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Fantasy Part 1

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Fantasy Come True (Part 1)

Warning: Material is explicit, involving erotic imagery and many descriptions of behavior some may not enjoy!


At twenty-three years old I had already experienced sex. I lost my virginity at age fifteen, and it was a very pleasurable experience. Until I was twenty-three, I had never experienced anything to the extent of what I am about to describe.

I have one fetish, or so I thought; ankles and feet. I consider these almost the same, so I group them as one. Given the fact that one is connected to the other, the ankle and foot are very important parts, to me, of the female anatomy. The other parts, of course, are a given. Every woman I had been with loved this fetish, because I loved giving foot massages and rubbing their ankles. Some liked me sucking their toes and some didn't, but overall these experiences were overly orgasmic for both parties. I thrived in this atmosphere of erotica and loved the feeling of being a bit different, though I probably shared this passion with many.

I would caress the feet by rubbing the toes first, then the bottom of the feet and the ankles after that. I would then follow her leg with my hands and sometimes my cheek (left then right) toward her pussy. One kiss to the clit would do for now, tease! And I would go back down to the toes and wrap my lips around them sucking liked she so fantastically did to me. I sucked until she couldn't take it any more. She wanted me to continue upward toward the pussy, I would. Slowly kissing her all the up her bottom feet and then her legs, I would follow my kisses with caressing hands. Her muscles would tense and my groin would grow with anticipation and excitement, for her reaction would turn me on more than anything.

This was my most common erotic experience. I thrived in its pleasure, and so did they. That's why, at age 23, I topped the previous experiences with a girl who had a fetish I had never heard of, the cast.


The person telling me this story is a pretty good acquaintance of mine. While very drunk one morning (4 a.m.), he told about a "crazy chick" he had been with. After telling me his casting story, he was astonished to find out how well I accepted and actually identified with his experience. My fantasy was similar, I have tremendous love for the female foot, and I worship the female ankle. We got together after this talk later on and became "very" good friends. Though our budgets don't allow casting (and I will go into greater detail in the next story), we do experience various casting-like experiences together. He is very opened minded and so am I. I have for many years, after growing up in a conservative region, longed for wild, erotic experiences. We have done these to a certain extent. We have also been very surprised by finding the casting pages on the net, that we are not alone. So I share his experience with the "crazy chick". This is part 1. Part 2 is even wilder; check it out too.


Part I

I met Ann one night at a friend's party. There was an immediate attraction between the two of us. She was 5' 6" and about 115 lb. She was radiant I couldn't keep my eyes off her. She stared at me and I at her. We talked for hours that night and knew something would happen between the two of us. By our second date we were already lovers. I took her that next night after our first meeting. She wanted it and gave it to her. We made love for hours that night, and we both knew that we were sexually compatible. It wasn't until one particular night, however, that I found out how compatible and wonderful our sexual union would be. And it wasn't until this time that I realized how important she would become to me.

One night, no different from any other, we came back to her house after a night on the town. We decided to open a bottle of champagne (her favorite) and have a talk. I wondered where the talk would lead, and whether or not it would be serious or fun. It was fun. She mentioned a program she saw on television that emphasized the importance of discussing sexual fantasies with your partners. I nodded and wondered what she was up to. "O.K., let's talk.", I said. She agreed, but stayed silent for a moment. I broke the ice and asked her to begin with her fantasies. She immediately broke in a informed me of her plans for this talk. "Tonight, it's my turn to tell you. Tomorrow, you tell me. But now it's my time, O.K.?" I nodded in agreement and waited for her fantasies. She started.

She began by saying that, when she was girl, she once broke her foot. She was about twelve. She loved the attention she got from her cast and loved the whole ceremony of having a cast: the signings, the explanation of the injury, the attention of being waited on and helped, and the use of crutches. This latter reason was her favorite, next to the being waited on, and she explained how she loved the feel of the pads under her arms. She loved wrapping her hands around the pads and the smell of them. "I loved the whole thing, especially the shape of the crutches. Along with the beauty of my perfect, white cast, I was in heaven.", she explained. She looked at me and I back at her. I said nothing and she continued. She told of her fantasy to once again wear a cast on her leg. She explained the importance to her and the process by which she could do it. She had the materials; she was just waiting for the right time and person to do it with. I was that person, she said. I didn't know how to respond, but I wasn't turned off. She saw this and continued.

