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Casting Call Part 2

Rating:; Genre=Fiction; Pages=11; Characters=21,847;

by M.C. Calhoun

Chapter 2: New Situations

When I woke, I was still in the Circo-Electric bed, and still in traction just as I'd been left, but I was now in a different room. While it still had the tile-and-formica look of a hospital, something told me I was no longer in the same building where I'd lost consciousness. There were large eyebolts placed in regular intervals in the ceiling, as well as along the walls on either side of me. A large, deep stainless steel sink occupied the wall in front of me, and it was flanked on either side by wide cabinets which reached the ceiling. A cart with traction pulleys and bars rested over to one side, as did a pushcart with several closed boxes on it. In the corner, sitting in a large easy chair, was Dianna, looking at me. Seeing that I was now awake, she stood up and walked over to me. "How are you feeling this morning?" Her voice was soft, yet something in it told me things had changed.

"Still a little groggy. How long have I been out?"

"Since three yesterday afternoon. It's now six in the morning." She looked intently at me, gauging my reaction to that bit of news. "Not quite what you thought you'd be getting into, is it?"

I was feeling apprehensive about the change in the scenery, and where I might now be, and what lay in store, but I was willing to let it continue, so I tempered my answer. "No complaints yet."

Dianna smiled. "Good. I was hoping so. You see, I, and my 'students', all have similar interests to yours, although from a slightly different standpoint. We all enjoy what you call 'recreational orthopedics', although it is difficult to find someone else willing to play with us. We are all real health professionals, which gives us the opportunity to practice our respective crafts, but finding someone who is willing to do this with us, without really needing it, well, that's rare."

She walked over to one of the large cabinets, and removed something from it, keeping whatever the item was hidden from my view. "In addition to the orthopedic thing, we enjoy bondage and discipline games, and try to incorporate them into our medical interests whenever we can. Not really something we can do in the hospital, you understand." She walked back over to my bed. "I got the impression from our first meeting that such things held your interest, too. Am I mistaken?"

The bottom fell out of my stomach, not out of fear of what I knew was about to come, but out of fear that it might not be what I thought was in store. I knew what I wanted, and I think I knew what she was about to offer. I only hoped I was right. "No, ma'am, you are not mistaken."

Again she smiled. "Good. Very good." She looked up, and gestured at a corner of the room which was beyond my range of sight. Footsteps traced their way to the door, where I just caught a glimpse of a woman in black exiting the room. "Here's the deal."

"For the next three weeks, you are a 'patient' here, which is a private clinic I have set up. The only people in this building are my staff and other patients, of which right now there are three, all female. I respect my patients, and offer complete discretion and anonymity, so they all wear one of these." She raised up the item she'd retrieved from the cabinet - a full leather lace-up helmet. "If you agree to stay here, both your head and your pubic hair will be removed, and you will be laced into this. It will be locked on, and removed only when I say so, and never in the company of other patients. You will also be placed in a type of chastity device, so that it will be impossible for your private parts to be played with, either by others or yourself, except at my command. You will obey every order that is given to you, you will accept any situation that you are placed in, and you will not speak unless directed to do so."

I realized a grin was forming at the corners of my mouth. This was something I had often fantasized about, yet never hoped for. Dianna saw the grin. "Don't be so quick. If you accept, then for the next three weeks you will be subjected to whatever we, and ultimately, I, wish. There will be situations where you will be uncomfortable, and there are something's we will do to you that you will find painful. The only guarantee we give is that when you leave here you will not be injured nor permanently scarred."

This last word was loud in my ears. "If I decide against it?"

"You will be anesthetized again, and will wake up back in the hospital. You will be discharged tomorrow, and you will never see me or any of my associates again."

"And, if I accept, what happens at the end of three weeks?"

