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Kim and Scott

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The Adventures of Kim and Scott

Kim and Scott had been together for about two years now. They had gotten along great from day one. They had met at a wedding, Kim was a friend of the bride, and Scott a friend of the groom. They danced together all night and then went out for drinks after. They had been dating ever since. Just a month ago Kim had moved in with Scott. He had a beautiful little ranch out in the country. Kim loved it. They had both been thinking about marriage and had even talked about it some, both being in their mid twenties they were thinking it might be time to consider it, but nether one of them were quit ready for that commitment yet.

Not only did Kim and Scott get along great together, they were a great looking couple. Scott had played football in high school and had kept himself in good shape, he worked out at the health club and it showed. Kim also took care of herself, she was meticulous about her appearance, usually taking about an hour each morning getting ready to meet the world. Her hair had to be done just so, make-up, never overdone, but done just right. She prided herself for her legs, she knew Scott was a bonified leg man and had somewhat of a foot fetish. She made sure that her shapely legs were always baby smooth and her toes were always neatly trimmed and polished. Kim was not necessarily a knockout model, but she did turn some heads.

Kim and Scott were spending the afternoon at the annual balloon festival, the event featured crafts, food, street performers, and in the evening a massive hot air balloon launch. They were enjoying the crafts, and watching other people, but mostly they were enjoying each other. Then, he saw her.

She was young, maybe 17 or 18, really cute, and in a really big cast. Scotts heart started racing, his knees got weak, his stomach tied in knots. He had just gotten a glimpse of her through the crowd. She was in a wheelchair, with the back reclined, and a lot of pillows tucked here and there. Scott kept walking with Kim, trying to keep the conversation going that they had been in. His mind was racing, I have to go back and see her again, Scott thought to himself, how can I get away from Kim? "I have to find a bathroom" he said quickly. "O.K." Kim said, "I'll be looking at the crafts." "I'll find you." Scott told her, and off he went to find the girl in the wheelchair.

It didn't take long, for years, every time he was in a crowd of people, Scott was looking for people in wheelchairs, with crutches, slings, limps or any other indication that someone may have a cast. Scott quickly made his way over to her and stood right next to her pretending to be looking at some wood carvings that were near. She was beautiful, long blond hair, blue eyes, and nicely tanned. At least what was not covered in fiberglass. The cast completely covered her right leg, leaving only her toes sticking out the end, it covered her left thigh leaving the left leg from the knee down free, it then extended up over her hips around her waist and stomach and up to her lower ribcage. She was wearing a halter-top and her casted stomach was visible. A pink cloth was pulled between her legs and pinned together over each hip, diaper fashion, to cover the opening in the cast left there for bodily functions. This was the only way to cover this area because a fiberglass covered bar was incorporated into the cast, attached to her right leg halfway between her knee and ankle and to her left leg at mid thigh. This was for added strength and stability in the cast. A beautiful 1 1/2 hip spica cast on a beautiful girl.

Scott knew this cast well, he had read about it and seen pictures in the medical and nursing books he had studied in the library. This, however, was the first time he had actually seen one on an adult female. He watched her for about ten minutes or so. He loved to watch how other people reacted to seeing her. Many people stared, he could hear their comments, "That poor girl," they would say, "Oh my God, is she in a body cast?" one woman exclaimed. Oh how Scott wished he could watch her all day, but Kim would be wondering where he was. Reluctantly, he left to find Kim.

"Everything come out all right?" Kim said with a grin when Scott returned. "Huh?" Scott replied, his mind was still absorbed with thoughts of that girl in that big cast. "Never mind." Kim said, "Come here, I want to show you these paintings in this booth."

The rest of the afternoon was kind of a blur for Scott. Things were going on, Kim was talking to him, but all he could think about was that girl, that cast, and how he wanted to be a part of that. Time and time again he thought of Kim in a cast like that. Even a smaller cast, one on her arm or leg would be exciting. Scott wanted to tell Kim about his passion, he wanted to tell her in the worst way, but he just couldn't get the courage. How would she react? What would she think?

On the way home Kim asked Scott what was wrong. "Nothing, why?" he replied. "You haven't said hardly anything all afternoon, did I do something wrong?" "No, of course not," Scott said "I've just had something on my mind." "What?" Kim asked. Scotts heart was racing, was this the time? Should he tell her? Kim had been in a good mood all day, she's always been very open minded, maybe he should just tell her and get it over with. "Come one babe, you can tell me about it." Kim said. Oh if only it was that easy Scott thought, he wanted to tell her, he wanted to talk about it. "Well" Scott said after a long pause, he tried to continue the best he could. He could not believe he was doing this. "You're going to think I'm really weird." "I think your weird now, that's what I love about you." Kim said smiling, she was trying to get Scott more comfortable about talking, it worked a little. "You have to be very open minded about this, O.K. Kim." "You got it babe." Kim replied.

