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Nancy Wanted an AFO

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Nancy wanted an A.F.O

I am a 28 years old and I love to see women in casts, but even more to see them being casted. To start my story, I had severe chronic tendinitis in my right ankle for many years and the best relief without surgery was casting.

While I was at the Orthopedists Office to have a short leg cast applied, there was a woman in the cast room next to the one that I was in and I heard the doctor tell her that she had broken her right ankle and she needed to have a short leg cast applied for at least 8 weeks until her ankle would be healed. She begged and pleaded with the doctor to give her an A.F.O. (Ankle Foot Orthoses). The doctor knew that I had an appointment about that time and he asked the nurse if I was there yet? The nurses' reply was yes and that I was in the room next door and waiting to have my ankle casted. I heard the woman say, why is he being casted? and the doctor said that he would be right back and he excused himself from the room.

The doctor entered the cast room that I was in and asked me if I would mind hobbling over to the next room and talking to the woman, I had no problem with this request, and I hobbled over to her room on my crutches and introduced myself, while the doctor carried the A.F.O that I had taken off my right ankle. She seemed nervous and said "Hello, my name is Nancy."

The doctor told Nancy that he had asked me to talk to her! Nancy asked him why? The doctor told her that he could not give her any information about me due to patient confidentiality, and she understood. The doctor then gave me the floor and I told Nancy my long story making it shorter, the doctor already knew my story.

I told Nancy that I had severe chronic tendinitis and I showed Nancy the inflamed tendon. The doctor interrupted me and said that we are trying to avoid surgery until my ankle was at the point where I couldn't stand it any more as surgery is always the last resort. The doctor also told her that I have an A.F.O. and that I curse it up and down because it really doesn't give support and that my ankle slides from side to side and front to back. I told Nancy that the tightness of the cast and better controlled compression gave me the best relief, I also told Nancy that the tighter the cast was, the more comfortable I was.

Nancy asked the doctor if she could watch my ankle being casted first? Neither of us had any problem with this request, so the doctor told the nurse to tightly cast my right ankle for me and to describe the process Nancy. Nancy watched intently as the nurse slid the stockinette over my toes, foot, ankle, and stopped below my knee. The nurse told Nancy that stockinette is the first process of the four, Nancy said ok with an intense look on her face.

The nurse then grabbed a couple rolls of cast padding and told nancy that cast padding makes the cast comfortable, as she padded me from my toes to below my knee. The nurse then grabbed 2 buckets of water, and 3 sets of gloves and asked me what color fiberglass cast I wanted? I asked for dark blue and she grabbed four 5 inch casting rolls; she then put on the casting gloves and had me hold my foot at 90 degrees, opened the first bandage dipped it into the water and again starting on my toes, wrapping tightly she worked her way up my foot cranking tightly,she got to my ankle and gave me another tight pull, finishing the first roll just above my ankle.

She then took the second roll dipped it in the water and proceded where the first roll ended and proceded to just below my knee and back down to the ankle cranking tightly. The nurse then pulled the stockinette back over my toes and down over the top of the cast below my knee. She then continued my cast with the other two bandages cranking them. Finishing with moulding and smoothing the cast.

The nures turned to Nancy and said it's your turn Nancy, while taking off the casting gloves that she used on my cast. The nurse said that I could leave now and I thought Oh shit!! maby I could watch Nancy get her broken ankle casted, when Nancy asked me to stay. I was in my glory, I finally got my wish.

The nurse then slid stockinette over Nancy's beautiful foot carefully over her broken ankle to a little above her knee, just like me the nurse then padded Nancy's toes, foot, broken ankle, and her leg stopping below her knee. The nurse then picked up the phone and asked for another nurse to help hold Nancys leg and foot while the cast was being applied. The second nurse came in and put on the pair of gloves that the first nurse handed her, she helped Nancy hold her foot and ankle at 90 degrees as the first nurse dipped the first pink fiberglass bandage, by this time I am enjoying my cast and wet just enjoying the pleasure of seeing Nancy getting her broken ankle casted. The first nurse started on Nancy's toes, to my surprise Nancy asked the nurse to make her cast nice and tight like mine, the nurse asked her if she was sure and Nancy said yes...The nurses reply was ok and she cranked the cast for Nancy. Nancy had a sigh of relief as the nurse tightly bandaged her broken ankle. The nurse asked what happened as Nancy siad "This is feeling better than I thought it would feel." I was enjoying watching Nancy's broken ankle getting casted that I couldn't take my eyes off her casted leg. Finally Nancy's broken ankle was set in the pretty pink short leg fiberglass cast and she was given a pair of crutches. We hobbled out of the office together and went for breakfast. I found out at breakfast that she was engaged and left it at that. But I really enjoyed myself, it was neat when we both hobbled into Denny's, I got the door for Nancy and everybody eating looked at us as we hobbled in, it felt great and Nancy was enjoying all the attention that her broken ankle was getting her and the relief that the cast gave her.

As we left Denny's Nancy said that she wished she would have broken her ankle a lot sooner and also said that she thinks she is happy that she did not get the A.F.O. Nancy also said that she was looking forward to other casts.We then parted and went seperate ways. Nancy turned out to be the first woman that I met years ago who was interrested in casts after not wanting a cast.

I also enjoy Recreational Casting, I like plaster casts a lot because they shrink as they dry, but they don't carry specialist plaster bandages here which I like a lot compared to M-Pact which is really crappy to apply. It is verry slippery and sloppy along with cracking. So I spend more money and buy fiberglass. I also enjoy the feel of a freshly applied tightly cranked cast on my right ankle, even after having tendon reconstruction my ankle feels best in a cast. I guess that after being in so many short leg casts, both plaster and fiberglass that I will always feel better in a short leg cast over a pair of Reebok sneakers.

- And to other Recreational Casters out there I'm glad not to be alone

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