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The following story was inspired by a drawing I [RowdyTenor] did of a pretty blonde lady with both legs in long leg hinged weight bearing casts, leaning on crutches, and trying to struggle down a flight of steps at a rehab facility. I've since lost track of the gentleman who wrote the story, known to me only as "TripleK". I'm glad my drawing helped his creativity and I wish him well, wherever he is. Hopefully, Susan will post the picture in the "cast" section of the site.



Norma stretched, and gently rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. She slowly slid her legs, encased in the clumsy new casts off the edge of the bed and reached to grasp her crutches from the floor. She hated the new casts. They weren't as heavy as the first ones she had, but were heavier and clumsier than the braces they had tried. She pulled herself up with her crutches and began crutching to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. She tried walking one step at a time like Marc at the rehab center had shown her, but soon gave it up and began leaning on the crutches, swinging both legs forward, and leaning on the crutches again. She made her way to the kitchen and sat on the stool at the counter to drink her coffee.

When she had finished a cup of coffee she again stood, and slowly made her way to the bathroom to wash and get ready for the day. She hated her new casts. When they had tried the braces, she could at least take a quick shower. The thick padded straps got wet, but the braces didn't dissolve in the water. She knew the heavy, shiny plaster would simply crumble if she got it wet. She slipped off her nightgown and ran warm water into the sink. With water and lotion she gave herself a quick sponge bath, and put on her makeup. It was going to be a busy day since she slept so late. She had to spend some time at the office to see what was urgent on her desk. She had a rehab session at 1:00, and the appointment to meet the insurance adjuster at 4:00.

She stood and gazed at herself in the mirror. She had the same long blond hair; the same pretty face; the same firm breasts. Her slim waist flared to her rounded hips. But both of her long slim legs were encased in heavy two-piece casts, with locking hinges at the knees. They worked like the braces, except better. The braces only had four straps and didn't encase her thighs well enough.

It had been two months since the accident, and she'd seen John only twice. The jerk! He came to the hospital right after the accident when she was so drugged she hardly knew he was there, and had then dropped by once about a month ago. Norma was angry and hurt. Since she couldn't play tennis and play in his hot tub, he didn't have any time for her any more. He might want her back after she could walk again, but she knew it was over. The jerk!

She tried swinging one leg at a time again, as she went into the bedroom to dress. She wanted to wear slacks, but knew she couldn't get any on over the clumsy casts. She sat on the bed and wriggled into her bikini panties. She fastened the matching bra and crutched to the closet. She found her pink turtle neck, and her dark green skirt. After she was dressed she went to the kitchen for another cup of coffee while she waited for her ride. Her friend Linda had been a trooper! She was always willing to drive Norma anywhere she needed to go.

In a few minutes she heard Linda drive up. Norma grasped her purse and crutches and went to the door. Linda helped her down the four steps and opened the car door for her. Norma sat on the seat and struggled to lift her rigid legs in through the door. With the seat all the way back, there was just enough room. When they got downtown, Linda pulled up in front of the offices of Sloan, Sloan, and Sloan.

Norma worked as a junior associate in the law firm. She had only been on the job a few months when she had the accident. As the firm's most junior attorney, she got all the grunt work. She'd known it would be like that, so didn't mind. They'd kept her pay coming, even when she couldn't work. They brought books and papers to the house so she could update some of her work. Now she was going in a few hours a week to take care of urgent matters. She hoped she could get back to normal soon.

Norma didn't really remember the accident. The last thing she remembered was leaving the club and starting across the street toward her car. She recalled she was having trouble walking on those high heels - she had had a few too many drinks - and then remembered waking up in the hospital. They said the car had not been speeding, which was a good thing. The bumper still broke her lower legs in two places, and the hood had broken both thigh bones; one in two places. When she woke up in the hospital everything had been fuzzy. Her head hurt from hitting the pavement and the drugs made her woozy and far away. They were just finishing her second cast when she awoke. For the first two weeks they had kept the legs in traction. It was humiliating when John came to visit her that one time. There she lay, half awake with her ankles firmly strapped, about two feet apart and a foot above the bed. Between feeling sorry for her and saying he had to go play tennis, he'd even laughed once, and made a crack about bondage. The jerk!

Norma swung the heavy casts out of the car door and Linda helped her stand. She tucked her crutches under her arms, thanked Linda for the ride, and crutched through the doorway to the elevator. Thank goodness they were in the new offices. The stairs at the old office would have killed her. The receptionist, Jenny, greeted Norma and opened the door to Norma's office. The new pile of papers on the desk didn't look inviting, but Norma knew she had to dig in and catch up. Harvey, the first Sloan of Sloan, Sloan, and Sloan came in and they talked about one divorce case and one estate settlement, and then he left. Several others dropped by to chat, but she was able to get most of the matters taken care of before she had to go to rehab. She wasn't looking forward to it. Marc had told her they were going to set the hinges for about 30 degrees. Something about flexors and extensors, but she didn't really understand. She just wanted to be able to walk right again.

Jenny gave her a ride and dropped her off at the rehab center. Marc, the physical therapist greeted her and had her sit on the bench. Hannah, a young amputee was struggling at the parallel bars trying to get used to her new plastic and metal leg. Norma thanked herself again, that the car hadn't been going any faster. They had told her at the hospital that they had worried about her left leg for the first day or so. The bruising had been so bad they were worried about its circulation.