After another long pause Scott continued, "Did you see that girl today in the wheelchair and that really big cast?" "Yes, my God that must be the most helpless feeling to be immobilized like that." Kim said. She paused, "Why are you worried about her, do you know her." Scott's heart was pounding, he'd started this, he may as well finish. "No" Scott said slowly, how was he going to say this? "I don't know how to explain this to you, I guess I'll just tell you.." Another long pause. "Go ahead" Kim urged him on, "What does that girl have to do with us?" "It's not the girl Kim, it's the cast, girls in casts drive me wild." There, he said it, it was out, and Scott felt relief the moment he said it. It was the first time he had told anyone how he felt about girls and casts.

Another long pause, man this was awkward, Scott looked at Kim, she just sat there staring at him with a blank look on her face. "Speechless huh?" Scott said. "I don't know why, I can't explain it, I've felt this way since I was a kid." Kim was still looking at him, she did not look scared, worried, disgusted or anything else Scott had feared she would, she did look interested though. "So what, I have to jump in front of a truck, break every bone in my body and be put in a cast so you..." "NO," Scott interrupted, "no, no, no, I don't want anyone hurt, it's not broken bones or pain that turn me on, its only the cast." Kim thought a bit, "But you would like me in a body cast, is that it?" "Well no.. err.. yes.. well, not a body cast.. yet.." Scott was stuttering. "What is it you want Scott?" Kim asked. Scott took a deep breath, "Would you let me put you in just a leg cast?" "Can you do that?" Kim asked. "Yes" Scott was sure of that. "How?" Kim was really sounding interested in this.

Scott thought a minute and said, It's hard to explain, but I'd love to show you."


"Just say yes, it'll be O.K. I promise."

"I really don't understand this."

"I know, will you?"

A long pause.

"O.K. Kim said, when do I get plastered?"

Oh God, she's going to do it Scott thought he could feel the excitement rapidly building in him as he thought of Kim encased in plaster. "Next weekend?" he asked. "How long do I have to be in it?" Kim asked. "Three months." Scott replied. "What!" Kim screeched. "O.K., O.K. just the weekend." "All right" Kim said, "But you're going to owe me for this." Scott smiled at her, "I am going to spoil you rotten," he said "I'll wait on you hand and foot, do anything you want." "I guess I will be a little helpless huh?" Kim said. "Don't worry, I'll take care of you." Scott said.

Scott felt like he was going to pass out from the excitement, he looked down at Kim's bare legs, he could just see one of them covered with rigid white plaster with her toes wriggling out the end. Next weekend could not possibly get here soon enough.

This has to be the longest week in my life, Scott thought to himself. It was Thursday and he was just getting out of work. Tomorrow, his dreams would start to come true. Kimberly had agreed to let him cast her. She had not mentioned it since they had talked about it last weekend and Scott Didn't have the nerve to bring it up again, he was afraid that she had changed her mind. He tried not to think of such things.

When he got home from work he went downstairs to his workshop, got out the boxes that he kept all his supplies in, and went through everything one more time. He had enough stuff to put her in a full body cast if he wanted to, but he still checked everything again. Three boxes of four inch plaster bandages, three boxes of five inch, two boxes of six inch, almost a whole roll of stockinette, plenty of cotton padding. "God I can't wait" Scott said out loud.

That night at dinner Scott got up the courage to ask Kim.. "Are you ready for tomorrow?" Kim looked up at Scott, "I don't know" she said, "I don't even know what I'm getting myself into." "Are you having second thoughts?" Scott asked. "A little." Kim did seem worried. "You can't back out now." Scott said. "I know, I won't, but I just don't understand.. What?.. What am I suppose to do?" Kim asked. Scott smiled, "You don't have to do anything, I'll take care of you, just pretend you broke your leg." Kim smiled also, "You know, it kind of sound like fun, not breaking my leg I mean, but all the attention, being spoiled, and having you waiting on me." "That you will definitely get." Scott said. "You know, Kim said, when I've seen casts on people before, I've sometimes wondered what it would be like to get all that attention." Kim looked to be in deep thought, could she actually be looking forward to this Scott thought, Wow, what if she actually enjoyed being in a cast. Scott was going to do his best to make sure she did.

