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Lisa, my dear

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The following is a scenario I wrote, inspired by one of our lady contributors, whose screen name is Lisa. She enjoyed it very much, and said I could share it with you all. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


Dear Lisa,

Ah, There would be nothing I'd enjoy more than to help you into your brace, or lovingly wrap your body in yards of warm, wonderful, plaster bandages!

You'd have to sit very still, so as not to hurt yourself. You'd be naked, except for your panties. Your head would be in a traction harness, suspended from the ceiling by enough weight to keep your spine straight.

First, I'd gently pull the stockinette (which had been pre-positioned on the traction apparatus) over your body, easing your arms through the precut arm holes, and all the way down over your hips. When I'm done, the stockinette covers you from just below your eyes, past the tops of your panties.

Then I'd lovingly wrap you in cast padding, starting at your chin, and going all the way down to your pelvis. I'd put extra padding around your arm openings, your chin and neck and especially around where the cast will rest on your hips. As I look up, to survey my work, I see that your eyes are closed, and you're moaning softly.

"Are you in much pain?" I ask, concerned.

"No." You whisper breathily. "Please get on with it!"

I open the first 6" wide plaster bandage, and plunge it into the bucket of water. It bubbles merrily, then stops. I lift it out of the water, and squeeze the excess out of it. I start wrapping the bandage at your waist, working up your body, with just enough tension on the bandage so it conforms to your contours. I smooth the plaster with my hands as I go caressing you with my fingertips, the plaster melding together. Another bandage, I work my way up your torso, smoothing, caressing all the way. the plaster is warm, and begins to harden.

Another bandage. I reach your breasts. Very carefully, lovingly, I wrap them in a figure eight motion, rather than just flattening them to your chest. I smooth the bandages, with infinite care. Your nipples are hard, and your breath is coming in little gasps.

"Is the cast too tight?" I inquire.

"No! It's fine,... wonderful!" you manage to say.

I finish molding the cast to your lovely bosom. I hold your breasts gently in place, cupping them in my hands. The plaster warms and hardens. I kiss both of your plaster enrobed breasts.

Next, I wrap your shoulders and neck in another figure eight motion. I smooth and caress the plaster until it is one unit with the body portion of the cast. I carefully mold the cast so that it makes a ledge for your chin and comes up to the top of your neck, below your ears. The plaster warms and hardens.

Now I put the bottom on the cast, molding the bandages so they fit the top of your pelvis and hips perfectly, comfortably. I fold the extra padding and stockinette over the bottom of the cast, and secure it with another bandage, making a smooth, comfortable, soft edge. I notice that your crotch is moist.

I finish the areas around your arms and head in the same way.

"Would you like to see the finished product?" I ask.

"Oh, YES, please!" You sigh.

I bring a big mirror, and position it so that you can see your whole cast.

Your body is now cocooned in a massive, smooth, white, beautiful cast that reaches from your chin to the tops of your hips. It's still warm and getting harder all the time. You're totally immobile from your head down. You know it's heavy, but it's hard to tell how heavy because your head is still in the traction harness. You're rhythmically squeezing your thighs together, still taking little pants for breath.

"Please try to breathe normally, and sit still. You could mess up the cast by wiggling like that. I scold. "I've got to leave you in traction for a half hour or so. Then the cast will be hard enough so that we can move you. Can I get you a drink or something?"

"I'm really... concerned... about all this." You say. "Do you suppose I could have a glass of wine to help me...relax?"

"Certainly! Is Rhine OK?"

"Wonderful!" You say.

I leave to get the wine. You study your cast in the mirror. It's absolutely awesome! It's about an inch thick, and matches the contours of your body almost perfectly. You're incredibly aroused! The action of your breathing causes your nipples, still erect in the cast, to rub gently against the soft, padded interior. You run your hands over the cast. It's cold now on the outside, and a bit wet still. It's so hard, unyielding, supporting. Like perfectly proportioned armor, protecting you from harm. You stop at your breasts, admiring the way, even in the cast, your femininity shows through. You admire the neck next, how your head is totally immobile, yet comfortable with the padding under the chin. A passing thought about how much of your clothes will fit.

I break your reverie by returning with the wine.

I hand you the goblet, and you realize that there's no way you can get it to your lips without spilling it!

"Gotcha covered!" I say with a grin, and produce a straw.

I help you with the wine. It's a bit strange with the straw, but it works. The wine is cool, and somewhat sweet. In a few moments, you feel yourself relaxing.

"Time to take the traction off," I announce. "The cast's going to be really heavy, so support yourself with your arms. Don't want you falling out of the chair!"

I slowly release the tension on the harness, and you feel yourself settling back in the chair. there is a soft, incongruous "thud" as the cast contacts the chair back. You've made an effort to totally relax in the cast, and yet it's still keeping you totally straight and immobile. You're getting aroused again.

You make an effort to sit up and realize you can't, without using your arms.

"Wow! This IS heavy!" you exclaim.

"Take it easy!" I warn. "Just relax."

I place one of my arms under your thighs, the other around the back of your cast and pick you up. You try to wrap your arms around my neck, but the cast prevents most of the movement. You settle with putting your outside hand around my neck, and placing your inside hand on top of mine that is wrapped around your torso. You try to turn your head to look at me, but the cast won't let you do that, either, so you turn your eyes, and look into mine. A contented smile plays across your face.

I walk several steps, and gently place you on the extra soft bed. You're horizontal, now, arranged face up. I step back to where you can see me easily.

"Oh, Rowdy! This is wonderful. It's a marvelous cast! How can I ever thank you?" you purr.

"We'll think of something," I say softly.

I sit down on the bed at right angles to you, and tenderly kiss you on the lips.......

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