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I met Sue after a motorcycle accident several years ago. As a result of that accident, my left knee joint and left collarbone were severely damaged, and surgery was required to put things back in place. When I came to in the recovery room, my left leg was encased in a cast from just below the hip to just above the ankle. In addition, my left arm, shoulder, and most of my chest were also encased in a cast.

Having had an attraction to plaster casts since my mid-teens (I was in my mid-30's at the time) I experienced an answer to my long-held dreams. This did become very irritating, as both casts caused itches in places that could not be reached. Also, walking with one leg held straight, the left arm totally immobile, and over 25 additional pounds of weight on the left side made mobility difficult.

After 8 weeks that seemed like 80, the shoulder cast was removed and replaced with just a soft shoulder brace. The leg cast did not come off at that time since the doctor decided that additional bracing and support would be needed for a while. He told me that a knee brace would have to be made and worn for a while and handed me a card with the address of an orthist. This is where I first met Sue.

Sue works as an assistant in the office of a local orthist, or brace fitter. She was assigned to take the necessary measurements and make the preliminary mold of my leg for the brace construction. Since it would be a while before the brace would be ready, a way was needed to keep my leg immobile yet still be able to measure for the brace. In order to make the brace, an exact mold of my leg was needed. After consulting with my doctor by phone, Sue informed me that the cast would be removed, but that she would have to put on a new one to protect and immobilize my leg until the brace was ready. Because the brace had to fit snugly, Sue applied the mold cast right to the skin with no padding. To accomplish this, she coated my leg with Vaseline so the plaster would not stick to my skin. During the process, I asked her if she enjoyed this type of work. "Oh, very much. I get to meet a lot of people, and I know I am helping them to better lives with what I do." was her reply.

It took about 30 minutes for the plaster to set and then Sue removed the mold and cleaned up the mess. While the mold was setting, Sue put on a new leg cast made of synthetic fiberglass cast tape. I was told that the knee brace would be ready in about a week and that she would call me to let me know when to come in for the fitting.

Eight days passed before Sue called to sat that the brace was ready for fitting. When I arrived, I saw an exact copy of my leg with what looked to be a large metal spider wrapped around it. My shock must have showed on my face, because Sue began to laugh and said "it isn't as bad as it looks, it should be quite comfortable". Since the day was cool, I didn't have on the shorts that I had worn the last time, so Sue gave me a paper gown and directed me to the changing cubicle so I could remove my pants for the fitting. Coming out, Sue remarked I had good looking legs and had a strange glint in her eyes. I guess my embarrassment took precedence, because I didn't get the meaning of that look at first. Sue removed the leg cast and then went over and took the brace off of the model. The brace extended about 8 inches above and below the knee and was fastened at the side by small metal clasps and opened somewhat like a clamshell. Placing it on my knee, she closed the clasps and made some adjustments to get the fit right. The brace had a limiter in it so I could not bend my knee more than a few degrees, but otherwise was very comfortable and not the least bit restricting. My past desires and dreams were coming back, and it was evident that I was getting somewhat aroused by the restriction of the brace. Sue apparently could see this also, and said "I see that the fear of this thing wore off quickly and you find it stimulating".

"Yes," I said. "I've had a secret attraction to braces and casts since my teens. This is a dream come true".

She said she understood, and that I should not worry as many people have desires like this. She also said that I should come in each day for a while so the fit of the brace could be checked and the limiter on my knee movement could be adjusted so my leg could get back to bending as it should. She gave me some sheets on the care of the brace and also set up several appointments for the next few days for adjustments.

Later that evening, I decided that a shower would be just the thing to make me relax as I had to just clean up the best I could while wearing the casts since you can not get plaster wet or it gets weak and won't do the job it is supposed to. I figured that I should not get the brace wet, so I decided to take it off for the shower. I discovered that the catches had a funny shaped hex recess in them and required a special tool to release them; a tool that Sue had either not given me, or just forgot about during the fitting. Realizing that I had no way of getting the knee brace off got me aroused and I began to think about the gleam in Sue's eyes when she saw my reaction to wearing the brace. I began to think she liked seeing people in this predicament, and had possibly not given me the catch tool on purpose. Anyway, I had to shower, so I wrapped the brace in some plastic wrap and proceeded.

