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Fantasy Part 2

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Fantasy Come True (Part 2)

Warning: Material is explicit, involving erotic imagery and many descriptions of behavior some may not enjoy!


I am 26; my friend is now 27. The following occurred when we were 22 and 23. I have told the story of his experience with the foot/ankle fetish and by love of the same, as well as, his experience with the opposite sex involving the cast fetish. Here are several of the experiences we had together involving similar experiences with the cast fetish. I have also written about my early childhood experience with bandaging (casting). This early experience, keep in mind, was the major turning point in my life which influenced what you are about to read. Keep an open mind. Inhale the experience; breathe it, learn from it, and take it even further. If you are like my friend and me and you love this fetish, take notes and enjoy the story. It involves, actually, several behaviors that are deemed abnormal and odd. Don't judge, but enjoy instead. Have fun. Laugh if you would like. Or try if you would like. Let's begin.

After telling me of his story, my friend (I'll call him Tim) came to me with several suggestions. He informed me of his fantasies and I him. We agreed that we were mates, joined by our desires. We wanted somehow to live them out. I was the owner of several items related to casting, not plaster cast rolls or anything quite that sophisticated, but many times related. I owned several ACE bandage rolls, varying in size from the smallest, used to wrap wrists and hands, to the largest, used to wrap knees and legs, etc. I also owned not one, but two pairs of crutches, aluminum and wood. This is important because both have their advantages and disadvantages that I will explain later. Knee and ankle and wrist braces were among the items in my collection as well. Certain sexual toys were also included, they will be important as well. He owned a number of ACE rolls, collecting them after his cast experience with his former girlfriend. She was also a former owner and friend of mine as well. I'll explain that too. He owned a cervical collar, a sling, and a homemade traction device to hold up the leg. Very important items.

His knowledge of my sexuality wasn't established at first. He thought he knew I was straight, but a doubt did exist, he would later admit. I knew he wasn't gay and I knew I wasn't, but I knew he wasn't a prude, close minded person. I knew he was wild and willing to try anything. Our first experience with the casting fetish began with the discovery that he and his cast-loving girlfriend liked threesomes. However, they had never had any with two men and one woman, always two women (lucky him). Their first experience would be with me.

On a normal Friday night, I went to his apartment to discuss the plans for doing casting related subjects. His girlfriend was all for being involved in our game. She, as I said in Part I, had not purchased any cast rolls due to lack of money and means, so we only had our current bandages, braces, and etc. I arrived not expecting the events to occur as they did. Just a night of discussion and bandaging among cast-loving friends, that's all. I was in for a treat.

Dinner went well. The topics at the table were obviously about our love for the cast fetish and our plans for expressing this love. After dinner, we drank cognac to finish off the dining experience. Very drunk, we wildly discussed more forbidden desires, revealing much about ourselves. They confessed their love of the threesome experience, but mentioned these were all before their experience with the fetish. I was silent, slowly planning on revealing my desire for their threesome experience. I didn't know about the idea of being naked with another man while being also with a woman. I always wanted the two girl threesome, but by the end of the cognac, I wanted the former. I confessed; they smiled. I was in.

Unloading the materials for our adventure that night, I realized the importance of the situation. We talked about our favorite body parts to be wrapped and "fixed". I say fixed, because we agreed that this was going to be as real as possible. Our injuries, like the girl in my "Cast Fetish", were to be "real". This was not to be a variation on the bondage fetish. It was to our own, unique experience.

