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Karen's Conspiracy

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"Come on," Karen said, grabbing her friend Stepahnie's arm and giving it a conspiratorial shake. "It'll be funny."

Stephanie shook her head and rolled her eyes.

"Why in the world do you want me to help put you in a cast?" Stephanie asked. "I mean, I am studying to be a physician assistant, so I certainly know how. I just don't understand why you'd want to wear one."

Karen, her best friend and classmate at the university, crossed her arms and furrowed her brow. Karen knew it sounded bizarre and hoped Stephanie didn't think she'd completely lost it.

"I am really pissed at Jeff right now," Karen said, tossing her shoulder length reddish brown hair. "You know that little weekend excursion I took? You know, he kept trying to convince me not to go. He told me going and riding dirt bikes with them was dangerous and was - ahem - nothing that a girl should be doing."

Karen had spent the first weekend of spring break with several of her friends camping and riding dirt bikes and had just arrived back in town.

"Well, Jeff is your boyfriend and he had a right to be concerned," Stephanie said. "I mean, riding motorcycles is dangerous and you're not experienced with them."

"Oh, come on, Stepahnie," Karen said, feeling her anger at Jeff rise again. "We were at my cousin's property and she knows all about the trails there and she's been riding those bikes since she was like 10 or something. And, for crying out loud, these are dirt bikes not Harley Davidsons.

"Anyway," Karen continued, "I just think Jeff was being totally sexist about it. And he kept trying to scare me away from it like I was some kinda kid."

"Well, you certainly came back from your trip in fine condition," Stephanie said, looking Karen over.

"Yeah, just a few nicks and scratches," Karen said, looking down at a scratch on her wrist. "Got nicked on some branches, briars and stuff. That's it."

"OK, back to my original question," Stephanie said. "Why do you want me to put you in a cast?"

"Like I said, I want to get back at Jeff over his little macho-man routine," Karen said. "The day before I left to go to my cousin's land, he told me I'd be lucky if I didn't break my leg or do something worse."

Karen patted her right thigh.

"He was out of town himself and I won't be seeing him until tomorrow evening, so I thought I'd see what his reaction would be if I really did break my leg."

Stepahnie laughed.

"I know you've always been a practical joker, but this is going to be cruel," Stephanie chided, still chuckling.

"Yeah, but he's been begging for it. I mean, he was being pretty cruel by trying to scare me into thinking I was going to hurt myself like that. I just want to see the reaction on his face when I tell him he's going to have to wait on me hand and foot," Karen said, lifting her leg up. "I'll be so helpless and if he's going to be a gentleman, he'll have to do everything for me."

"This is a lot of trouble to go through for a practical joke, but if you're serious about it, then I guess I'll help you out with it tomorrow," Stephanie said. "Just show up after class at the medical school. I'll be there."

Karen was awake most of the night.

As she lay in bed, she could think of nothing else but how much fun it would be to have Jeff see her with a cast on her leg.

Part of the fun would be getting him back for his sexist remarks. Everyone knew Karen was a joker. She loved subjecting unwitting friends and enemies alike to her elaborate gags.

But, she was the only one who knew that her latest practical joke was going to fulfill a wish she'd had for a long time, a desire to wear a cast.

Karen was fascinated with casts for as long as she could remember. Even when she was a child, she loved playing the patient when other kids wanted to play doctor. She was fascinated when schoolmates of hers were forced to wear casts due to injuries and always barraged them with questions about their casts.

And, after she grew old enough, her fascination took on a sexual side. The sight of someone in a cast or the thought of wearing one drove her crazy.

She was most excited by the thought of wearing a long leg cast, of having her leg encased from just above the toes to her upper thigh. The thought of having that much of her body immobilized in hard plaster or fiberglass bandages sent shivers up her spine.

She always had been amazed when she'd seen someone wearing a full leg cast in public and would frequently fantasize about what it would be like to trade positions with someone in that situation.

Now, she was finally going to get to wear a cast and, if she had any say in it, it would be a long leg cast that went up as high as Stephanie could make it. Karen tried to close her eyes and drift to sleep, but her thoughts about tomorrow kept her awake.

