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Dirty Little Story

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Dirty Little Story

By Catherine A.

Tara's nipples were hard little erasers when she looked atherself in the mirror. She stood there on her crutches, blondehair, large, firm breasts, china doll complexion, tight stomachleading down to a light tuft of blonde pubic hair. Furtherdown, pale thighs wrapped in the metal of legbraces, almost fromcrotch to toes. Her shoes, fixed firmly to the braces, weresmall and feminine, of course no heel to speak of, and theystrapped across the tops of her feet.

Tara didn't need the braces, of course, her legs were fine,but just the though of wearing them turned her on so much. Theyhad come in the mail that morning, along with the crutches, andthey were as much for Robert as they were for her. Robert washer husband of three years, they had been married when they wereboth 20 and so in love, but now after 3 years, the spark haddimmed, or at least had dimmed until, innocently enough, Tarahad been fooling around on Robert's' computer one day when hewas at work. She found a hidden directory which containeddozens of pictures of women in legbraces! She was at firstshocked, but then slowly, as she looked at the pictures, becamearoused. To feel helpless, have your legs encased in thosesteel braces, it excited her, and to see a woman in bracesobviously excited him as well. She decided to do more research.

Her first test was a week later, Robert came home from workto see her on crutches, her ankle taped up. She said sheslipped and sprained it, and although he did the good dotinghusband, caring guy routine, she could tell he liked seeing heron the crutches. That night, in bed, her started rubbing herand caressing her, something he hadn't done in months. She gotvery aroused and they had passionate sex for over an hour! Thenext morning, Robert asked if he could wrap her ankle, and shelet him. After it was wrapped, but before Robert got up from infront of her, she rubbed his crotch with her bandaged foot. Hewas rock hard and soon they were engaged in another bout ofsexual excess so good he was late for work! And while he was atwork, Tara used the crutches, went to the market, and kept upthe charade of the sprain for almost a month, finally decidingshe might start pushing it, especially since there were ofcourse no doctors' bills coming in. If Robert suspected, henever said anything, but for the whole time, every time he sawher on crutches, from walking across the kitchen to modelinglingerie' on them, he grew excited, and lovemaking was soon tofollow. Then, after she said her ankle was better and put awaythe crutches, he stopped getting so excited.

She'd seen the ad on the internet, she logged in toRobert's account while he was working. There was so muchinformation on all manner of disabilities, but Robert likedlegbraces, she knew that, and she was getting into them a lot,too. She mailed for the information and then after that hadsent in all her ordering information, 2 full leg braces,aluminum forearm crutches, metal braces, even picked the shoesshe wanted. Then she waited, and waited.

Robert was again the same old Robert, but one night, afterhe though she was asleep, she snuck into his den, where hiscomputer was. She could see the girl on the screen, young,pretty, much like herself, but she was wearing a bikini and twolong leg braces. It must have been a new image, because shehadn't seen it before. And to top it off, she could tell by hismovements that her husband was masturbating to this legbracedgirl!! Instead of making her mad, this only made her moreexcited! She went back to bed and masturbated herself,imagining her husband was looking at her legbrace-clad body andmasturbating for her, something he'd never done.

When the box had arrived this morning,, Tara had almostfainted! She locked the door and shut the shades andimmediately undressed, because she'd always pictured herselfnaked as she strapped into the braces for the first time.

They were heavier than she'd thought, and the steel wascool as it touched her naked skin. She put her feet into thelittle shoes, then fastened the thigh straps tightly, pullingthem taught. Next came the knee straps, which she also fastenedtightly, so that her legs were completely immobile. The kneelocks were already locked, and she was sitting naked on thebedroom floor, her braces legs out in front of her, and thecrutches still in the box on the bed. Hindsight is 20/20, afterall. Tara tried to stand but found it impossible in hernewfound condition. She needed some kind of support. She usedher hands to drag herself to the bed, some 10 feet away, andwatched her legs just drag behind her. She was thrilled! Shegot to the bed and pulled herself up to standing, then grabbedthe crutches and crutched to the mirror. There she was,beautiful, but now, in the legbraces, exotic, too. She decidedto stay in the braces until Robert came home.

