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Julies Accident

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It is Friday at 5:00 PM. The weekend had finally arrived and Julie was happy to be leaving work. She had a long, hard week and especially bad day as an executive assistant at the marketing firm that she worked at. She was looking forward to getting home, getting out of the business attire that she had to wear at work.....blouse, skirt, pantyhose, and high heels.

It was hot that Friday...about 95 degrees....unseasonably hot for May . She was looking forward to slipping into a T-shirt, her short denim shorts, and her sandals and going out to the local minor league ball park to catch the home team playing and drink a few cold beers with some friends from the office. Her boyfriend, Paul, had to work that night....he is a police officer.

Julie got into her little sports car and headed down the road towards her apartment. Normally going to and from work took only about 15 minutes, but since this is Friday at rush hour, it takes about 30 minutes, if that in bumper-to-bumper traffic. As Julie was waiting at a busy intersection, the light turned green and she proceeded to drive across the intersection. Out of nowhere, this old clunker of a car ran the red light on the opposite side of the intersection and plowed right into the driver's side door of Julie's car. A perfectly executed T-bone Collision! The door of Julie's car buckled in and smacked Julie's left calf, and she then felt the snap of the bones in her calf. Julie knew that her leg had been broken. She had felt this pain before. When she was in high school, she played softball and during a game one day, she was sliding into home plate and she managed somehow to get her ankle turned up under her and she broke her ankle. She was only 17 then, and she remembered all of the attention that she got from all of the guys when she hobbled around school on her crutches swinging her cast. She got dates almost every night. She never figured it out, but she came to the conclusion that many guys are attracted to women in casts for some reason. Julie tried to free herself from the wreckage, but the pain in her leg was too intense to move, and she was also pinned in. Her car was almost totaled. The police officer that was called to investigate the accident later said that she may have been killed if she wasn't wearing her seat belt. The driver of the other car was drunk and he didn't receive any injuries.

The rescue squad had to be called out to extricate Julie from the wreckage and they splinted her leg and immobilized her on a long back board and loaded her into the ambulance and transported her to the hospital. Julie was in great pain, more so than when she had broken her ankle. Even though she was in pain she was excited about the possibility of being in a cast again. She was looking forward to getting all of the attention that she got when she was in high school. She had sex when she was in her other cast, and somehow sex felt better! She was in a short cast for about six weeks the last time, but she knew that she would be in a cast for much longer, and that it would be longer, maybe from her toes all the way up to her hips. She was getting horny just thinking about it.

The paramedic in the ambulance gave Julie is opinion " Ma'am, I believe that your leg may be broken in two places in your calf. I believe that your tibia and fibula may be broken. I know that it hurts, and I will give you a shot of morphine to ease the pain a little." "Okay", Julie said. They arrived at the hospital emergency room and Julie was wheeled into a treatment room. Shortly, the doctor came in and knew that just by looking at her leg that it was broken. He made the decision to take some X-rays to determine the extent of the fracture and to begin treatment as soon as possible. The X-rays confirmed what the paramedic had told Julie: A tib/fib fracture. The leg wasn't swollen real bad, so the doctor decided to go ahead with the reduction and casting procedures. The doctor then enlisted the help of a couple of assistants and then proceeded to the treatment room that Julie was lying in. About this time, Paul had arrived at the emergency room. One of his fellow officers worked the accident, and notified Paul.

Paul had a secret fantasy that he hadn't shared with anyone...he thought that casted women were very sexy. Julie had noticed that when they were out in public together and when he saw an attractive woman in a cast, Paul tried to sneak a look without Julie noticing, but she did notice almost every time. Julie had thought about discussing the subject with Paul, about her attraction to being casted herself, but she thought that Paul would think that she was nuts, and vice versa. The receptionist allowed Paul to go to the treatment room where Julie was. "Honey, I'm so glad to see you", exclaimed Julie, "But shouldn't you be working?". Paul said "My Sergeant allowed me to use comp time that I had built up and to take the rest of the night off to be with you. The guy driving the other car blew a 2.3 and he is in jail. I've got to be with my babe when she needs me.". "Oh, how sweet", Julie replied, "I'm really glad that you are here. My leg hurts so bad, even though the paramedics gave me a shot of morphine. The doctor should be back in a moment with the X-ray results and they are probably going to set my leg and put me in a cast and let me go home tonight".

About that time, the doctor returned with the assistants and confirmed what everyone knew already....Julie had a broken leg. "Julie", the doctor said, "I'm going to go ahead and set your leg and put you in a full-leg cast from your toes all the way to your hip. Depending on how your leg heals, you will be in the cast from 8-12 weeks.". Paul then introduced himself to the doctor and the doctor asked Paul to go and retrieve some clothes to for Julie to wear out of the hospital. Julie asked Paul to get her the clothes that she laid out to wear to the ball game, T-shirt, short blue jean shorts, and her right sandal. Paul then left and the medical team started their work.

The female assistants helped Julie out of her blouse and they attempted to take off her skirt, but it was too painful. The decision was made to cut off the skirt, her pantyhose, and she left her bra and panties on. Julie was given an hospital gown to put on. The doctor decided to give her a spinal block to deaden the sensation to her legs, but just enough medication to render her legs numb for the procedure so he could begin casting soon after the reductions was complete. After the anesthetic had time to set in good, the doctor and his assistants manipulated the leg in it's normal position and a loud bang sounded in the room when the bones snapped into place. Even though the anesthetic was strong, it didn't kill all of the sensation to Julie's legs. It still hurt, but the worst was now over.

The Cast

After the anesthetic had time to wear off enough so that the cast could be applied, Julie was wheeled into the cast room. The assistants then put a section of stockingette over Julie's left leg and it went all the way to her buttocks down past over the toes. Then wadding was rolled all the way to the base of her toes up to the upper portion of her thigh. Then one of the assistants dipped a 6 inch roll of plaster bandage into a bucket of water, squeezed out the excess water, and gave it to the doc. He then began rolling it onto Julie's leg, beginning at her foot, pausing frequently to smooth it out. He repeated the process and used about 4 rolls. Then he used some plaster splints and used them to reinforce the knee and ankle joints, then used 2 more rolls of plaster bandage to integrate to splints into the cast. The doc explained to Julie that she would feel some heat as the plaster set. He then pulled the stockinette down over her toes to expose them, and repeated the process by pulling it from her buttocks down over her thigh. He then used some small strips of plaster bandage to secure the stockingette to the cast.

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