The next day, a slightly sleepy Karen walked briskly from her apartment near the campus to the medical school to meet up with Stephanie. The two of them then went into the orthopedics lab where Karen stripped off her clothes and donned a hospital gown. She sat on the cool steel table while Stephanie readied casting supplies.

"So, what kind of cast are we going to treat Jeff to?" Stephanie asked as she donned rubber gloves.

"Let's give him a good scare," Karen said, arching one of her eyebrows deviously. "I want a full leg cast!"

"Alright, let's get cracking," Stephanie said, picking up a roll of fiberglass tape from her table full of supplies. "I just hope no one walks in while I'm putting this on. This shit's expensive and I'm sure people in authority would frown on it being used for some practical joke."

Stephanie pulled out a thin stockinette and Karen watched enraptured as Stephanie slid it up her right leg until it reached her hip. As she saw her friend begin to wrap padding around her leg, making it extra thick around her ankle, Karen bit her lip in ecstacy.

This is going to be incredible, Karen thought to herself. She just hoped Stephanie wouldn't notice that her nipples had become rock hard under her hospital gown.

Soon, Stephanie had wet some of the blue fiberglass bandages arranged before her and began slowy winding them up Karen's leg. Karen almost felt faint as she watched the blue bandages cover more and more of her leg. She had waited so long for this.

"When the cast begins setting, you'll feel some heat," Stephanie warned. "It's nothing to worry about."

Karen nodded that she understood. But Stephanie's warning was something she already knew to expect. She'd read about this procedure hundreds of times in medical books.

Stephanie continued rolling the fiberglass bandages around Karen's leg and roll-by-roll the cast began to take shape. Karen felt the burning sensation in her leg as the cast set and it continued up her body and into her groin and stomach. It felt so good she was worried she would pass out.

Finally, Stephanie applied the seventh roll of fiberglass and began trimming the cast. It looked amazing Karen decided, it fit perfectly to the contours of her leg with and looked so smooth and perfect.

"You've been learning well," Karen said, nodding down at her leg. "That's a great-looking cast!"

Stephanie looked up at Karen as she finished her work and smiled.

"Thanks for the complement," Stephanie said. "I do pay attention in class, I guess."

Stephanie patted the cast above Karen's knee and stepped back to admire her handiwork. Karen noticed that the leg was locked in a straight position at the knee rather than bent at a 45 degree angle like most long leg casts she'd seen.

"Aren't these usually bent at the knee," Karen asked.

"Often they are, but I did it this way so you can either walk on it or use crutches, whichever you prefer," Stephanie said, rubbing the surface of the cast again to make sure it was smooth.

Karen tried to move her leg at both the knee and ankle and was overcome with joy to realize it was now impossible. The cast was so beautiful that Karen decided she couldn't just stop now. She needed at least one more cast to keep her immobilized. And now was the time to speak up if she was going to one.

"Uh, Steph?" Karen asked sheepishly, her earlobes burning with guilty pleasure. "Is there any chance I could talk you into just one more favor? One more cast?"

Stephanie raised an eyebrow quizically.

"Can you do one on my arm also?" Karen asked. "I really want to pull a good one on Jeff. Please?"

Stephanie shook her head again.

"Well, I guess I don't have anything else better to do than contribute to one of your silly pranks," she said. "But you know Jeff is gonna shit bricks when he sees you like this. You're going to have him worried sick."

"That's the idea," Karen said, cackling with mock evil laughter.

Steph spent the 15 minutes busily applying more stockinette, padding and bandages until Karen's left arm was immobilized in a perfectly shaped long arm cast. Karen again was amazed at how adept her friend was at applying casts.

"Amazing, babe," Karen said as Stephanie finished applying more fiber bandage to the cast around Karen's armpit. Karen wiggled the fingers on her casted arm and tried in vain to move her elbow.

"Thanks," Stephanie said wiping her forehead with the back of her hand. "So, Karen, are we all done?"

Karen looked down at her casted limbs, lifting her left arm up away from her body for a better view. She was amazed at how horny the lack of movement was making her.

"Ya think Jeff's going to freak?" Karen asked, trying to break her mind away from her sexual stimulation.

