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The Captured Intruder

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The following story is a PG rated version of a story I wrote not long ago. I may decide to post the adult version. I also plan on writing another version of this story involving a man and woman. I also plan on writing about a true experience that happened to me recently of my first casting experience. The second part of this is a poem I wrote about the anticipation and experience of a first casting. I hope you enjoy what follows. Thank you.

It had been a rough day at work and I was exhausted. I would normally dress down into just a pair of boxers and a T-shirt, but the day had been stressful and I felt like long, hot bath. My previous girlfriend had preferred baths to showers and I grew to appreciate them every once in a while. I had been nursing a sprained ankle, so the hot water felt good. I must have soaked in the tub for at least forty-five minutes.

Anxious to recline in front of the television and watch Monday Night Football, I stepped out of the tub. I quickly dried off and applied an ankle brace I had been wearing since I sprained my ankle about two weeks ago from this particular night.

I was playing a friendly game of touch football when I dove for a long pass. The person covering me, a good friend from work, dove to get the ball also. He missed the ball but not my ankle. He landed right on it. He jumped up and looked down at me, seeing I was in pain and hadn't gotten up as he had. He drove me to the emergency room. I thought for sure the ankle was broken, and, to be honest, I hoped it was. As a kid I had always wanted to wear a plaster cast. Of all the sports I had played, I never broke anything. I once bruised my foot badly once when I was twelve and had to walk on crutches for a week, but that left me with only a taste of what I wanted. I was left unfulfilled and wanting more. In addition to the desire to wear a plaster cast, I gained an affinity for walking on crutches as well.

I was now thirty, a reporter for a local newspaper covering minor-league baseball games and high school football. Though I knew a broken ankle would slow me down a bit, I also knew that it wouldn't have an effect on sitting in the stands and watching the games. I wanted the x-ray that the pretty nurse took to come back with the good news of a broken ankle. It didn't. It was only a mild sprain though the pain I felt told it was broken. I would later laugh at the irony of the situation, having to actually hide my disappointment of not having a broken ankle by acting relieved when the doctor told me of the sprain and the good news of the nonfracture. I did, however, get a pair of crutches out of it.

I stopped using the crutches in public a couple of days after the injury and stopped using the brace a few weeks after that. I no longer needed either one; my ankle was fine. However, I used my crutches and wore my brace at home quite often to relive the wonderful experience over and over. I became very accomplished at using the crutches, and enjoyed them quite a bit. The crutches were leaning on the wall next to my recliner, as they often do. I place them there just in case I'm in the mood to use them when I go to the bathroom or the kitchen. Tonight the mood struck. I grabbed the crutches, during a commercial break in the game, and headed for the kitchen for a cold adult beverage. I returned to my recliner just in time to see the game back from the commercial. As the game continued, I noticed that the room was quite cool. It was nice outside though (early October in Louisiana in not cold) so I left it alone.

I must sidetrack again and leave the story for some more background information. As you know, it had been awhile since I injured my ankle. It had been three months to be exact. About a month previous to this particular night I discovered a site on the Internet that sold supplies for casting. I immediately ordered three dozen rolls of plaster, some stockinette, and enough cast padding to go with the plaster. The supplies had arrived four days previous to this night, but I hadn't had the time to do anything. I was just waiting for the opportunity to make beautiful casts.

The cool breeze felt good on the balmy night. The beer was cold and the Cowboys were winning. It was a perfectly relaxing night. After my third beer, I felt the need to use my crutches once more and headed for the bathroom. I "hobbled" to the bathroom with ease, feeling the cool breeze from the open window. The bathroom was all the way down the hall, so I took my time in order to enjoy using the crutches.

After the deed was done, I headed down the hall and turned toward the kitchen for another beer. I suddenly felt my crutches come out from under me and a blow to my "injured" leg. I fell flat on the ground and looked up at a gun pointed at my head. I immediately, without thinking, grabbed one of the crutches and swung it blindly in the intruder's direction. I struck the gun and knocked it from his extended hand. It flew behind him and landed beside my recliner. Before he could make a move, and to his surprise, I jumped at him, leaping on top of him. We both scrambled on the floor, trying to gain an edge and make a move toward the gun. The intruder must have been shocked at my strength considering my "injury", but he didn't know what he was getting into. I used the "injured" leg and gave a blow to his groin, he gasped and fell backwards. I made a move towards the gun and grabbed it. He looked right at me and yelled, in a futile effort, "NO!".

I had given him a good blow to the head, knocking him unconscious. When he awoke, he realized he was tied up to a chair and moved around, violently trying to get unloose.

"There's no use you bastard.", I said, "You won't get loose. I did a story on sailboat racing once and learned a few things about knots."

"Don't kill me. I just wanted to steal some jewelry or something. I thought you weren't home."

"You did. How do know I usually work later on Monday nights? Been spying on me?"

"Yea, just don't kill me."

"I won't kill you, but I do have something in mind for you. If you cooperate, I won't call the cops. I bet this isn't your first robbery."

"Okay, I'll do whatever. I've had two felonies already."

"Ah, three strikes and you're out, huh? Okay, I won't call the cops." I untied his arms but not his legs. He wasn't going anywhere.

"Would you like a drink?"

"Bourbon if you have it." I nodded and went into the kitchen. I poured the bourbon and dissolved two sleeping pills into it.

