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My Wish

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I had planned this for so long. First, I spent months finding just the right shrink. I wanted a woman to talk to. A crippled woman to spill my guts to. Since I was a little girl, I have wanted to be crippled. I'd decided I had to confide in someone, so I decided on a crippled woman shrink, hoping she would understand and help me. She did.

She set it up with her orthotist to make a pair of braces for me at cost. The whole experience was fantastic. First, both of my legs were put in plaster casts to make a negative mold from which the braces were to be made. This ensures a perfect fit. Then I was measured for Canadian crutches which are also custom made. While the braces and crutches were being made, Shiela my shrink got me to talk about why I wanted to be crippled. I learned a lot about myself and learned not to feel guilty about this. She explained to me that I'm not hurting anyone by wanting to wear braces, and that I should just enjoy it. My braces were shipped to her office when they were ready, and I wore a short skirt that day so they would be easy to get on. As I took them out of the box, my face flushed and I grew short of breath. It was the realization of a lifelong quest. The braces were the old style steel and leather polio braces. The steel upright polished to a mirror shine, and the thigh straps and removable knee pads are soft tan leather. There are no calf straps, but there are leather and steel calf bands which go around the backs of my calves. The braces come up to the base of my butt, and thigh straps come just short of my crotch. They came with four pairs of shoes. My white mary janes have one inch heels , the black ones have two inch heels, a pair of black three inch heels with t straps, and a pair of cross trainers.

I can easily change shoes because the braces have calipers which fit into channels in the heels of the shoes. The first time I stood up in them and drop locks at the knees trapped my legs in stiff and straight, I shuddered. Shiela, the shrink, was sitting in her wheelchair without her braces wearing a skirt and medium high heels with her legs crossed, watching. I just stood there. She told me to put my arms in the crutches and walk around. I was so hot I was afraid I would faint. The big smile on my face made Shiela laugh. She put her purse in her lap, then wheeled to the door, opened it and said to come with her. I followed her down the hall and out into the parking garage. She wheeled to her car, then unlocked the passenger door. She handed me the keys and began to slide herself onto the seat. I opened the back door to stow my crutches, then unlocked my knees and sat in the drivers seat, pulling my legs into the car with my hands. It was then I noticed the car was equipped with hand controls. They are unbelievably easy to get used to. She had me drive us to her club, and when I lifted my legs out of the car, the cute parking attendant got my crutches out of the back seat and held them for me to put my arms on. As I crutched into the club, I glanced back to see him watching me.

I am not unattractive, 5'5", 122 lbs., curly brunette, thin waist and a 34C chest, but I knew he was watching my legs in the braces. I just loved the metallic click as my heels struck the ground, and so did he After lunch, Shiela said she wanted to go to her house to pick up some files she had left that morning. Her place is a fantastic beach front house with loads of privacy. Inside, I was admiring the view of the beach, when she said she had a confession to make. I told her whatever it was, I owed her so much for all she had done for me that it would not matter. With that, she stood up. She was not really crippled, just liked to wear braces and pretend just like me! She said she was dying to tell me, and share with me her story, which was very similar to mine.

A lot has happened since then. I moved in with Shiela, and we live together as cripples. I mean all the time. I can't remember the last time either of us actually used our legs to walk. If I have taken off my braces and need something somewhere else in the house, I either slide into a wheelchair or drag my lifeless legs behind me as I pull myself along the floor with my arms and hands. We have two cars: a pickup, and a Jeep Renegade, all with hand controls. I have a great job Shiela helped me get with one of her other clients, a crippled guy who really doesn't need the motorized wheelchair he uses. Shiela likes to use her wheelchair all the time, and sometimes wear braces and she is so good at it. Most of her shoes are little leather ballet style, and her braces are much thinner than you have probably ever seen. Although one of her favorite things to do is wheel into a shoe store and have a cute young shoe clerk help her take off her braces and try on shoes, then help her put the braces back on.

