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The Cast

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DISCLAIMER: This is a story with adult material. If you are not of age to access such material, please close this file immediately. If you are easily offended, do the same. If you feel the need to read on anyway and still feel attacked in your "good Christian values" don't come whine to me, you are WARNED. All others, please do enjoy yourself and let me know what you think... ALL FLAMES IGNORED. nsteen@eagle.ca

Last week I placed an ad in the paper: "SWM looking for women 23-35 for fun involving casts xxx-xxxx" I wasn't sure what it would bring... It brought lots of strange phone calls. But also one call of interest... I had a message waiting on my machine yesterday. I listened to it many times. The first time I wasn't sure I heard properly, the second time I wasn't sure I was awake, finally by the third or fourth time, it dawned on me that yes, I might have found the right person for it... Her name is Dawn and has been fascinated with casts for a while now. She doesn't want to use them, but says that she is turned on by casts on men... I actually like to wear the casts... So we are nicely matched... We made plans to meet this weekend. I will go out and get the casting stuff and we will share the cost of it. We figure on needing about $200 worth of casting bandages and various little things. We will meet at her apartment since mine doesn't lends itself to play like we want to do...

This afternoon I picked up the plaster of Paris bandages I ordered a couple days ago. I also picked up some cotton rolls and wanted to get stockinet but could not get any, I guess cotton will have to do... One thing I got at the last minute is a pack of diapers. I just thought that I would not quite be able to get to the bathroom for a couple days and it might turn to be a problem... I can't stop thinking about our meeting. We have never met face to face, barely talked a few times on the phone and are already contemplating some serious fun... I suppose I will have to trust her.

I get to her place and am amazed at how big her little apartment is. She said apartment, but really it is a condo, split on two levels. From the outside it looks huge... I can see four doors to the building and I suppose there are only four "apartments" in it. Nice red brick walls and some climbing ivy on the walls. I notice a ramp for wheelchairs leading to the Terrazzo laid down in front of the doors, but cannot make out which door is really serviced by the ramp. Only one light is on, the one over the address I am looking for... I ring the door and wait for a bit. The doors opens and I have to look down a bit. I can't hide my surprise at seeing her in a sleek sports wheelchair... She had not told me about that. Not a word... I don't know what to think anymore... She is fairly thin and wears a fine woolen sweater and a long skirt that hides her legs. Her creaseless shoes are made of fine leather. She smiles at me a little embarrassed smile. Her face is soft, without a sharp angle, yet without showing any sign of fat. I like her already, but am still under shock... -

Hello will you come in Mark? -Hello Dawn. Yes I will gladly come in. -I know I should have mentioned it to you earlier, my injury and me using a chair, but i could not bring myself to say a word and risk having you disappear before you even showed up. Besides, i figured if you liked casts, you wouldn't mind too much my chair... As she says those words, she wheels away from the door and lets me in, carrying my packages; a box of plaster bandages, a bag of diapers, some cotton roll, and a bag of food stuff... Part of the deal is that we have a good nice dinner and chat a while face to face before we start playing... I explain that though surprised, I cannot see her paralysis being a problem, just as long as the prearranged plans didn't change... She grins at that and assures me that, no, everything was still going to happen as planned... I hear the song of a dove just outside a window...

She directs me to the kitchen and shows me a place where I can leave the casting stuff until we want to retrieve it... She was in charge of the salad and soup, and I was supposed to cook the main meal and make the dessert. She tells me that she has prepared a cream of tomato soup and had found some interesting miniature lettuce for the salad. I am glad that woman knows a bit about food... It is always fun to be with someone who shares some of your interests outside of the "play room". For my share of the deal, I had hesitated between making some pasta or fish or chicken... Since i didn't know her likes and dislikes I figured I would be safe with the chicken... I had made a wild mushroom stuffing the day before and boned a capon. I had stuffed the breast with the mushroom stuffing and some of the ground meat from the legs. With that I intended to serve a light tarragon cream sauce. For dessert, I had made a dark chocolate mousse, to be served with a fresh mango and ginger coulis. If nothing else happened that day, i would be a happy man. Having a good dinner with a pretty woman in a wheelchair was enough to satisfy me...

