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Casting Call Part 3

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Chapter 3: The Real McCoy

As I lay there, fully encased in plaster, a thousand different scenarios for the days ahead raced through my mind. What would I be placed in for the next three weeks? What would be done to me, or what would I be commanded to do? How good was the food here?

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a loud sound which I knew immediately was a cast saw. Vibrations running throughout my cocoon confirmed this. After many moments, the sound and vibration stopped, and I felt a sudden rush of cool air around me as the plaster mold was removed from my body. Quickly the stockinette was cut away, the breathing tubes were removed from my nostrils, and I once again found myself standing naked in the room. I saw the mold they had just removed from me, and it reminded me of nothing so much as a white sarcophagus. The thought of spending much more time in it than I had made me start to feel a little claustrophobic.

"Step back into the shower," Dianna said, "and wash off all the plaster that has gotten onto your skin. This is important because any plaster that stays on your skin after we start putting you into appliances could irritate the skin and cause sores. Also, this will probably be your last hot shower for a while, so enjoy it." She motioned for the assistants to leave the room. "When you've finished, just have a seat in the chair."

I stepped into the shower, and indeed did take my time and enjoy it. The hot water felt good against my skin, especially against my newly-shaved head and pubic region. I lathered myself up several times, moving each joint and consciously noting how it felt to move in the different directions, especially my back and neck. I was certain that whatever else happened, these joints would be immobilized for quite some time.

While I relished the thought of being immobilized, I also wanted to remember what mobility felt like. Soon I decided I was finished showering, and I dried myself off and sat back down on that cold metal table/chair. It took only a moment for Dianna, Connie, Jennifer, and Ann to re-enter the room. This time, the corset/braces had been taken off, and all four of them were identically dressed in white uniforms, rubber aprons, gloves and boots. It now looked as if things were going to get serious.

Jennifer and Ann each walked to one of the carts, and returned with fur-lined leather cuffs. These were applied to my wrists and ankles, and buckled firmly. While they were doing this, Dianna and Connie positioned a stool in center of the room, and secured it to the floor with bolts. I was led to this stool and directed to sit, after which the cuffs on my ankles and wrists were attached to eyebolts protruding from the legs and seat of the stool. Dianna then produced a measuring tape, and proceeded to take several circumferential measurements around my head. When she was satisfied, she walked to one of the cabinets, removed something dark, and walked back over to me.

"From this point onward you are known only as patient fourteen," she said.

With that she raised the black leather hood in front of my face. I'd seen pictures of leather hoods, or "discipline helmets", as they were called, but this one was somewhat different. To begin with, a pair of those rubber nostril tubes I had worn during my previous casting was permanently attached to the inside of the hood. I found this out when Dianna started threading them up into my nostrils. Again, they were somewhat painful, and the were just reaching the back of my throat when I felt the leather of the helmet touch my nose. Commanded to open my mouth, I found an oval ring of rubber attached to the mouth section being forced between my lips and my gums. There was something cool and moist on the inside of this ring, and I realized it must have been coated with some type of balm to keep my lips from drying out and cracking. A reasonable thing to do, especially if this were not going to be removed for three weeks.

The eye holes were mercifully rimmed with a soft cushion ring, which prevented that skin from getting chafed. The hood was pulled down under my chin, over the top of my now-bare scalp, and around the sides of my head. I felt my ears being pressed against the inside of the leather, but could still hear very well. The leather was pulled snug, and the sound and feel of lacing being threaded through eyelets came to me. The helmet went down to the bottom of my neck, and shortly the feel of lacing reached there. When it stopped, several hands suddenly started at my face and pressed, pulled, and stretched the leather against my skin. This worked around to the back of my head, and I suddenly felt the lacings being pulled tight. This process was repeated, and then I felt the bottom of the laces being tied off. There was a snipping sound, followed by a gentle click.

"This hood will not be removed until you are ready to leave here. The lock we have placed on it will guarentee this. The nostril tubes and the mouth ring will insure that you will not smell or taste anything but leather or rubber unless we desire for you to experience something else. In addition, there are four plates incorporated in this hood." Dianna tapped two places on my forhead, and two others near the back of my head. She then motioned to Connie, who walked over to one of the carts.

"These plates will allow us to place you in something that would ordinarily require some minor surgery." Connie came back, and handed a metal object to Dianna, who held it up for me to see. "This is called a halo. Normally, it is secured to the skull through four pins which pierce the skin. We won't do that to you, as we have assured you that you won't be permanently scarred. Instead, it will be secured to the plates in your hood." With that, the ring was placed around my head, and while Dianna held it, Connie started working some screws that were in it. "This hood is designed so that it will act as a second skin, and with this in place, we can totally immoblize your head."