Marc kneeled in front of her and used a small wrench to unlock the hinges on her casts. He adjusted them and had her bend her legs a little - then he set them so they would only bend that little bit. "Thirty degrees", he said. Marc helped her to the walking rail. He would have put her at the parallel bars but since Hannah was using them he had Norma use the single rail. She slid her crutches under her right arm and used the rail on her left. Mark had her pick up each leg until the hinge hit the stop, and then step forward. After the first few steps she knew she had dressed all wrong for this. The green skirt was just the right length to get caught in the hinges. She rolled it up, but it kept slipping down. Marc finally told her she would need to take it off. With the bikini panties she had worn, she didn't want to, but knew she needed to use every session if she was going to make progress, so slipped the skirt off and tossed it aside.

Norma suspected she turned Marc on - it was just the look in his eyes, and the way he watched her. Maybe it was the way he seemed so eager to grasp her arm and help her. Then again, he had never said anything out of line - he was strictly professional - but she still thought she turned him on. The thought that even with her casts and crutches she could still excite a man made Norma smile. Maybe John didn't know what he was missing, she thought. She smiled again when she recalled the appraising glances she had noticed the one night she went out to eat with Nancy. In all honesty, Nancy was the real knockout of the two of them, but Norma had received all of the attention. At the time Norma just chalked it up to curiosity and compassion, but she felt a little twinge of excitement just thinking about the guys who had been at that table next to theirs.

Norma took a break while Marc got another patient working at a weight machine. This lady still had both arms in casts, but Marc had her doing curls to keep her shoulders strong. Hannah finished her session at the parallel bars, and Marc had Norma move to them. She watched him watch her as she walked with her crutches across to the bars. She smiled, and felt that warm twinge of excitement again. Using the parallel bars seemed harder than the rail and a crutch. It took more arm strength since she couldn't lean on the crutch tucked firmly under her arm. After a while, her session was over. Marc left the hinges blocked like they were and told her to practice walking while bending her legs as much as possible.

She called Nancy to give her a ride to the hotel restaurant where she had agreed to meet the insurance adjustor. She slipped her skirt back on, and remembered to keep her hinges straight as she used her crutches to get to the car. She didn't want to tear the skirt. Being able to bend her knees a little helped when she swung the heavy casts up into the car, though. Nancy dropped her off at the hotel and she went in to meet the insurance adjustor. As she crossed the lobby to the restaurant she noticed two business types in suits watching her. She swung a little faster, with longer strides. She felt her breasts bouncing lightly beneath her turtleneck sweater. She hoped they enjoyed the view.

The hostess led her to a corner table where a young man, only about 20 was seated. He stood up and held her chair while she leaned her crutches in the corner. She placed her hand on his shoulder to steady herself as she sat down. He smiled and introduced himself as Dan, with Modern Mutual. The insurance matter was routine. She was going to get her medical bills paid, and probably for loss of work too. But Dan said he had to keep track of the case and file reports until her rehab was completed. Norma looked at Dan appraisingly. She had the same feeling about him that she had about Marc. But he seemed more direct. He had taken her hand a couple of times while they were talking, and twice had brushed her leg with his knee while they were sitting eating. If Dan was interested in her, it might be fun, she thought. He was young, and slim, and a little muscular. He surely wasn't bad to look at.

When the waiter asked if they would like after dinner drinks she nodded "yes." They could hear the blues music from the lounge next door. When Norma began lightly tapping her fingers in time to the music, Dan asked if she would like another drink in the lounge. With that warm excited feeling again, Norma said she'd love to. Dan helped her stand and handed Norma her crutches. His firm hand on her arm, and the light touch at her waist felt good. Copying the long, slow, swinging stride she had used in the lobby, she led Dan into the lounge. By now she hoped Dan liked what he saw. It had been two months since she had last dated John, and two months was too long - casts and crutches, or not! She leaned and swung, and leaned and swung her way to the darkest table in the corner. Dan helped her again, as she sat down. His touch on her arm felt good, and his other hand slipped from her waist onto her hip as she swiveled to sit in the chair. It was almost a caress. As Dan slid his chair closer to hers, as he sat down, he again brushed his leg against her cast. Instead of moving her leg away this time, Norma gently pressed the cast against his leg and slowly moved it fore and aft in time to the music the band was playing. Nancy could feel the excitement rising, and could feel that tingly feeling in her breasts. They ordered drinks, and talked some more. But they didn't talk about insurance anymore. Dan wanted to know about her rehab, so she described her progress and all her exercises for him.

Dan asked if she had a boyfriend, and she told him that she'd had one before the accident, but he was a louse who lost interest as soon as she wasn't perfect and had to use crutches. Dan's reply was that John didn't know what he was missing. Norma knew that Dan liked her, and hoped he'd be direct enough to ask her to his room. After two months she was ready.

After the second drink Norma squirmed and said she was getting stiff, and needed to get some exercise. Dan smiled, and said that they could go to his room if she was tired of sitting. Norma grasped his hand and told him she'd love to. She followed Dan to the elevator, and then led him down the long hallway to the room. She knew, by then, that he enjoyed watching her use her crutches. She smiled again as the warm excitement in her increased. She hoped that Dan would need to make a report on her progress at least once a week.

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