She showed me where everything was and while I was reheating the soup and getting ready to cook the chicken, she went out of the room and some music started playing... Chopin's nocturne. Soft piano playing in the background... The evening seemed to get better and better. She came back and as the food was getting hot, we chatted of this and that, not getting deep in any topic... The soup finally ready, she pushed me out of the kitchen into the dining room and told me to sit and that she would be out shortly. So I sat. A beautiful rosewood marketed table held two settings for dinner. I gasped at the beauty of it all. I didn't expect that at all when I arrived here earlier... A couple silver candle holders provided light from their three finely shaped candles each. A bouquet of dried flowers held the middle of the table, laying low and out of the way, yet attracting the eye by its simplicity. The utensils were of silver with ebony twirled handles, obviously the work of a craftsman. I thought that she really went all out for seducing me, when she didn't needed half of the third of it to succeed...

She came back in the dining room, balancing a tray on the armrests of her chair. Then I noticed that it wasn't really a precarious balance but that the tray was actually fastened to the chair by a couple straps. She placed a soup pot on the table beside her seat and also a little dish of butter croutons. She removed the tray from her chair and wheeled to her place at the table. Taking the ladle in one hand and my soup plate in the other she served me some of her great smelling and looking soup. Her eyes shone in the candlelight. I started eating the soup and really enjoyed it. Perfection in tomato soup isn't achieved often, but that was it... Perfection in an evening isn't achieved often either, but that was pretty much it if it kept going the way it had started.

We took our time eating, savoring both the meal and the company. I learned she had fallen off a horse ten years ago and was now paralyzed at T12. She explained about her injury, the rehab, the time it took to get over it, in as much as it was possible to get over it. I explained my attraction to wheelchair users, brace users and casts. My want to experience all that... She told me that she could understand the fascination since casts had a big effect on her, for some unknown reason.

The wine was a surprise. She had selected a Vidal from the Niagara peninsula and strangely enough its smells and taste of grapefruit and vanilla married so very well with the capon I had made. We explored our attraction to casts and though we talked a lot we could not pinpoint where it came from... We came to the conclusion that it just was and there was not much to do about it but strive to find others like us and enjoy ourselves. She explained how she got around needing a wheelchair to do some tasks. She mentioned using leg braces to do some work that needed her to be standing or go places where a wheelchair wasn't too practical. Between the salad and the dessert, she left the table and called me over to another room and showed me the braces she was using... A set of leather and metal KAFO's with moulded plastic foot part. Just the sight of the braces got me aroused... She said something about needing to wear them later in the evening when we were going to get me "plastered".

That had me feeling my quickened pulse in places we usually don't take the pulse... We had dessert, almost as an afterthought, not really appreciating the lightness and taste of the chocolate. We were thinking too much about what was to happen in a few moments... Both engrossed in our own thoughts that seemed to join somewhere in the air between our heads. We did dishes, as much as we didn't really feel like it, but somehow the making of dinner had produced a lot of dishes and I didn't want her to have to deal with that on top of everything else. She was going to have to cook some more for me, and bring the food to the room and almost feed me. She was also going to have to take care of other not so pleasing business... Finally we were ready to get down to business. But now that things were so close, we hesitated. I could sense a slight fear coming from her, I was probably emitting a similar signal. So we sat and we talked some more, until we came back to the topic at hand. She was going to make a spica cast that would cover both my legs, join the legs with a couple of spreader bars, and come up to the middle of the rib cage. I wasn't going to be able to go very far once stuck in that cast. As we talked about what to do and how to proceed, I could feel myself getting aroused again.

