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I wrote this originally as a story for a creative writing class. I later modified it after reading some of the other stories on this site. Hope you enjoy it even though it is rather long. -RDW

Like most girls growing up I thought it would be interesting to have a part in a movie. I played small parts in several stage productions in high school and later in college. I never wanted to make a career of it, it was just fun to be an actress occasionally. My real career is teaching, and after 4 years in the classroom I really love it. However, during the summer my husband Bill and I look for a job to make some extra money until school starts back. Several summers we have both worked at a restaurant/bar on our local beach. I wear tight T-shirts and tight shorts to hustle drinks and junk food to the tourists. I work real hard to look good in those shorts, and my husband seems to think I do a good job at it. Bill tends bar at the same place in the summer and teaches at the same school I do the rest of the year. The job is fun, the pay is good, and last year led to a very interesting acting job that has changed our lives.

We had only been working about a week of summer, working the day shift together. Towards the end of the afternoon a small group of men came in to order a few beers and chicken wings. I noticed the tallest man of the three kept watching every move I made. He asked me several questions about how long I had worked there, did I like my job, etc. He never really crossed the line to ask me out, he just seemed interested in my life. Finally he asked if I had ever acted any, other than acting like a waitress. After I answered his questions he got into a very intense conversation with the man next to him. Soon they called me back to ask if I was interested in a part in a new music video. They introduced the tall one as country music star Tom Hoskins and explained they were going to shoot a video over the next few weeks. The one doing the talking was the video-to-be producer, Steve Lewis. The third guy was the driver for the limo that I had not noticed in the parking lot.

I really was skeptical that these guys were legitimate. I told my Bill about the offer and he just laughed, claiming that I was very gullible if I believed that line. They insisted that they would send a video crew down in a few days, and I agreed to meet them at the restaurant. A phone call on our day off told us that they were really going to be there. The crew met us and shot about 30 minutes of video tape while I waited on some tables and did some easy acting work.

Three days later the producer called to say he was going to be back in town and wanted to meet us before we went to work. We agreed to meet him but we still were very skeptical. At the agreed time we met him for breakfast, he had a young lady with him we learned was his assistant. He explained the video would involve several weeks of my time, I would need to hire a personal assistant, and would not be able to do much else during the shooting. I was concerned about my waitress job and asked why I couldn't work after the shooting hours. I also wanted to know what a personal assistant was for. They pulled out some pictures and a story board for the video. The basic story involved the singer going to a small bar/restaurant and falling love with a waitress. Being rather clumsy he accidentally trips me, I fall down some stairs and break both my arms. I continue to try to work and he continues to try to get me to love him. Eventually I give in and go off with him. Seemed rather interesting, and then he made a financial offer that we both about choked on.

I was really curious about the broken arms. They had some photos of me waiting on tables with my arms in casts. The photos looked very realistic and it was hard to convince myself that they were fake photos. They explained how they drew the casts on the photos using a computer, and I presumed that they would do the same in the video. The assistant then told me that they would get a local doctor to put real casts on my arms for the shooting, and that is why I would need a personal assistant during that time. I had never broken a bone in my life but I could see that I would need some help doing things while the casts were on. They offered to hire my husband to take care of me during that time. I said I needed to think about it a little while and agreed to met them after we got off work.

On the way to the beach I confessed to Bill that the idea of the casts scared me. Much to my surprise he told me that the casts were a real turn-on to him. He never really thought much about it before but the pictures were really sexy to him. I thought it was strange, but I agreed to give it try if he agreed to help take care of me. He promised to take good care of me and the idea of the money sounded great. A few weeks of this would make more money than we would in two summers of hustling drinks. All day long my I kept worrying about the casts, but my husband assured me it would be okay. After work we signed the necessary contracts.

