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Discovery 2

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Discovery2: The other side of the coin

Chap 2, by Sadev

This is how Darryn saw the beginning of the relationship with Glynnis. It is interesting to note the completely different impressions of the various phases and how the characters' fears and uncertainties changed their view of events. This story which is based on a real life event, is possible because the characters involved actually compared notes afterwards, and had quite a giggle about some of the various happenings and the difference between what each of them thought at the time.

Darryn had a really busy life - he was an extremely successful stockbroker - one of the youngest to achieve the million dollar club - at age 25. This enabled him to strike a deal with the partners, an unusual one in those times, as under considerable duress they had agreed to his working only 4 days a week. Of course he had to guarantee a certain average weekly "take", but he and they knew that this would not be a problem at all.

This resulted in his absence every Friday - and it was spent in the quiet confines of his immaculately equipped garage where he prepared his rally car for the weekend's events. His road car was not one of those flashy new BMW's or Porsches, but a rather ordinary looking Ford Cortina, but the ultra wide tyres and extremely low suspension hinted at the beast under the bonnet, a fully race tuned 24 valve, 2.5 litre Cosworth unit pushing out nearly 300hp. One of the problems running this little baby was that he had to mix aviation fuel with the pump fuel to achieve the right octane rating and prevent engine damage. And that's how he met Glynnis.

He arranged for his local garage to keep a stock of avgas for him. This garage also had a little shop which had expanded over the last year or two to now keep a full range of various spares and accessories as well as cool drinks and sweets. He had been filling up when he first saw her sitting behind the service counter. She was not a great looker but she gave a customer she was talking to one of the greatest smiles he had seen, and he resolved to get to know her. This was a lot easier said than done as he had never been good with the ladies, in fact he was quite tongue tied when in the presence of someone he liked. He thought back on all the girls he had liked and wrestled yet again with the fact that most of them had been far from physically perfect.

He knew that he was different, being drawn to those who missing an arm or a leg, or were wearing braces or even in a wheelchair, but it did not bother him overly, although he did not share his inclinations with anyone. His preference as he thought of it, had only been realised a few times when he had dated one women with one arm who wore a hook around the flat but never in public and who was as thick as a plank, another who had lost a leg at the hip but who wouldn't stop talking, and a slightly older lady with one arm, who wore a cosmetic arm and wouldn't take it off ever with him, even when they made love. This had been a total turnoff and they went their separate ways.

On a few other occasions he had met other disabled women, but had never been able to get far enough with the conversation to ask for a date - his tongue really got glued to his palate and they soon lost interest. He also dated "normal" women and had a string of affairs and usually had a "resident" girlfriend at any given moment. Biggest problem was that they usually were extended one-nighters and he decided that this time he would go real slow until he had sufficient confidence to approach the owner of this lovely smile without screwing up, or telling her that he had bags of money which appeared to be the main attribute that his string of girlfriends were attracted to.

So every time he pulled in to fill up (and he tried to do it during her work hours) he would give her a smile if he caught her eye. She always smiled back, but seemed to be embarrassed by his attention. But he persevered and this went on for months, each time when he thought he was ready he would start to move to the shop and then get cold feet and go back to the car. Then one day, his world was turned upside down.

He arrived as per usual to fill up at one of the farthest pumps and decided now was the time. So he got out and walked towards the shop and noticed that she was standing with her back towards him adjusting something on the shelf. As she moved back to the counter, he felt the shock go through him as her gait rolled her from side to side and the shelf no longer hid the black steel and brown leather braces encasing both legs, ending at the bottom in two elegant medium heeled shoes. He fled back to the car before she saw him.

Now he had a problem. He knew that he would freeze up if he approached her - what the hell could he do? A week later he pulled up and there she was again at the front of the shop. He smiled at her as he got out, turned to go to the back of the car and then turned back and watched her trying to hurry back the counter. He watched her, totally indecisive and then she turned around and saw him watching her. He kept his cool smiled and got into the car. He had to strategise carefully, because he realised that he liked her long before he knew of her disability - now that this plus factor had crept in, he could not lose her through his own poor approach tactics!

He decided to first try and understand her patterns - maybe there was someplace where he could meet her where it would be easier to talk to her than the busy shop. He started by driving past at various times in the early morning and this led to two things. She started work punctually at 8 every morning he soon found out , and by pure chance about 3 weeks later he passed as she "walked" to the shop from where she had parked the car. He noticed the new braces immediately and a plan started forming.

The previous week he had stopped to put in fuel and noticed that someone else was behind the counter so he went in and examined the products on the shelves, just trying to think of a tactic he could use to meet the lady of his dreams. He had noticed that they did keep several high performance products and one of them - a special brake fluid had a loose price tag on it. He had quietly removed the label and left, not knowing how he was going to utilise this little event. Now he knew.

