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Isabele part 2

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Isabelle, part 2

Wow, another day spent in Montreal, and it was also a good one. I can't believe how this first visit goes well. Of course we'd known each other for over six months on-line before we met, but it seemed to really click from the moment we met, despite all the anxiety and the nervousness of the meeting. That first night had been a very good experience, I had never had the chance before to get so intimate with a woman while wearing my brace. An "experiment" to look forward to again, for sure.

So we woke up Wednesday morning in the guest room, me still wearing only my braces and Isabelle beside me. We talked about the day, what we wanted to eat, to do. To be honest, after that first night, I didn't want to leave the house much. I had been to Montreal before and while it is an interesting city, I found the thought of spending a few days locked in with Isabelle a lot more interesting! Also, time was close that I had to shower and find my legs again, for the whole 20 minutes a day we had decided to allow me to have.

So that's how it went. I got up and removed my braces with a sigh. Isabelle also got up and was going to prepare breakfast while I showered. After having donned off my braces, I went to get up and found my legs amazingly weak. Not gone, by any means, but stiff and weak. They had gotten used to the support of the braces after such a long time of wearing them. That was an interesting reaction too... Perhaps if I were to wear them long enough?????????

Cleaning up and breakfast were a fairly uneventful time, except perhaps for the few cramps using the glycerin suppositories brought me. I took it before getting in the shower, to give it time to act, and I tell you, by the time I was getting out, I was glad to let go... Ouch.

I realized I had forgotten my toothbrush so we decided to take a stroll and go buy a new one at the drugstore nearby. It would be good to get some fresh air for the both of us anyway. So after breakfast we got ready and went out. We met Isabelle's neighbor while we were waiting for the elevator. She was very exuberant and waved at us from the end of the corridor, running to say hello. Isabelle introduced us to each other after Gaelle had said she'd seen us coming in last night and was wondering who the "good looking guy" was with Isabelle. When she said that she blushed a little bit. I wasn't sure if she was flirting or what. In any case, I enjoyed the compliment.

She was going down too, and we carried on idle chat in the elevator. I still didn't know if I was imagining the glance Gaelle was giving me and the chair or if she did indeed look many times at me with interest, or curiosity, or whatever... She went to the convenience store, the Depaneur, as she called it, that was located in the lobby of the building, and we went outside, headed for the Drugstore.

While it was nearby, it wasn't just next door, so I had to push again. My muscles weren't very sore, as I had taken the care to "train" before I flew over. But I still could feel them a little. It was good to be moving. The air was fresh, but not cold. There was a characteristic smell in the air. Spring. I don't think I encountered quite that smell anywhere in the world... Montreal in April smells like... Montreal in April, and it's great. I was running circles around Isabelle, teasing her that she was walking so slowly, when in fact I knew very well that she didn't stand a chance against my wheels... We had fun.

We arrived at the store and there was a little step to enter. I was surprised that a drugstore wouldn't be completely accessible, but we managed to get in, Isabelle holding the door while giving me a little push to get over the step. The pharmacist came over to apologize for the inconvenience and that they were actually studying plans for renovations. He was almost abject in his apologies. I ignored him, and Isabelle did her best to imitate me. We were going up and down the aisles looking for the toothbrushes when I suddenly saw something that fired all kind of thoughts in my head. I saw several rolls of plaster of Paris, the stuff one uses to make casts. I looked at Isabelle and told her we had to buy some of those. She asked what I wanted to do with them, and I told her that it was for her to discover... I said that with a very evil grin... She blushed and picked the rolls of the shelf.

So now, we had found something to do with our day. It was no question about going out anywhere anymore, we'd be staying home and cast my girl. I gauged the amount of plaster we had and figured I could probably make a full leg cast and a shorter one as well... With a little imagination, I could probably find something to use as a spreader bar, but of that I wasn't sure. I didn't even know if it was necessarily a good idea. We'd see. Isabelle was telling me some story very excitedly, her tone showing how excited she was at the thought of a cast. She was walking much faster than she'd been on the way to the store.