Tim's girlfriend (call her Ann), was fond of the leg, leaving the foot exposed. She was to have a knee/leg injury, starting above the ankle and going to the upper thigh, just below the crotch. However, she abstained from the wrapping at first, giving no reason. Tim knew the reason, and I would know as well. It was their routine, and I was game. Tim loved the hip/ribs injury. He wanted to be wrapped just under the chest going down to both thighs. Both thighs wrapped, exposing the crotch (though actually exposed fully yet). This would give the impression, I assumed of a hip spica type of injury. It was Ann's favorite injury for him. My choice was the ankle/foot. I used an old brace, one that was a plastic brace that was to be worn on the ankle to only surround the two sides to the ankle, exposing the front of the ankle and not covering the top and bottom foot. I removed the device that goes under the heel and separated the plastic, inflated splints, which prevent the ankle form twisting sideways, but not up and down. One splint I put long-ways (a perfect fit) under my foot to cover the bottom of the foot, supplying a cushion for the foot. The other splint I velcroed on the back of my ankle. I wrapped the ankle and the entire foot, starting just below the edge of the toe all the way to the beginning of the calf. It was, I thought innovative, and they both complimented me on my accomplishment (I described the latter wrapping as a suggestion, try it). Our night now was underway.

Now we had to decide what was next. We had to establish our sexual likes and dislikes (turn on's and turn off's). I established my hetero preferences. They were slightly (later reported) disappointed a that moment. Ann was sure I was bi and Tim wasn't sure. However, I mentioned my open-mindedness and my willingness to try a variety of various erotic acts. The cognac from after dinner and the wine at dinner were working strong, adding to my inhibitions. I was ready; they were ready. It was time.

In Tim's bedroom, we placed two sleeping bags they used for camping. They were placed side by side with Tim lying on one and me on the other. These were our hospital beds. Pillows were placed under his feet for elevation. The homemade traction device was given to the guest, me. My "injured" ankle and foot lay in the cloth, elevated. Tim and I were left alone. I had my boxers and a T-shirt on me. He was wearing a piece of cloth where his crotch was. Because of the hip wrap, he could not wear anything that would be covered by the bandages and couldn't be taken off. However, I never saw his nether region while the bandaging took place. Ann left us alone; she was gone for about 15 min. when she returned in a homemade nurses uniform. It wasn't kinky; it was a realistic hospital type uniform, white, showing slight cleavage. I was ready! Full of liquid inspiration from the cognac, I had no anxiety. I throbbed.

She removed the cloth from Tim's crotch. I had honestly never seen a penis in person (not even in high school gym class), I felt strangely unfazed by the revealing. She looked at me and smiled, so did he. I smiled back. He was a good size, eight inches probably. I was hard; he was too.

Ann started her routine, "How are you boys feeling today after the accident?". "Fine," we answered, "A little sore, but fine.", Tim added. She said, "How can I ease your soreness? Drugs?". "Not drugs," Tim said, "No drugs," I added. "Then why don't I do this for you?" talking to Tim. She kissed his groin, putting her lips to his balls, pecking away. She moved up to the tip of his penis and wrapped her lips around it. I was amazed, hard, throbbing with delight. She continued. She stopped, took her top off, and revealing a bustier. Her breasts glowed; they were nice; round and perfectly real. She smiled at me. I smiled back.

She walked over to me. The anxiety returned, despite the alcohol. After all, she was his girlfriend. However, he smiled, and I knew that he was O.K. with it. She removed her bustier and stepped out of her skirt, revealing a g-string. She peeled back a little of the bandage on my foot, soothing me with words of comfort. "This won't hurt. You'll feel better after this." She kissed my exposed toes, then my thighs just under my boxers, missing my crotch. Tease! She moved toward Tim and kissed him hard on the lips. Jealousy! He was still hard, so was I. She returned to me, removing her underwear. The pink shone, and I was in heaven. Tim smiled again. I smiled back. She slowly removed my boxers and caressed my already hard penis. "You'll feel much better now.", she said. She stroked my penis, next, applying a rubber. She lowered herself down toward my crotch. I was inside her. "Oh! Nurse!", I groaned. Tim smiled. With great passion we continued. She arose right before orgasm. I wanted to finish. It wasn't time yet. She left the room with her clothes in hand. Tim looked at me and smiled; he knew what was to come.

