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Plaster Part 2

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Molly had cooked up a delicious ham for dinner. I always said she was a good cook. Dinner went very nicely and we had a pleasant conversation about all of the casts we'd had throughout our lives. My heart was pounding like a jackhammer by the time we had finished dinner. I desperately wanted to cast her up good and tight and make deep and passionate love to her! I could tell she wanted to get on with it also, but we had planned this evening carefully.

We ate her delicious apple pie in silence, each thinking about what we were about to do. We gobbled it up as fast as we could and then grabbed our "goodie bag" and ran into the bedroom. We had planned out the whole evening, except for one thing, and we were about to do that one thing.

"So," began Molly. "How do you want to do this?"

"I don't care, what do you want to do?"

Molly smiled. "I'm prepared for this, don't worry. While you were gone today I thought about how we would go about this. My idea is that tonight, someone is the "slave" of someone else, and has to follow their every command. Now, next weekend we will do this again, but the roles will be switched. And every weekend after that we will switch back and forth..."

"That sounds okay to me. Who gets to start?"

"I don't know. How can we make it fair?" she asked.

"I have an idea." I quickly rummaged through the bag and found what I was looking for: the blindfold. I gently slid it over Molly's eyes. I then placed two objects in front of her: a roll of plaster bandages and a cuff. I asked her:

"Okay, in front of you are two objects, a roll of bandages and a cuff. If you pick the cuff, you're on the top tonight. If you pick the plaster bandages, then I get to command YOU around. Okay? Go."

Her arm slowly moved forward... switched paths, and moved directly into the roll of plaster bandages. Both objects were about the same size, and the texture was kind of the same, so Molly didn't know what object she had touched.

"What did I choose?" she asked with a grin.

Thinking fast, I responded "That's 'what did I choose, sir?' to you."

She let loose a frightened giggle and then said, "Okay, what do you want me to do?"

"Okay Molly. For the next couple of hours, until I tell you it's okay to remove it, I want you to keep the blindfold on. Now, while I get ready out in the living room you get undressed..."

Yowza! I was in heaven! I quickly went out to the living room and turned on some soft, romantic music. Coming back I saw Molly's naked body, except for the blindfold, standing exactly where I had left her.

"This way my love..."

I helped her out into the living room, where I set out a large plastic sheet on the floor so that we wouldn't make a mess. Molly carefully sat down on a chair as I carried the goodie bag out. I then made sure that the blindfold was secure and opened the bag.

"Molly, before we begin I want us to choose a safeword."

"Hehe. I thought about this earlier today. How about 'Paris'?"

I smiled. "Okay, 'Paris' it is. Don't say it unless you really mean it."

I looked down on her beautiful body. She already had a full-length cast on her right leg, but I could easily incorporate that into a hip spica cast, or maybe even a full body cast. I had enough bandages to do quite a number on her...

Slowly I slid a stockinette up her left leg and around her waist. Taking some more material, I rolled her stomach and chest up until there wasn't a bit of bare skin below her arms, except for between her legs, which I would be "exploring" pretty soon! She was moaning softly, obviously enjoying the whole thing.

I added lots of padding all around the stockinette, and then added a little extra to make sure she wasn't in any discomfort. Finally I ripped open the first package of plaster bandages and dipped them in a nearby bowl of water. Taking it out again, I squeezed until the water stopped dripping from it.

"Here we go...." I said softly, and then placed the end of the bandage onto her lower left leg. Slowly, gently I wound the bandage around and around her leg. The proper procedure to make a full leg cast is to first make a short one and wait for it to dry, then proceed up the leg. I had chosen packages of 'quick drying' bandages to speed things up, and I had a few small fans ready to turn on. I made sure that her ankle was wrapped up nice and tight, and I left a nice little hole for her painted toes to stick out from. The whole process had only taken a few minutes, but I still had a lot to do.

"There, how's that?" I asked after I was done.

"It's starting to get warm. God that feels wonderful!"

"I really hope you like it. We are going to let this dry for about an hour, okay? I'll go get some wine. Don't move."