The actual shooting started the next week. The first few days were easy work, mostly sitting around while the crew got things just right. Even the tripping scene was easy to complete. Then on the third day the producer's assistant, Susan, told us to met her the next morning at a local orthopedic surgeon's office for the casts. I suddenly got scared of the whole idea again but I remembered the money, and it should be only for a few days. Susan suggested that we go out for a good dinner since it would be the last I would be able to feed myself for awhile. I asked what she meant by "awhile" and she just laughed.

Long after my husband was snoring in bed I was still awake. I had never broken a bone or even thought about what it was like to wear a cast on one arm, much less both at the same time. I remembered being around other people with broken arms, but always just one at a time. I finally went to sleep but the alarm went off early. I realized that I had better take a good shower because I knew that I couldn't get the casts wet later. I dressed in some denim shorts and a sleeveless T-shirt. All too soon it was time to go the doctor's office.

It turned out that this was normally a non-patient day for the office. Everybody was dressed rather casual and the doctor was not even there. Susan was already there and in the back talking to the casting technician, Linda. One of the staff escorted us to the back and we met Linda in the casting room. She assured me that this would not take long, and would be painless. I didn't really believe her but I was ready to get on with it. I took a seat on a stool while she gathered some materials from various cabinets. The conversation was easy as we discussed the video, school teaching, and other topics. Susan and Bill went out to the waiting room, and I felt very alone.

She began by cutting two lengths of tubular knit material she called stockinette a little longer than my arms. She asked if I was right-handed or left-handed. I told her I was right handed so she said she would do the left arm first. I didn't really see what difference it made. Linda slipped the stockinette over my left arm all the way to my shoulder. She smoothed out a few wrinkles and carefully adjusted to reach to the end of my fingers. A quick cut with some scissors allowed my thumb to stick out. For some reason I though it was very funny to see just my thumb sticking out while every inch of my arm was covered. Linda then grabbed some rolls of cast padding and carefully wrapped it around my arm starting at the base of my fingers and going all the way to my upper arm. She carefully smoothed all the wrinkles out.

So far it was still soft and I knew I could move my arm if I needed to. I also knew that would soon change. Linda opened some individual bags of what she referred to as fiberglass casting wrap. She explained that the fiberglass was much stronger and lighter than the older style plaster that I had seen other people wear. Linda said plaster was not very common anymore, and the fiberglass would harden and dry much faster. She dipped the first roll in a pail of warm water and squeezed out the extra water. It was about 2" wide and she began wrapping it around my hand. She worked her way up my arm while she carefully smoothed it out. A second roll started where the first one stopped. She asked me to hold my elbow at a right angle while she continued wrapping. A third roll went to a few inches below my shoulder and she started back down my arm until it ran out.

Linda spent a few minutes rubbing the cast to be sure it was smooth and was molded to my arm. It began to get warm and actually it felt good. Soon I noticed that I could no longer really feel where she was rubbing. I cautiously touched with my right hand and I was amazed that it was already hard. She let it set a few more minutes and then wrapped more rolls until the whole arm was under about 4 layers of fiberglass. On the final layer she trimmed and folded down the stockinet at both ends. She secured it under the last layer of fiberglass. It was beginning to get very thick and heavy. Since she was casting both arms she wanted it strong enough to last for the shooting of the video. Linda was called out to talk to a patient on the phone while the final layers began to harden.

While she was gone I tried moving my casted arm around some. It was heavy and hard to move, and it was tight enough around my hand that I could not even touch my thumb to my fingers. I realized that I could not reach my mouth or scratch my nose. The cast felt warm and comfortable but I had not realized how restricted the movement would be. I looked in the mirror and thought how thick and white it looked against my bright pink shirt. As I sat there by myself I noticed how much I casually was using my free arm to scratch and touch things that I soon would not be able to do. I began to worry about how dependent I would be on my husband over the next few days, and I began to worry about that "awhile" comment Susan had made the night before. About they time I began to panic Linda came back in.