We moved to her bedroom and saw that she had already prepared the room for the messy business of making a cast of that nature. Above the bed hung a triangle that was meant to help her move around in her bed. It now would help me too, as there was not much i would be able to accomplish besides lifting myself a bit up so she could place a few extra pillows to prop me up. So I stripped of my clothes while she went to put her braces on. I kept my boxer shorts, but as she came back, she told me that I needed to be completely naked for the operation. She was now taking charge in a nice but firm way... I wasn't to refuse her from this moment on. She was the boss and just gave e the first order of the weekend. So i removed my boxers that were not hiding very well the erection I was having. She smiled at that and mumbled something i could not hear.

First we wrapped me in some cotton roll, from under the armpits to the tip of my toes. It was to protect my skin from the cast and make sure that there would not be sore spots... I sat on the edge of the bed and she started applying the wet and warm rolls of plaster of Paris on my feet. First making a short walking cast on each leg. Then she extended each leg so the cast reached up to about 3/4 of my thighs. Then she took the wooden stick i had brought and wrapped it in plaster at each end and then on my legs, just below the knee. She placed my legs in such a fashion that though spread, there was a bit of an angle to my legs and feet. I could feel the warmth of the setting cast on my legs and it was a wonderful sensation.

We had to wait a bit for the cast on the leg to set before we could goon... Of course if we'd had a casting table or a frame, it would have made things easier, but we didn't hand had to do with what we had, not much... After about an hour, too short a time to really be standing on fresh casts, but neither of us could wait anymore, she finished her job of casting me. Wrapping layer upon layer of plaster around my waist, leaving an overture going from back to front, from a bit bellow the belly button to a bit above the sacral vertebrae in the back. I was now completely immobilized and it was very hard to stand up. We laid me back down, and the support triangle above the bed was a great help with that... Dawn had enough problems already supporting herself that she wasn't much help in helping me down on the bed. I could feel the warmth encompass me and i knew that it soon would go away and be replaced by cold as the cast dried and that it would become neutral again.

Dawn sat on the bed beside me and we discussed a bit about how things had gone. She reached with her hand and brushed my erect member almost casually. I shivered when I felt her hand on my body. The room was still a mess and she said that while the plaster was drying she was going to clean up a bit, and "don't you go anywhere". It was eerie to watch her get around going from the bed to her chair. Cleaning was easily done, just having to fold on themselves all the plastic bags we had laid down first. Her chair was covered and her body was also protected from plaster splashes. All that went into another bigger plastic bag. The bowl of water she used to dip the rolls in went to the nearest bathroom and I could hear the sound of the water being poured out of the container.

She went out once more and I had nothing to do but listen to the noise she was making in her travels in her condo. I turned my head as I saw her wheel back with a box on her lap. She was smiling impishly. She opened the box, but kept an angle so i would not see what it contained. -You will have many surprises this weekend Mark... Many surprises. You had your first one as you walked in, but here's another one. On that she shoed me what she had in the box... It was a cervical brace, a SOMI. I looked at it, not sure that I saw what i saw. Then it clicked, she was going to put the brace on me and I would be even more restrained than I was at the moment. Either i was in a lot of trouble, or I was in for a lot of fun, or both... She explained how she kept the brace from when she was injured, thinking it might be useful one day, and having found the day to use it... She came closer to me and made some adjustments to the brace, bending a metal strip here, tightening a screw there, until she seemed satisfied and put it on me. The SOMI breast plate arrived just above the cast and I could not move anymore, except my arms... I was staring at the roof, unable to move any part of myself but my arms... Liked that.

I liked that and she knew it... Once more i felt her hand on the little part of my body that was left exposed. I wanted to look down, but the brace effectively maintained my head in one position and that didn't allow me to look anywhere else but up. Strange and exciting to feel someone touch you and not be able to see what they are doing. I heard some noises and could vaguely feel the bed move as she moved her weight on it. I heard noises of a buckle undone and then done again. I felt a slight tug towards the bottom of the bed, but I still could not look. I came close to remove the SOMI with my free hands, but with a word, she forbade it to me and i felt I had to obey.