Quickly I went into the fridge and took out a bottle of our best wine. I poured the reddish liquid into two glasses and brought them out to her. I sat down next to her and we spent the next hour speaking softly about how it was going so far. Suddenly my watch beeped and I knew that the cast was all set.

"Okay, I'm going to start working up the knee and hip now."

"I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying this! It feels wonderful."

Opening another package of bandages, I dipped them into the water and began working up the knee. Bandage after bandage went on until I was pretty sure that it was secure. Then, taking a metal brace, I held it alongside her leg and quickly wrapped bandages around it until it was secure. Another brace went on the other side of her leg where it was secured, and finally I reached her hips. In a matter of minutes the cast would finish drying and both of her legs would be completely immobile! I smiled at the idea. Her legs now finished, I helped her out of the chair and onto the plastic sheet that I had laid on the floor earlier.

I asked her if she needed anything and she said that she was getting a little restless. It was hard for her to stay still.

"Well, I can fix that REAL quick!" I said as I grabbed her arms and put both of the wrist braces. She pretended to struggle but I quickly grabbed her arms and velcroed them into the braces. Her arms were almost straight out, so I took a pair of cuffs and fastened her wrists together, and then took the second pair of cuffs and fastened the first cuff to the leg of my desk. I had a BIG, HEAVY desk, so I knew I didn't have to worry about anything. So there she was, her legs immobile, her arms stretched out from her body and secured to my desk.

"Well," she laughed, "I guess you've really got me now!"

She laughed loudly. She must be having the time of her life! Seeing how vulnerable she now was, I snapped the neck collar around her. She was now completely at my whim. Both of her legs were in casts, her arms in braces and cuffed to my desk, her head totally immobile because of the collar.... Wow, this was exciting! There was no way she would put up a fight now. My next duty was to join her leg casts together, and cast up her torso to make a double-leg cast. Now that she couldn't move at all, it was a little bit harder, but I managed to stick some pillows under her legs and shoulders so that her body was lifted off the ground a few inches so I could get the bandages wrapped around her body. I joined both of the casts by adding more plaster from her stomach down to just below the knees of each leg. That dried quickly and now she had lost all function of her hips. I frequently checked on Molly to make sure that she was comfortable, and she always told me to "shut up and get on with it! Don't stop now!"

By now the cast was from the bottom of her feet to the bottom of her neck, but not onto her arms. I added lots of padding to her back, and then heavily reinforced it so that her back would stay perfectly straight throughout the whole thing. She had been good for the past few hours, so I uncuffed and unbraced her and gave her another glass of wine to drink. I left the neck collar on though, she looked very sexy with the whole outfit.

"Making a cast must be hard work, huh?" she asked curiously.

"Yea, it takes a lot of patience."

"Well, I'm sure I'll figure it out by next weekend."

That thought suddenly clicked in my mind. Whatever I did to her, she could do to me in one week! I suddenly got very scared, but EXCITED as well. I was actually looking forward to it.

"Well, Molly, you are now in what we call a 'double-spica cast.' I still have lots of plaster bandages left and I COULD put you into what we call a 'full body cast.' Are you getting tired or can I proceed?"

"Dan, how can I be tired at a time like this?! Of course I want you to proceed." She smiled happily.

"Okay!" I moved the desk a little closer to us, and then cuffed both of her arms to the legs of the desk, just above the elbow. This allowed me to put short wrist casts on both of her arms without giving her any freedom. Man, I was a genius.

I placed two more stockinette over both of her arms, and dipped the bandages in water. You know, instead of just the basic cast, I could do a fancier one that enclosed her thumb and some of her fingers, making her even more restrained. I'm sure she would like that even more.

The only things that she could move were her lower arms, but all she could do was move them up or down because of the cuffs on her elbows (I allowed her this so that I could easily cast them up). Her blindfold was still on, and she had no idea how any of this looked, just how it felt. It was the complete opposite for me, but next weekend we would switch places and I would feel exactly what she felt. I quickly began wrapping down her left arm, and when I got to her wrist I turned it at a downward angle (which is sometimes necessary in wrist casts, and a heck of a lot more restraining). Molly simply smiled and said, "Going for the DELUXE cast, are we?"