She asked how it felt, and her soothing voice really helped to calm me down. Linda then began the same process on my right arm. It seemed to go faster on the right arm but I think it was just because I was distracted thinking about my decision to actually do this for money. After she finished both arms she began to clean up while the fiberglass continued to harden. She had given me some pillows to rest my arms on without getting my shirt and shorts wet from the fiberglass. As I sat there I began to notice that my nose was beginning to run some from the room being so cold. After several sniffs Linda reached up with a tissue to wipe my nose for me, and it hit me that I would not be able to do that for myself until the casts came off. Finally she said she was all finished and the casts should be hard enough. Linda helped me put on two slings that she said would make it less tiring until I got used to the extra weight on my arms. While we were putting on the slings I noticed how it strange it felt to rub my arms against my breasts and not really be able to feel them.

Linda helped me to stand up to go out where Bill and Susan were waiting. I really had a "wedgie" from sitting on the stool for so long, but I could do nothing about it with the casts imprisoning my arms. It was obvious that touching much of my own body was now impossible. I felt like I knew Linda pretty good by now but I still didn't have the nerve to ask her to do anything about this recent situation. Walking a few steps seemed to help. Susan was reading and my husband was napping as I entered the waiting room. Susan stood up and looked at the casts. Bill woke up and smiled at me while he gently touched my shoulder. Susan asked me to take off the slings so she could see how the casts were going to look. Bill carefully helped me get them off and acted like he was afraid to hurt me. I reminded him that they were not really broken and did not hurt. Susan asked me to turn around a few times and move around some. She then asked Linda if there was any way to make the casts appear thicker. Linda's only suggestion was to apply more layers of fiberglass. Susan was trying to decide but I really thought they were heavy enough. Finally she asked Linda to add some more layers.

This time Bill came back to the casting room while Linda added 4-5 more rolls on each arm. They weight seemed to double but I think it was just because my arms were getting real tired. While these rolls were hardening I began to look real close at the casts. I was amazed at how similar the two casts were. They both were thick and heavy, and almost identical in size. The tops of both casts ended at the same exact point on my upper arms. The openings for the fingers and thumbs seemed the same, tight and hard. Moving my arms in the casts was impossible. As I looked up I saw my husband also looking at the casts, and I wondered what he was really thinking. Linda brought me back to reality by starting a conversation again. She told me the casts would dry over the next few days and would weigh considerably less when finally dry.

I modeled the casts for Susan again and they met her approval. We asked what the shooting schedule would be for the day. I really wanted to get these shots over with and get my arms back. She asked us to met her and the photo crew at the restaurant in about 2 hours. We said good-bye to Linda and the rest of the staff, and told them we hoped to be back in real soon. I also began to wonder how these rock hard casts are cut off without cutting my soft skin below. Bill held the door open for me, and I realized that even turning a door knob would be a real challenge. When we got to our truck I couldn't even begin to figure out how to open the door and get in. Bill opened the door and gently lifted me in. He is over six feet tall and extremely strong, and I am only five feet tall and petite by most standards. I began to think my arms were now the heaviest thing about me.

After getting me situated in the seat he had to reach over to buckle the seat belt. The shoulder strap held down both arms in the slings, my entire upper body was unable to move. My nose really began to itch and I could do nothing about it. The hard upper portion of the casts rubbing against the sides of my ample breasts was beginning to become rather sensuous. They bounced slightly as we drove out of the bumpy parking lot adding to the sensation. At the first stop light Bill reached over to gently check the tightness of the shoulder strap and ran his hand over my breasts checking the strap. It was about more than I could stand. It would have been fine with me to pull over right there and let him take me. I started a conversation just to get my mind on other things.

We decided to drive on out to the restaurant and have lunch before we met Susan and the crew. When we got to the restaurant everybody thought it was really funny to see me. Lots of jokes were made and I got a lot of stares from people that didn't know why I had the casts. It was pretty easy to keep my sense of humor when I thought about getting my check in a few days when we finished this video. We finally ordered lunch, and I was about to see why they agreed to let me hire a personal assistant. Bill carefully cut up my food and fed it to me. It was a bit of a challenge at first but he got better at it after a few bites. He dropped a French fry in my lap and reached down for it. I was still rather hot from the casts rubbing the sides of breasts when he reached in my crotch searching for the lost fry. I was really thinking about asking him to leave now to go home, but I decided we could wait until the shooting was over.