She returned 20 min. or so later wearing her leg bandage and carrying a third sleeping bag. She was wearing a pair of short shorts and a v-neck tee: no bra. She lay the sleeping bag, moving us a bit, between Tim and me, and lay down. Tim got up, using the pair of aluminum crutches, already in the room. He looked at me and said, "It's time for something different. Ready?" I nodded and got up, using the other pair of crutches in the room. Both naked, we stared at Ann. She grinned and told Tim to turn to me. He did. She told me to drop my crutches and told me to grab a short stool in the corner. I used one of the crutches to walk over toward the stool. She complemented me on my remaining in character. "Put the stool in front of Tim.", she said. I did. Dropping the other crutch, I anticipated her next demand and sat facing Tim. She nodded in agreement. None of us had climaxed and came. Tim and I were no longer hard. That would change.

My ankle hurt a bit, but I was anxious.The liquor was still working. "Caress his balls. Stroke his dick.", she said. It was a less sensual atmosphere. It was more erotic. It was different from the nurse situation, yet it was still quite fulfilling. I did as she told. He became harder. "Kiss them.", she quietly demanded. He smiled. I obeyed. I throbbed with excitement. I kissed the tip of his penis. Unbeknowst to them, a fantasy of mine was coming true. Perhaps I was bi. Yes, I was in a way. He remained standing, using his crutches for support. I sucked and stroked. His muscles tensed. It was his first experience with a man and mine as well. He didn't come, but I continued. "Get up! Move the stool onto the bag!", Ann demanded. I did. "Get on your knees.", she said softly. She had a beautiful voice. "Now, please, lean over the stool." I obeyed relunctantly, not knowing what to expect. An odd situation developed: surprisingly and delightfully odd.

Tim handed a crutch to Ann. She removed the rubber tip and removed the long pole from its place. She retrieved a dildo sleeve and slid in onto the pole and placed the pole back in the crutch (by pole I mean the rod that touches the floor and supports the crutch, which can be adjusted for height). Because he had the aluminum pair, it was easy to accomplish. She lubricated the dildo and me as well. On his knees now, Tim rubbed my cheeks. "Feel better man.", he said. I didn't know how the hell to respond. I stayed in character, so did they. "My ankle and foot, they hurt in this position." Ann supported Tim saying soothingly, "This hurts him too. We all must endure some pain.", she said. I nodded. He slowly inserted the dildo into me. Pain, pleasant pain. In and out, he thrust it into me. She groaned; he groaned, "Fuck him honey, fuck him!" "Oh yes!", he shouted. I throbbed with pleasure, a pleasure I have never experienced. He didn't insert himself into me; he used the dildo as a substitute for his penis. Symbolically, he fucked me. Moaning, groaning, I writhed. He exited me, and I stayed there, still bent over, not knowing what to do. I liked it, surprisingly, liked it! Ann laughed with pleasure. Tim and I joined in. We then all lay on our sleeping bags and stared at the ceiling. No one came. It wasn't over.

We were still drunk. Barely an hour had past since Ann, the nurse, entered our hospital room. We were still in character like we had agreed. I sat up. "My turn." I stated somewhat forcefully. Ann looked at Tim. They agreed. "Ann stay in bed. Tim stand up. Here." I ordered quietly, handing Tim my the one crutch left of his. He did so. Ann looked curiously, but said nothing. "Switch.", I said. I handed him my crutches, and he handed me his. I hobbled with one; he stood with both of mine. "You fucked me. It's my turn." I was "bold and saucy" as Shakespeare wrote. Ann reached for the other crutch with the dildo. I turned quickly and not yelling, but being forceful said, "No!" She paused. About to say something, she looked at Tim and he smiled. She lay back down, head propped on one pillow and injured leg on the another. I hobbled toward the lubrication bottle and grabbed rubber as well. She smiled in agreement of my smart decision. I applied it. Not thinking at all of homosexuality, I rubbed his cheeks. "My turn," I thought. I rubbed myself hard with little effort. "Do you want to know what it feels like?" I asked. He moaned a yes. I turned to Ann. "You wanna watch, don't you?" She moaned an "Oh Yes." I slowly inserted; he tensed, bending over slightly, still using his crutches. I was in, out, in, out. Yes, I was in a pleasure state that had never been a part of my ideals. I continued. I changed rubbers. I continued. Ann was curiously watching her boyfriend with another man. She smiled, however, in the middle of the act, and slowly stood. She limped over to the front of Tim and knelt down in front on one knee, so as to not cause pain in her leg. She kissed his penis, licked his balls. It wasn't romantic, just sensual and pleasantly erotic-the entire act. I came first and fell back and lay down. I continued to watch Ann suck and Tim continued his pleasure. He came next. She licked and swallowed. She wiped the cum off of her face and self and lay down beside me. Tim lay on the other side of her, leaving her in the middle. We relaxed, taking in the entire experience. It still wasn't over.

