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Real Fiction

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I was about twenty when this happened. I had my wishes and I knew how to get them fulfilled. I had my friend Anna and she knew perfectly well what I wanted. We had not a sexual relationship but she liked my crossdressing. I could go to her place and live it out when I felt so. She also helped me a lot with details, that I didn't know so much about, like make-up and other girls-things. This time I had dressed at home and I had found a wonderful little bike with three wheels, made for a disabled person. I found it in my aunt's garage, she lived next to us. I think she knew somehow about my whishes, because she called me and told me, that I could use the bike when I wanted.

I had dressed up in a wonderful little dress. I had made my hair so nicely. Anna had told me she would have a party to which she invited me. I had wonderful, silk-like nylons on and I had taken some jewels to make me a bit more female-feeling. It was wonderful to feel the soft and nice stockings on my legs, I had never had such lovely clothes on my legs before. I've had these wishes as long as I can remember, and they have been accomplished by a wish to have disabled legs to show up for all people. I know that many disabled girls want to hide and are ashamed of their disability, but that never came to my mind. I wanted to dress in short skirts and I was always wondering how to get some leg-braces without questions from the authorities. I had found, that this was a dream never being realized, and I had been gone on with my cross-dressing behind the locked door. Nobody in my family knew anything about this strange thing.

Now I had an apartment of my own just close to my aunt's place. It was her house, really, and I lived upstairs. She used wheelchair so she had made it comfortable for herself downstairs.

"Listen, she had said in the phone. I know a lot about you, but you don't have to be ashamed or afraid. I took you because I knew about your little games, and I hope I can see you once as the cute little girl that you are!"

"If you say so, I am very pleased and feel not guilty or ashamed in front off you!"

"Are you going out today?"

"Yes, I'm going to see my dear friend Anna in her house on the countryside."

"You can use my little bike if you like. It is in my garage here. Go out and take a look!"

"First I will come in and show up for you!"

"My dear, oh my God! How delightful! You are so welcome! But take a look in the wardrobe in the room beside of yours. You will find something really useful for your poor, crippled legs! Don't try to get downstairs without something to support you!"

I went to see what she had been talking about. It was quite an experience to walk on the moderated heels I had bought to celebrate my new apartment and the freedom it gave me! I just liked all the things I wore today, no regrets whatsoever! When I opened the wardrobe and searched a little in the dark I felt some steel to my hand and I took out a pair old, but very fashionable leg-braces! Beside them stood two wonderful wooden crutches!

I could almost not have my breath! So wonderful! I was so delighted!

I took my findings to my living-room and took a look at them. I looked at my legs in their wonderful stockings! I had come that far, that I didn't any more take my girl-thing under the mirror, there was no doubts anymore. I felt like a young woman, I thought I had all the emotions and everything to really be one. I felt like someone who had reached the goal, Anna had been so helpful and nice. But now, with the braces in my hands, I realized that I could get even more out of my dreams! This was the occasion I had dreamed of!

I took my things to my bed and put the braces wide open on the bed. I made sure that I had the crutches around, ready to be grabbed as I needed them. Then I took my little skirt up and sat down beside the braces. I lifted one leg with my hands and put it in the brace. I couldn't stop looking, it looked so wonderful to me! My own leg in the nice stocking with the brace's steel and leather surrounding it! Oh!

I finally started to put on the brace's shoe by lifting my right though with my hand and at the same time fold out my calf a little. I took the shoe on with my other hand. It fitted perfectly! It was a nice little shoe, attached to the braces under the heel. The steel was moveable just over my ankle, I found out as I laid my leg down in the brace and started to fasten the stripes. Finally I had it all done, and my leg was straight and felt a little strange to me. I fastened the other brace the same way. Now I had got to the door to my deepest wishes! I sat on the bed for a while thinking of what all this meant. I should be known as a crippled girl to the world outside! But I didn't care, this was what I had been longing for all my life! And now it was real!

I put my hand behind me to get support when I took under my left leg and lifted it out of the bed. I realized, that I was not the fashionable girl I wanted to be, as I had to spread my legs to get up. No matter, I took under my right leg and let it accompany the sister. The knees folded gently. I lifted myself a little further to the bedside. Then I locked one of my knees and that leg became all straight. I grabbed my crutches and succeeded to get on my feet. I put the crutches quickly under my arms and pushed a little on my right crutch. The lock answered immediately, and both my legs were straight. I had support from the crutches, thank God! As I stood there feeling really helpless, I felt a kind of dream come through! And it was wonderful to feel the stripes caress my legs trough the stockings! I felt it first when I let all my weight fall on my legs, and the stripes felt so secure all over! My legs were straight and supported in their helplessness by these strong and good applied walking-supports! I told my crippled legs to take a rest for the evening, maybe for the week.

I had intended to travel to the country by bus. I was so feminine and satisfied with myself, and I didn't have the slightest idea that anyone would have anything to say about me as a young woman! I had done this trip before, many times, but always as a young man. I had had my things in a purse and had dressed when I arrived to Anna's house. But the last time I had been out a little in the neighborhood too. I thought, that the neighbors must be aware of the young woman, who had entered the apartment. It had been a real thrill! I was not afraid at all to take the bus and sit for an hour or so among the other passengers. But this was different! I had not even packed my things for the night!