The plan I was executing came to me while the intruder was knocked out. I knew the dose I was giving him would put him to sleep for about seven hours. I had used the same dose on myself several times in my younger days. I remembered that I had a few pills left from my college days. I had bouts of insomnia in college, so I used the pills to sleep when I had to do so. I returned with the drink and he gulped it down. It didn't take but a few minutes for him to become drowsy and ultimately fall dead asleep.

I moved the young man into my bedroom and placed him on my bed. The intruder was about nineteen, fair skinned and well built. He probably rollerbladed or skateboarded in his off time (by off time I mean his time not robbing people's houses). He reminded myself of me actually, and I wondered why he had chosen a life of crime at such an early age (two felonies and only nineteen years old). My plan for him was less cruel than sending him to prison for life. Maybe he would enjoy it.

I removed my ankle brace and placed it to the side for later. I placed the crutches in the corner of my room where the young man was sound asleep. "L'aventure commence.", I whispered. Let the adventure commence.

I retired to the hall closet and retrieved the casting supplies. My heart leaped as I grabbed the boxes of plaster. After placing the supplies in my room next to the bed where the intruder lay, I went into the kitchen and grabbed a bucket I had bought for just this occasion. After filling it with slightly warm water, I retreated to "the casting room". My heart leaped once more as I stared at the supplies.

I started the casting by removing the intruder's pants and shirt. He had only a pair of briefs on and continued to sleep soundly. I decided to put the intruder in a semi-bodycast. For his upper body, I used a top to a pair of long underwear. This allowed the intruder's upper body to breathe and solved the problem of stockinette. The top came down just above the start of his underwear. I placed him in a position where I could apply the cast to the upper body. I began rolling the cast padding, starting with stomach and continued up the chest, around the shoulder, and down the arm. I did the same for the other arm. I pulled out several rolls of plaster, taking them out of packages. Putting on the pair of latex gloves I had bought along with the supplies, I thought of the upcoming process. My heart pounded. I dipped the first roll of plaster into the water and felt it become soft and wet. The wet plaster felt wonderful against the latex gloves. I removed the roll from the water and began to apply it to the stomach area of the intruder. I rolled up the stomach to the chest and back down to the stomach, using two rolls. I applied the third roll where I left the second roll off and continued up to the chest. I applied a fourth to the shoulder and continued to the end of the arm to the wrist, leaving the hand exposed. I then did the same for the other arm, putting several layers on both arms. I left him to dry, his upper body quickly hardening, arms positioned in a outward from his body and his elbows bent slightly.

As the plaster on his upper body dried, I drank a beer and planned my attack of his lower body. I decided to cast both legs separately, leaving only his underwear exposed. I thought of creating a cast that would enable him to move at all, but I knew my "guest" would cooperate.

I removed more rolls of plaster from the boxes and began. I applied stockinette to the left leg. After rolling the padding, I started applying the plaster at the ankle. I worked my way down around the ankle and just below the toes. I then worked my way back up past the heel and to the ankle and applied another plaster roll back down to the foot and up to the ankle until there was a good thickness around the ankle and foot. I continued up the leg to the calf and back down to the ankle and up the calf again. I bent the knee slightly and put a thick layer around the knee and up and to the thigh just below the crotch. When I reached his crotch, I brushed my hand against it and saw it move. I smiled with amusement and went back to work on his other leg. The cast on his right leg was of the same thickness as his left. He lay there on the bed, fully casted and sound asleep. It had only been two hours since he first fell asleep. It was now one in the morning, and I had to wake at seven for work. I had a two weeks of vacation coming and hadn't known when I was taking it. Tomorrow I would walk into work and tell my boss I was taking the rest of the week off. He wouldn't mind as long as I covered a high school football game Friday night. That could be done, no problem.

I woke the next morning at 6:30. It took me few minutes and a shower to make me realize that I had a guest. After my shower, I fixed breakfast for the intruder. I entered his room to find him just waking up.

"Good morning friend. Have some breakfast?"

"What? Where am I? What is this?" He looked down at his encased body with a perplexed look. He looked at me for an explanation.

"Well, this is your sentence. I've applied plaster casts to your legs and one to your upper body. You'll remain this way for a week. I'll remove the upper body cast after a week if you're good to me. After the second week in two leg casts you'll go free, if you cooperate. Comprends?"


"Do you understand?"

"Yea, I guess. No cops?"

"No cops.", I assured him.

"Why plaster man? I mean you coulda tied me up or something."

"I have an affinity for plaster I guess."

"Weird, but better than prison."

"Eccentric, but not weird. Remember, you must cooperate. I won't ask you to do anything against your will and I won't harm you. Think of it as a vacation from life. You may even enjoy this experience."

I told of my plans to take off work then I left the room. This would be new experience for both of us. I hoped he would enjoy his time in plaster. I hoped he would be willing to cooperate with what I wanted him to do. I hoped we would experience things together that would change everything we knew.

A poem on casting

White Pleasure

The urge calls.

It calls me to wear

the White Pleasure

To feel its smoothness and

see its smoothness

The urge calls

It calls me to fell

the restriction and the helplessness.

And to be engulfed by this

fantasy of helplessness.

I know this fantasy.

I dream this fantasy

that will soon be reality.

And I will be left alone

with the White Pleasure.

The urge called.

And I lived out the fantasy

of the White Pleasure.

And I know now

the White Pleasure.

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