She explained to the fetish of casts. I already had several fetishes myself, so I didn't judge her at all. She showed me her pictures she had on her computer of men and women in casts. It might be important to mention that we had already established our like for threesomes. I knew she was bi and liked to be with women as well as men. So when I saw the pictures of women, I wasn't surprised. She wanted to cast herself, pretending to have, once again, a broken leg. I liked the idea, and the birth of our casting relationship had begun.

On the day before she would be casted, I went to a hospital. I found a closet that contained hospital gowns, and I took one. I put it in a backpack I pretended to carry books in and I left. I went to a medical supply store next and rented a wheelchair. This would be a surprise for Ann. I arrived at her apartment and entered, leaving the wheelchair in my car, but talking the hospital gown. I saw Ann sitting on the couch waiting. She was ready. She applied the stockinette and cast padding to her leg. I wasn't familiar with the process so I just watched in complete interest. She started on the fiberglass, saying you could wet it and wear it more comfortably that plaster. I had no clue, but I continued to watch. She wrapped the bandages around her foot, moved up to her ankle and continued wrapping until finishing that roll. She started a new one and continued up her leg, past her knee and to her crotch, starting a new roll. She continued this process until completed wrapped. She layered until the cast was thick and beautiful. I was surprisingly turned on by the process; I became hard. She tried smoothing the cast, and did the best she could. It was her first time, so she explained the imperfection of the cast. However, I mentioned its beauty and she nodded, thanking me.

She was only wearing a T-shirt. After the cast was dry, I asked her to remove her shirt and told her of the gown I had conjured up. She was wonderfully surprised and thankful. "That's not all.", I said, "I have one more surprise. Put this on while I get it." I left and retrieved the wheelchair brought it inside. She was amazed at my feat and continuously thanked me. "Here you go Miss. Sit here and I'll take you to your room." She did so. I wheeled her into her room and maneuvered the chair beside her bed. I then picked her up out of the chair and gently lay her on the bed. I left the room.

I returned wearing a white coat and tie. "So, you're the doctor.", she said. "Yes.", I responded. The situation, right then, was perfect. We were ready. I began to caress her feet, starting with her toes. She started to moan with delight. I continued. Moving from her toes to her left, non-casted ankle, I continued to massage. My hands moved up her left leg, to her calf, then her knee, and finally her thighs. I kissed the inside part of her thighs, just right before her pussy. I was hard and anxious. I then moved back down to the toes of her casted leg. I first kissed them, then massaged them. I moved my hands up and down the cast. She groaned again with delight and satisfaction. I kissed her skin just where the cast ended, just before her pussy. She groaned again. Taking my tongue, I moved it furiously, in all directions, giving her great pleasure. All the while, I was massaging her cast. I took off my coat. She removed her hospital gown. Her bare breasts shone. They were voluptuous and beautiful.

I kissed her muff, then her belly button and continued up her stomach to her nipples. I sucked on her nipples until they were hard. I caressed her breasts, while sucking on her nipples. I then kissed her lips. This continued for some time. We held each other, kissing. We looked into each other's eyes. I held her tight, assuring her everything was O.K. I loved then. She loved me. The moment we were having together was magic, something extra special. I then thrust myself inside her. Her muscles tightened. I moved in and out, continuously for some time. We continued to kiss each other passionately, while making love. I filled her; she completed me. We were one. It was magical. The pleasure I felt at that moment was unmatched. She had known what pleasure I liked. She knew me. I came inside her. She came immediately after. The moment was perfect, unbreakable. I lay beside her, kissing her neck and cheek, caressing her body. We fell asleep together and woke up together; we shared the most magical night together.

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