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Rollerblade Romance

My idea of a good weekend was putting on my rollerblades and going out to the park, with my favorite CD playing in my CD player, and just forgetting all about work, and basically the world. Just being me, and not paying any attention to anyone.. or anything. I think thats how this all started and half of what my problem that casued all of this was.

My name is Greg Austin. I am the MIS manager for a large company.. Maybe you've heard of it, Nebisco? Well hey I get free goodies. Anyway I'm just an All-American guy when I'm not in the office being complained at or called on by my boss to persent something in a meeting. Anyway it all started on Saturday morning about 9am. I was feeling great and it was sunny outside, no doubt a pleasant sign from this past weeks weather of rain and drizzle. I put on my rollerblades and went out to the park with my music going. I promised myself I wouldn't think about the meetings gone sour or the 3 dates that stood me up that week either... nope, I was going to forget all about that week. It was just a bad week, and I was going to forget it.

I was looking for a water fountain and saw one up ahead. There were people all around the park, some just sitting and talking, some on the grass talking to each other, some even playing frisbee or volleyball. I saw that the little space off the the left was comming up that had the water fountain kind of in the middle. I made it across the path I was traveling and got my drink. I turned around and started to head back to the path and I felt my left blade catch on something. I looked down almost instinctively and saw the ground comming up to me. All was a blank. I knew I was still alive but couldn't see anything except for darkness, and started to hear voices talking about someone just fell and they didnt know if he was alright.

Whoa! BRIGHT LIGHT!! What the?? How did I...?? Where am I? OHH! My leg! I feel GREAT pain in my leg. Wonder if that light is still bright.. I open up one eye and everything is white. Oh no! I cant be in heaven yet! Well wait a minute, if I was in Heaven then why would my leg hurt? There's not supposed to be any pain. Just as that though occured to me out of the corner of my eye I see a nurse come in. "Hello there! We weren't sure if you were going to be awake for lunch today or not." she said with a smile, "You took quite a spill, but it looks like everything will be alright now. I'll go and tell your doctor that you are awake." Still smiling she fiddled with a plasic line comming from a bag overhead and then she left.

Oh Great! I'm in the hospital. Well I'll just try to get comfortable and... hey wait a minute.. I cant move my left leg.. and my right arm is covered in a towel. I uncovered my right arm and noticed that it was encased in a nice neat white plaster cast. As I pulled the covers up just enough I also notice that my whole entire leg is encased in the same color, and texture of... plaster. I COULD move my toes though and that was about all I could move on my leg. I could barely move my fingers though.. not necessarily pain but more of a stiffness feeling and I looked at my hand to see that it was VERY swollen.

"Good afternoon Mr. Austin." There was a doctor heading my way. As I took a quick look around I noticed I was the only patient in the room. This was a GOOD sign. "Good after..... noon Doctor. Uuhh, please, call me Greg." I said to him. "Okay Greg, I am Doctor Gist (said just like it's spelled not Jist) but you can call me Tony since we're on first-name basis here." he said as he smiled. Wit was NOT what I wanted right now but I decided to be a good sport about it and smiled back. "It looks like you had a nasty accident and we've already notified your insurance company and next of kin. We've also already performed surgery on your hand and we hope that if everything mends back the way it's supposed to you'll be back to normal in about 3 to 4 months." This is a good sign, at least I wont have to be like this for the rest of my life.

"I'll check back in on you in about two more hours to see how your doing. And we'd like to keep you in here until tomorrow afternoon." he said checking his watch, then looking back up at me. "How long have I already been here?" I asked. "Only since Saturday afternoon." He said looking concerned now. He then looked at me closely and said, "You DO know that today is Tuesday."

Well I'll tell you one thing, I was never so happy to be going home, and the sight of that wheel chair was even better. I did have a few problems trying to wheel myself around in my house once I did get home. I kept bumping into walls with my leg outstretched and it would start to ache then start to hurt REALLY bad. I retired from the wheel chair and started using the crutch. I couldnt get BOTH crutches to work like I wanted them to because my right arm was in a full arm cast. But I got along fine.. I didnt go far though.