She looked at me, and a devilish smile broke her face. "I remember you said you work in an office, at a desk all day long. Is this correct?" I nodded. "When you leave here, it will actually be the beginning of your 'treatment', shall we say. You will leave here in a brace custom made for you, and which you will be expected to wear twenty-three hours a day, just as if you were actually injured. I will even prepare the proper paperwork for your employer, if necessary, so that they can provide any additional equipment necessary for you to function at work with your 'condition'. And, you will continue to be treated for your 'condition' for as long as you like. If it is necessary for you to use a new type of brace, or even to be casted, to treat this 'condition', we will provide this for you. In exchange, you will spend weekends here at my clinic, and will allow yourself to be subjected to whatever we decide to put you through. You will occasionally require 'hospitalizations' here, for which I will make proper notifications to your employer.'

"After some time, when the staff here has gotten to know and trust you, you will be trained in some of the arts we practice here. In time, we may even allow you to function as 'staff'. But, I am getting ahead of myself. The first thing I need to know is," and here she stared straight into my eyes, " are you willing to stay here under my conditions?"

I took a deep breath. I was fearful of what might be in store for me, especially as Dianna had mentioned that I'd experience discomfort and even pain, and yet I was more afraid of what I'd miss if I declined her invitation. The silence seemed to weigh heavily on my shoulders, until I finally broke it.

"Yes, ma'am, I'll stay."

Dianna smiled at me. "Good. From now on you will say nothing unless asked, do nothing unless told." Walking over to the door, she opened it, and motioned. Immediately, Connie, Jennifer and Ann entered the room. I gasped when I saw them, for each was wearing a tight, white corset, each one with a dozen garters holding up milky white stockings. On their feet, they wore knee-high boots of white suede, perched on top of four-inch spiked heels. White G-strings appeared under the corsets, and expertly covered their most private parts. The top of each corset ended in a half-cup bra, so that their nipples were thrust forward just above the top edge of the corset. About the time I was trying to decide if I was in a hospital or a bordello, I looked higher, and was surprised most of all. Each girl was firmly secured in a four-post cervical brace. The padding that their chins rested on was bunched and puffed at the edges - it was obviously very thick, and very cushioning. As I looked closer, I realized that the bottom ends of the posts were securely mounted, not to the usual chest and back plates (I'd seen pictures of such braces before), but all the way down to the corsets! This was a mixture of to fetishes I'd never considered before!

I watched each girl enter the room, each pushing a stainless steel cart before them. They walked with a sure ease that told me they'd worn these garments often, and were very comfortable moving around in them. They moved to the Circo-Electric bed, removed the top mattress that had me firmly clamped in place, and quickly removed the traction equipment. Within five minutes I was standing next to the bed, completely naked. I suddenly realized that I was at full erection, and moved my hand to cover it. Connie and Jennifer each took a hand, and moved them away, so that all in the room had a clear view of my manhood. From the gentle smiles on all their faces, I deduced that they were expecting this, and were actually pleased by it. A form of flattery, if you will.

Now that I was free from the confining embrace of the bed, I got to see the half of the room that was behind the bed. A couple of stainless steel frames occupied the middle section of the wall, and a large, circular shower stall was pushed into one corner. It was towards this shower that the girls now led me. "First", Dianna said," we'll shave you." As I reached the shower, Ann wheeled a stainless steel table into place in the middle of the large stall. Hinged at several places, the table had independent sections for each arm and leg to rest upon. Setting it in place, Ann moved several levers, and the back section raised up, the leg sections lowered, and the thing transformed into a high-back chair. Into this I was seated.

Cold steel against your skin has a way of taking care of any undo erections a man may be experiencing. Mine went limp in record time. As Ann started placing heavy rubber cuffs on my ankles, Connie started doing the same with my wrists. Once they were secured, my arms and legs were attached to the different sections of the table. Another wide, heavy rubber belt was wrapped around my waist, and also secured to the table. A rubber collar was also applied, and once it was connected to the table, I was very much immobile. Jennifer walked over to one of the cabinets, and returned with an odd object in her hand - it looked like a cross between a football player's mouth guard and half of a basketball hoop. She held it in front of my face.

"Open your mouth" Dianna commanded. I obeyed, and the mouthguard portion of the thing found its way into my mouth and between my teeth. "Now, bite down and hold that with your teeth."