Friday had finally come, Scott left work at two, he said that his girlfriend had a doctor's appointment and that she wanted him to be there. "Anything serious?" someone asked. "It's about a knee problem she's having." he answered. Scott left the office with a grin on his face, he flew home. Kim got out of work at four, he was going to have everything ready when she got home.

By three, he was ready. He had covered the bed with an old bed sheet, another one covered the floor next to the bed. On the sheet on the floor, all arranged in a neat fashion, were all the supplies he would need to cast Kimberly. A plastic bucket ready for the water to dip the plaster in, stockinette, cotton padding, and rolls and rolls of plaster. Scott had also laid out various knives and scissors on the floor he would need to trim her cast so it would fit just right. I hope I didn't forget anything Scott thought to himself. Now, just wait, wait for Kim to get home.

After what seemed like an eternity, Scott heard the garage door open and Kim's car pulling inside. Finally he sighed in relief. Scott met Kim at the door, he was as nervous as a schoolboy asking the cutest girl in the class for a date. When Kim walked in the door, he grabbed her, pulled her close and passionately kissed her. When he was done, he looked at her and said, "It's time." "Now?" Kim replied, "I thought we would wait till' after dinner." "I'll get you dinner while the cast is drying." Scott said, "I can't wait any longer." He took her by the hand and led her down the hall to the bedroom. "How long does it take to dry?" Kim asked as they went. "Awhile." Scott said.

When they got to the bedroom Scott told Kim to get undressed. She said nothing as she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, she unbuttoned her blouse as she looked around the room at all the stuff Scott had laid out. Scott took the bucket into the bathroom and filled it with lukewarm water. When he returned, Kim was standing there in her bra and panties, her arms were wrapped around her chest like she was trying to hide something. She had an uneasy, worried look on her face, and she was looking at Scott as if to say, what now? "Take the rest off." Scott said as he set the bucket down. "It's cold," Kim said "why do I have to have everything off? You're just doing my leg, right?" Kim was as nervous as Scott was but she dutifully removed the rest of her clothing. Scott picked up an old T-shirt of his and brought it over to her, as he did he gazed at her standing there completely naked. She was gorgeous, his gaze drifted down at her perfectly tanned legs and he was about overcome with passion. Scott pulled the T-shirt over Kim's head and she pushed her arms through. He set her down and laid her back across the bed. He lay down beside her and took her in his arms, he looked at her lovingly and said, "Kim, what you are doing for me tonight means more to me than you could ever imagine. Everything is going to be just fine O.K.?, I'm going to make sure you enjoy this too O.K.?, just relax." Kim nodded, "I'm sorry," she said, "I'm just a little nervous." "I know, it's all right," Scott said, "I want you to just relax"

Scott got down on the floor where Kim's legs where hanging over the edge of the bed. He gently took her left leg in his hands and slid one hand up her leg while holding her foot in the other hand. As usual, her legs were as smooth as silk. Kim moaned softly as Scott's hand reached the top of the inside of her thigh. Scott's attention shifted to her foot. She had the most beautiful feet he had ever seen, he lifted her foot up and kissed the top of her toes. Another soft moan from Kim, "I'm starting to like this." She said. "Good, I told you not to worry didn't I," Scott said, "It's going to get better, I promise."

Scott took a deep breath and exhaled. It was time to start. He had gone over how he was going to do this a hundred times. He picked up the roll of stockinette and started unrolling it. He slid the open end over Kim's foot and started working it up her leg. He pulled it completely up to the top of her thigh leaving several inches of material bunched up at her crotch. Then, leaving several inches hanging past her toes, he cut it off the roll. Scott set down the roll of stockinette and picked up the first roll of padding, He then started wrapping her foot in the soft cotton. He started around the ball of her foot and toes. He then continued up over her heel, around her ankle then back down to her toes again, back up to her ankle and on up her leg to almost her knee. Scott then took a tuck here and a nip there making sure that there were no wrinkles or bumps in the padding, he was going to make sure this was the most comfortable cast anyone had ever worn.

Now that the lower part of Kim's leg was covered in soft cotton, Scott took another deep breath and picked up the first roll of four-inch plaster bandage, he placed it in the water and watched as the bubbles rose out of it. When the bubbles stopped he knew it was ready, he took the roll out of the water and gently squeezed the excess water out of it, then began wrapping it around Kim's foot. Just as he did with the cotton, Scott started by wrapping several turns around her foot and toes, then continued up her foot over her heel around her ankle and then beck down to her toes, then back up around her ankle. He finished that roll going from ankle to toes and back. Second roll, around her foot again, around the ankle and up her leg over the calf, up to her knee and back down. Each turn around Kim's leg, Scott smoothed the plaster, rubbing one layer into the next. He had done this so many times in his head, he almost knew where each turn around Kim's leg would go.