The next day, I went in for my first adjustment appointment. I had worn shorts so the changing wouldn't be necessary. Sue checked and adjusted a bit and said everything was OK.

"Did you not give me the catch tool on purpose, or was it just an oversight on your part?"

"For the first few days," she replied, "You should not take it off so that you get used to having it on. I'll give you the release tool after I am sure the fit is right."

I also noticed that look was back in here eyes and asked her if she enjoyed seeing me in this predicament. "Yes," she said, "I get a charge out of seeing strong men limited by what I do."

I asked her if this was something that developed from her work or if she had this desire for a long time. "When I was little, my brothers and I used to play cowboys and Indians a lot, and we tied each other up at times. I used to get a kick out of the power I had when they were tied up and couldn't fight back. This is, I guess, a way for me to continue to be in control of things in my life."

Changing the subject, she said everything was fine and I should not worry about getting the brace wet as it was waterproof. Smiling, I told here I would see her the next day for another check and began to leave. "Wait, let's make your appointment for late in the day. I have some things you might be interested in seeing after the check." I agreed and we set the appointment for 5pm.

Arriving a few minutes before 5 the next day, I had to wait while Sue finished with another client. As the client left, Sue locked the door behind him, and told me to go in and get seated on the table. I went over to the usual table, and hopped up with my leg on the cushion as usual. It took Sue longer to come back than normal, and I was getting curious as to what was taking so long. I called out and asked if everything was all right and her answer was "Yes, just getting something to show you." As Sue came into the room, I noticed that she had removed the white coat she normally wore, and was wearing a dark blue set of leotards and tights. Over this she was wearing what appeared tobe a white turtle-like shell covering her from the waist to the top of her shoulders with a piece extending upwards to hold her head and neck immobile.

I guess my jaw dropped, as she remarked "this brace is what I wear at those times when I am alone and want to be restricted in what I do. It is made of plastic and is quite light, but very restrictive." I asked why, and she told me she had a desire to be limited in her activities whenever possible, and having the resources of the brace shop allowed her to fulfill some of those desires. She told me one of her friends had to assist her in the making of the brace, since it involved making a plaster mold of her body so a form could be built for making the brace. "Want to try it?" she asked. I said yes but that I didn't think it would fit because I was quite abit larger than she was. "No problem, I have a similar bodybrace that I think will fit you." Going to a storage closet,she pulled out another metal and plastic contraption that looked similar to the one that she was wearing. Sue asked me to remove my shirt and the soft shoulder brace, leaving only my t-shirt covering my chest. Also, she said I should loosen the belt to my shorts as the brace extended a bit below the waistline. I complied and she placed the brace over my chest and behind myback, quickly securing it and adjusting it snugly to my body. My entire body from my head down to below my waist was soon rigidly held in the device and I could not bend in any direction.

"It is a good fit, but really you need one fit to your exact proportions for things to be comfortable." When I asked how that was done and she told me that a cast of my torso would be required so an exact form could be made, just like the leg form she had made for my knee brace. "You like being restrained, don't you?" she asked. "How did you know?" "I could tell by the way you reacted when I made the mold of your leg and the way you didn't complain when you were told you had to wear a leg cast for a while longer." I confessed I did like the feeling of restraint, and that I liked the feeling of the brace she had put on me. "Well, why don't I make a cast of you so I can make you a brace like mine." Her matter-of-fact approach wasn't needed as I had made up my mind that I wanted this desperately. "When do you want to do it?" I asked. "Since tomorrow is Saturday, and the office is closed, why not then?" I agreed and we set a time of 9am. Sue checked my knee brace and adjusted the limiter so I had about 45 degrees of movement. She said "See you tomorrow." and started to walk away. "Wait, what about the back brace? Aren't you going to take it off?" I called. "No, wear it tonight and see how you like being restricted. I'm going to be wearing mine and I want to know you are experiencing what I am also. You can't get it off anyway, so just grin and bear it."