She assured me she had crutches so we could cast her and not overly worry about her mobility. We did think a little about her using my chair, but seeing that the legrests are at a very sharp angle, it wouldn't have been very good for a double cast. And I still needed the chair to move around after all. It wasn't because we were to cast her that I was allowed to use my legs.... It was really getting to be very interesting.

Once back in her apartment, I asked her for the items we'd need to cast her up and she wondered if we were going to do it right now. I told her that there was no reason to wait. She protested that we still had to go shopping for dinner and such and I objected that there was always possibility to order food in. That shut her up and she fetched the plastic rubbish bag I had asked, along with the wooden chair she'd sit on. Then we filled a bowl with lukewarm water and I pulled out the pair of plastic gloves we'd bought with the cast rolls, and also the cotton padding. I would have preferred to find stockinet as well, but since she wouldn't be wearing the cast too long and that it was a spur of the moment event, I was pretty satisfied with it all.

She went away and undressed. When she came back she was wearing only a T-shirt and panties. I could see her nipples pointing through the thin material of her shirt. She was very excited. So was I for that matter... She sat on the chair which in turn was placed on the spread out bag. I came closer to her, and asked her to help me with the bag over my legs and chair. I didn't want to mess up my chair, the plaster would have been hell to remove from it.

I started unrolling the cotton padding on her leg, and as soon as I first touched her leg, she jumped. She'd bee expecting it I supposed, and it released some tension. I kept going, from her ankle to her toes, back to her ankles and up towards her knee, then still going up towards her crotch. This one was to be the long leg cast. Isabelle was shivering but she couldn't be cold, as it was very hot in the apartment. She admitted to me that she had wanted this for so long and yet was terrified by it. I smiled and reassured her. Everything was going to be fine.

Her leg was now ready to receive the plaster bandages, so I put on the plastic gloves and dipped the first 4" roll in the water. Bubbles went out, and I made sure not to loose the end of the roll. I removed the roll of the water and pressed on it a little to remove excess water. Isabelle was following each and every move I was taking. I started at her ankle again, and went down to her toes again, and went back to her ankle and up, only this time I stopped at the knee. It was a very thin coat. I then unrolled a roll and folded it so it had about four or five layers of thickness, I dunked that in the water and removed it. I placed that long band under her foot and along the back of her calf, just to strengthen the cast. I then picked another roll and started at the toes and went up, directly towards her knee, then a little higher. A fourth roll was plunged in the water and used to go up to almost her hip, and then down. I kept winding the wet material, smoothing the forming cast between each new roll. I wanted it to not only feel right but look right as well. She mentioned it was getting hot and I said it was only normal, just the reaction of the setting cast. "I think I'm wet" she said candidly.

I waited a bit for the first cast to dry off before starting the shorter one. I wanted her to be able to relax a little otherwise it would have been too hard for her to hold the position of both legs. After about twenty minutes, I started padding her other leg. She was looking lovely and I knew she'd be even lovelier when I was to be done with her. I repeated all the operations I had taken for her right leg, except that I stopped below the knee. I wouldn't have enough cast for the two full legs. I had judged about right. I felt happy about that.

Once more, I started soaking the plaster rolls, then rolling them on her leg. Every so often Isabelle would let off a small sigh. "I can't move my right leg" she said. "Yes, what did you expect, that's what a cast does to you, it forbids movement, luv" I answered. She explained that she understood that but was still surprised at the efficiency of it. And went on to say she would remember the smell of the drying plaster for a long time. I finished the short cast and we waited for a bit so it dried too before moving her to her bed.

That proved to be quite a feat. Her casts being still damp, she couldn't very well put any weight on them, and me not being able to use my legs, I couldn't carry her very easily either. We finally decided that she should sit on my lap, that I would then roll over to her bed and she would hop off to it. We'd laid a white sheet on the bed so the damp plaster wouldn't dirty her bed cover. When she was seated on my lap, I could feel the warmth of her skin through her T-shirt, and I hugged her tightly. My arms rounded her chest just below her breast. Very nice feel, I tell you. So now she was installed on her bed, and I cleaned up a little bit the mess we'd done by casting her. I am pretty careful about not splashing plaster all over the place, but it remains a messy activity. She was looking at me. I caught the sight of her hand wandering toward her crotch, resting on her panties. "I'm still wet" she said. I forbade her to do anything to relieve her desire for now, she'd have to wait for me. I couldn't very well let her masturbate and then get all tired before I was ready to join her... Besides, her cast were probably not dry enough to survive the jerking of her muscles if she was to cum right now.

