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Donna's Spring Break

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Donna hobbled on her crutches to the parkbench and carefully sat down. She leaned her crutches against the seat and slowly swung her right leg, immobilized up to her knee in a plaster cast, onto the bench.

Donna had been touring the Smithsonian Institution all day, trying to make the rounds to the various museums coping with her cast and crutches. She was on spring break from the university and touring the nation's capital on her own.

Doing touristy things on crutches was tougher than she expected. She was finding it difficult to get around and had to stop and rest more frequently than she anticipated. She exhaled deeply and tried to catch her breath. Walking on crutches was no easy feat, and this was the first time she'd ever really attempted it for any great length.

Oh, well," Donna thought. "Only myself to blame. That's what I get for trying to act out my little fantasy."

Donna's leg wasn't broken. She'd casted it herself the night before her trip to Washington D.C.

For as long as she could remember, Donna had found herself sexually excited by the sight of other people wearing plaster casts and often fantasized about wearing one herself. As a child, anytime a playmate had a broken arm or leg, she would devote as much attention to the girl or boy as possible. When she was small, she loved to play doctor and be the bedridden patient with a broken leg.

Donna had never broken a bone in her life, so she'd never been able to experience the feel of a cast before. She was happy never to have broken a bone, but she frequently wondered what it would be like to hobble around on crutches with a heavy, immobilizing cast on her leg, attracting the stares and sympathy of onlookers.

For the past six months or so her interest had grown and grown, until Donna became interested in casting her own leg and going out in public to see what kind of reaction she would attract. Unfortunately, she never got the opportunity since she decided she didn't want to do it in front of people she knew. For one thing, she'd be embarrassed if she had to answer a bunch of questions. And what if it turned out that she really didn't like being in the cast? How would she explain it if the cast came off only a few days after she allegedly injured her leg?

She was beginning to give up hope when, two weeks ago, a prime opportunity arose. She was supposed to visit Washington D.C. on spring break with her friend Karen, but Karen had to back out because of some family problems. It was then that Donna decided her time to wear a cast in public among strangers would be on her trip to D.C.

Donna put the cast on herself the night before the trip and left her apartment early the next morning in a cab, trying to avoid the sight of any noisy neighbor. She made the entire plane ride with the cast on her leg and was even given the opportunity to board the plane first because of her condition.

Donna leaned her head back and thought about the plane ride, the way she was allowed to extend her casted leg into the aisle during the flight, the feeling of immobilization that she enjoyed on the flight.

After losing herself in the though for a few minutes, Donna shifted her weight on the parkbench so that she could move her leg into a more comfortable position. She then pulled back her long, black hair and fastened it into a ponytail and looked down to admire the cast. She saw her toes peeking out of the cast and wiggled them. They were the only part of her lower leg she could move and this excited her.

She lifted her casted leg off of the ground and felt its weight. The immobilization excited her, as did the feeling that the cast was a ball and chain _ something that slowed her down, something that made her near helpless.

She bit her lip with excitement as she thought what it would be like if she had a real injury and had to wear the cast for a month. Or more. What if it went all the way up her leg? She felt a warmth rush through her as she let her imagination run wild.

Before she forgot where she was, though, Donna stopped her little fantasy and decided she had to move on. She decided there would be more time back at the hotel to get carried away in her fantasy.

She planted her crutches in the ground and used them to hoist herself up off the bench, just as she'd observed other casted cripples do countless times as she gazed at them. She caught her breath and began making her way for the Museum of Modern Art.

As she crutched along, her casted leg swinging, she began to notice how many men turned their heads to look at her. She'd always turned a head or two with her figure, but this time it seemed like she was really attracting a lot of glances. Her legs were long and shapely and she was wearing a fairly short skirt today. But, she'd shown her legs off in public before and never received this level of attention. Donna had often speculated that some men found casts sexy... and now here appeared to be some proof.

After Donna entered the museum, she began making her way through the exhibits, stopping to take in some postmodern sculpture and then some Jackson Pollack paintings. Her mind frequently drifted from the paintings and sculpture and to the excitement that her immobilized leg brought her.