"He should, given the shape you look like you're in," Stephanie laughed. She picked up another roll of blue fiberglass and looked down at it for a second.

"Hey, how about one more for good measure?" Stephanie asked, grinning mischeviously. "I mean, I've already flushed quite a bit of the school's money down the toilet. What's a little bit more for a good prank?"

"You mean another cast?" Karen asked, feeling that warm rush through her body again as she thought of being constrained in even more fiberglass.

"Yeah, how about one on your other arm or on your leg?"

"Oooh, how about one of those arm ones where it also covers up your thumb?" Karen said, pretending not to know the proper name for a thumb spica. "That way I can tell Jeff that he's going to have to feed me and help me do everything until I get the casts off. That would really get him worked up!"

Both of them laughed at the prospect of Jeff facing the daunting task of catering to Karen's every whim for a month or more.

"OK, let's see that arm and we'll get one more good one in on Jeff," Stephanie said.

Karen looked herself up and down in a full-length mirror in the hospital's orthopedic ward, holding up her casted right arm and turning the cast as best she could to examine it from multiple angles. The short arm thumb spica she now wore looked just as great as the other casts Stephanie had applied.

She then turned awkwardly to get a side view of herself, carefully pivoting on her casted leg. She felt like she was trying on clothing at a store at the mall.

She noticed that her leg cast went so high on her leg that it disappeared under her cutoffs and that her long arm cast seemed to stop just centimeters below her armpit. Stephanie had done a wonderful job molding the casts so that they contoured to the shape of her limbs.

Karen looked down and wiggled the toes on her casted leg. They seemed so cute poking out of the blue fiberglass shell - like they were playing peek-a-boo. Stephanie had tried to convince Karen to wear a cast shoe for her leg cast, but Karen declined since she always hated seeing them when they hid other people's casts.

As she looked up and down in the full-length mirror, Karen decided she had found bliss. She'd never seen a person outside of a movie or cartoon wearing so many casts. She would be a real spectacle if she went out in public.

"I'll take 'em. They look great," she told Stephanie, who was standing nearby.

"You certainly do look pathetic," Stephanie said. "Which reminds me, how are you going to get over to Jeff's?"

"Well, seeing that I now walk about as fast as Boris Karloff in the Mummy and my bicycle is definitely out of the question, I was hoping you'd drive me," Karen said, rubbing the fingers on her left hand on the palm of her fiberglass-encased hand to feel its slightly rough texture.

Stephanie shook her head and rolled her eyes again.

"I had a feeling you'd ask that favor."

"First, I've got to call him and make sure he's there," Karen said. "Can you help me do that?"

Stephanie led Karen down a short hall to a payphone, which Karen found an enjoyable trip. She had walked a few feet from the cast room to the room with the mirror in it, but this was her first attempt to walk any great length with her arms and leg encased in the shiny new casts.

Karen got used to her uneven gait as she lifted her right leg and moved it forward without the use of her knee or ankle. She smiled to herself as she noticed the clink sound of it coming down on the tile floor and wondered if anyone else would find that sound as cool as she did.

Finally, they arrived at the payphone.

Stephanie moved to pick up the receiver but Karen stopped her.

"No, let me try it. I want to see how I'd actually cope if I ever ended up like this for real," Karen said.

"We'll I hope for your sake, my sake and Jeff's sake you never do," Stephanie said.

Karen reached forward with her right arm and fiddled for a second with the receiver until she picked it up without the use of her thumb. She then placed it on her left shoulder, holding it there with her chin and dialed Jeff's number. Not bad, considering her condition, she thought.

"Hello," Jeff said after a few rings.

"Honey, I'm back," Karen said. "And I want to come over."

"Now wouldn't be that good a time, Karen, I'm running late for work," Jeff said. She sensed by his voice that he was a little tense.

Karen was about to ask if she could come over after he got off work, then caught herself. Jeff worked at a mall near the campus as a clerk at a poster and frame shop. If she visited him at work, then she'd get a chance to do some publicing in her new casts. Sure, someone might recognize her, but she'd deal with that as it came up.

"Honey?" Karen said, trying to pour on the pathos. "Can I come and see you at the mall? I really want to see you soon. Plus, there's something that happened on the trip that I need to tell you about. It's pretty important."