My first response was sheer delight, but I also thought about not getting this thing off and she could get hers off. I said "Wait a minute. You can take yours off anytime you want but I can't. That's not really fair." Her response was to come back out and hand me a small combination lock and a card describing how to change the combination. "You will notice that the strap buckle has provisions for a lock. Set the combination lock to some number you will remember and lock it through the buckle. That way, I can't take mine off either and it will be fair." Quickly I set the lock and fastened it through the buckle, thus securing her into her back brace. "Happy now?" she asked. "Yes, this is fair" I said and stood up to leave. It took a few steps to get the hang of walking with my body so rigid, but I quickly got the hang of it. That Friday night was both the best, and longest of my life. I was constantly reminded of my restriction whenever I tried to do anything that required bending or turning, and was in an almost constant state of arousal the whole night. Sleeping was very difficult as there was almost no way of lying in any position that didn't cause thebrace to poke, rub, or make me uncomfortable. Going to the bathroom was also quite a task.

Saturday morning finally came. I cleaned up as best I could and packed a small bag with some clothes I could change into as I had not been able to remove the t-shirt because of the brace. Sue called about 8 and told me she would meet me at 9 and to use the side door. I got to the shop a bit before 9 and went in. I didn't immediately see Sue and called to her as I walked in. "Back here." she called from the rear of the shop. I went back and found her setting up a device that looked something like a torture rack. "This is the frame we use when making body casts. It supports you in the position needed and allows full access for the application of the cast." The frame stood about eight feet tall, and was about6 feet wide from side to side. Hanging from the top was a pulley arrangement with a head halter and a bar about 3 feet long with wrist straps at each end. At the bottom of the frame was what looked like a set of ski boots that were set into rails so they could be set in various positions. Sue pointed out that they were there to hold the patient's feet and legs in position so that the cast wouldn't be ruined by the patient moving during the application and setting of the cast. Sue said to remove all my clothes and handed me a body stocking to wear. Sue unstrapped the brace from my body and helped me get out of it. I dialed in the combination to the lock on her brace and she removed hers, telling me she had a very exciting night.

I headed for the changing room, but Sue stopped me and said "Why not just remove your clothes here...there's no one else around and nobody can see us back here anyway." I agreed and quickly stripped out of my clothes. Before donning the body stocking, I made a quick trip to the bathroom to relieve myself, since Sue had said it would take a couple of hours for the application and setting of the cast. When I came out of the bathroom, Sue had removed all her clothing and was wearing a clear, plastic apron and rubbergloves. She told me this was to protect her from the plaster that would drip and splatter. I said, "Why not just let it fly and see what happens?" She quickly removed the apron, but said the gloves were necessary for the handling of the plaster. I put on the body stocking and Sue helped me fit it to my somewhat erratic curves and bulges. One bulge would not cooperate so I puton a snug athletic supporter to aid in control.

After I stepped into the frame, Sue attached the head halter and drew me into a fairly firm standing position. She strapped my wrists into the cuffs so my hands and arms would be in the proper position, and placed my feet into the boots and slid them to the proper position. I could see why she needed help with her body cast. I was held in very firmly and could move very little. Sue then busied herself unwrapping the plaster bandages and submerging them in a bucket of water to wet them. The wrapping reminded me something of a mummy, as she wrapped the first layer smoothly over the body stocking. The first layer took a while as she said she needed a smooth fit for the mold. Sue then took what looked like sheets of cloth and submerged them in a nearby sink. She said these were also plaster impregnated and would provide the strength needed so that the cast wouldn't crack. She also said that this was what was used in my shoulder cast, but since that was put on while I was still unconscious, I didn't remember the procedure. The body cast was getting heavier as she applied more plaster, covering me from my neck to my hips. It took about half an hour to finish, then she said that it would be at least another 2 hours before things set enough to begin the removal. "No problem, I'm not going anywhere." I jokingly said.

"I know", she said, "I've made sure of that, haven't I?". She busied herself cleaning up the splattered plaster from around and on the frame, some on my legs and feet as well as around my face, and a number of spots on her skin. During this time, the cast was getting warm from the heat of the setting plaster.