I was so very excited and close to orgasm and yet she had not even touched me more that a minute or two. All the things put together were very arousing indeed. She took hold of each of my hands, one after the other and fastened a leather bracelet to it. While she was doing up the second wrist, i looked at the first one and was surprised to find a metallic ring sewn on the bracelet. or cuff for it was more a cuff than a bracelet I decided. -See, said Dawn, surprises after surprises... now Mark, I am going to tie your hands to the upper corners of the bed. Remember the name of the wine we drank... Just say it if you cannot go as far as i will push you. But be sure I WILL push you, unless you say the word.

I figured I had come this far and didn't really have much choice in trusting her anymore. I knew it was a question of trust before we ever met, but had no idea how much trust I had to gather... I was scared and excited all the while... Strange and confused feelings. So she tied me. Now I was completely restrained, braced, tied and had nowhere to go but stay where I was... Once more she left, humming to herself. she went to the bathroom and cried out from it that she had not had that much fun that she could remember in a long while, if ever. She kept talking to me so i knew when she was back in the room, by the bed, but still had a perfect view of her ceiling only. She warned me that i should not struggle and it was going to feel a bit warm and wet in my crotch area.

As she said that, she placed a hot and damp cloth on my crotch and waited a bit. She then said that in my interest, I should not move, as she was going to shave me... I protested a bit and she asked if I remembered the word. I said I did, and she just kept going, explaining that it would be much easier to keep me clean for the weekend than if I had kept hair down there... Once that done, she seemed satisfied with herself. She rolled away I imagined to bring the shaving kit back to the bathroom. Upon her return, she proceeded to transfer herself on to the bed and lay down beside me. She kissed my ears and nibbled on them. I was still very excited and almost came when she licked the inside of my ear and took hold of my cock at the same time. But she seemed to sense it and let go of both activities at once. I moaned and whimpered that she shouldn't stop, not now, not so close. She resumed her activity and I resumed feeling on the brink of orgasm... It didn't take long that it was all over. I had rarely undergone such a treatment... She untied my hands and asked me to caress her breast and body, as much as i could from my position. I wanted to feel her skin under my hands so much that I answered her demand immediately. After a while, we stopped and both of us seemed to fall in a content sleep and rest.

I woke up only to find my hands tied up once more and Dawn gone from the room, or not moving nor answering my questions. She was out, as I heard her coming back in. She extended her arm over my face, showing me something it took me a moment to identify. It was a vibrator. I wondered what she wanted to do with it for a moment and then it dawned on me what she wanted to do... She told me to relax as I felt the cool plastic rest between my butt cheeks. I felt the cool of a gooey thing, probably some lubrication stuff or other. yes, I was sure of her intention now... And I feared it as much as I looked forward to it.

She turned the device on and it buzzed to life, tickling some sensitive areas. She pressed the instrument closer to my asshole and told me to relax once more... Easy to say I thought... I felt the tip of it working its way in slowly in a place unused to anything going IN, just used to outgoing items... All the while it was buzzing and vibrating, doing its job of exciting me no end, yet I could feel the pain of it as well, but there was next to nothing I could do. I took in the pain and the joy and pleasure I was feeling. Finally it was in, all the way in, still buzzing and bringing sensations I never knew existed, opening a whole new range of sensation to me. I felt her mouth enclosing around my penis but only just, as what was happening in my ass was almost overwhelming. She started licking and sucking and taking small bites with her teeth. I came before I realized it. And I was hard again just as fast. The whole thing was such that it brought me to orgasm and back many times in a short period of time... I had never experienced it... She finally removed the instrument from my behind and untied my hands. She cleaned me a bit with a warm cloth and told me it was time to use the diapers I had brought. She explained that I was going to be a bit "loose" for a while and that it was a good idea to have me covered, least I mess up the bed... She then took off the SOMI and my head rolled on the pillow, almost unable to support itself anymore. I felt weak and shivering from all the action. She was once more lying beside me and was naked, as I was but for the cast and diaper... I said that it would be uncomfortable for her to feel that still damp cast on her body and she said that she wasn't feeling anything anyway. I drifted towards sleep but wanted to remain awake and talk to her. I just could not. The last thing I thought I heard as I was getting deep into sleep was something about having company on the morrow, two female friends of Dawn... Nicolas.