As she heard the car door slam, Tara was ready. She wassitting in his den, in his recliner, her crutches leaning by herside, her legs straight out on the legrest, braces lockedstraight. She was wearing nothing but a see-through nighty and thelegbraces. His computer was on, with the picture of the girl inthe bikini on the screen. Around Tara were other pictures,printed from his collection that morning. Robert entered theden and dropped his briefcase.

"It's worse than a sprain this time honey." Tara cooed. "I've known for months dear," She said before he could find thepower of speech. "and it turns me on, too. Let's go to thebedroom."

He stood and stared as she let the recliner's footrestdown, lowering her legs to the floor. She grabbed the crutchesand boosted herself out of the chair as she'd practiced. Robertcould now see her in all her glory, and as she crutched by him,she stopped and gave his cock a squeeze. "I see somebody'sready for action." She said and walked on, into the bedroom.

He was on her before she even got into bed, but shepushed him off. Robert looked confused.

"Get undressed and get into bed." She told him, and hedid. "Now, look at me." She said. She slipped off the nightie,so she was totally naked except for the crutches and braces.

"Do you like me this way Robert?" He nodded yeswordlessly. "Well, show me how much you like me this way. Masturbate for me, Robert, jerk off for me right here, jerk offfor your crippled wife."

He began to stroke his cock, up and down, and Tara proppedherself on one crutch and began rubbing her soaking wet clitwith the other. She watched as he came, a gushing orgasm as hegasped her name. She came a moment later and almost lost herbalance on the braces. She crutched over to the bed as Robertwatched, then she sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled herlegs up onto it. She saw that Robert's cock was still rocksolid, so she dropped the crutches and began to stroke him, herhand sticky from the mixing of his cum and hers. She rolledover, with some effort due to her legs, and began kissing hishard organ, sucking his cock and listening to him moan. Suddenly she heard him say to stop. She did, and he got up androlled her over on her back again. He lifted her braced legscarefully and spread them wide.

"I want to fuck my crippled wife now" he said, his voicehusky and full of lust. As he entered her she came instantly. It felt so good in the braces, and he fucked her so hard. Shecouldn't move her legs at all during orgasm after orgasm, andfinally they were both spent and collapsed.

A short while later Tara got up, struggling with the bracesand crutches. She walked across the room and stood facingRobert.

"So, do you like me like this? As a cripple?" Robert onlynodded, and she couldn't help notice he was getting hard again.

"Would you like me like this all the time? You'd have tohelp me, help me to bathe, dress, put my braces on." Robertstill only nodded his approval and amazement.

"OK. From now on, I'm confined to these braces, I can'twalk without them, no matter what. If I need help. you'll helpme. It shouldn't be tough to pull off, we can make up a storyabout an accident for our few friends, and my parents aren'taround any more. So that's it, from now on, I'm crippled."

Life was great from then on. Robert would put Tara'slegbraces on in the morning, bathe her, carry her in his armswhen she wasn't in the braces, and everyone bought it, sendingsympathy cards, etc... Sex was so explosive that Robert neededto start working out to keep up, and Tara worked out in her ownways, her chest becoming firmer, her arms more muscled from allthe walking on crutches. Life was just great.

Tara looked at herself in the mirror, long blonde hair now,firm breasts and muscled arms. Her tight stomach leading downto a light tuft of pubic hair. She looked at her thighs, wherethey both ended in smooth stumps four eight inches below hercrotch. She rubbed her hot clit, watching her stumps wiggle alittle, thinking about a couple of months ago when she'd foundthe new hidden directory on Robert's computer, the one with allthe amputee women in it. He was supposed to get home from aseven week business trip in Japan today, and Tara stroked herabbreviated thighs thinking about how it was going to feel withhim inside her again, and what he was going to think of hissurprise.

"I just hope he doesn't get into Necrophilia." She mutteredto herself, and wheeled her wheelchair into the bathroom to takea bath.

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