genuinely fond of. A short time into their relationship, Brian confessed his fascinations to her, and amazingly she was into it. It was college, a wild time for wild kids, and Gwen started pretending to be wheelchair bound all the time for him, giving him head from her wheelchair, letting him help her in and out of it, into the car, all sorts of things, until the day he came home to find her gone. She had left a short not, how fun it had been, how kind he was, but she had some things to think over, and wouldn't be seeing him again. It was no big deal to him, there had been others, would be many more, but it taught him something important: His fantasy wasn't handicapped women, it was able-bodied women pretending to be handicapped. It was everything he loved about handicapped women with none of the drawbacks, and he was determined to find other women who were interested.

After graduation he had met Stacey, who liked to pretend she was blind, and Anna, who liked to wrap her arms against her sides and eat with her feet, Lori, who used crutches everywhere she went, all were fun new experiences, but all grew stale after a few months. Then he had met Susan. Susan was bright, pretty, with beautiful red hair and a never-quit smile. Once he had told her the truth about his little kink, she was interested, but not overboard, and she was into a wide variety of handicaps, even thinking up games and scenarios all her own. There was the time she had gotten a friend to help her, and he came home to find her with arms and legs folded and wrapped up, and then a sleek body-stocking over them, so she looked like a quadruple amputee.

The Handicapped game wasn't an obsession in their relationship, but it was usually mutually fun and exciting sexually, which was why Susan and Brian had not only lasted but even now had a strong, loving relationship. Unfortunately, the games had been getting a little stale lately, nothing new, no new fun. The same old thing was still fun, but it had lost something, which was why the legbraces had come at such a perfect time.

Brian left the legbraces and crutches arranged on the bed, left the wheelchair parked nearby, and left a dozen roses and a chilled bottle of Dom Peringon on the table. As a last measure, he unplugged the phone from the wall and stuck it in a drawer. No disturbances this weekend for them! He left and locked the door behind him, thinking that Susan would be there in an hour, not knowing what to expect, but knowing what to do once she got there and saw what he had brought her. He would arrive shortly after her, to whatever fun awaited him over the weekend.

Susan got to the room. She was excited for the change, the new scenery, because lately her relationship with Brian had gotten a little dull, it had lost some of the spark she had loved so much. She was sure that whatever Brian had in store would put that spark and excitement back with a vengeance.

The first thing she noticed was the roses, a beautiful bouquet on the table by a bottle of what she knew was Dom. Then she saw the wheelchair by the bed. Ahh, she though, wheelchair games it is. She was just noticing that it wasn't the usual sport model chair Brian picked up when she was to play paralyzed, but a rather clunky looking hospital model. At the same moment, she looked on the bed and was amazed at what she saw. She didn't know how Brian had done it, but there was a pair of full leg legbraces on the bed, along with a pair of crutches. This WAS going to be fun, Brian was always so clever. She put her bag on the floor and pulled out an outfit she thought would be perfect for when Brian got there. She went to start putting on the braces, then stopped. She knew Brian would want to be here for this, so she got dressed and waited for him to show up.

When Brian walked into the room, the first thing he saw was legs, legs clad in honey-brown nylons, with no shoes on, the feet turned in and sitting in the footrests of a wheelchair. Susan wheeled up to him, her red hair behind her in a loose pony tail, wearing a short blue denim mini-dress with thin shoulder straps. She was, as usual, stunning, but he was a little confused.

"I was hoping for a standing hug when I got here." he said.

"You didn't expect me to put my braces on by myself, did you? How am I supposed to do that if my legs don't work? I was waiting for you to help me you silly. Here, help me onto the bed so I can get these on and stand to give you your hug."

Brian cradled the wheelchair bound Susan in his arms and lifted her onto the bed. He felt the muscles in her legs tensing and flexing as he put her on the bed and positioned them. She like to play crippled, but she usually wasn't very good at it, but he gave her credit, she was eager and imaginative.

Susan sat on the bed and watched Brian lift her leg into one of the braces. He put her foot into the small black shoe, laying her leg into the brace. He tightened the straps around her thigh and her knee, tightening the strap on the shoe, and locking the knee. It was amazing, her leg was totally fixed, she could barely wiggle it. She watched Brian put her other leg into it's brace and lock it in.