Susan arrived a few minutes later with one camera operator but not the rest of the crew. She explained that they were just going to do some quick shots of me with the casts to see how they were going to look on camera. I spent the next hour or so doing some shots trying to carry a tray, serve a few drinks, and just walk around. It was tougher than I thought it would be, but not impossible. When we finished shooting, Susan explained that the rest of the crew was going back to Nashville to work on a another project to give me time to get used to the casts. It would also allow time for the producers and others to view the footage from today. This was Friday so I hoped they would be back on Monday, but Susan said it would be at least Thursday. Having these hard heavy casts imprisoning my arms for another six days seemed like a long time, but I was getting paid every day even if we never left the house.

We left and went straight home. On the way home every bump in the road was another thrill, I was beginning to wonder if this sensation was ever going to go away. Bill began to talk about how sexy I looked walking around with casts swinging. He also said it was amazing how many people stared at me and he wondered if all of them had the same thought. Soon we got to our apartment and he helped me get out of the truck. As he learned over me to unbuckle my seat belt I playfully bit his ear. He turned to me and began kissing me as he helped me out of the seat. We went straight to the bedroom and made love for the rest of the afternoon and into the evening. It was very interesting trying to maneuver in bed without the use of my arms. I must admit it was actually a thrill. If somebody had told me 24 hours earlier that casts could be sexy I never would have believed them. We never left the bedroom long enough to fix anything for dinner before we drifted off to sleep.

Several hours later I woke up about to starve to death. I finally decided to try to get out of bed and go to the kitchen, although I didn't have any idea how I could feed myself anything. I managed to get myself out from under the covers and went downstairs. I hoped nobody was looking in the windows since I was totally naked and I didn't think I would be able to put on anything by myself. I found a glass and after some awkward fumbling around I filled it with ice water, but I couldn't figure out how to reach my mouth. After a few minutes search I found a straw and got to drink my water. I could find lots of food but nothing I could figure out how to get in my mouth. After several false starts I carefully placed some crackers on the edge of the counter and kneeled down to grab them with my mouth one at a time. I developed a new appreciation for our cat eating out of her bowl. I didn't think about how funny this all looked until I saw my reflection in the window standing totally naked except for these huge white casts, trying to grab loose crackers on the countertop with my lips.

Finally I went back to bed, my husband was still snoring away. I tried to get comfortable but I had a real hard time getting the covers up. Fiberglass casts may be stronger and lighter, but these sure were heavy and rough against my skin. After several attempts to get comfortable I managed to get the covers up between my casts and my bare chest. I laid there for a long time wondering what the next week or so was going to be like with these bulky casts that are keeping me from doing the simplest things. Just trying to lay still without scratching myself or bruising myself was a challenge. I realized that I could not touch my face at all, just rubbing my nose was now impossible. I began to think of how many things I would depend on my husband for until my arms would be free again. Eventually I went to sleep.

When I woke in the morning I could smell coffee and breakfast. I laid there trying to figure out how I could get up and get dressed to go downstairs. Nature was calling and I did manage to take care of myself in there, Bill had helped me the day before. I spent the next few minutes trying to get a bathrobe on and finally gave up. I just carried it downstairs and asked for help. Bill was fixing breakfast in the kitchen and was surprised to see me. He helped put on the robe and pulled my long hair back out of my face. I sat on a stool at the counter while he finished breakfast. The phone next to me rang and I instinctively tried to answer it. I first banged my fingers on the counter trying to maneuver these huge stiff casts, and then realized once I picked up the phone I could not put it to my ear. I just sat there staring at it until my husband grabbed it from me, but it struck me as very funny. He managed to feed me my breakfast with much better skill than the day before, but getting the coffee right was a challenge. It just doesn't seem to taste right through a straw.