"Sure, give me about thirty minutes and I'll be at the shop," Jeff said. "I need to pick up a delivery on the way there."

Karen agreed to wait 30 minutes, then they both said goodbye and hung up. Karen smiled broadly at the thought of showing herself off at the mall.

"Are you sure you just want me to drop you off here?" Stephanie asked as Karen awkwardly lifted herself out of her car.

"I'll be fine, babe," Karen said. "If anyone gives me any problems, I'll just hit them over the head with an arm cast. I have two to choose from."

Karen lifted her arms and smiled.

"OK, gimme a call tomorrow so we can get those things off," Stephanie said leaning across her front seat to close the car door. "I'm sure you'll be ready. In fact, I wonder how you'll even be able to sleep in them."

"I'll manage," Karen called over her shoulder as she limped toward the mall entrance. She was enjoying exploring her new body so much that it seemed like a shame to take them off tomorrow.

After using the electric handicapped-equipped entrance door to enter the mall, Karen began making her way toward Jeff's shop. She had a few minutes to kill before Jeff got there so she didn't need to hurry.

Actually, hurrying wasn't an option. Karen found herself moving slowly and carefully as she hobbled through the mall. The cast was hard to walk in since she was unable to bend both her knee and ankle and with both her arms casted, she had to be careful to maintain her balance.

She noticed that the patrons at the mall seemed to have two different reactions to her as she limped along, holding her casted arms beside her. Several seemed to stare unabashedly but most seemed to try to avoid looking at her - the same way she'd often notice people averting their eyes from the severely handicapped.

A few people though, met her gaze and she smiled at them as she passed. Their reactions seemed to those of pity.

As Karen moved along, dragging her immobilized leg, she spotted a shoe store and decided that she could kill a little time there. She limped into the store and began looking at the displays. As she did, she heard a little girl's voice behind her.

"Mommy, look at her. What happened to her?"

Karen looked back over her shoulder and saw a mother sitting in one of the chairs in the store embarrassedly hushing her young daughter.

"I'm sorry," the woman said blushing.

"It's OK," Karen said laughing. "I'm getting used to it."

The woman nodded and smiled politely before turning back to scold her daughter in a whisper.

Karen turned her attention to the boots on display. She needed a new pair of Doctor Marten's boots - the one she was wearing now on her uncasted foot was fairly scuffed and worn.

Sure, it would make more sense to try on some boots after Stephanie took the casts off, but Karen decided it would be fun to try one on now. It should provide some entertainment to watch the salesperson's reaction.

Using the four uncasted fingers of her right hand, Karen carefully picked up a dark blue Doc and made her way to one of the chairs in the store and sat down on the edge of the seat so she could keep the heel of her rigid right leg on the floor.

A teenage girl clerk walked and greeted her and Karen told her she needed to try on a size 8.

The left, then returned with a box and sat down on a stool in front of Karen.

"I guess you just need to try on one," the girl laughed.

"Yeah, I've already got some footwear on this leg," Karen said patting her casted right hand on her leg cast.

"You mind if I ask you what happened?" the girl said as she pulled out a left boot and began lacing it.

"I had a motorcycle accident," Karen said. "I got off pretty lightly, I guess. You should see the bike."

"Jeez," the girl said. "I guess things could have been worse."

"Yeah, you could say that," Karen laughed.

The girl looked down at the boot already on Karen's uncasted leg.

"Guess you need some help getting that off," she giggled as she unlaced the boot and slipped it off. The girl then helped slide on the Doc Marten.

Karen thanked the girl and explained that she needed her roommate's help every morning to tie her boot and help her dress.

"I would probably go crazy being in all those casts like that," the girl said.

"It's taken some getting used to but I'm dealing with it, y'know," Karen replied as the girl laced up the boot. "I guess that's all I can do."

The clerk helped Karen to her feet and Karen walked stiff-legged up the length of the store, pausing to admire both the boot and her casted foot in a mirror. She couldn't resist the urge to wiggle her toes again. She'd have to do that in front of Jeff and see if he liked it. He always seemed to like to play with her feet.

Karen returned to her seat and began a near-fuitle attempt to unlace the boot with her casted right arm.