I woke up from my night's sleep feeling both rested and stiff. I had someone under my arm, a thing that didn't happen very often, and I could not move my lower body. It took me a short moment to remember what had happened and where I was. I had been so exhausted that I had fallen asleep like a rock. In truth, I wasn't very far from being a rock, encased in all that plaster.

I gently caressed her skin under my hand, able to move only slightly at the elbow and then at the wrist. Her weight on my arm was almost as effective as the cuffs she'd used the previous evening. But such a pleasurable restraint to feel her warm and soft skin on mine.

She stirred slightly at my touch, but did not awaken. I wanted to enjoy this, our closeness, her beside me, paralyzed from the waist down and me beside her, casted from the waist down. One crippled by accident and one restrained by choice, both enjoying the other's situation.

When, after a moment that seemed so long, yet too short, she awoke, she kissed me again. She kissed me like one would kiss a child. And I kissed her back, pulling her closer to me. We exchanged a few kisses for a while, nibbling at an ear, or at a lip, graciously offered. It had nothing overly sexual about it, just an exchange of tenderness after a night's lovemaking.

She finally pulled away from me and threw the blankets away from her, pilling them on my cast. The weight of the blanket, I didn't feel, except where the cast didn't cover me. That is when I realized that I had actually used the diaper overnight, without even thinking about it. Embarrassed, i blushed but resolved to not mention it right away. She would find out when she would, and this was expected anyway. Still, I didn't like it.

She transferred from the bed to her chair and I admired her grace. It was an act that should have seemed awkward or unnatural, but she seemed to slide effortlessly from one to another, first drawing her legs off the bed with her hands and then placing the chair just so, finally placing the transfer board between the bed and chair and puling herself across it. Finally placing her legs on the footrest of her chair. I looked at her, drinking in all the little moves she made, taking in her nudity and the shape of her breasts, the shape of her slightly atrophied legs, the curve of her neck.

I reached a hand out to touch her, but with a smile, she wheeled backward, just far away from me that my fingertips were about three inches away from reaching their goal. Her eyes shone with mirth and her mouth curved at the sides. She wasn't laughing at me, not really, but she enjoyed the power she had over me like that. Strangely, i enjoyed that power she had over me too. I could feel an erection coming. "Not again, not already" I thought "if I have to go through the whole day again as I went through last evening, I won't be able to walk come Monday"

She turned around and once more disappeared in the bathroom. She reappeared almost instantly with a washbasin and a wet, steaming cloth. She told me that I probably needed cleaning up, and it was probably best to clean me up before she cleaned herself up, now, wasn't it? I could only blush some more at the thought that she'd have to wash me up, but what else could I do?

Once all that done, she looked at me and said: "Did I mention last night that you were in for a few surprises?". She produced a little thing, wrapped in foil and I didn't really know what it was until she explained that she had to use glycerin suppositories to regulate her bowel movements, since she could not do it by herself since her injury. She said that she didn't want me diapered all day and that she was going to apply one of the suppository and wait a bit and then i would hopefully be cleared for a little while. I didn't like the thought of glycerin, but i did think she had a point. Besides, how could I resist?

She ripped the wrapping of it and stretched over the cast. I could feel her hands spreading my butt cheeks and feel the cool little thing slide painlessly into me. She said that I should hold it there for as long as I could, though I would probably feel uncomfortable after 15-20 minutes. In any case, she was going to put a basin under me, just for safety's sake. And then she left.