I continued to wrap her arm up. I casted Molly's thumb so that it went straight out, and her middle 3 fingers kind of angled back. The only finger she could move was her pinky, which really couldn't help her out any. After her fingers and wrist were completely immobile, I proceeded up to her elbow. Of course, I had to uncuff her, but she wasn't going anywhere now...

The cast worked it's way up past the elbow and soon joined the cast at her chest. By now her wrist cast was dry, and the elbow part was setting quickly. The only uncasted limbs she had left were her neck and her right arm. I basically repeated the process for her other arm, and soon all she could move was her neck. But she was in a neck collar, so effectively she was now in a COMPLETE BODY CAST. Not a single limb was usable, except for her pinkies on each hand (I thought this looked rather cute, and later on I could tease her with them). Actually, the cast was ALMOST done. It still needed some reinforcing around the limbs. I produced some long, thin pieces of wood (which used to be our broom handle) and plastered part of it between her legs, and part of it between her ankles. I found a couple more things I could use as reinforcements and secured her lower arms to her waist. I turned all of the fans on to speed up the drying process, and in a few minutes I slowly stroked the latest cast I had applied and felt nothing but the hard, textured feel of dry plaster.

"Molly, we're all done. How does it feel?"

"Great, let's see how it holds up." She quickly began to struggle, straining every muscle in her body. I took a step back, but after a few seconds I knew that she was going absolutely nowhere. She finally gave up, too exhausted to talk.

"These things sure are built to last!" I said finally.

"Yeah! I can't move at all. But I can't even see any of your work!"

"Oh, sorry." I quickly untied her blindfold and then reached for the collar, but stopped before I touched it. "No, you won't get off that easily!" I ran to the bathroom and produced a small mirror that I held above her head. She looked at herself for a few moments.

"It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

By now I was sure that the entire cast was dry, so I grabbed her from under her arms and dragged her into the bedroom. She giggled as she went on the bumpy ride. Reaching the bedroom, I lifted her onto the bed with all of my might, and positioned her in the middle of the bed.

My job was now finished. I had completey immobilized her body, but I still wasn't satisfied. Suddenly I spoke aloud. "You are at a complete disadvantage Molly. I shouldn't just walk over there and take you now. A disadvantaged women must be taken my a disadvantaged man!"

I slowly walked out of the room and returned in a minute wearing both of the wrist braces, locked at a 90 degree angle. Around my ankles went a spreader bar, which sufficiently took away the use of my legs.

"You look wonderful honey." Said Molly, smiling as usual.

"Sorry, Love, but you aren't allowed to look at anything tonight." I said as I slipped the blindfold over her face. We were both partially, if not completely immobilized, and I put on some more soft music before we made deep and passionate love....


Molly stayed in that cast for 5 days before I finally let her go. I was getting tired of carrying her to the bathroom and holding her up and stuff, so I finally ended it. She didn't want it to end (she was REALLY enjoying it) but I just didn't have the strength to keep up this lifestyle.

The weeks progressed and we switched roles over and over again. Molly somehow casted me TO the bed frame, with my arms plastered to the bed posts. This was very restraining, but we ended up taking the finish off of our wooden bed posts.

I got her back the next weekend by putting her in traction for a few days, and tickling her every half hour, all day. She really loathed the tickling campaigns, but if she smiled I knew she was enjoying it.

Molly put me in a cast with my knees bent at a 90 degree angle, so the only way I stayed stable was by "kneeling" which I often did at her feet. This was pretty invigorating, but I did have some troubles getting to sleep.

I was able to cast her up much like a mummy, with her arms across her chest and her legs together. This, however lead to messes whenever she had to go to the bathroom. (yuck).

The next weekend Molly eased up a little, and simply encased my entire head in a VERY thick cast (well, there were breathing holes, and I could open my mouth a little bit, but all I could see was blackness). I went through 2 and a half STRAIGHT days not seeing a thing, and it was quite an experience. Molly would like to play "hide and go seek" with me in this predicament, where she would hide in some corner or under a table or something, and I would have to feel my way through every part of the house to find her.