"Here, let me get that," the clerk said, reaching down and untieing the boot for Karen. "I really think it's cool how independent you are even though have all those casts on. I mean, it must be kinda tough with casts on both your arms. I had to wear just one a few years ago and that was a major bummer."

"Oh, yeah?" Karen asked, her interest piqued. "What kind."

"It was one of those like you have," the girl said. "The kind that goes over your thumb like that. It drove me crazy."

Karen laughed, then moved her head a little closer to the clerk's.

"Did it drive the boys crazy?"

"Well, I did get a lot of offers from them to carry my books between classes," the girl said.

"I've noticed that a couple of my guy friends seem to be really turned on by my casts. I'm not sure why, but they just kinda fall all over themselves to help me out and stuff."

The clerk scratched her head contemplatively.

"Y'know, I did have a couple guys that I'd never met before ask me out when I had my cast on," the girl said reflectively as she put the boot back in its box. "Kinda weird I guess."

The girl paused for a second then asked Karen if she wanted the boots or whether she'd like to try another pair.

"I like them but I'll probably come back for them in a couple months," Karen said. "I was thinking it over and I guess I probably need to wait until I get my leg out of this thing before I buy any shoes. No sense wearing one shoe out while the other sits in the closet."

"Sure," the girl said. "Good luck. I hope you get out of those things soon."

"Thanks," Karen said, lifting herself out of her chair carefully balancing her weight on her left leg and supporting herself with her right arm.

Karen left the store and began hobbling toward the food court. She was thirsty and still had a few minutes to kill before she surprised Jeff. Now this should be interesting, she thought to herself, I'm going to have a real struggle even drinking a soda with my arms like this.

She walked up the counter of a little Greek place and ordered a soda. The young guy working at the counter filled her order and placed the drink on the counter in front of her. He watched seemingly bemused as she unzipped her belt pouch using her index and middle finger of her right arm and fished in it for her wallet. She drew the wallet out and placed it on the counter.

"Y'know," Karen said. "This might go a little faster if you could just take the change out of my wallet for me."

The young man at the counter nodded, then opened the coin pocket of her wallet, took out the correct change and thanked her. All the time, he seemed to be smirking. Karen couldn't help but notice that he seemed mildly amused by her predicament. Cruel fucker, she thought.

"Um, I really hate to ask for more help but could you carry my drink over to that table for me," Karen asked, arching an eyebrow. "I'm worried I'll spill it if I try."

The man laughed. "You should have your boyfriend come with you. Get him to do these things," he said in a thick Greek accent.

He then came from behind the counter and carried the drink to a nearby table and without being asked peeled the paper off of a straw and poked it into the top of the cup's lid.

Karen sat down at the table and thanked the man, who still seemed somewhat puzzled by her being in public with so much of her body covered in casts. Karen sipped her drink, letting it sit on the table and watched people walk by.

After a few minutes she spotted a boy about 14 years old swinging by on crutches with his left leg encased in an off-white fiberglass short leg cast covered in signatures. He was followed by an older man who appeared to be his dad.

The boy soon noticed Karen at the table and smiled at her. She raised her fiberglass-encased leg in solidarity and waved with her thumb-spicaed hand. The boy smiled again and nodded back.

Karen laughed to herself, she was now part of the cast club of people who were wearing or had worn casts.

After finishing most of her soda, she left the food court and headed to Jeff's shop. She again marveled at the clinking noise her cast made on the tile floor of the mall. Too cool.

As she approached the frame shop, she noticed Jeff there helping a customer. A middle-aged female clerk was busy sorting prints. Karen decided to wait until Jeff was done with the customer before she made her entrance. That way it could be more dramatic.

After five or so minutes of hovering outside the store trying to look as inconspicuous as someone with a leg and both arms in casts can, Karen hobbled inside, making extra effort to make her walk look difficult. As she made her way into the shop, she noticed the female clerk's eyes rise and look of surprise spread across her face. Jeff, who was sorting through something at the counter, also looked up and she saw his jaw drop.

"I should have taken your advice, Jeff," Karen said as she moved closer to the counter, exagerating the unevenness of her gait as she swung her casted leg.