I finished cleaning up and her hand was really moving too close to her sex for my liking, so I took a couple bandannas and tied her wrists to the top of the bed. She let me do it, and told me she was very scarred, even more scarred than she'd been about the casts, but that she trusted me to take care of her. I said I would and explained that I tied her up like that so she wouldn't give in to her desire to make herself feel good. Her nipples were now almost piercing through the material, and I was very turned on by her. Casted on one and a half leg, tied to the bed, dressed with a T-shirt that was almost non-existent it was so thin. Gosh she was desirable...

I went out of the room and Isabelle asked me to not leave her alone like that. I told her I was just going in the room next door. To get my braces. Her eyes went wide and she had to lick her dried lips. She squirmed a little, testing her bonds and gave up, as I was rolling out of the door. I came back in, with the braces on my lap, I was going to put them on and make a show of it, because I knew how much it turned her on, and how little she could do right now to help herself. I liked giving her that gentle torment.

I started placing my braces so it would be fairly easy to put on while sitting in my chair. That wasn't easy because I had to place myself very much forward on my seat, rendering the chair a little unstable and prone to tipping forward, but I found the balance point and the proper place to leave the braces. I picked up one foot and placed it in the shoe, and placed the leg in the brace's cradles for it, then tied the shoe and did up all the straps. Isabelle was moaning and rubbing her thighs together, but stopped because the cool rough dampness of the cast on her right leg was really not comfortable for her naked left thigh. I was incredibly turned on by putting my brace, as usual, but also by the incredible sight of a beautiful lady, not only tied to her bed, but casted on both legs to top it all. It was almost too much to bear.

I was there, in my chair with one brace on and an unbelievable erection and was looking deep into Isabelle's eyes. The air between us seemed solid, it was so full of desire and energy. I slowly reached down to stroke myself and her eyes followed my hand, and her lips parted and she took a short breath. Her hips pushed forward, as if there was any chance for me to touch her. I kept my eyes riveted to her and kept stroking gently my erect cock. It felt good, and I made sure to not overdo it, as I had other thoughts. The previous night I had satisfied her, tonight, she would satisfy me... Exchange of favors you could say...

Time had come to put on my other brace and so I did. This was going to be even more interesting than the preceding night. Once all braced up, I rolled closer to the bed and transferred to it. Isabelle was breathing hard, and I could see her panties damp from excitement. I pulled myself up the bed, trailing my braced legs behind. I reached under Isabelle's shirt with one hand while putting my weight on my other elbow. I caressed her skin and could feel the goose bumps all over her belly. Her nipples were so incredibly hard. My cock was so incredibly hard. It was throbbing, telling me, begging me, to satisfy it.

So I untied Isabelle's wrists and her first reaction was to hug me and hold me. Her movements were a little restricted by the casts, as were mine because of my braces. We were totally mobile from above the hips, and were carrying some dead weight below that. Just as we had both dreamed so often. She was lying on her right side, the longer cast laying directly on the bed, and had pulled her other leg on my side. I could feel the extra weight of her cast on my butt. Our belly were meeting, and her tits were pressing against my chest. We were kissing passionately.

Her hand reached down between my legs and grabbed my balls. She squeezed gently, and gave a little tug. It sent jolts of pleasure up my spine. I kissed her more deeply, twirling my tongue around hers as she was taking hold of my penis with her hand. Her hand started moving up and down, squeezing every so often making me feel good all over. That little game went on for a bit and I suddenly felt the need to remove her panties and move on to a different plane of action...

I laid back on the bed and she somehow managed to climb astride me, after having removed her panties. I'm going to stop the description here, and leave the rest to your imagination. Even if you have a very wild one, what happened after probably isn't too far from it...