"How are they?" He asked.

Susan wiggled her feet just a little. "The shoes are kind of tight, actually hon."

"Well, I was a little afraid of that Sue, but give them a shot for now, if they get really uncomfortable, we'll ditch the braces, OK?"

"Allright, but I think they'll be OK, they're already starting to feel better."

"Good, now give these a try." he said as he handed her the aluminum forearm crutches.

"Help me up." Susan said to him. He helped her slide her braced legs over the edge of the bed and onto the floor. She stood up for the first time on the braces and almost fell.

"Ooh, hard to balance on these." Sue said, steadying herself on the edge of the bed. She took the crutches and put her weight on them. She took a tentative step, then another, her legs strapped into the braces, immobile, and she realized they felt odd, different. She shrugged it off to the braces and took another step, then another. It was difficult, more difficult than she had thought it would be, it was as if while in the braces her legs weren't her own. She began to walk slowly with a swing-through motion, putting her crutches in front of her, supporting herself on them, and swinging her legs through. She turned and saw Brian staring at her, obviously excited at her newfound handicap. She crutched back over to him and stopped in front of him. She supported herself on her braced legs, using one crutch for balance, and with the other hand grabbed his crotch, feeling his hardness there. She rubbed him up and down a couple of times, teasing him.

"Ooh, somebody likes me as his little crippled girlfriend." she said, smiling. He stared at her, red hair, that denim mini-dress, standing there on crutches, and he could see her legs, covered buy those honey-colored nylons, encased in the braces. In the braces they actually looked different, a little thinner, kind of strange. He didn't think about it long, because she was crutching over to the table to get the Dom.

"I thought that might wait Sue." He said. "I wanted to try something from the first time I saw those braces."

"And what is that?" Sue asked coyly.

"I'll show you" he relied, and lifted her up, cradling her as he had earlier from the wheelchair, but now her legs stuck out straight. He set her down by the wall, so she was standing, braced legs apart, rear end pressed against the wall. She dropped her crutches as he rubbed between her legs, feeling the satin panties. He kissed and sucked at her neck as he rubbed her, then lifted the minidress up over her head. She wore no bra, and her nipples were erect and ready. He threw the dress aside and looked over her. She was beautiful, firm, and her legs so sexy encased in those braces. He kissed her breasts, licking down her stomach, but when he got to her panties, he came upon a problem. With her legs braced and spread as they were, he couldn't pull them down. He slid them aside and kissed her there, feeling her legs quiver in the braces. She gripped his hair in both hands and moaned as he licked her gently. He rubbed her some more and continued pleasuring her orally until she came, and she slid down the wall, her legs spreading more because she couldn't really do anything else with them. She sat there for a couple of minutes, then looked up at Brian.

"Help me up hon, I can't get up at all."

Brian helped her up to her feet, steadying her and getting her crutches. She crutched over to her wheelchair.

"Help me into this thing, please Brian, I want to get off my feet."

"OK, here." Brian replied, moving the legrests out of the way, easing her into the seat, her legs still locked out in front of her. He lifted her legs, moving the legrests back, and unlocked the knee locks on the braces. He eased Susan's' legs into the footrests and then put her crutches into the back of the wheelchair in the crutch holders. Sue wheeled around a little, and Brian watched her, her legs so fragile looking now in the braces. She wheeled up in front of him and undid his belt. She knew this was one of his strongest fantasies, was to get oral sex from a woman in a wheelchair, and as she began to stroke him, sliding his pants down, he ran his fingers through her hair. He moaned deeply as she took his cock into her mouth and began to suck him off. She looked up into his eyes, knowing he liked to watch as she sucked him, looking at her in the wheelchair. She continued to suck him, caress his balls from her wheelchair until she felt him tense up, and he came warm and wet into her mouth. She swallowed it all and he collapsed onto the bed.

"You know, sometimes I think you are so lucky to be in the wheelchair, Sue, because after a good one I can hardly stand."

