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My First Broken Ankle

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I was at the doctors office for ankle problems that i was having and as i was leaving the doctors office i saw this teenaged girl hobbleing on aluminumn crutches with her left foot elevated behind her. her name was rachel and her mothers name is susan, susan was carrying an air cast and an envelope of x-rays. we talked in the parking lot for 5 minutes and that is how i found out that rachel had broken her left ankle. the broken left ankle looked awesome without a shoe or air cast obstructing it and there was some swelling and black and blueness to the ankle.

rachel jumped off of a jet ski in shallow water and her left foot twisted in a valley on the sand below her and she felt her ankle breaking benieth her.

rachel said that this is the 1st time that she has broken a bone and she was excited to have a cast applied to her leg

and the cast was going to be applied in a few minutes.

i had time to spare so i watched her hobble into the doctors office and i waited in the car to see her come out

with her 1st cast. 20 minutes later rachel hobbled out of the doctors office in a short leg blue fiber glass cast that showed off her beautiful broken ankle and leg not to mention her red painted toes. i heard rachel tell her mom that her broken ankle feels really good in the cast as opposed to the air cast that her broken ankle felt jarred in when she moved.

susan told rachel that she had broken her right ankle and she missed her cast when it came off and rachel said

" so why don't you break your ankle again"? susan replied i never thougt of it! but i think it is a great idea.

susan was wearing a pair of heeled sandals and as she stepped off the curb her right foot was twisted underneath her and there was an audible breaking sound and susan grabbed her right ankle immediately and sat there for a couple minutes as rachel hobbled back to the doctors office and the doctor came out and helped susan into a wheel chair and he took her back to the office.

susan got her ankle x-rayed and she later came out on crutches with her broken right ankle set in a burgandy short leg cast with her foot set at 45 degrees. susan had her right sandal in her hand and a smile on her face. i forgot how good my broken ankle felt casted and my cast drove your father nuts. i can't wait to see the expression on his face when we get home and i have a broken ankle too.

thanks for the great idea rachel.


susan told rachel that she broke her right ankle when she met her boyfriend and now rachels dad, (mark) susan said that she realized mark had a thing for women on crutches with a leg in a cast and she found it interresting

that it turned him on and that is how we fell in love and got married. i can't wait to see his face when both of us hobble into the house on crutches with a broken ankle and a cast. susan called mark and told him that we would be home in a few minutes and asked him if he could open the door for them mark jokeingly replied " did you break your leg"?

susan replied " no i didn't break my leg i broke my ankle"!

mark was standing at the door and his jaw dropped when he saw susans lower leg encased in a burgandy cast and her foot set at 45 degrees showing off her nice arch. honey how did you break your ankle. i was telling rachel how i broke my ankle when i met you and i was telling rachel how i enjoyed my broken ankle and the cast. i wished that i had a cast again, rachel said "mom why don't you break your ankle

and i told her i thought it was a great idea and i stepped off the curb with my right foot overturning and i broke my ankle. it felt great and i am happy that i listened to rachel. we are both hungry and we want to go for dinner at

Ruby Tuesdays and show off our casts at the mall. mark said i like that idea and we can take some pictures too. rachel also bought a toe ring for her protruding index toe and susan followed suit. the next 8 weeks were pleasure for susan, mark, and rachel.

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