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Fractoman's Story

Rating:; Genre=Non-fiction; Pages=2; Characters=4,605;
Arm: Here is a new original story written by myself. It is a story that is part fiction and mostly non fiction. It is from my experiences. The names have been changed to protect the guilty. :) Being an original creation, This is also copyrighted by myself. I give you permission to print it however you want on your page. I hope you enjoy it- all comments are appreciated.

PART 1 - Cigars, Legs and Casts

It was an unusually warm autumn night as I headed north on the interstate. Being a dedicated cigar lover, and this being the only time that I can throurghly enjoy a truly fine smoke (my house is smoke free), I lit a Macanudo limited reserve. As I watched the gossamer wisps of smoke rise in the interior of my car, I reflected on the days events and the revelation that was still to come.

As a second year law student my schedule was very hectic and tedious. Competition was fierce, for in law school your class standing dictates the path you could take in the legal profession. I was very tense, not from the tedious arguments and Socratic rigors I underwent in the past few hours, but from the revelation I was about to make to a female acquaintance. I really shouldn't call her an acquaintance, we were friends, but the relationship was more than just platonic, we were also lovers. Not really monagamous, because we both had other interests. In fact I was "doing" a cute red head from mock trial class. I am not the type of man who goes for red heads, but as I learned in criminal law class, "the means, opportunity and motive," were there. The sex was mediocre because it truly lacked something, a missing element, that was needed to fulfill my deepest, primordial, sexual desires. These desires were on the top of my agenda this day , on the "to do" list.

The desires I am talking about go back to when sexuality is born: puberty. I was about twelve or thirteen years of age. School was out for the summer and I was finished with grade school about to take the journey into a new and unsure, insecure world: High school. Many changes were going on inside of me -- a kind of awakening -- and what an awakening!

During this summer of anticipation, I would spend several hours of the day in my room reading, writing and learning about the world around me. One day while reflecting and looking aimlessly out of my bedroom window, I had noticed that my next door neighbors' twenty year old daughter, who I did not know very well because she was much older than me, was brandishing what seemed to me to be, a new plaster cast on her right leg. She was trying to get into a chase lounge to sit in the sun. I could tell that she was a neophyte at using crutches, not that I was an expert on this subject, but she was flailing her leg around so much I thought she was going to get into serious trouble that could possibly lead to another fracture.

I enjoyed watching her struggle, not that I am some sort of sadist that takes pleasure in watching other people in pain, but watching her and seeing her in that cast awakened and stirred desires in me that were both confusing and at the same time very satisfying.

When she finally plopped down in the lounge and propped her casted leg up onto a pillow, I was treated to a most appetizing sight. She was sitting there in a bikini. Her skin was as smooth as satin sheets and it had a silky sheen from the tanning oil she applied. That fresh white cast, thick and very smooth, smooth like her skin, was a sharp contrast to her darkly tanned epidermus. The cast literally jumped out at me. I had to see more so I grabbed a small pair of opera glasses that I kept in a drawer on my nightstand and peered out of them almost like a peeping tom.

I first looked at her toes which were freshly painted and also very tan. I could see the cast padding protruding out of the end of the cast and it made a nice platform for her long and almost perfectly formed toes to set against. I then made my way up her foot. It was slightly extended and this slight arch exaggerated her shapely planar. Her calf was just as shapley, and that thick, smooth cast only exaggerated the curving lines her calf made all the way up to her almost perfect thigh, which was also casted all the way up to her crotch. Seeing that brilliant white immobilizer was like manna from heaven. I was a somewhat shy and insecure teenager and I never really had the nerve to ask her how she ended up with a long leg cast. I only knew that at that moment my life would be changed forever.

Copyright 1997 by G.R. AKA Fractoman

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