After breakfast we discussed what to do for the day. Many of our favorite things to do on our days off were eliminated, like riding our jet skis or playing tennis. He pointed out that we were rather low on food since most days we ate at the restaurant. If we were staying home for the next few days we really needed to visit the local grocery store. I though about staying home but I didn't think I was ready to stay by myself for very long.

We decided that first we both needed to take a shower. This cast thing was becoming a bigger challenge all the time. He decided to wrap large plastic trash bags around my arms to keep them dry. We both got in the shower and he washed my hair gently while I did my best to hold my arms up out of the way. The weight was tremendous but I knew if I put them down the water would run under the plastic bags and soak my arms. The toughest part turned out to be having him shave my legs. It was hard to just stand there as ticklish as I am and let him slide the razor up and down my legs. He finally finished washing the rest of me and then himself. He gently dried me off with a towel and put my robe back on.

So far we had not even finished getting ready to go anywhere and we were both exhausted. Bill brushed and dried my long hair, and also decided that I looked fine without any makeup. I don't wear much makeup anyway, and I was really afraid he would stick the mascara brush right in my eye. He choose one of his favorite outfits for me to wear out for our first real trip in public with these bulky casts, short pink overalls and a white knit shirt. He helped me get dressed and put on my tennis shoes. Other than really wishing I had some makeup on, he did a pretty good job getting me ready. I looked in the full length mirror in our bedroom and noticed how much the white casts stood out against the pink overalls and my tan legs.

We discussed our shopping stops for the day. Originally we were just going out for groceries but we decided that after all this work we should go everywhere we needed. We inventoried the refrigerator and made a quick grocery list, but I was really dreading this trip. Going to the restaurant in these casts wasn't too bad because most of the people knew the story, but going out in public was another story. I really didn't feel like explaining why I had the casts on to people when they asked, and I was pretty sure people would ask. We finally decided that we just tell people I fell down and broke both arms. It wasn't exactly the truth but it was the story line from the video.

Finally we loaded in the truck, without the slings this time. My arms really were more comfortable without the slings because I could move around easier. However, I still had to have help opening the door, getting in, buckling the seat belt, and closing the door. Our first stop was the local mall, Bill needed some new shoes and I wanted to look for some shorts. I really don't know why but the closer to the mall, and the public, the more nervous I got. Soon enough we got there and began to look first for Bill's shoes. As we walked around I noticed how many people looked, or maybe stared is a better word, at my arms. Very few made eye contact and the few that did looked embarrassed. The salesgirl at the first stop immediately asked what happened, I told her I fell and left it at that. She seemed satisfied with that, and then proceeded to sympathize with how tough it must be to do many things. I agreed and laughed with her. That really seemed to break the ice for me. When we left the first store I seemed to have a new attitude. Soon it was fun watching people watch me. I actually began to enjoy it. As we walked around the mall shopping I noticed that I was actually gently swinging my arms. Bill said it looked like I was showing off or something. He also said it was fun being with the one person that everyone in the mall was noticing. Anyway, he finally found some shoes and I went looking for shorts. I found that going through the racks was tough enough, and trying shorts on by myself was impossible. We stopped at one store that Bill could go in the dressing room with me, but we couldn't find what I wanted. At another store the sales girl offered to go into the dressing area to help. Other women were in the dressing area already and probably would not appreciate Bill in there.

The sales girl looked like she was about 18 years old and seemed to enjoy helping. She was very friendly but kept staring at the casts. She asked a million questions about how they felt, did my arms itch, how did I brush my teeth, and finally admitted she was jealous of the attention I was getting. She actually said that she wished we could change places. It was strange enough having Bill pull clothes on and off me, but having some stranger do it was even more interesting. We finally found some that fit in the color I wanted and we decided it was time to move on. We stopped at a coffee shop, but it was still hard to drink coffee when someone else was holding the mug.