When Kim's leg was covered in wet plaster bandage from just below her knee to the tips of her toes, Scott stopped wrapping and concentrated on rubbing, smoothing, and molding the cast. He could feel the plaster starting to stiffen as it set and it was getting warm. Now he worked on molding the cast, carefully he pushed the setting plaster around her ankle, into the arch of her foot, molding it perfectly to the contours of her foot and ankle.

"It's getting warm." Kim's words startled Scott out of the trance he was in. He looked up and saw Kim propped up on her elbows intently watching Scotts work. "Its suppose to." Scott replied going back to the task at hand. Kim lay back down on the bed, the plaster on her leg was setting fast now. It had a warm sticky feeling as the cast seemed to envelop her lower leg. Kim felt a strange feeling of pleasure as the cast hardened. She couldn't explain it, it was kind of exciting, maybe because she knew how much Scott wanted this. For whatever reason, Kim was enjoying this.

Scott was busy, When the plaster had set, he picked up a knife and carefully trimmed the plaster around Kim's toes. He cut around the cast right about at the ball of her foot and pulled off the trimmed plaster. He then took the excess padding and stockinette and pulled it back over the end of the cast exposing all of Kim's toes and just the end of her foot. As the plaster came off Kim's toes, she stretched them out and wriggled them a bit. The sight of her toes wriggling out the end of a cast was something Scott had fantasized about for a long time and it just about took his breath away. He lifted Kim's casted lower leg up and again kissed her toes.

Kim moaned again, she could not believe the feelings she was having. She started testing the rigidness of the cast as it hardened around her leg. She found a strange pleasure in not being able to move her foot and ankle. When Scott had cut the plaster away from her toes, she found it exciting how she could wriggle them while the rest of her lower leg remained rigid regardless of her attempts to move it.

Scott took another roll of plaster, dipped it into the water, and, when ready, squeezed out the excess water and again began wrapping it around Kim's foot, securing the padding and the stockenette he had pulled back to the cast. He then continued wrapping that roll up to her knee. Scott spent extra time smoothing this last layer on. Scott got up and went into the bathroom, he washed the plaster residue off his hands and went back into the bedroom. Kim was lying there on the bed anxiously awaiting his return. Scott sat down on the bed beside her and lifted her partially casted leg onto his lap. "What do you think so far?" he asked her. "It feels really.. strange." Kim replied. "Well I'm not done yet." Scott said. "How far up are you going to go?" Kim asked Scott. "Till I run out of leg." Scott said with a grin. "Ohhh." Kim moaned trying to sound disappointed. "Come on," Scott said, "your enjoying this aren't you?" "I don't know" Kim replied, "It feels really.." Kim didn't finish. She was lying on the bed with her eyes closed, Scott was rubbing her toes with the tips of his fingers, she just moaned again. "Feels really what?" Scott asked. "Mmmm, I don't know, just finish O.K." "Don't have to tell me that twice." Scott said. Man it sure seemed like she was enjoying this.

Scott pulled up a little bench that was next to Kim's make-up table, after putting a pillow on it he carefully propped Kim's plastered foot on it. He then pulled Kim down until her bottom hung off the bed a bit. Scott then rearranged her foot so that her knee was bent some. Then, he picked up a roll of cotton padding and began wrapping her knee, overlapping some of the padding already there that hadn't been covered with plaster below her knee. When Kim's knee was covered with cotton, he continued up her thigh, he rearranged the stockinette at the top and then wrapped more padding, making sure that he went as far up as possible. When he was done he again made sure there were no wrinkles or bumps in the padding before reaching for a five-inch roll of plaster bandage and placing it in the water. When it was ready, he began wrapping it around Kim's leg just below her knee, overlapping the hardened plaster already there, he then wrapped it.

