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Sara's Cast

Rating:; Genre=Fiction; Pages=2; Characters=4,412;
The following is a fictional story. It has been influenced by some real events but any similarities to real persons is purley coinciedence. The story does contain some Adult Themes and is intended for a MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY. The Author, or any distributors of this story assume no responsibility for any of the content. The Authort asks that tthis story not be distributed with out written permission from the author.

Chapter 1

Sara was two years my younger and had always had somewhat of a crush on me. She had always been an attractive girl, paticuarly her legs, which were muscular and firm from her constant habits of tennis and exersise. The truth is I was rather attracted to her myself. However, the fact that I had a girlfirend and she a boyfriend had always been a hang up as far as a physical relationship was concerned.

Sara had gotten into a habit of coming over to my house in the morning for breakfast and coffeee and other activities. We had, over the first few months of the summer of '96, become close friends. Then on one August day it all changed...

She called me at about 9am and asked if I could come pick her up. I agreed and got into my car for the short two minute drive to her house. I pulled into her driveway and honked my horn to let her know I was waiting. I began to think how strange it was that she didn't come running out with the smile which she usually has. I continued to wait and grow impatient. As my impatience was tempting me to leave I noticed the side door to her house begin to open.

It's about time. I thought to myself.

But wait, something was wrong. All I could see was something that looked like a crutch trying to force the door open. Then as she emerged from the doorway I saw her and the bright green fiberglass cast that covered her entire leg from toes all the way up under her daisy duke shorts. She crutched down to my car and struggled to get in. By this point my face was flush red, I was bubbling with the excitement of knowing I was going to get to see this cast everyday for the rest of the summer.

"Sara, what happened?", I had to ask.

"It's not as bad as it looks" she answered.

"What did you do?"

Sara went on to tell me about how her knee had been bothering her and the doctor thought that complete immobilization would be the best course for now. The truth is I wasn't really listening. I had a hard enough time driving as I was entranced by her cast... and her toes.

When we arrived at my house I helped her in and led her to the back patio and pool area where we usually sat and ate breakfast. I went into the kitchen, watching her from the window, and made our coffeee. I brought the coffee out to her and sat down in a chair positioned so that she would have to rest her casted leg right in front of me.

"Sara, Sara" I said as I tickled her toes that now rested on my chair between my legs. She just laughed and wiggled her toes. I could tell that she had noticed the bulge beggining to emerge in my shorts.

"Want to smoke" she asked with a grin as she pulled out a small jar with some really nice marijauna inside it. I agreed and went on to pack my glass bowl. As we smoked in silence, getting higher and higher, I continued to play with her toes. Then suddenly she asked me what I was doing. Nervous, I stopped. About a minute later she asked why I stopped. She went on to explain to me that she actually loved it. With that knowledge I began my toe massage again. This time though I would push my fingers into her cast and rub the ball of her foot. She seemed to be enjoying it.

I noticed that she had shut her eyes so I elevated her casted leg to my mouth and began to lick and suck on her toes. I could feel how the cast formed perfectly around her muscular leg. I moved my hands up and down the cast as I continued to suck her toes. Then I placed her casted foot between my legs and began to admire it.

The cast showed off the arch of her foot wonderfully. Her toes were pointed with just enough exposed to wiggle. As her foot rested between my legs I could feel her wiggle her toes against me. I was in ecstasy, I could not speak or move. All I could do was sit and feel the texture and countours of her cast as she wiggled her toes.

The one thing that was for sure was that our friendship would never be quite the same.

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