I did as I was told, and as soon as I had the thing firmly grasped in my mouth, my head was gently pushed back against the table. I heard a click on either side of me, and realized that the hoop to which the mouthguard was attached was now itself attached to the table. As long as I held the guard in my teeth, my head was firmly immobilized. And I didn't dare lose the grip my teeth had.

"Now, we are going to shave your head. Sorry about the mustache, but it goes too." Jennifer and Ann walked over to one of the carts they'd brought in, and began extracting items from it. First, long rubber aprons, which they helped each other into. After that, they put on shoulder-length rubber gloves. Each of them picked up a small tray from the cart, and walked back over to where I was seated. Uncovering the trays, they each took a pair of scissors, and started removing the bulk of my hair. In a few moments there was nothing left but stubble. Turning back to the trays, they each produced a can of shaving foam and a straight razor. A few more minutes elapsed, and they were finished. My head was completely bare.

Ann worked the levers under the table, and it straightened out again, so that I was now laying flat on my back. Another lever was manipulated, and the two leg sections separated, spreading my legs wide apart. "This is the tricky part", Dianna said from one side. "These girls are experts at this sort of thing, so please trust them and don't move. If you do, more than just your pubic hair may be removed."

I waited, suddenly aware that my erection had returned. I was somewhat scared about this unknown situation I was getting into, but I was also more excited than I'd ever been. It was more than just being in a medical-bondage situation. It was about me allowing someone else to have control over me, and I realized I'd obey almost any command just to remain in this situation. Something warm and wet was placed over my genitals. I tried to look at what was being done, but between the collar and the mouth-guard-brace, I was unable to look below my nose. I simply closed my eyes and concentrated on what I was feeling. After a few moments, the warm wet feeling was removed. The buzz of an electric razor filled the room, and I knew that the majority of my genital hair was being removed with it. After a while, the buzz stopped, and something warm and moist was spread over my entire genital area. Another moment went by, and I felt something cold and thin against the skin of my scrotum. I kept my eyes closed, trying to maintain a slow, steady rhythm of breathing, while the razor (I was certain that's what it was), was maneuvered around my testicles, my penis, my lower abdomen, and down almost to my anus. The sensation suddenly left, and I saw Dianna walk into view.

"Very good. You will be pleased to know that, because of your compliance, you were not nicked a single time. Now, lay still while we wash away what we've just cut off." A sprinkle of warm water was played over my body. When it stopped, towels rubbed against my skin, drying me off. "Now, for the first step", Dianna said.

The rubber restraints were then released from the table, and removed from my body, as was the mouthguard-hoop. I was stood up, and led to one of the steel frames against the back wall. Jennifer and Ann helped me into two pairs of stockinette pants, complete with enclosed feet, one on top of the other. A stockinette shirt was then placed on me, complete with long sleeves and a full-face hood. Once it was in place, a second once was fitted onto me. There were no holes in the hood, but I could see through the thin material, and breathing was no problem at all. Padded leather cuffs were then attached to my wrists, and then to the frame, gently stretching my arms straight out from my sides. Jennifer and Ann had replaced their suede boots with rubber work boots, and Connie was now outfitted exactly the same in boots, apron and gloves. I knew what was going to happen next, yet when Dianna explained it, it still sent a shiver down my spine.

"Now we're going to encase you in plaster. This will not be a wearing cast, but rather a negative mold, from which we will make a positive mold of your body. It is from that positive mold that we will make all of the appliances that you are going to use. This procedure is done to all of our 'patients', and, due to the fact that the positives eventually wear out from use, and the fact that people tend to lose and gain weight, we are going to require that a new mold be made every six months. Future moldings will not require you to be shaved, however."

"In order to properly straighten your spine, we are going to apply a bit of traction while the cast is applied. Please try to stand as still as possible, as the position of your body will dictate the position your take-home appliances will hold you in."

With that, Jennifer slipped a harness made from more stockinette under my chin and the back of by head, tied the two sections together, and threaded the ends of the stockinette through a windlass at the top of the frame. Once tied off, she slowly started ratcheting the windlass, and I could feel my spine start to stretch. Just as it was beginning to get uncomfortable, she stopped.