A few days later he put the plan into action. Pulling up as usual, he checked to see if she was there and got out, opened the bonnet and then with a pounding heart and sweaty palms, concentrating on not looking nervous, headed for the shop. Once there he gave her what he thought was a sickly smile and headed for the rack holding the brake fluid. Panic struck! He couldn't see his bottle!! "Shit" he muttered under his breath, and then thinking "I cant just leave!!", he turned to her and asked if she had any competition brake fluid. Her answer was like music in his ears - what a voice! " Brand XXXX is what you are looking for - there is a bottle on the shelf". "Idiot" he thought because in his state he had been looking for the wrong brand!

With shaky hands he took the bottle and put it down on the counter. As she reached for it their hands brushed. He had an instant reaction but just watched her face and saw a flicker pass across it. Then she saw that the tag was missing and he went to look for it. Now he had spoken at least 20 words to her and she about the same, this was real progress! He started feeling a little more relaxed and then nirvana! Her words echoed through his head as she said she would have to get the bar code from the shelf. Once more he became a babbling idiot as he realised she was going to walk right next to him to the rack, and he said something inane as to causing trouble and needing the brake fluid.

She was glorious as she emerged from behind the counter and walked to the rack, left leg locked, and he blurted out something about the new braces being much nicer than the old ones. He could have died, what possessed him to emphasize the one thing she probably didn't want to talk about!! He'd blown it! She had stopped and was staring at him so he tried to apologise and then weakly at the end asked her to smile again. In a bit of a daze he heard her reply and then him saying that she was still a woman. Then things happened fast - she seemed to trip, fall against him, he held her and for some reason joked about her asking for a date a bit unusually. He felt the deliciously hard breast pushing in his side as he held her and hoped that she wouldn't notice the massive erection he was getting.

From what she then said he realised she was as nervous as he was, but she called him by his name and confirmed that she wanted a date provided he wasn't married. He found out she was Glynnis, got her address and number and with a soaring heart made the date for that evening.

At home as he got ready he realised this was going to be a different date. Firstly because he really liked her from the outset and secondly he was determined to get to know her first before they jumped in the sack. "Shit!" he suddenly thought, "this could be a problem!" He vaguely remembered that paraplegics had no sensation from the waist down. How was he, when they got to the bedroom stage, going to give her an orgasm? He remembered that all had differing erotic spots remaining and therefore he would either have to find them or somehow get her to tell him where to go. "Oh well! One step at a time!" he thought as he went to the car.

She was beautiful - not in the way Miss World was - but in a radiant way that he could clearly see. Everything was perfect, although she had this habit of stroking the inside of his thigh that drove him up the wall with desire. At one stage she had him so excited he had to break the moment to give him time to calm down, so he asked her the first thing that came into his head - of course afterwards he realised it may not have been either the best time or manner of asking her what had happened to her legs. When she told him she had polio as a child, his heart went out to her realising that she had virtually been crippled all her life.

After the meal, they went to a drive in movie per her request and her hand rested on his thigh all the way. When he got too horny he would quietly slip his hand under hers and give himself a moment to recover. He tried not to drive fast or use the power available but this was difficult as the engine was distinctly lumpy under about 3000 rpm. She didn't seem to mind and in fact appeared to like it as her eyes were wide in excitement during the drive.

At the drive in movie, things progressed and soon they were kissing passionately, with him exploring all possible areas above her waist and trying to focus on her reactions while she stroked and played with him, driving him to a frenzy. But he could sense that something was not right and he was obviously missing an area or a technique she wanted him to do, so he pulled away and needing time to recover and calm down before taking the next difficult step of asking directly what he should do, took a deep breath.

She seemed upset and thought that she had come on too strong, but he couldn't really put it nicely and the words tumbled out that he didn't know how to make her feel like he felt.

She said he could touch her past her braces and then looked surprised when he cried out "What's the use though!" And then it was his turn to be surprised when she explained that polio didn't remove any sensation. With that he slipped his hand into her and very soon she was on the edge of an orgasm, but stopped him, undid those beautiful braces, and let him take those soft feet out of her shoes.

It wasn't long before her body arched as he touched and stroked and kissed and felt. Then she started to work him the same way and he stopped her. "Damn!" he thought, "the perfect woman, perfect everything and now I don't want to rush it!" However he soon realised that she wasn't going to take no for an answer so they went to her flat, abandoning the movie halfway - not that they had been watching it anyway!

Once there, he picked her up and carried her inside and they made love the whole night passionately until he was absolutely exhausted, and satisfied. He had never so enjoyed making love before and it was obvious that she also was experiencing something new. They tried all positions, some worked, others not due to her lack of strength, but they tried them anyway! He nearly managed to leave at 4am but had to bring back her braces which were still in the car, at which point she waylaid him again having pretended to fall off the bed and then dragged herself to the bathroom. He was sure it was a ploy, but what the hell! It worked and he got to work late the next day, made two bad calls and lost a bundle!

He phoned her later in the day and arranged to see her that evening, whereafter he took a grip on himself and made back all the losses and then some in a series of brilliant moves. All the while, his mind kept wandering ahead to the night to come.....

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