"My god," Jeff said, looking pale. "What happened?"

"I took a little spill down a hill," Karen said. She lifted her right leg a few inches of the ground and nodded down to it. "Broken tibia." She then nodded down to her left arm. "Broken elbow." Then held out her casted right hand for Jeff to examine. "And some broken bones in my hand."

Jeff's coworker excused herself to the shop's store-room and told Jeff to ring her if he needed anything.

"Shit, girl, are you alright other than that? I mean, nothing was life-threatening, right?" Jeff asked. She sensed that his concern was genuine.

"Nope, I'll be OK, but I'm probably going to be done up in this gear for the rest of the semester," Karen said, putting on her best moping act. "I can't believe it. I should have listened to your advice. That stuff is dangerous."

Karen began to worry that she was overdoing it, but Jeff appeared to be playing right along with her prank.

"Here, let me get you a chair," Jeff said, grabbing a folding chair from behind the counter and rushing it to Karen's side. "You can't be comfortable standing on a broken leg."

"Thanks," Karen said, sitting down in the chair. "I'm worried about being able to take care of myself, now." She began to pretend like she was choking up as she spoke. "I'm pretty helpless."

Jeff placed his hands comfortingly on Karen's shoulders.

"Whatever you need me to do to help you through this, I'll do," he said, gently massaging her shoulders. "This is just something temporary. You'll get better."

The two of them talked for another hour or so, while Jeff intermittently helped a customers and his coworker made herself busy. The few customers that passed through the store tsk-tsked poor Karen's injuries and wished her a speedy recovery.

While they talked, Jeff seemed to spend a lot of time looking down at Karen's casted leg, she noticed. She wondered if there was anything to it, but decided there probably wasn't.

Finally, Jeff asked Karen if she wanted him to take her home. He explained that he could get his coworker to watch the store for him for the rest of the evening since Sundays were slow and his boss would understand him cutting out, given the circumstances.

Karen agreed and they made their way to his car. She noticed again that a few people seemed to stare but many averted their eyes like she was a freak.

When they arrived at Jeff's ancient Toyota, he pushed the passenger's seat back as far as it could go to make room for Karen's straight leg and helped her into the car.

As they made their way to Jeff's apartment, he asked her how long she expected to be in the casts.

Karen decided to milk the sympathy for at it was worth.

"I'm going to be in the leg cast," Karen said, patting her rock-hard thigh, "for three months. The other two I've just got to wear for six weeks. I can't believe this - three months."

Again, Karen tried to sound like she was getting ready to break down. And again, it worked, Jeff reached over and touched her left shoulder as he drove, keeping his hand there.

"Hey, cheer up, Karen. You could have been hurt worse. And you'll get used to it. It will be difficult but we can work through this."

"I'm sorry, it's just that I've never been in any kind of accident before and..." Karen trailed off as she noticed Jeff's hand on her shoulder had slid down to the top of her arm cast and he seemed to be running his finger along the texture of the fiberglass. His eyes were straight ahead on the road.

Karen began to wonder if Jeff was enjoying the feel of the cast.

They rode for a few more minutes in silence while Jeff alternated rubbing on her skin above the top of her cast and the top part of the cast itself. Karen could feel herself becoming excited by his touch.

But, as Jeff continued to play with her cast as they drove, she began to wonder if perhaps Jeff too was excited by her encasement. For years she thought she was the only one who had a fetish as odd as orthopedic casts, but as Jeff rubbed her fiberglass encased arm, she suspected that he too might share her unusual turn-on.

It would be long shot, Karen decided. But it was worth testing.

"Um, Jeff," Karen started sheepishly. "I felt really self conscious as I was walking through the mall with these things on. I mean, I don't exactly feel very... y'know... attractive wearing all this stuff. Will you still find me attractive even though I'm all casted up like this for so long?"

"Karen, you look great in those casts -" Jeff began, then stammered briefly. "I mean, you look great even though you're in those casts. Remember it's just a temporary thing. You look great all the time."

Karen smiled to herself and gloated the rest of the ride to Jeff's apartment. It wasn't definitive proof, but it was worth testing again.

After they arrived at the apartment, Jeff opened Karen's door for her, reached into the car, wrapped his arms around her and picked her up.