Scott then wrapped the plaster up over Kim's knee, then worked back down her leg to about mid calf, then back up to above her knee. When that roll was finished Scott smoothed the plaster and rubbed it into the part of the cast already there. The next roll of plaster started again just below her knee and continued up her thigh, carefully smoothing it as he went, making sure there were no bumps or ridges that would press against Kim's skin when the plaster hardened. Then, another roll of five inch plaster, starting just above her knee, slowly, meticulously, wrapping Kim's thigh, all the way up to the crotch, he made several turns around the very top of her leg, where leg meets torso, smoothing, rubbing, molding each turn. By the time he was done with that roll, the plaster was getting warm and beginning to set. As he did with her lower leg, Scott now concentrated on molding the hardening plaster. Careful attention was spent around her knee, molding the plaster to exactly conform to the contours beneath it. When that was done, Scott pulled the extra padding and stockenette over the cast as he did around her toes, and with one last bandage, secured it to the cast. The rest of that bandage continued down her leg to her ankle. Scott spent a long time on this last layer rubbing it into the rest of the cast, smoothing every inch of it, sometimes wetting his hands in the bucket of water to help put a perfect finish on the drying cast.

All the while Scott was working on Kim's upper leg, Kim lay on the bed with her eyes closed, she was feeling flushed, she had a familiar feeling inside her, but had no idea why she was feeling it now. As the wet plaster started warming and hardening, moving up her thigh, her excitement grew. As Scott molded the plaster, almost into her crotch, she could barely control herself. Scott was so involved in his work of art, he didn't notice. "Done." Scott announced. Kim popped out of the trance she was in. Scott slid one arm under Kim's shoulders and the other arm under her legs, he lifted her up just enough to straiten her on the bed. Scott took the pillow off the bench and placed it under Kim's freshly casted left leg before gently setting it down. He then took two more pillows and propped them under her shoulders. Kim was looking at Scott, giving him those 'bedroom eyes', but Scott was still busy with his 'fantasy making'.

"I have to clean up sweetie." Scott told Kim. "Mmmm." Kim moaned as she closed her eyes again. Scott carefully pulled the old sheet out from under Kim, he picked up the bucket of water and rolled up everything else in the other sheet on the floor. He took it all into the garage and threw it in the corner and said 'time for that later.' Scott went into the bathroom and began cleaning the plaster off his hands. It took quit awhile to get the plaster out of his fingernails and off his skin. When Scott had himself cleaned up, he got a wet washcloth and went to clean up Kim. When he walked back into the bedroom he almost fainted, he had been so involved in actual application of the cast that he had never actually stopped to admire it. Now he stood there in the doorway of the bedroom, staring. There on his bed, lying almost naked, was a gorgeous girl in a huge leg cast. Man how I've dreamed of this he thought to himself. He went over to Kim and sat down on the bed next to her. Kim looked at Scott not saying a word. Scott started cleaning Kim's toes, plaster had splattered all over her. When he was done there he began wiping off the plaster on her above the cast. He wished she would say something, what was she thinking?

"So", Scott said, "What do you think?" "It's big." She said. "I could make it bigger." Scott replied. "Their's no more of my leg left to cover." Kim said. "No, but theirs a lot more of you to cover." "Lets just leave it at this for now Scott, I can't even lift this up its so heavy." Kim said as she attempted to lift the cast. "It'll get a little lighter after it dries." Scott said as he got up, "Be right back, don't go away." "Very funny." Kim replied. When Scott left, Kim began to examine the rigid addition to her body. She ran her hands over her plastered thigh. The plaster was damp, kind of chalky feeling. Her hands found the top of the cast, God, he couldn't possibly have made this any higher, she thought. Kim tried to reach inside the cast, it was pretty tight, and she could just barely get one finger inside. 'I hope it doesn't start itching' she thought, she had always heard how people itched when they were in a cast. Just as she thought this, her knee began to itch. Great Kim thought, she scratched the plaster over her knee knowing it wouldn't help but just went through the motions anyway.

Kim leaned back on her elbows just looking at the white plaster covering her leg. She began testing it to see if it did in fact hold her leg immobile. She knew it would, but wanted to feel what happened when she tried to move inside it. First she tried to move her foot and ankle. She could feel the muscles in her lower leg tense and relax as her brain told her foot to move, but, not surprisingly, the plaster held everything firmly in the position it which it had been applied. Next Kim tried to bend her knee, then striated it, again feeling the muscles in her thigh tighten and relax and again her plaster encased leg just lay on the pillow. There was no external visible sign of any of her efforts. Finally, Kim wriggled her toes, they worked she found it fascinating how she could in no way move her entire leg but could still wriggle her toes at the other end. The fact that she could do this was the only thing that made her feel that part of her was indeed in there and she found that she liked to wriggle them to remind her of that.

Scott came back into the bedroom carrying a bottle of wine and two glasses. "Oh Scott, you know what that does to me." Kim said. "I know, why do you think I got it." He replied as he set the glasses down and began pouring them some. He handed a glass to Kim and said "To a great weekend."