She really loves that, so sometimes I'll crutch in with her and need help myself. I like to be a little more daring. Sure, I have a couple of wheelchairs, too, but I prefer ti wear and walk in my braces. I have several sets of braces for different occasions and even for my different moods. One pair is extremely light, very thin round shiny uprights not much thicker than heavy wire, with only one small strap at the top of each thigh, no knee pads or calf straps. They only attach at the heels of my shoes and the tops of my thighs. The knees lock with tiny spring loaded pins, and I love to wear my spike heels with them, the ones the orthotist (who doesn't need the braces he wears, either) modified with a round channel just in front of the heel to fit my braces. The braces are so light I can easily cross my legs with them on. Of course, I lift one leg over the other with my hands, then let it drop lifelessly. At the other extreme is my Seriously crippled set of braces. They have two thigh bands, knee pads, calf straps, ankle straps, and locking knees. The shoes are special sexy t straps. On the right I wear what looks like a two inch heel with no platform. On the left I wear a four inch tapered heel with a four inch platform. The right shoe has a hidden two inch lift. It really looks like my left leg is much shorter than the right. And the lower uprights of the left brace are twisted to the inside, which makes my left foot turn in. The only time I don't wear my braces is when I use my wheelchair and wear my seven inch spike heels that almost make me point my toes in the shoes. They are nearly impossible for anyone to walk in. My legs have atrophied so much from non use that they don't even support my weight any more. I tried to stand without my braces a few months ago, and my legs just buckled under me. I can't even lift them off the bed without using my hands.

Every winter Shiela and I go to a different ski resort. I like to suit up in brightly colored spandex ski suits with my braces on top of them. Then you can see the braces all the way to my ass. They have a great para ski program and everyone is very helpful. And I always get lots of attention from the instructors. There is one ski lodge that has great stairs that I love to go up and down several times a day. It still excites me to do that.

We also take a trip to the tropics in the winter, where I like to wear short sundresses and shorts. You should see the heads turn when I crutch through the hotel lobby in my thong bikini and flimsy open cover up with my light braces and sandals on. The most fun I have is when I encounter someone else who is crippled. I love starting up a conversation and talking about barriers and attitudes. I also like talking to other cripples about their braces and they usually ask about mine since they are of unusual style. Sure I have had sex with other cripples in our large circle of friends, but the first time I had sex with a real cripple, it was very special.

At the company where I work, one of the things we do is place handicapped women in the job force. When they come to us, they almost always try to hide their handicap. When they leave us with a good job, all of the women are wearing short skirts and dresses. We give them confidence and help them get great jobs. We are very good at what we do. Shiela is internationally known for her work counseling cripples. She works with real cripples and others like us. And boy are there a lot of us. I know stockbrokers, bankers, lawyers, doctors, and men and women from just about every walk of life (pun intended) who use braces, crutches, wheelchairs and walkers who don't actually need them. I even know one woman who uses an actual iron lung at home and a portable chest shell respirator when she goes out. Shiela has lots of clients who feign the loss of the use of their arms and hands, and a very large number who simply wear back and neck braces that they don't need.

One time Shiela set me up with one of her clients. He is a devotee, a guy who is really turned on by crippled women. He had been to her for counseling, and she told him she knew me and that she would set up the date. He was so nervous. All evening I would let him do little things for me like open doors, and I laboriously climbed two flights of stairs in front of him with my butt right in his face. In the car I sat next to him so he could feel my brace on his leg, then I put his hand on my knee. During dinner I crossed my legs and rubbed his calf with my foot and I thought he would explode. But the look on his face when I opened the door wearing a tiny little dress with my most crippled braces was worth the trouble. He was in heaven all night. It's time for me to go now. We're going out to dinner, and I'm wearing a little black cocktail dress with spaghetti straps. It barely covers my bottom, and shows off my new highly polished braces with patent leather thigh bands. The platform patent leather heels make it a little hard to get in and out of the car, but I really don't mind. And there are always lots of people who would love to help me.

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