As Dianna said that, I felt the screws tighten against the plates, and the plates press againt my head. When that stopped, Dianna grasped the halo with both hands, and moved it about. My head followed the movements as if the halo were a part of my skull. Dianna then tilted my head back. "Open your mouth." A large leather gag was then shoved into my mouth and quickly buckled up behind my head. My head was then tilted back forward, and I heard and felt something being done to the halo. After a moment, that activity stopped, and my wrist and ankle restraints were unfastened from my stool.

"Stand up." I obeyed. As I stood up, I heard some movement above my head. After I was standing, something started pulling up on the halo, causing me to stand on my tiptoes. Something was then attached to my wrist cuffs, and my arms were pulled away from my sides. Standing there, I was ordered to lift first one leg, and then the other, as a tube of stockinette was pulled up over my torso. One at a time my arms were released, pushed through holes in the stockinette, and then refastened to their ropes. Soon I was wearing a stockingknit shirt which extended from my neck down to my thighs. Just then Jennifer rolled a large mirror in front of me.

"We want you to see what you're getting into," she quipped.

Then all four of them started wrapping cotton padding around my hips, my neck, and my shoulders. Thin foam rubber pads were placed over my shoulders, and were held down with more cotton padding. "I'm afraid you'll need all this padding," Dianna started explaining. "You see, from now on you are going to be treated for a combination of things. I could tell you the medical terminology, but it would basically mean that your neck and upper back are curving and collapsing at the same time. This is especially bad, as it puts pressure on the spinal cord and could cause paralysis. The treatment for this is to immobilize and stretch the spine. As you have no doubt noticed, we are applying a significant amount of traction on your neck by means of the halo. Of course, were this halo actually secured to your skull, we could apply much more. As it is, we will be able to sufficiently stretch your neck so that, when you are ready to leave here, you will be able to tolerate your new brace fairly well right off the bat. The brace you will wear home will not have a halo...." she stopped, and looked me in the eyes,".. unless, of course, you decide that is what you want. If not, your brace will have pads upon which your chin and the back of your head will rest upon. There will also be a forehead structure that you may replace the chin pad with. Though somewhat more conspicuous than the chin pad, it will relieve some of the pressure on your chin that will exist. You might find it useful for eating."

While telling me this, Dianna and company had slipped stockinette sleeves over my arms, securing them again to the ropes once the tubular material was in place. Now, they pulled the stockinette up to join with the body stocking, and proceeded to wrap cotton padding around my shoulder joint, making the entire area smooth and well-padded.

The turtleneck of my body stocking was pulled up over my nose, and more padding was wrapped around my chin, along with a piece of foam padding. The back of my head received the same attention. As this padding was secured in place, Ann stepped forward, holding a dripping roll of plaster cloth in her hands. This was slowly unrolled around my chin and upper neck, holding in place all the padding that had just been applied. The real casting had begun!

Together, they quickly worked their way down my torso, encasing it in wet plaster bandages. Once the first layer was on, they applied wide strips of plaster material, several layers thick, from the back of my head down the center of my back. Another series went from my chin down to my stomach. More were placed over my shoulders, and still more around my hips. After carefully molding these layers to my body, a second wrapping started at my chin, and worked it's way down to my hips. It was then that I noticed just how heavy my cast was getting to be. The ropes holding my wrists were loosened, and Ann positioned my arms so that the upper arms were perpendicular to the ground, and about 30 degrees forward of being straight out from my sides. She then started encasing my left arm, and Connie started encasing my right. Apparently I was going to lose the use of my arms for a while. While my arms were being plastered, Dianna and Jennifer placed an odd metal band around my waist. They secured it to the cast with plaster rolls, and when they had finished, they stood to one side to let me see it.

Sticking out from my cast at regular intervals around the front and sides of my body were the threaded portions of many bolts. They were all apparently attached to the band that was now part of my body cast. I wondered what they were for until I saw Dianna retrieve two aluminum bars from one of the carts in the room. About an inch in diameter and three feet long, the ends had holes in them, and were bent at an angle. About this time Ann and Connie were finishing up my arm casts, having bent my elbows ninety degrees so that both arms stuck out on front of me like a pair of crab's claws. Another, smaller band of metal, this one with a single bolt attached to it, was secured to the lower arm portion of my casts with plaster. The metal bars Dianna had were then attached between these bolts and two of the bolts around my waist.

Thus connected, the heavy casts on my arms were fully supported. Two other metal bands were bent over my shoulders and secured with plaster. I surmised that these would support the halo superstructure. It took many more minutes for the women to finish the edges of the cast, and when they were done, they stood back. Two other mirrors were wheeled up, and I was able to see most of the cast, front and back. Almost my entire torso was encased in plaster. The lower edges of the cast extended down to my hips on the side and to just above my groin in front. The back edge was made so that I could sit down and it would be just above the edge of the seat. The upper edge of the cast stopped just below my lower lip in front, went under my ears, and swept up almost to the level of the halo in back. In between these two edges, the only portions of my body visible were the last two knuckles of my fingers and the tips of my thumbs, which had also been encased.