Kim took a sip of her wine, not taking her eyes off Scott. Something seemed different about him, he seemed to have a glow about him. His eyes sparkled with delight. She could tell that he was enjoying this. Scott drank his wine, not taking his eyes off the fresh white plaster covering Kim's leg.

"What do we do now?" Kim asked him. Scott looked up at Kim, he had to be careful not to pay too much attention to the cast. He didn't want Kim to be jealous of it. He had to give her a lot of attention. 'I've got to make sure she enjoys this' he thought to himself. "I promised you dinner right?" he asked. "Yes, you did." Kim wasn't really hungry though, she had other things on her mind, but, they had all weekend.

Scott bent over and effortlessly lifted Kim off the bed. Even with all the wet plaster she was wearing, she probably didn't weigh 120 pounds. Scott had no problem carrying her. As he took her to the living room, Kim wrapped her arms around Scotts neck and lovingly looked into his eyes. Scott's strength was one of the things that Kim admired about him. She loved the way he could just pick her up and whisk her away, being kinda gimpy sort of added to that excitement. Scott was being careful as he navigated through the hallways and doorways, Kim's rigid leg stuck awkwardly out and he didn't want it knocking against everything. When they reached the living room, Scott gently laid her down on the sofa. He then went back to the bedroom and quickly returned with four pillows. He again propped two under Kim's shoulders, and asked if she was comfortable. He then gently lifted her leg and placed it on the other two pillows. As her leg settled onto the pillows, Kim again wriggled her toes and again Scott felt that rush of excitement. God they were cute. "O.K. then, what's for dinner?" Kim asked

"Pizza, I ordered it earlier, should be here any minute." Scott replied.

As Kim thought of a pizza being delivered, a sudden panic went through her as she realized that Scott had strategically placed her on the sofa in plain view of anyone coming in the front door. She hadn't thought of anyone seeing her like this, what would they think, would they know it wasn't real? "Scott, get me a blanket, quick!" Kim said frantically. "Why, are you cold?" Scott replied. "No, hurry, before the pizza comes." "What's wrong?" Scott asked her. "What if he knows its not real?" Kim said, still frantic about being seen in the cast. "It is real." Said Scott, "It's made exactly the way they are in the hospital." "But what if he knows that you put it on me?" "Now how would he know that? Kim, relax O.K., does it look real to you?" "Well, yes." Kim answered. "Have you ever seen a cast on someone and thought that it wasn't put on by a doctor?" "No, I guess not." Kim realized that probably no one would expect she would be in this cast without some medical reason to be, It sure looked convincing to her. Actually, the more she thought about it, the thought of someone seeing her in the cast was sort of exciting. Maybe it was the idea of fooling someone. "Scott, could I at least have something more to wear?" Kim asked. She was still only wearing Scotts old T-shirt. Scott smiled and went back to the bedroom, he returned with a pair of his flannel boxers and threw them to Kim. Kim took the shorts and attempted to put them on. As she bent down to pull the shorts over her casted foot, the top of the cast pressed into her groin, it was a little painful. She looked at Scott who was watching with amusement, he had known full well that she wouldn't be able to do it but wanted to watch her try. "Could you help?" Kim asked in a shy quiet voice looking up at Scott. "Of course, I'd love to my dear" Scott replied. He helped Kim pull the shorts up over her cast and then held it up as she lifted her butt up and pulled them on the rest of the way.

They had no sooner gotten the shorts on her when the doorbell rang. Kim suddenly felt that feeling of apprehension again. Scott smiled and winked at her, walked to the door and opened it. A teenage boy stood there with a pizza, he instantly noticed Kim and her cast, which was not surprising considering her location right in front of the door, his eye's kind of widened a bit, then he tried to act as if he didn't notice. "Um, that's $8.45." he said, Scott thumbed through his wallet, watching the boy look past him at Kim. Kim could also see that the boy was staring right at her cast. Scott gave him 11 bucks, said "that's good" and took the pizza. The boy said "thanks," stuffed the money in his pocket, took one more look at Kim, and was gone.