"I'm giving you a ride inside. You need to stay off that leg for a while," Jeff said. He pecked Karen on the cheek and used his foot to shut the door to his Toyota.

It was fortunate, Karen decided, that Jeff's apartment was on the bottom floor. She could tell that by the time they arrived at the door, he was straining under her weight.

"Maybe I need to lay off the pizza," Karen said.

Jeff laughed and gently began letting her down. "Watch your leg," he said as her feet came closer to the ground. As Karen touched down her casted foot, she let out a slight yelp, faking the pain of her allegedly broken bones.

"Sorry," Jeff said, unlocking the door.

"It's OK," Karen said, rubbing her casted thumb down his back. "It was as gentle a landing as possible."

As she ran her thumb down his back, she could feel Jeff shudder slightly. Was it just her touch or was it the fact that she was touching him with the cast?

The two entered the apartment and Jeff hurried over to the couch, cleaning off a few magazines and fluffing up the pillows for Karen. She eased herself onto the couch, swinging her leg onto a pair of pillows Jeff had stacked there for her to rest the cast on.

"Thanks, babe," Karen said as she adjusted her weight on the couch and got into a comfortable position.

Jeff sat down on the couch and placed his hand on Karen's casted ankle.

"Can I get you anything?"

Karen reassured Jeff she was doing OK for the time being and he continued to rub his hand along the ankle area of her cast. She eased forward a bit, sliding the cast closer to Jeff.

"My foot feels weird, dear. Could you massage the toes for me?" Karen asked, raising an imploring eyebrow. She knew how Jeff liked her feet and legs.

Jeff nodded and began rubbing her toes, poking his fingers down slightly into the cast as he did so. He gently worked with her toes with one hand. She noticed with the other, he seemed to be absently rubbing along the ankle of her cast.

Karen slid her weight a little closer and gently moved her mobile foot over Jeff's crotch, she could feel through his shorts that he was hard. He impulsively withdrew.

"Hey, what was that?" he asked.

What the hell, Karen decided. She caught him in the act. Why not ask him right-out.

"Are you getting that excited touching my toes or is there something else that has you worked up, sailor?" Karen asked, teasing her hair with her right arm.

Jeff looked embarrassed like he was a kid caught doing something wrong.

"It's OK to admit it, Jeff," Karen said, rubbing her casted heel on Jeff's stomach. "You're turned on by these casts, aren't you?"

Jeff was blushing now.

"It's OK to tell me. You're turned on by the casts."

"Yes. I am," Jeff said, embarrasedly. "I'm sorry. This is obviously a terrible time for you. You're badly hurt and I'm sitting here getting turned on the fact that you're in these casts. I just can't help it. It's a fetish I've had for as long as I can remember."

Jeff exhaled deeply. The confession was taking a lot out of him.

"I don't like seeing anyone hurt, especially you, Karen. But I just have this love for casts I can't explain. Please understand that I am really upset by your accident and I hate seeing you hurt and unhappy."

Karen smiled.

"Jeff, what if I told you I didn't really break anything on my trip?" Karen asked, rubbing her fiberglass encased foot on Jeff's belly.

"That these," Karen said, lifting her casted arms were put on just to pull a prank on you?"

Jeff looked puzzled.

"You told me not to go because I'd end up breaking my leg. Or worse," Karen reminded him. "I just thought pull a little joke in on you for your chauvanistic remark."

"Chauvanistic?" Jeff asked, looking slightly irratated. "I -"

"Hey, let's not get too wrapped up in that argument," Karen said, touching Jeff's shoulder with her right hand. "Let's forget the joke for a minute. You just confessed to me that you have a cast fetish -"

"Oh, so now you're going to jump all over my case for that too?" Jeff shot back, still on the defensive.

"I might jump all over your bones for that but not all over your case, Jeff," Karen laughed, grabbing Jeff's shirt collar as best she could in her casted right hand and pulling him closer.

"Jeff, I am totally obsessed with casts also. I wanted to be done up like this not only to play a joke on you but also because I've dreamed of being in casts for as long as I can remember. I thought I was probably the only one and I bet you did too.

Jeff seemed floored by Karen's confession.