An hour passed. In the meantime, I had hobbled over to the kitchen and had opened another bottle of wine. We finished it, keeping our wonderfully drunken state. Would we have done this sober? Absolutely, I concluded later. It didn't matter. It just added to the spontaneity. Ann, as you might expect was not quite satisfied, and to tell you the truth, neither were Tim and I. She wore a T-shirt and nothing else. She was beautiful. Only her light brown pubes were showing, and she was glowing. Tim and I decided it was our turn to please her, and her alone. We had our time. It was an odd, but exhilarating experience that changed Tim and me. Whether or not either one of us had homosexual tendencies was not discussed during the lull. We didn't know what to say. United in thought and ideal, maybe it was normal to experience such a happening. I don't know. Ann had no comment either. She was, however, happy about the ordeal. Hugging and kissing her lover, and smiling the whole time at me.

We broke character. Tim and I changed the scenario. Our bandages were off temporarily. We changed our injuries. We added the foot and ankle to Ann's repertoire and made her injury and full leg "cast", so to speak. We also added the cervical collar to her injuries: car accident. She had a broken leg and an injured neck. Tim had a broken wrist. I moved my broken foot and ankle to a sprained ankle, using a lace-up ankle brace. I added broken arm, using creative bandaging. Ann lay on the bed legs apart. He still wore her tight shirt, exposing her nipples-hard and enticing. I started, again kissing her toes and moving up to her thighs and her pink, inviting pussy. I pleased her, orally delighting her until she came. I licked it up and swallowed the same way she did with Tim. This was her time. She felt the ecstacy. She wanted more.

I was hard. Placing on the rubber, I penetrated her being, going in out, again and again. Tim kissed her on her cheeks and on the lips, something I wasn't allowed to do. He kissed her breasts over and over, sucking her nipples. I continued. He stood up. Walked over to the stool and grabbed the lubricant. He placed the slipped on a condom, applied the lube on me the same way I did him. "It's my turn to fuck you now. I'll give to you like you gave it to me." Tim shouted. I was penetrating Ann; he was penetrating me. We were all overwhelmed by the extreme pleasure involved. "Fuck me!", she yelled. "Fuck me!", I shouted. "You it like don't you? When I'm in you?", Tim expressed. "Oh, yes!", I responded. We were unstoppable, pleasing each other in ways we have never experienced.

She came again. Instantly, I came. Tim finished behind me. We all collapsed and lay on the enormous bed. We lay there for close to 45 minutes. Tim got up and left. He returned unbandaged. Ann had already started unwrapping her leg and her neck was already free. I lay for about five more minutes, unwilling to let go of the feeling. I unwrapped and unlaced. Tim handed me a cloth robe. He put on another cloth robe. Ann put on my boxers, still wearing her T-shirt. She glowed. Tim was smiling and so was I. We sat, Indian style, on the floor in front of the bed and said nothing. We just smiled and stayed silent, not wanting to ruin what we had experienced by talking.

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