Kim's heart was racing, "Why was he staring at me that way? "She asked. "Because you are gorgeous" Scott said. Kim looked at him like he was nuts. "Don't think I'm the only one who thinks a girl in a cast is attractive." Scott put the pizza down and got some plates. They ate and they talked. They talked about work, about their friends, about nothing in particular. When they were done, Scott cleaned up and put the dishes in the dishwasher, "Sit still," he told Kim, "I'll get it." She just smiled and said, "This does have some benefits, being a cripple." "You haven't seen anything yet." Scott said. When everything was put away, Scott started with his plan of making sure Kim enjoyed her first cast experience. He first put Kim's favorite movie in the VCR, then he sat down on the sofa, placing both of Kim's legs on his lap. Scott began massaging her free foot, rubbing each little toe. He continued with that degree of attention on the rest of her body. Except of coarse that which was not accessible. He did spend a lot of time on those toes that Kim kept wriggling. She was noticing the effect this had on Scott and she really did like wriggling them out the end of the cast.

Kim and Scott didn't really see much of the movie. Scott was in heaven. And Kim was immensely enjoying the attention. Scott worked very hard at paying attention to Kim, and not just Kim's cast. Eventually Scott carried his helpless sweetheart back to the bedroom. It was past midnight when they both drifted off to sleep, satisfied, content, and exhausted.

Although Kim was a hard sleeper, she woke several times in the night. Her attempts at trying to turn over were stopped quickly by the cast. She quickly went back to sleep each time though, but noticed that each time she awoke and felt that heavy cast, she would get that feeling in her that she had had that evening. She just figured it must be from the experience of the evening before lingering in her. Scott slept all night but awoke early. The sun was up. Its light shinning through the windows dimly lit the room. Enough though so that when Scott looked down, he saw Kim's cast still propped up on the pillows were he had positioned it the night before. He was immediately excited again. He wanted to wake her and start all over again what they were doing when they had fallen asleep. Scott suspected though that Kim may have had a restless night and decided to let her sleep. Besides, he had plans for the day, and she would need the rest. Carefully, so as not to wake her, Scott climbed out of the covers and down to where Kim's cast stuck out of the sheets. He pulled the rest of the sheet back to uncover all of her cast. Scott just looked at it, then began to run his hand over the smooth plaster. It had completely dried and no longer had that damp chalky feel to it. It was now shiny and smooth. Scott studied the cast. He really hadn't noticed last night, he had done a good job. Her knee was bent quite a bit more than he had planned, and her foot kind of turned inward a bit, but the plaster seemed to be an even thickness throughout the cast. It showed the contours of her shapely leg perfectly.

Kim began to stir. Her eyes fluttered open, she looked down at Scott and smiled. "Good morning gorgeous." Scott said to her. "Morning, What are you doing down there?" "Just admiring my handy work." Scott answered. "I gotta pee." Kim announced. "O.K., hold on a sec." Scott left the room. "Hurry up, this is kinda urgent." Kim said. Scott returned with a pair of crutches. "I was wondering if I was going to get some of them or if you were going to carry me all weekend." Kim said. She swung her cast over the edge of the bed and struggled up. Scott handed her the crutches and told her to be careful. "I'll try" she said, and she awkwardly hobbled to the bathroom. Scott sat anxiously on the bed awaiting her return. Before long, she appeared at the door and struggled back to the bed. "I think you need crutching lessons." Scott announced. Scott taught Kim how to swing along on her crutches and soon she looked like she was a pro.

"So, what am I suppose to do all weekend all helpless and immobilized like this." Kim asked trying to sound pathetic. "Well, I thought we would go shopping for awhile, then take it from there." Scott said. Kim raised her eyebrows, " you think I'm going out like this?" "Sure, why not?" Scott said. "What if someone I know see's me?" "We'll go out of town, Kim trust me O.K." Kim was not comfortable with this, but she wanted to please Scott, if it had the same effect on him, and he reacted the way he did last night, she would do anything he asked. "O.K." Kim replied reluctantly.

"I need a shower Scott, how am I going to do that?" Kim asked. "Can't." Scott replied, "Ohhh man, I didn't know that was part of the deal." Kim hated going through the day without a shower. Scott helped her wash her hair and she washed up in the bathroom, then came the usual hour of fixing her hair and doing her make up. When she was done, Scott helped her put on a short jumper that he had picked out for her. He liked that outfit normally because it showed off her legs, now with the cast it was much better, showing the contrast between one soft, smooth, slender, tanned leg and one hard, shinny, white rigid leg. A sandal on her right foot and she was ready to go. After some doing they got Kim loaded into Scott's truck. The Ford Explorer had a console between the seats. Scott piled pillows up between the console and the dash and propped Kim's cast up on it so it was very visible to anyone who looked at them. Kim suggested however that they wait until they were a little farther away from their town before putting her on display. She turned sideways in the seat and slid her cast into Scott's lap where it was a little less noticeable. Had the plaster covering her foot not prevented her from feeling anything, she would have noticed how much Scott was enjoying this.