She toured a few more rooms before she began to notice a that another of the museum's visitors, a brown-haired guy in his late 20s kept showing up in the same rooms she did.

As Donna crutched into a room full of lithographs, she sensed that the brown-haired guy was again behind her. She liked his looks and wondered if he was indeed following her with the intention of striking up a conversation. And if he was, was it the cast on her leg that piqued his interest?

Donna decided to try her luck with the guy. She sat down on a couch, panting and leaned her crutches against the wall. She noticed that the brown-haired guy went to the other side of the room and began admiring a Jasper Johns litho. He seemed to be looking at her out of the corner of his eye. And, she noticed, he kept shifting his eyes down, as if to look at her casted leg.

Donna looked around as she rubbed her leg above the cast. No one else in the room, she though. Why don't I talk to the guy? She worried for a minute that she might be striking up a conversation with a weirdo, but found herself calling out to him before she could stop herself.

"Excuse me," Donna said loudly across the room. "Do you happen to know what time it is?"

Oops, she thought. What a lame way to start a conversation. (Well, at least she wasn't wearing a watch while she asked it, she consoled herself.) Then, she began to worry again _ what if this guy's some stalker creep?

He looked surprised that she actually noticed him and stammered, "Uh, um," looking down at his wrist. "I guess it's three," he finally spat out.

"Oh, thanks," Donna said. "I'm not making very good time." She nodded down to her casted leg and wiggled her toes seductively.

The guy's face seemed to light up (Because she answered back? Or was it the sight of the toes wiggling in the cast?) and her began sauntering toward her.

"What happened to your leg?" he asked as he approached.

Shit! Donna tried to keep from grimacing. Here she was trying to play pick up artist and she hadn't even concocted a story to explain her cast.

"Well," she said, thinking fast. "I broke my ankle playing softball."

"Oh, no," the guy said as he approached the couch. "How long are you out of commission," he asked, nodding to her cast.

Oh, god, Donna though, feeling herself perspire with excitement. He's really interested in talking about the cast.

"At least six weeks," Donna said, trying to look like that would be bad news. "It was a pretty bad break."

"Well, you look tired," he said. "Would you like me to buy you a coke at the snack bar?" Before she could answer, he cut in, "By the way, my name's Tony. I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself earlier."

"Donna," she said, holding out her right hand for him to shake.

Tony took it firmly and said, "Can I help you up?"

Donna hoisted herself to her feet, using his hand, and grabbed her crutches. She was nervous. It was unlike her to be so forward with a man, especially in a strange place. But, she sensed that her cast turned him on and this made her even more excited about her decision to plaster her leg for the trip.

They made their way to the little museum cafe and she seated herself while Tony went to the counter for a couple of drinks. She carefully lifted her casted leg up onto one of the chairs around the table and leaned her crutches against the chair. Again, she began to wonder if she'd made a wise decision talking to the guy, then decided he looked too harmless to be a pervert. And if he was a weirdo for being interested in her cast, she was worse than a weirdo _ she'd actually applied a cast to herself!

Tony returned with the sodas and sat down.

"You here by yourself?" he asked.

"I am," Donna said. "I'm on spring break from the University of Chicago. My roommate was supposed to come with me but she couldn't make it. I decided to come anyway. Are you a tourist too or do you live here?"

"I live here," Tony said. "But I never get bored with the art museums." He looked down at her toes sticking out of the cast. "I guess it's been hard seeing the sights with a cast on your leg."

"Yeah, but it's not so bad," Donna said. "I seem to be enjoying myself despite having problems getting around."

"So, what position do you play?" Tony asked.

Donna wrinkled her eyebrows quizzically, unsure of what he was asking.

"You mentioned you hurt your ankle playing softball _"

"Oh, I'm sorry," Donna flushed. "I'm not thinking right now. Um, I play second base."

"I didn't mean to be nosy," Tony said, obviously sensing her uneasiness.

"No, it's not a problem," Donna said, wishing she'd come up with a story before she left her apartment this morning.

Donna reaching down and rubbed her index finger along the edge of the cast, feeling its texture. She noticed Tony was staring right at it.