The next stop was the video store, there wasn't much on TV that night. I found it interesting again in how people stared. Some actually seemed to follow me around the store watching me try to use my arms. I could reach movies around arm level but I could just point to the high ones and low ones. We found two movies but decided to go the movie theater next instead of going for groceries. We got to the movie theater in time to catch the next show. We bought one large drink with two straws and a tub of popcorn. The movie was good but Bill kept dropping popcorn in my lap as he tried to feed me. He would tickle me and grope around pretending to look for dropped pieces. It is good thing the theater was fairly empty because I know we were being quite a distraction.

We finally made it to the grocery store and did our shopping. I tried to push the cart while Bill grabbed stuff but I couldn't steer very good. He eventually pushed the cart and grabbed stuff while I just pointed out things that looked good. We tried to think of things that would be easy to feed me without making a real mess. Soup and spaghetti were definitely out, and more straws were a necessity. I noticed that the heavy casts were really beginning to hurt my imprisoned arms. They were getting heavier and heavier and the muscles in my arms were beginning to really ache. I was starting to wish that we had brought the slings. I pushed the cart just to rest the casts on it.

After we got home Bill got me some Tylenol and helped lay on the couch. He propped my tired arms and the huge heavy casts up on some pillows. I tried to doze off but my arms hurt too much. They seemed to be getting cramps from not being able to move any. The longer I laid there the more they bothered me. If I thought I could have gotten them cut off that day I would have, but it was Saturday and I knew there was little chance I could find any one to take them off. Bill came in and noticed my pained look on my face and suggested I go lay in bed. I was in no mood to get in bed unless it was by myself. He undressed me and began to give me a body massage. I must say that he really seemed to have magic fingers and he massaged every inch of me that wasn't covered by the casts. Soon I felt much better and was not in the mood to be in bed by myself. Another magic afternoon in bed together eating junk food, watching the VCR, and making love.

The next few days seemed to settle into a routine, and our ability to deal with the casts got better everyday. Bill seemed to really enjoy taking care of me while I was helpless in many ways, and I enjoyed our time together. Getting paid real well for never leaving the house some days was also nice. We ventured out some days to go shopping or visiting different places. A few days we went to the pool at our apartment complex so Bill could swim and I could work on my tan. We went out to eat a few times and that always seemed to get a lot of attention. The days clicked off until Thursday morning, the day we were supposed to start shooting again.

Susan called early to say the director finally viewed the samples that were shot after the casts were put on. Overall, he thought the concept was great but did not like the casts looked. Susan had made a call to Linda at the doctor's office and made an appointment for the next morning to alter the casts. She did not elaborate, she just said to be there at 9:00am and Linda would know what the director wanted.

The next morning when I woke up and fumbled around trying to get out of bed I realized that I had spent a whole week in casts that were wrong. After a week we were right where we started to begin with. It was rather frustrating but it had been a fun week, one that I would never trade. I really had no idea of what to expect the new casts would be like. Would they be shorter, longer, thicker, or maybe just one arm?

Linda was very talkative and loved to hear of my adventures of the week as she got out new supplies for new casts. She explained that the director wanted the casts to be shaped a little different and bright white instead of the yellowish-white that the fiberglass comes in. I asked if she could just cut off the existing casts and let us come back later that day to get the new ones. I thought a few hours use of my arms would be a nice thing to do. I really wanted to scratch my own nose and give a real embrace to Bill. Linda said that the initial muscle cramps I had experienced last week would only be worse if I starting moving my arms, and they didn't have any time later anyway.

She used a special cast saw to cut off the cast on my left arm but told me not to move it at all. It was tough to stare at my fingers and not move them to some of the places I had not been able to touch for a week. Linda immediately put a new cast on the arm, but his time some physical changes were made. First, this cast came up higher on my arm, almost rubbing my armpit. It also held my hand in a slightly different position, this time it bent my wrist in instead of just straight. I could see already that this cast was even more awkward than the last. It also was slightly straighter at the elbow, making my hand even further from being able to touch my face. Finally, it appeared to be thicker than before. I knew it was heavy compared to the right arm. Linda than repeated the process on my right arm. I realized that it was now totally impossible to hold anything that required my thumbs and fingers to touch due to the thickness of the casts. I felt much more immobile and imprisoned than I did before. I asked about the whiteness problem and she said she had an easy answer. Linda brought out another box of supplies, this time plaster bandages instead of the fiberglass she had been using. She used the plaster bandages to cover the entire casts. This thin layer of plaster gave the casts the white color that the director wanted. It also made them thicker and heavier, it was like having plaster casts over a fiberglass casts.