I was not just fully encased, I was completely helpless and dependant on others now. I was starting to wonder how I'd be able to move my mouth enough to eat when I remembered the gag still in my mouth was holding my jaw open. When it was removed, I'd have enough movement to chew.

A chair was brought in, and I was allowed to sit down. Connie appeared with two long items, and proceeded to place them on my legs.

"These are splints," Dianna said. "They are secured with Velcro, and have lockable joints at the hips and knees, but the ankle joints are fixed. They will be like having casts on your legs, for you will not be able to walk in them, but we will be able to reposition your legs as we see fit. They will make things easier for all of us."

A wry grin spread across her face. It took Connie only a few moments to secure the splints. Hip joints attached to the metal band encased in the waist of the cast. Wide foam pads wrapped around my upper legs, and were secured with several bands of Velcro. Bars extended from the knee joints down both sides of my legs to large boots which completely enclosed my feet. My toes wiggled from the front of the boots.

"We'll help you stand now."

As four pairs of hands steadied me, I found myself raising up to my feet. As I did, hip and knee joints locked with a click. I was stuck in this position. Dianna nodded to the others, and they all went over to one of the cabinets.

"I told you before we started that you'd be fitted with a chastity device. It's time." The other three returned, each carrying a different item. Connie handed over a wide leather belt that was fastened around the waist of the cast. Holes in the belt fit neatly over the bolt studs embedded in the cast, and the upright bars connecting my arms were moved to fit on top of the belt. Once in place, I saw it had three buckles hanging down in front, and I felt another dangle down the center of my buttocks. Ann stepped up next, and had what was obviously the center strap for this contraption. I started mumbling a protest around my gag when I saw that it included a plug. I knew where this was going, and I wasn't sure I liked that idea. Also attached to this strap was an obvious cage made of leather and metal. What looked like electrical wires dangled down from this strap, which only caused me to protest more. The gag effectively muffled the protests, not that they would have mattered, I realized. I grunted with pain as the plug was inserted, noticing, thankfully, that it had been well greased.

The cage was slipped over my penis, completely encasing my member in leather-lined metal. A hole in the tip presented evidence that I'd be wearing this a long time, as I figured I would be urinating through this hole. I was both right and wrong. The center strap was firmly connected to the waist belt. Once this was done, a smaller strap was wound around my balls and fastened. I was firmly restrained.

"The device is fitted with sensors and electrodes," Dianna explained, "You will be monitored at all times, especially at night. We have found that patients tend to better experience the sensations we offer when they are aroused. A small copmputer will monitor your penis' size, and will keep it in a permanent state of erection. This is possible by the plug placed in your anus. As you may be feeling, part of this plug is in contact with your prostrate. By sending the appropriate electrical stimulation, we can sustain your erection indefinately. Or, if we want, we can cause you to climax. Of course, we would only do that if we felt you deserved some kind of reward for your actions or obediance. As a practical point, we have to ensure that no accidents occur, and the remedy for that precludes an orgasm."

She was grinning as she turned towards Jennifer. It was then that I saw the catheter. I'd never had a catheter before, but I had heard about getting one. I started protesting as loudly as I could, and even tried to move. Both efforts were in vain. Jennifer, who was wearing latex gloves and was obviously handling the catheter as a sterile instrument, connected it to length of tubing that ended in a small bag, and then spread some kind of lubricant on the end of the cursed tube. With Ann and Connie holding me steady, Jennifer knelt down in front of me and grabbed the cock cage with one hand. I tried to steal myself for what was coming next, yet was still surprised when it happened. As the catheter was inserted into my urethra, I felt a burning sensation akin to when I peed while having a bladder infection. I felt the tube course its way to the base of my penis, then curve back again towards my abdomin. Just as I thought the pain was not going to get any worse, the rounded end of the tube came into contact with my bladder sphincter muscles, and was pushed through.

I yelled into my gag as this feeling occured, but it was gone very quickly. Jennifer attached a syringe to a pigtail on the catheter, and injected what appeared to be water. I felt nothing, but knew that the small balloon at the end of the catheter had just been inflated inside my bladder. The catheter was in place to stay for a while. Almost immediately I saw yellow fluid appear in the bag attached to the tubing that now disappeared into the end of my penis. I noted that already most of the pain had subsided to a mild burning sensation.

I thought about how I was now in the hands of these four women, and how they controlled even my most basic bodily functions. I felt the cage get tight around my cock.

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