I was laying there, with the basin propped under me and her away, doing some personal hygiene stuff from what I could hear. I thought once more that I was really in her hands. I could not even go off the bed if I had wanted to. I did think that once up, with help of a pair of forearm crutches i could probably drag myself around the room a little bit, but what if I fell face first? I could not get up and Dawn could not pull me up either by herself. A sharp cramp in my stomach brought me back to reality.

She came back to the room and looked at me, telling me I really should let go now. Which I did, as if I had needed the ascent of my Mistress to go. Because I felt that's what she had become over the few hours we'd spent together, I was hers and she was to decide and tell me what to do and how to do it. Once more she cleaned me and promptly went to dispose of the soiled washcloth.

She was whistling as she came back. "I had a hard time explaining to my homecare store that I didn't want a female cath but a male one." She says as she comes in. Now I am wondering, a cath? She wants to use a catheter on me? She did say she didn't want me diapered all day. I had been speculating for a long time what it would be like to use a catheter to pee, it looked like I was about to discover. She laid the things she was about to use besides me: a wrapped Folley catheter, a legbag and straps and a connection tube, along with a syringe and a vial of distilled water to fill the balloon of the catheter and of course some lubricant.

She took hold of my already erect member and told me that she could not insert the tube into my penis if it was erect, so she had to help me relax a bit first... She very expertly handled my apparatus and it wasn't very long before I was cumming for the first time that day. First but not last I surmised.

Dawn placed the legbag on my leg, fastening it with the straps provided with it. She attached the connection tube to the bag and estimated how long would be needed. Then she unwrapped a package of sterile gloves I had not noticed and put them on. Next came the unwrapping of the catheter itself. It look awfully long to me. And awfully big, but she assured me it wasn't all that big. She had chosen a 14fr after examining "the situation". Spreading some lubricating jelly on the tip of the cath, she took hold of my penis once more. As if on cue, it started growing again. But she gave it a quick flick and it went limp. She used the time to insert the cath little by little, being careful not to force anything. It burned and felt uncomfortable, but not too much. My penis throbbed as if on verge of ejaculation, but nothing happened. Finally it was in and she looked satisfied of her handiwork.

Breakfast was going to be another little gourmet haven. I had made some croissant dough the previous day and she only had to bake them. I had noticed some great big ripe strawberries in the fridge. Some cheese was to be had as well: a Brie triple cream, some fresh unrippened goat cheese and a wedge of Stilton. She did surprise me with a bottle of Laurent Perrier champagne that was not part of the plan but I should have thought of it when I had seen the strawberries.

She brought back everything on her tray, once more fastened to her chair's armrests. She had made some coffee for herself, an espresso by the look of it. And a bowl of hot chocolate for me. She said she'd melted some bittersweet chocolate and then added a bit of milk and a lot of heavy cream to make it. I could really taste the difference as it went down in my throat. The croissants were just perfect too, half way between a light bread and a good puff pastry.

It was really strange to enjoy breakfast in bed but being unable to move much. A bit awkward to drink the champagne in that semi-prone position but highly enjoyable to be fed by this beautiful woman. We discussed about this and that, not stopping on any topic very long.

The cast had started to feel itchy in places, but I knew there was no way to reach and scratch. Like behind my knee... So I just had to concentrate on not feeling the itch. I mentioned it to Dawn and she said to live with it, as it was after all not much compared with what she had to endure at times.

This was a strange relationship. We were almost stranger, yet got along really well. She would order me around while talking to me as an equal.

She finally left to put the breakfast away. She said that we were expecting friends. She said that I should get ready for company and I thought that I could not do much to ready myself... Then my mind raced. COMPANY??? She actually was going to have me meet friends of her like this???? I didn't know what to think anymore. I almost thought about refusing to see her friends and while I was sure she would accept the safe word, I knew that it would kill the moment and the weekend altogether, so I decided to wait.

She came back from the kitchen and proceeded to put me back in the SOMI, and then to receive me, once more.

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