These new casts seemed to be an even bigger turn-on to me and to Bill. We drove straight home and went to bed when we left the doctor's office. Even with inconvenience of not be able to use my arms, getting paid to make love all day is a pretty good deal. Late in the afternoon the phone rang, it was Linda to check on me from Nashville. She asked me to practice my skills as a waitress with the new casts, and the film crew would be in town in about a week. In some ways I hoped they would be there the next day, but as strange as it may sound I was really enjoying the casts. I enjoyed the attention Bill was giving me, and I enjoyed the jealous looks I got from other women. The restrictions of the casts was exciting to me and to Bill. Another week seemed like a long time at first though, but in other ways I hoped it would be longer.

It turned out it was longer, the crew was busy on another project that was going over schedule. It was almost two full weeks before they came to town. The shooting of my part of the actual video took another two weeks. When we appeared to be finished Susan asked me to keep the casts on for another week or two until they had time to view all the scenes I was in. This was now five weeks with both arms imprisoned in these casts. I really wanted to scratch my own nose, brush my own teeth, feed myself, scratch my own back, but I really didn't want the casts to come off just yet. Yes, we were still getting paid every day.

In about a week Susan called to tell me they wanted some shots redone, but they would prefer to do them in Nashville. They flew us up to the Music City for a week. Actually it seemed that everybody involved was getting very short on patience with each other. The star seemed to stay even drunker than he was before. I really got to the point that I couldn't even stand being around him, but I was enjoying the rest of making the video anyway. We really spent very little time involved in the shooting so we had plenty of time to look around the home of country music. We stayed at the beautiful Opryland Hotel and we got plenty of attention as Bill would feed me in the dining room. We also spent a day at the amusement park there. They wouldn't let me ride many of the rides, but we still had fun just watching people.

Finally the day came after we got home that we were to go to the Doctor's office and have my arms freed from their fiberglass and plaster prisons. Linda asked me if I had enjoyed wearing the casts, I was honest with her and said yes. After she cut the casts off she gently washed the dead skin off and rubbed lotion on my arms. I was amazed at how pale and weak they had gotten. I could see that it was going to take some time to get the color and muscle tone back. It was also very painful to move them at first. Linda took the casts that had been cut in half to another room and asked me to exercise my arms some more. Another nurse rubbed some more lotion on them for me. Linda soon returned with the casts that she had relined with fresh padding and some ace bandages. She very carefully put the two halves of the casts together on my arms and wrapped them with the ace bandages. It was like they were back on but I knew that they could be unwrapped. With a wink she suggested that for "medical" reasons I should wear them when I thought it was necessary. Bill had a giant grin on his face when I walked out with the casts still on. Linda just told him that he could unwrap them in the privacy of our bedroom later.

Over the next few weeks we would leave the casts off for exercise, fresh air, and sunshine during the day, but Bill still would gently put them back on at night. They were still as much fun to wear as ever. It has now been almost a full year and we still love to play the "casting game". We both have realized that we are true cast lovers and have talked about other casting fantasies we would like to live. We did contact Linda a few weeks ago and she said anytime we wanted to act out our fantasy we could visit her. This summer looks like time for some more fun- both legs, one leg and one arm, or maybe all four limbs.

Tom Hoskins, the star in the video, was arrested shortly after we left Nashville on DUI charges. They found weapons and drugs in his car during the search. The recording label dropped him and the video was never released. We were paid in full and we never heard from them again. It was still and experience that really changed our lives together.

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