"I know what you mean." Susan replied, "Speaking of standing, I need to use the ladies room, I might as well get up to go." She pulled the crutches from their holder and lifted a leg, moving the legrest out of the way. She moved the other legrest out of the way, then stopped.

"What's wrong Sue?"

"My legs, they feel really odd."

"What do you mean odd?"

"I can't straighten them out, it's like I can't move them."

"It's just the braces Sue, I'm sure."

"I don't think so Brian, They don't feel right either." Susan was feeling worried now, not sure what was going on. "Help me get them off, please hon."

"OK, Here, let me help you to the bed."

Brian lifted her again and laid her on the bed. Susan watched as he unstrapped her legs from the braces. As he pulled them from her legs, they both gasped.

They weren't her legs. The looked thin, the muscles were soft and flaccid, her feet were awful, bent and palsied, toes curled up. She was still wearing the honey-colored nylons, which made the discovery even more scary.

"What the hell is wrong with my legs, Brian?!" Susan asked frantically.

"I don't know, I have no idea. They look like-"

"Look like what Brian?"

"Cerebral Palsy, one of my former girlfriends had it, and her legs looked just like that."

"But I don't have Cerebral Palsy, Brian!"

"You do now, although I have no idea how Sue."

"So what do we do, call 911? Go to a doctor?"

"We should try and figure out what happened, I think. I mean, an hour ago your legs were fine, so what could have happened?"

"Help me into the wheelchair again, Brian, I still have to go to the bathroom."

"OK, here you go." He lifted her, and her legs just dangled there, her feet flopping limply.

"My god, Brian, look at my legs! They're totally dead!"

"Can you feel them at all?"

"I can feel them OK, but I can't really move them. Wait, I can wiggle my toes a little."

Brian watched Sue's toes wiggle a little in her nylons. He sat her in the wheelchair and placed her feet in the footrests. He pushed her into the bathroom.

"Do you want help? Do you think you can do it on your own?"

"I don't know, you'd better help, actually, I don't think I can deal with this right now."

Brian first slid her underwear off while she was still in the wheelchair, then lifted her and eased her onto the toilet. He left her alone as she did what she needed to do, and came back when she called to him. He lifted her back into her wheelchair and pushed her back into the bedroom.

"Can you put the braces back on me Brian? I hate being confined to this wheelchair, I'd like to walk around, even if it is on crutches."

Brian sat her back on the bed and put the braces back onto her legs. He helped her onto her feet and handed her the crutches.

"Hand me my dress please Brian, I feel cold all of a sudden, OK."

Brian handed her the dress and held her up as she put the minidress back on. She crutched back and forth in the room, like pacing.

"What am I going to do, Brian?? I'm handicapped, my legs are crippled, how did that happen?? Am I going to stay this way?? Am I suddenly crippled for life??"

"I wish I knew, hon, I wish I knew. I think we should call a doctor and tell him everything that happened, maybe there's an explanation for all of this."

"I think you're right, can you take me to the hospital?"

"Yes, but how are we going to get you there?"

"The car, of course, what else?"

"No, I mean, if I take you to a hospital wearing legbraces, and tell the doctor you're legs don't work any more, what is he going to think?"

"I don't care, I want to wear them, I need to wear them, I feel totally crippled without them, looking at those crippled legs sitting in that wheelchair, no, I'm going in the legbraces."

"OK, We'll go now, just let me get dressed and we'll leave."

"OK, I'll sit here on the bed while you get ready." Susan lowered herself slowly onto the edge of the bed, then used her arms to pull herself up onto it. She watched her legs stick straight out over the edge of the bed, and at a whim clicked the knee locks open and watched her lower legs drop limply down. She felt ready to cry. Brian came back in dressed and sat on the bed to put his shoes back on.

"Ready to go Susan?"

"I guess so, help me to my feet."

"You sure you don't want the wheelchair?"

"I'm sure, just help me to my feet, OK?"

Brian lifted Susan's' braced legs and locked them out straight, then helped her forward and put her feet to the floor. He steadied her as she stood, handing her the crutches. He followed her out of the hotel and out to the car.

"I guess I'll drive" Brian said jokingly, but the tension in his voice betrayed his true feelings.