"Jesus, Karen, we've been going out for two years now and we finally realize this about each other. This is insane! Insanely great!"

Jeff reached forward and embraced her. Karen wrapped her heavily encased arms around him and the two lost themselves in a passionate kiss.

Karen fell back on the couch, her casted leg sticking staight in the air and Jeff followed her down, continuing their kiss. She felt him pulling at her t-shirt and she wriggled around, helping him to pull it up and over her head. After much difficulty, he finally pulled it off over her bulky arm casts.

Karen closed her eyes and breathed deeply as she felt Jeff unfasten her bra and fling it to the side. He began to kiss and carress her breasts as she ran her fingers through his hair as best as the casts would allow her.

Jeff rose to his knees and began stripping off his own clothes as Karen looked up at him. She laid her casted arms across her belly and shuddered at how good the slighly cool fiberglass felt laying on her flesh.

After thowing his boxer shorts to the floor, Jeff unfastened Karen's shorts and began pulling them down, along with her panties. She felt the top of her leg cast offer some resistance as Jeff pulled them down, but soon he had slid them off and haphazardly tossed them on the coffee table.

Licking her lips, Karen could see that Jeff was fully erect, and she could feel herself coming to complete arousal.

"Karen, you've never looked more beautiful than tonight," Jeff said before the two brought their bodies together again.

Karen woke up in bed the next morning to see Jeff leaning on one elbow, looking at her.

"I was just watching you sleep for the last 30 minutes. You looked so great like that."

Karen smiled.

"Thanks," she said, reaching up with her thumb-spicaed arm to rub her nose.

"Listen, I'm sorry for the shit I gave you before your trip," Jeff said, placing his hand on Karen's bare, flat stomach. "I'm serious, I shouldn't have given you a bunch of grief over that."

"Are you just saying that because I'm wearing these?" Karen asked, lifting her casted limbs.

"No," said Jeff. "I was thinking about it while you were on the trip and I came to the realization that I was out of line."

Karen smiled at him and winked.

"Just don't get out of line again or...." Karen said, raising her thumb spica cast over Jeff's head. Jeff cringed and covered his head with his arms. "I'll give you a cast-clubbing!" she laughed, gently knocking the hard fiber mit on the side of his head.

"Ouch," Jeff said, squirming and overdramatizing the impact of the knock.

They both laughed.

"Karen, how are you going to get those off?" Jeff asked, running his hand down the fiberglass shrouding Karen's thigh. "I'm sure you made some sort of plan for that."

"What makes you think I'm thinking about taking them off any time soon?" she asked, raising her arm casts to admire them.

Karen noticed Jeff's face light up.

"I mean, I still have the rest of the week left of spring break," Karen said. "And I don't have any big plans. I'd like to keep them on until it's time to go back to schoool."

She could feel herself becoming aroused again as she thought of what it would be like to continue wearing her casts for the rest of the break. As long as she stayed clear of the campus, she could avoid facing questions from her friends and classmates.

Jeff smiled.

"I'll be working part of that time," he said. "Do you think you could fend for yourself while I'm working?"

"I guess I'd have to," Karen said as a she scratched the bare skin above her leg cast. "Steph is going to take them off when I'm ready. She was expecting me to come in tomorrow but I'll just call her and tell her I'm continuing my little prank for the rest of the week."

"Jeez, so she knows all about this too?" Jeff asked, mocking anger. "We have no secrets, I guess."

"This is something I've wanted to do for a long time," Karen said. "And I was just happy I could get her to help me with it. It'd be tough to do on my own. And, even though you were a shit earlier this week, I couldn't think of anyone I'd rather have looking after me."

Jeff smiled, and pulled Karen closer. Karen carefully moved her casted leg nearer to Jeff's leg that she could rub her toes along his shin.

"Well, sex was kind of awkward last night so we might have to try some new positions," Jeff said. "Don't get me wrong, though, it was some of the best we ever had. It just could be a little less awkward if we explored some more creative positions."

"We've only got a week to work this out, so we'd better get at exploring those positions," Karen laughed as she thrust her casted right hand down the front of Jeff's shorts and locked her lips to his in a deep, long, sensuous kiss.

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