A few months had gone by and every four weeks I went into my own doctor and got both cast taken off, my arm and leg cleaned by this gorgeous nurse with blond hair and blue eyes, and the tallest black spiked high heels I've ever seen. But then all of that would be abruptly disturbed when they would put another cast on me. Well at least when I started going to my own doctor I would get the choice of fiberglass or plaster. I always chose fiberglass because it was lighter and I didnt have to lay there for two hours waiting for the casts to dry enough for me to get home.

By now I was walking on my leg and this last time I went to my doctor he took off the long arm cast and put a short arm cast on. I was able to do a lot more that I could with the long arm cast on. I also noticed that not too many people looked at me like I had expected them to. Even the kids which I have seen blurt out inadvertinly things about people that had casts on for whatever reason at the department stores never said anything to me or asked their parents about why that man had a leg cast AND an arm cast on. I was really begining to think that I was nobody.

I had just gotten home from the doctors office and the phone was ringing. It seemed like FOREVER as I hobbled on my stiff, non-bending leg to the phone.. It was someone from my doctors office. "I'm Kimra Miller from Doctor Tiptons office. I... thought I would call and see how you were doing." Wow! I never had anyone call me and see how I was doing before. Without even thinking I said, "Well I guess I'm doing the best I can," and kinda added a laugh to it. "Well, I have to admit that this isn't exactly a buisness call, and I hope that if you dont understand or that you dont want to talk you wont mention this to Dr Tipton." I was VERY confused. "Okay I won't, and please continue." I added. I wanted to find out what she wanted.

"I.. umm.. Well that is.. I mean..Oohh" She sounded confused herself as well as very nervous, "I would like to see you sometime for a checkup, if it's okay with you." I thought for about two seconds and it clicked. It was the blond nurse. She was asking me on a date I bet! "Well.. okay you know best," I said, "Where and what time?" She answered in a better tone, "How about 8pm at the office, I'll be here just knock on the door." I then blurted out, "How about dinner first?" There was a long pause, I had thought I was WAY over the line with that suggestion. "That Mr. Austin," Uh oh here it comes! "...is the best idea I've heard yet!" Great! So we made plans and all.

After dinner we went to the office, and she led me to the table that I was all too familiar with. "I didn't think it was time already for my casts to be changed." She answered "Oh, it isnt, not yet anyway." She kept looking at my leg and my foot. She then got closer to my poor casted leg and started to almost pinch the tops of my toes, but if felt good, and she said, "ya know, you have nice toes." Whatever that meant.

She then told me that the whole reason she chose this profession was because she liked to help people, and that she liked to make casts, and then, the shocker.. she admitted to me that she liked to WEAR casts. I never thought that people would WANT to wear casts. What's more, she said that she went crazy and weak in the knees when she was around guys in casts. HHmmm well she was sure making ME feel good.

She had explained how different types of casts were made like the plaster ones and how the fiberglass ones were easier to make but the plaster ones looked better. I told her that I didnt like the plaster ones because it made my arm feel like it weighed 100 pounds and my leg was 200 pounds. She commented on the black fiberglass cast I had on my leg and the burgundy cast I had chosen for my short arm cast. I found all this facinating. I found her to be even more facinating.

She asked me if it was okay if she made a cast for herself. "Sure." I answered, "It wont make me feel like I'm the outcast here." She looked at me seriously, then smiled and said, "No pun indended I bet."

She made a full leg plaster cast. and as she sat on a table beside mine she was now stroking my hand (in the cast) and asked if I was comfortable with this whole thing. I answered truthfully that I had never been in a situation like this and that I found myself in unfamiliar territory BUT I liked it so far. Actually, I found this VERY stimulating to see her not being able to bend her leg or the way she walked in that cast.

About 6 weeks after our personal vist to the doctors office, and I'd say endless night like that night, I was about to get my casts taken off.. permanently. Only I wasn't happy like I thought I would be. I was bummed because it felt like a part of me was going to be taken away from me and I'd never see it again. Luckly, Kimra had been chosen for the job to take off my casts and she knew that I kinda grew to love casts. So she told me that she would try not to damage them so I could keep them. Also she wanted to know where we were going for my celebration dinner tonight. We discussed various restraunts and finally picked one.

Since then it's been about 3 and a half years, millions of casting sessions later, and one proposal for marrage, and we STILL cast each other. The thing we love to do most is rest up against a wall and just let our legs relax in the casts. Our newest thing is both legs in full leg casts. It's a match made of plaster and I owe it all to my rollerblades that I havent worn since that great accident.

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