We fell asleep, exhausted again by a great amount of exercise and release of energy, but it was only a nap, since it was only mid-afternoon still.

I woke up a little later and she was looking at me sleeping with a soft smile on her face. We kissed tenderly and she told me that she had to go to the bathroom, but could not get there just like that. I told her to use my chair, or to crawl on her butt and hands... She opted for the chair, and I teased her as she attempted to maneuver it with an obvious lack of experience.

After she was back on the bed and comfortable, I "got up" and fetched us some cookies and made a hot chocolate for a little snack. Sport makes you hungry, you know? We sat on the bed, side by side and munched on oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. She'd made them a few days ago, in prediction of such a snack craving...

We put on a movie and watched that. It was difficult to choose, as we didn't know what kind of a mood we were in. We finally settled on The Big Blue, a great story about some skin divers having competitions and with great photo and music. That ate about three hours out of our afternoon, and Isabelle was getting restless. "I want to get up and walk" she said. I told her that was just too bad, she wouldn't get out of the cast for at least another day or so... She sighed and said she had that feeling yes... We smiled at each other.

We were getting really hungry, and I decided to cook dinner. We both wanted pasta and she had pretty much everything we needed for a good spaghetti with a mushroom and tuna sauce, except she was short on pasta. I got dressed properly and decided to tie Isabelle back on the bed, just to let her stew a little bit more. She didn't know if she wanted it or not, but didn't fight me, so I assumed she was somehow OK with it. I wasn't going very far anyway, I was just going to the Depaneur, down in the lobby.

So braced up, and in my chair, I headed out the door and to the elevator, which I took all the way down. There were smells of cooking all over the place, from North African conscious to Indian curries, passing by the Satay of Thailand. Her building was really multi-cultural. I enjoyed the smells, wondering if I would had I been living there all the time. The entrance to the convenience store was a little tight, but I managed to slide in. I got the pasta, and a bottle of cheap wine to add to the sauce and went back up... to a major surprise!

I arrived and the door was ajar and there were two voices coming from the bedroom. Two female voices. I quietly opened the door and rolled in. I headed for the for the bedroom and would have fallen on my butt had I not been sitting. There was Gaelle, standing in the door frame, talking to Isabelle, standing stiff and quivering. Isabelle was red from embarrassment, still tied as I had left her. They were talking yet not saying much. It was too much of a shock for both of them to be able to hold an intelligent talk. I was pretty stunned too... I guess I had not shut the door properly and Gaelle came over for something or other and found the door not closed just came in. Now I had managed to put Isabelle, and myself in a very embarrassing situation.

That's when Gaelle noticed I was standing behind her. She asked me if I really needed the chair. I didn't know what to say, but seeing her eyes, and seeing the interest in them again, as I had seen them that afternoon in the elevator, I decided to tell her the truth. And as I was telling my story, she looked more and more interested. And Isabelle managed to get her sense back and ad in and there. She pleaded to Gaelle to not make fun of us, and to not tell anyone. At that Gaelle said: "I won't tell anyone, on the condition that you let me play with you both". She quickly explained that she had never really thought of this interest but that she was quickly seeing so many interesting possibilities that she'd like to explore a bit.

We didn't have much of a choice, but we did ask what she intended to explore, to that she replied we'd just have to see when we'd see. She told me to go cook dinner and that she'd be back a little later. So I cooked dinner and was getting myself ready to untie Isabelle and serve dinner, when Gaelle came back in and said that it wouldn't be necessary to do that, as I was to be tied to the be, beside Isabelle myself. I was wondering what she wanted to do with us, but I figured it would be OK. I was giving out a huge amount of trust, but I knew somewhere that it was OK...

So I transferred to the bed, putting the chair close to the edge of the bed, then lifting my legs out of the footrest and letting them drop between the chair and the bed. Then I placed my hands, one behind me on the wheel, then other one on the bed and pushed/heaved and was for an eternal instant suspended between wheelchair and mattress, until I finished the move and sat on the bed. I pulled myself up to the wall, arranging the pillows behind me so I would be comfortable sitting there with my hands tied up. Gaelle told me to get as close to Isabelle as possible, which I did. Gaelle then tied Isabelle's left casted ankle to my right brace, after having locked it straight out, then proceeded to tie my wrist to the corner of the bed with silk bandannas she'd brought from her apartment. I asked what she intended, and she told me that she just wanted to feed two helpless friends.