First I had to learn walking in these wonderful, so fine supporting things. My legs had already remembered the time, when I was four and had to wear braces to correct my hips! They rested so safe now, I had to rely on the braces for all my coming forward. As I tried to swing myself forward my toes almost hit the floor and the carpet could have caught me! I got the balance at last. I succeeded to sit down again and locked the braces at the ankles, so my feet would be straight and the toes would be lifted every step I took. I also had to adjust the crutches, I am among the taller girls on earth. After those little adjustments I felt pretty safe and started to try a gait, I swung my legs between the crutches and got a little bit ahead each step I took. I trained and got rather much skill, as my legs recalled the days in the braces from my childhood.

I began to take my new nightgown and other things I could need when I was at Anna's. At last I was ready, but I had a fear for the stairs down to my aunt. It was a lot of new experiences, wearing a case at the same time I should get down with two straightened legs!

But I had to!

I started after taking a little sweater on for the trip. I took a scarf over my hair and put a little color on my lips before I started the big adventure! It was not that hard to get a good walk down the stairs. I took both crutches under one arm and used the handrail to support me. I succeeded getting down without an accident and my heart was running fast, as I knocked my aunt's door!

"Come in!" she shouted and I opened the door and entered into her apartment. She sat in her wheelchair and looked at me, standing between my crutches.

"A nice little girl you are!" she said. "Won't you come and give your aunt a kiss?"

I crutched ahead and came beside her chair. I took away the crutches and gave her a little kiss on her cheek. She caressed my leg!


"Isn't it lovely to feel a hand on the skin? You must have someone to fall in love with!" she said, laughing.

"I don't know...I ...why anyone should fall in love with me?"

"But - why not? You are the most wonderful creature I've seen for a long time!"

"And thanks for the braces!" I said and felt a little more common to the situation. I really loved her hand on my leg, it was sensational to feel it through the stocking and with the brace just under her hand!

"You have a driver's license, haven't you?"

"Yes, two years old now."

"Then I think you should take my car! And you find a wheelchair just beside the door there! Take a seat and fasten the crutches on it and enjoy your day!"

"Oh, thank you so much!" I said and bent down to give my aunt a real kiss!

"Bless you young woman!" she said when she got the breath back! I found the chair and took it, sat down and lifted my paralyzed legs onto the leg-rests. It was wonderful to see my nylon-legs in the braces, resting in front of me, visible from the middle of my crutches. The knee-pads were wonderful to see! I wheeled myself up to her and, supporting me with my left hand on the hand-rest, I wrapped my arm around her and gave her a big hug! Very gentle and feminine, but she understood and gave me a kiss on my lips!

"It's wonderful with the youths, you dare to show your legs like I have never thought of!"

I became a bit red in my face! "It's the fashion, and I am glad that I live in these days!" I said, hoping she wouldn't take it badly.

"You must take the days as they come, my little darling daughter!" she said and hugged me as much as her position allowed.

"Now you must go to your friend!" she whispered. "Take my car, it's filled up."

"Oh, thank you so much! I said and gave her a kiss." I wheeled to the door and kissed her in the air as I left.

It was cold outside! I felt it on my legs, they had not really experienced this before! Cold and just nylons on! But soon I felt the support from my stockings, they were really warm! There was little cotton in them, too. I wheeled my way to the garage and could open the doors with some trouble. I wheeled into it and opened the car's door, lifted one of my legs into it after I loosed the hand-rest and then I could draft myself on my hands into the seat. My left leg hang as the paralyzed limb it was, outside the car and I lifted it in with my hands and put my left foot gently a little to the left, so my crutches could rest themselves together and get to feel their sister.

Oh! This was heavenly! I took away the crutches from the stand and put them in behind me. But how to get the chair in? I took the wheels off and succeeded to get it all in the car. It was somehow very easy, just to get the idea of it! I started the car and reversed it out from the garage, Then I took my crutches and lifted out my legs, locked the knee-locks and swung back and locked the doors. It was wonderful to feel how the braces supported me! I was a very pleased young disabled woman now! I couldn't feel any toning in my muscles in the legs at all! I was all related to my braces and crutches! I was happy, as I drove away along the road. I drove with handcontrollers that my aunt needed to get anywhere. I needed them too, now! I was quite happy about it!

As I arrived to Anna's house, I saw her coming out from the house, sitting in a wheelchair! I stopped the car and followed her with my eyes. She wheeled down the bridge, that she had arranged in the stairs, and came right in front of me. I saw, that she had striped up one of her legs and looked to be an amputee! She smiled, looked so happy! I opened the door since I had stopped the engine and I started to take out my wheelchair.

"Oh? You too? And such a lovely skirt you wear! My darling girl! You don't imagine what I've been through!"

"You haven't lost your leg for real? I thought it was striped up for fun?"

"No, it isn't. But I will have a prosthetic soon. I was hit by a car three weeks ago."

She took up her skirt and showed me the stump with bandages all over it under a stocking. But what have happened to you? Are we getting crippled at the same time?

"I don't know what I'm out for. The doctor said it was something old from my hips, and I can understand it." My chair was all assembled and I lifted out my legs and handed over myself to the wheelchair. I took out the crutches and closed the door.

"So what? Now we are both in the same condition."

"You are wonderful!" she said and wheeled into my side and gave me a little hug.

"Come inside and make love to me!"

I had never had sex in nylons before, but it was the most wonderful experience I've ever had!

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