Kim was a little nervous until they got aways out of town. It was also a little uncomfortable sitting that way, the cast pressing into her hip. With Scott's help, Kim got her cast back up on the pillows, she still had to recline her seat back quite a ways to relieve the pressure of the cast, Scott was thinking that maybe he had put it on too high. Kim settled back in the seat, finally comfortable and watched out the window. She watched the scenery and the other cars go by, what she didn't notice, however, was how half the people in the other cars were all taking long looks at her cast propped up in the windshield. Scott noticed, and was enjoying every glance.

Scott was taking Kim to a shopping mall in a city about 70 miles away. There were at least a half dozen malls closer to home than the one they were going to, but he was still a little apprehensive yet that they would run into someone they knew. Just normal to be a little paranoid he figured. It was a pretty large mall and he was really excited about showing off Kim and her cast.

They arrived at the mall at a little after 11:00am. It wasn't very busy there yet. Scott was glad of this, it would give Kim a chance to get used to being in public in her cast before the crowds came later. He pulled up to the curb near one of the side entrances and stopped the truck. "Ready?" he asked Kim. She just looked at him, he could tell she wasn't sure about this. "I guess so," she said. Scott got out and went around and opened Kim's door. He took a moment to absorb the sight of Kim sitting there, slightly reclined, with that huge cast propped up there like that, she looked so helpless. Kim felt helpless, the way she was positioned she couldn't move her leg, it was too heavy for her to lift. Scott had to help her slide up the back of the seat so he could swing her cast past the dashboard and out the door. Again Kim felt that feeling of excitement of having to depend on Scott to help her. She loved all the attention he was giving her.

Scott got her crutches from the back seat and helped Kim stand up. She took the crutches and tucked them under her arms. Scott said, "I'll park the truck and be right back." "Hurry" Kim said, looking at Scott with a worried look on her face. As Scott drove off Kim began crutching toward a bench that was near the mall entrance. A woman and her small boy were sitting there and quickly moved over to make room for her. Kim was obviously aware of the woman staring at her cast as she made her way to the bench. When the woman realized that Kim had noticed her looking at her, she smiled at her, kind of an 'I'm sorry' smile. Kim smiled back. At first she had been embarrassed by the woman's attention to her cast, but she had given Kim the warmest sincere smile, It made Kim feel good. She knew it was out of pity for her, but this total stranger had just made a gesture of warmth and friendship, almost as if to say 'I'm here if you need me.' 'If I didn't have this cast on my leg'.. Kim thought, 'she wouldn't even have noticed me, let alone move over for me to sit down and smile at me like that.'

Kim sat down awkwardly and set her crutches down next to her. The woman and her boy went back to what they were doing, but Kim noticed the occasional glance back at her cast. She looked down at all the white plaster and wiggled her toes, 'man, there must be a lot of people intrigued by these things.' She thought to herself. After awhile, Scott came walking back from the parking lot. Kim pulled herself up, got her crutches and started for the door. She got there before Scott and just as an older man was coming out. He too stared at her cast as he held the door open for her. Kim said thank-you as she swung thorough the doorway. The man said "Sure, no problem, that looks rough." And Scott followed her through the door also saying 'thanks'.

As Kim and Scott started making their way down the mall Kim was again aware of the looks she was getting. If someone were to have told her that so many people would be noticing her and looking at her like this in her cast, she probably would have been petrified and not have come. But somehow, it didn't bother her, in fact, she was enjoying it. Kim thought about what Scott had said about other people enjoying seeing other people in casts. Kim thought, these people are looking at me the same way they look at some gorgeous girl walking through the mall. She always envied those almost perfect looking girls who could be models if they wanted, as they made their way around the mall, all the guys looking over their shoulders, the other girls looking at them with jealousy. Now she felt like one of them. Everyone was looking at her, she was somebody, not just another face in the crowd, and she was getting noticed.

Scott was also enjoying it. It was no surprise to him however, he knew he was with the biggest attraction in the mall. At least in his eyes, and he was proud. As Kim crutched along, her immobile leg swinging along drawing all that attention, she looked over at Scott. Scott looked back at her, all that pride, love, and passion he felt shone in his eyes as he looked at her. Kim felt so good, so loved, so important. At that moment both Kim and Scott were thinking 'This is so great'.

The whole weekend was great. Scott had always treated her like a queen, but this was something even better. She had his undivided attention all weekend. He catered to her every desire. She found that she loved being the helpless immobilized damsel in distress.

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