And so she did. She placed a makeshift bib under each of our chins, and told us that from now on, we would not talk, just listen, and eat. She took the bowls of pasta I had made and, much to my dismay, started cutting the spaghetti in small length. But I realized that if she was to feed us, it was probably the best way, as long spaghetti wouldn't fit in a spoon. She came and sat on my side, her back a little towards me, turning at the waist to look at me. She held the bowl of pasta in one hand, and with the other took a spoonful of food and fed it to me. I wasn't used to this and wanted to help by bringing my mouth forward, but I only managed to make a mess because she had not expected my move and the spoon had connected with my upper lip, instead of the inside of my mouth. Gaelle told me to behave or else I would regret it.

After feeding me a little, she started doing the same with Isabelle, and it seemed Isabelle had learned from my mistakes, as it looked like it was really easy. It was strangely exciting to have a pretty girl casted, being fed beside me and to be totally helpless to do anything about feeding myself, touching either girl or myself. Yes, a very good feeling indeed. Gaelle went like that, back and forth between the both of us and when we finished the first bowl, she fetched the other one that she'd re-warmed in the micro-wave oven. We tried to start a little conversation going, asking Gaelle about her interest in all this, but she wouldn't answer, just telling us to shut up and enjoy being taken care of. And so we did.

When dinner was done, it turned out to be quite a bit later than I thought. Gaelle decreed it was now time to go to bed. She removed our restraints, both at the ankle and wrists and started to undress me. I wasn't sure I wanted that, but I couldn't really resist at this point. So she removed my sweater, treating my arms as if they were paralyzed too. As a matter of fact, she said that I wasn't going to use my hands much anymore, at least for a few days, only my arms. To think I was something like a quad, not a high and complete quad, but enough to not be able to use my arms totally. So I followed her instructions and let her next unbutton my shirt, and pull one arm out of the sleeve at a time. Next she pulled me down in the bed, so my head rested on the pillow. She did that with a lot of practice, and when I asked about it, she said she was a nurse. That fired up my imagination...

She then unbuttoned my pants, and asked Isabelle to caress my chest as she was working at removing my pants and braces. Isabelle complied. It felt really good to feel two pair of hands working on me, even if it wasn't anything heading toward sex. It was extremely sensual, but not sexual in the least. And that was a very nice part of it too. So off went my pants, to the bottom of my legs and Gaelle had to remove all the straps before she could remove my shoes and braces with the pants. She commented on the external catheter and legbag. She found it a good idea, but said she might have a better one with a Folley instead. I said I'd prefer not, as it burned so badly, and she said it wasn't mine to decide anymore since she had started taking care of us. I sighed and said a: "Yes Ma'am" that made her smile from ear to ear.

I was finally naked, except for the catheter and leg back. Gaelle then told me to caress Isabelle with my dead hands, and I complied. I could feel her skin warm and soft under my hands, though I couldn't do what I wanted. I wanted to hold her breast in my hand, to softly pinch her nipple between my fingers, but my hands were now as off limit for me to use properly as were my legs. It may have been a game, but I was taking it seriously. That seemed to turn Isabelle on enormously. While I did that, Gaelle removed Isabelle T-shirt and the boxer short she'd put on earlier. We were now both naked. We were feeling good and comfortable with each other, and also with Gaelle that didn't seem to want anything from us that was over our limits.

Gaelle told us to have a good night's sleep, and that we'd see what tomorrow would bring.

And we fell asleep, and I could feel her casts on my legs. And I could feel her head on my shoulder, and it was so nice I thought I was dreaming. But I wasn't, because I woke up this morning and she is still in the bed beside me and she still has the casts on, though they are now much drier. I remembered that I wasn't supposed to use my hands. Gaelle just showed up at the room's door. I am anxious to see what she has planned for us.

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