While the cast was setting, Sue sat and read. Since she was off to one side of me, I couldn't fully see what she was reading, but I imagined it was something of a sexy nature as she was panting from time to time. I asked what was so interesting, and she came over and showed me that she was reading a bondage magazine. The pictures showed both men and women in different situations and restraints. Sue said that really turned her on. I said "Does my current state also turn you on?". "Yes", she said, "and I can tell you're turned on as well just by looking at you. My arousal was getting very strong, and the supporter was getting really uncomfortable now. Sue reached up under the plaster and worked the waistband of the supporter out from under the harness around my hips and pulled it down, exposing me in full salute. "My, my. Someone needs some attention" she said and proceeded to stroke me slowly and gently, stopping often to prevent me from going over the top. When I asked why she didn't finish me, she told me that if I went into orgasm before the plaster was fully set, my movements could crack or destroy the cast. She went and got an ice bag and,wrapping it in a towel, managed to get me pretty well down. "I'll take care of that soon enough" she said.

After awhile, the warmth of the setting plaster began to dissipate and the cast began to get somewhat cool. Sue did some knocking and tapping in various places and pronounced the cast ready to come off. She released the halter, removed my feet from the boots, and released my hands from the cuffs. I asked her what now, and she instructed me to walk over to the cast room where the saw was. This was not the easiest thing to do as the cast held my body very rigid, and since the lower edge of the cast went well below my hips, I could only take very small and careful steps. With agonizing slowness, I finally managed to shuffle into the cast room, and Sue maneuvered me over to a post so I could lean against it while she cut me free. Before doing so, she got several webbed belts and used them to fasten my legs to the post.

Sue left the room and returned a few minutes later wearing her back brace, but this time she had nothing on under it. She looked very sexy with that white plastic brace contrasting with her slightly tanned skin.

She advised me that since it was lunch time, she was going to wait until after we had eaten before removing the cast. I asked her how I was supposed to eat, and she told me she had brought some sandwiches and we would just eat there. She said she would feed me as she didn't want me to risk breaking the cast by falling. Not much chance of that being secured as I was, but I also realized that sitting was totally out of the question.

After lunch, Sue began the process of cutting off the cast. It took a lot longer than she had planned as she had to be very careful to not cut too deep. She pried the sections away from me and placed them to one side. After re-assembling the cast and mending the cuts, Sue placed the cast in a drying oven to fully dry. I then proceeded to take a shower to get the plaster remnants off.

As I exited the shower, Sue met me and handed me what appeared to be a leotard type of garment. She said this was what people wore under back and body braces, and would be more comfortable to sit around in. She then put the metal and plastic brace back on me and fastened it securely. It was then that I noticed that she had put the same type of garment on and had replaced her brace over it. I pointed out that, once again, I couldn't reach around to release my brace, but she could release hers. She then handed me the lock and, after changing the combination again, I locked her into her brace. The rest of the day was taken up with reciprocal stimulation of each other, and capped by a quiet dinner at a local restaurant. Both of us wore our braces to dinner, and that night as well. Sunday morning, Sue dropped by the house and removed my brace and I released her from hers. She took the brace saying "See you for your next appointment on Monday".

Even though healing of my knee reduced the number of times I had to go in for adjustments, I didn't reduce the number of times that I saw Sue. We dated almost weekly after that, and wore our braces almost every time we went out, or even stayed in. In addition, we often would apply casts to each other (she taught me how to do it) and, depending on the cast applied, either go out on the town, or stay in and torment each other in our enforced positions.

With the help of two of Sue's friends, we both spent and entire 4 day holiday weekend in head-to-toe fiberglass body casts. Sue's cast left her breasts and pussy exposed, and mine left my cockand balls exposed, but other than our faces, no other part of our bodies were outside of the casts. We had to be fed and even ourbody functions had to be taken care of by Sue's friends. From initial application to the cutting off of the body casts, Sue and I spent nearly 90 hours inside our casts. Because of skillful removal, both casts were able to be kept for re-use in future sessions.

There is a sad part to this story. Almost 2 years later, Sue was killed in an auto accident during a snow storm. I miss Sue, but our time together was priceless, and I'll never forget her as long as I live.

Author: Unknown

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