For revenge in her last leadership, I put a VERY, VERY thick cast around each of Molly's forearms and wrists, and then casted them together. She got tired after just a few minutes of carrying this cast around, so she spent most of the weekend kind of dragging it around after her. I told her to do as much as she could by herself (preparing her dinner and stuff). I had fun watching her working the microwave buttons with her feet.

One weekend we decided to cast each other TOGETHER. It was Molly's turn to run things, and she said that if we skipped MY next turn, we would cast each other together so that no one would really be at an advantage or disadvantage. We ended up making full arm casts around my right arm and her left arm, and then casting them together. That was a real adventure, since we didn't have anyone to help us. We would split up the work and each "half" would do their fair share. Sleeping was fun, because if one person wanted to turn over, we would have to get out of bed and switch positions. We only spent one night in this getup, for some obvious reasons. Molly would be cooking dinner and the phone would ring, and I would have to talk and the food would burn and.... well, it didn't go very smoothly.

Since the last weekend was counted as "neutral" it was Molly's turn again. She got put short casts on all 4 of my limbs, and then cuffed my left wrist to my left ankle, and my right wrist to my right ankle. Normally this wouldn't be too bad, but she secretly plastered the only set of keys into the cast! I could feel them under my left foot cast, but I had no way of getting to them. The casts were comfortable (thank god) and the casts "protected" me from the handcuffs, so I didn't suffer any nerve damage or anything from being in that position for almost a day and a half. She had to cut the casts off before we could get to the key. Breaking the cast open with the handcuff on it was amazingly hard, but it finally fell out.

But I certainly got her back! On the next weekend, as soon as I got home, I immediately cuffed each of her arms to a wooden support beam in our living room, so immediately she was helpless. I had been able to take her by surprise. Quickly I placed a spreader bar around her ankles, and the neck collar around her neck.

Once she was nice and secured, I brought in my prize: a canister of sleeping gas. She could not turn her body (thanks to the cuffs) and could not turn her neck (thanks to the collar) so I silently walked up behind her and slipped the black, plastic mask over her face. She struggled for a while against her bonds, but as soon as she began to get drowsy and began to waver, I uncuffed her wrists (otherwise she would fall and break her wrists, which she probably would enjoy, but I would have to explain how it happened and stuff, and that would get embarrassing). I kept a close watch over her until I knew she was fast asleep. With the dose I had given her of the gas, she would be asleep for at LEAST the next 4 hours, plenty of time to make a nice cast.

What did I do, you ask? Well, first of all I casted her arms together going straight up above her head. This would provide me with hours of tickling enjoyment. I then casted her legs directly to a sleek wheelchair that I had managed to get out of the hospital. Both of her legs were actually casted ONTO the wheelchair. I got a few belts to secure her waist, stomach and chest to the wheelchair. I would be able to wheel her around to any spot I wanted, AND tickle her whenever I wanted. She was really surprised when she woke up, after which I tickled her for a few minutes before wheeling her in front of the TV where she watched a few hours of really boring mid-day low budget infomercials. Hehe, she swore she would get revenge on me for THAT. I had to tickle her every 10 minutes to keep her from falling asleep.

Sometimes when we're not in the mood to have fun with each other in the bedroom, we do it in public. Well, not like that. What we usually do is I give Molly a full leg cast, or whatever she wants, and she gives me whatever I want. Once she had a full length leg cast and was crutching around, while I had a full length arm cast and a sling. Occasionally one of us would wear the neck collar to, and usually the person who had the "broken" leg would also wear a wrist brace on their arm (this made crutching a lot harder for me). We tried to take the wheelchair out once (Molly pretended she had 2 broken legs) and it worked well for a while, until something got loose and one of the wheels kind of... fell off. It was actually pretty hilarious seeing Molly trying to get up and walk, because we didn't have any crutches with us. Wearing casts in public is always quite an experience, but quite a lot of work!

Molly and I have had many other adventures, and the reason we have so much fun is because we use our imagination and constantly think of new situations to put each other in. If I don't do it now, Molly will do it to me next weekend! We have always enjoyed this play and we always will.

The End

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