"Help me into the car Brain, and quit with the jokes, OK."

Brian opened the car door and held Susan under her arms, lowering her down into the seat. He then unlocked her knee locks and lifted her legs into the car. It was difficult, he didn't know if she'd ever get the hang of it if her condition was indeed permanent.

The drive to the hospital was in silence. Susan couldn't bring herself to speak, and Brian didn't know what to say. They both kept throwing furtive glances down at Susan's legs, the braces. Brian even saw Susan glance into the back seat at her crutches. What could he do? He kept thinking back to Marie, her crippled feet and palsied hands, having to help her in and out of her wheelchair, having to do so much for her. Would Susan end up like that? He hoped not, because he had a feeling that what didn't work with Marie wouldn't work with Susan, either. He would give it his best shot, but what could he do?

"I've really never seen anything like it, to be honest." Doctor Randall said. He was looking at the X-rays and test results for Susan's' legs. "All these results indicate a form of Palsy, afflicting the lower body exclusively. The strangest part about it, if what you both say is true, is that the muscular and skeletal damage seems to be the result of years in this condition, maybe a lifetime."

"So what can you do?"

"Nothing, I'm afraid, Susan. With the amount of muscular damage, you will almost certainly never stand again, at least not without extensive braces, and I don't want to alarm you, but if the muscular degeneration continues, even the braces won't help, you'll be confined to a wheelchair."

"A wheelchair! I can't, I won't accept that, doctor. At five this afternoon I was perfectly fine, my legs were as strong and healthy as yours, and now you're telling me I'll be confined to a wheelchair or full leg braces for the rest of my life? I can't accept that at all."

"I don't know what else to tell you. We have an excellent physical therapy department here, and can teach you how to live a mostly normal and productive life with your disability, but more than that I can't promise. I'd like you to stay here overnight, and run a few more tests on your legs in the morning. The nurse will help you to your room.

A nurse came in with a wheelchair, and Brian lifted Susan from the examination table into it. He arranged her legs for her, but he was pretty sure he had made his decision on what to do. As he helped Susan into her hospital bed, watching one of her palsied feet dangle so limply, he thought about how many times he had done this for Marie, and knew his decision was the right one, at least for him. As Susan fell asleep in the hospital, Brian left. He had no plans to return.

"Oh my God!!" was the first thing the nurse heard that morning from the patient rooms. She rushed in to see the new patient, Susan, jumping up and down with glee, even doing jumping jacks. She had no idea why until she remembered what this woman was in for. Last night she was wheelchair bound, her legs afflicted with some kind of palsy, but now she seemed to be fine, not only fine but better than she had ever been. She rushed to get the doctor, who later confirmed by X-ray that somehow Susan's legs had regenerated overnight. It could only be called a miracle, and it seemed to be a morning for miracles. Less than an hour later, a young patient of his, a nine year old girl who had been paralyzed since birth, walked in with her mother in tears behind her. He couldn't understand or explain it, and he was pretty sure he didn't really want to.

2 Months Later

Brian was sitting with an attractive brunette in a dark bar, drinking and talking animatedly.

"You know, I've been attracted to handicapped people since high school, I guess."

"Really, that's very interesting. Not many people would admit that, it's kind of weird, don't you think.?"

"To most people, yes, I guess it is, but I didn't think you'd mind, if you know what I mean."

"You mean my wheelchair, of course. To tell the truth, I'm still new to it, and I'm not really sure how I feel about it all."

"Well, we could go over to my place and talk about how you feel about it, couldn't we?"

"Actually, I think I'd like that."

"Well then, follow me, Brian, we can take my car. I'll help you into it, if you need it."

"I'll try to manage, Lucy, but thanks." Brain wheeled himself out from behind the table and followed the woman out into the parking lot. As he was leaving the bar, he saw someone familiar across the street, an old woman, who looked kind of like a street person, was staring at him. He tried to remember where he'd seen her, but he was falling behind Lucy. He still wasn't very fast in this damned wheelchair. He caught himself wondering how Susan was doing, but he let that pass. He was sure she had her own problems to deal with now.

The End

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