"Is the cast heavy?" he asked.

Donna began to feel a warmth spread through herself again as Tony continued to ask about the cast. She almost began to feel light headed.

"Well, it was a drag the first couple of weeks," Donna told him. "But, I've gotten used to it and now it's OK. It doesn't really bother me." She found herself feeling even more aroused as she lied about the cast. She found herself what it would be like to really wear the cast for six weeks. Or longer.

"Y'know, I remember having a cast on my leg when I was a kid," Tony said. "It was kinda strange, but by the time they were ready to cut it off, I was kind of sad to see it go. I had gotten so used to it that I kind of liked it."

Donna sensed that Tony was getting more and more excited about the topic and his mention of missing his cast set blood rushing to her ears. She was almost feeling wet now.

"You going to miss it when it comes off?" he asked. Again, catching her off guard.

There was a brief pause and Donna began to feel cool sweat running between her breasts. And beneath her cast. God, she thought, this guy is as turned on by my cast as I am!

"You sure are asking a lot of questions about my cast," Donna said with a wry smile.

Tony looked into her eyes, pausing a moment. "Well, you may find this disturbing, you may find it odd. If you do, let me know and I'll leave you alone," he said. "But, I was instantly attracted to you because of your cast. And, of course, because you're a nice-looking woman. For some reason, I find casts on pretty women to be an incredible turn-on. I have for as long as I remember."

He paused again, apparently to make sure Donna wasn't going to tell him to shove off. "I'm not into S&M, I'm not into seeing women hurt," Tony continued, somewhat tentatively. "I just have an intense interest in casts. I guess their immobilizing effect on a limb, the way someone wearing one has difficulty getting around."

Tony paused for a minute and began to look surprised that he was saying what he was saying.

"I can't believe I'm telling you this because I've never even mentioned it to a woman before," Tony said.

Donna was feeling lightheaded. She swallowed and looked around to make sure no one was in hearing distance. She felt embarrassed to say what she then said, even though Tony had come out with his own confession.

"Well... I didn't really break my ankle," Donna said, touching her hand to his arm. "I guess, I'm interested in casts too. I have been for a long time, but I always wanted to see what it was like to be in one. I know that sounds _"

"It doesn't sound strange to me," Tony said smiling. "But it sounds like we've got something in common; it almost sounds too good to be true."

Donna nodded in agreement. It was a bizarre coincidence that both of them would share such an interest. And it seemed funny that they both would breach the subject within minutes of meeting each other. Somehow though, Tony seemed to put her at ease and it seemed from the moment that they began talking that they had an unnaturally close connection.

"Listen, would you be interested in seeing a few more sights, then some dinner?" Tony asked. "Maybe we could talk about this shared interest some more. And then, we could go back to my place."

Tony paused.

"If things go OK between us, I'd like to, well... I have some supplies to make casts at my apartment... and if..."

Donna could tell what he was getting around to. She hadn't known Tony for five minutes and here he was suggesting that he go back to his apartment. She knew she should feel more apprehensive about it that she did. Somehow, though, she felt that she could trust him, that they had a connection.

" I was thinking we could have some fun," Tony said. "It doesn't even have to be anything, you know, um, sexual. We'd take it as far as you feel comfortable taking it."

"Let's see how things go," Donna said. "Let's have some dinner first."

Oddly enough, the more Tony confessed about his attraction to casts, the more comfortable she felt with him. She couldn't wait for dinner.

The next few days, an odd couple turned a few heads touring many of the city's sights.

A brown-haired man was pushing his wife or girlfriend around in a wheelchair. The pretty, black-haired woman must have been in a horrible accident, onlookers decided. Both her legs were encased from toe to thigh in plaster casts and her arms too were encased in plaster from her armpits to her hands. Her two arms hung useless in slings around her neck.

What a pity to see such an attractive young woman injured so badly, they thought. But, wasn't it nice that her young man was willing to push her around, take care of her, even feed her when they stopped for a snack?

The black-haired girl didn't appear to be in much pain though, they decided. She and the young man pushing her wheelchair were all smiles as they made their way around.

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