Connie walked up to me, and started doing something to the stockinette at the end of my nose. I heard scissors snip the material twice, then again on the inner layer. She handed the scissors to Ann, who handed her something in return. "This is so you can breath while we mold your face and head", Dianna said. Before I could begin to wonder what they were referring to, something cool and moist was inserted into my nostrils. Breathing tubes, I realized, as they were inserted further and further. As they reached the top of my nostril chambers, they were pushed through the opening and inserted further. I grunted in pain as the tubes curved downward. As I started to feel them at the back of my throat, they stopped. The tubes started to widen out at my nostrils, and I figured that was as far as they were going in. When I swallowed, I could feel them at the back of my throat, but they had stopped just short of the point where they'd make me gag. Tears ran down my eyes, and a latex-rubber taste entered my mouth. The pain at the bridge of my nose quickly subsided, though it was still a little sore where the sinuses were being stretched. I could, however, breath more easily than I had in years.

"As I said earlier, some things will be uncomfortable, even painful. I'm afraid this is one of those things, and it won't be the last. You are, however, showing a great deal of discipline by not complaining. You will find that, ultimately, such discipline is rewarding." She walked over to her chair and sat down.

All three girls helped to apply the cast to me, but it was obvious that Ann was in charge. The first rolls of plaster started around my waist, and worked up. As certain points were reached, Ann made marks on the stockinette with a black grease pencil before it was covered in plaster. As I was slowly encased, I closed my eyes, striving to capture every sensation of the moment - the cool, wet, clammy feel of the plaster rolls as they were unwound around my body, the soft boundary of stockinette between the plaster and my skin, and the smells of the procedure, although with the tubes in my nostrils, I mostly smelled the aroma of latex rubber.

As the cast reached my arms, they each started down one arm, Ann working on one side, Connie working on the other, and Jennifer soaking the plaster rolls and handing them to each. I decided that they could have proceeded much faster than they were, but were instead taking the time to carefully do it right (and probably make it last longer for my benefit). As they reached my wrists, the leather restraints were removed, and the plaster was extended to my hands. They finished them by encasing the thumbs and fingers, so that I was wearing the plaster equivalent of mittens. This done, the proceeded back to my waist, and started down each leg, again with one girl each working on each limb, and the third wetting the plaster rolls. They expertly wrapped several layers of the white bandages around the limbs, stopping when they reached the ankles. As they finished at my ankles, I realized that the plaster that was around my upper torso and arms had already set hard.

As it set, the plaster got very warm, so that instead of being encased in a cold, clammy shell, it was starting to become a hot, clammy shell. I said nothing, as I was sure the girls were aware of what was going on. Besides, it never did become really uncomfortable.

Moving back to their equipment cart, Jennifer retrieved the scissors, and started back towards me. "Close your eyes." Dianna's words were more command than suggestion. Obeying, I heard the layers of stockinette again being snipped open, this time on either side of my nose. "We need to protect your eyes while we make the close-fit mold of your face, so we are going to place some eyepads under the stockinette." Just as she said that, I felt soft pads placed against my closed eyelids. The stockinette was put back in place, and held the pads firmly against my eyes.

I then felt them start to wrap plaster rolls around the base of my neck where they'd left off, and proceed slowly upward. They wrapped several layers around my chin, and around the contours of my jaw. I felt the grease pencil outline my ears, and then they, too, were encased. Rolls wrapped around the top of my head, going under my jaw. My mouth was effectively casted shut. They eventually stopped, but when they did, I realized that my face was still exposed. I stood there for quite some time wondering about this, when suddenly I heard the ratchet at the top of the frame released. They'd disconnected the traction harness, and when they did, I suddenly noticed how much it had supported me. I felt myself start to waver, but I didn't fall. Scuffling sounds around me indicated that the girls were gently lowering me down on my back. They had, while the plaster was setting, moved a gurney behind me, and had me laying on it in no time. Once in place, they finished wrapping my feet, enclosing the toes completely. When that was done, I felt something being attached to the tubes in my nostrils, and the smell of the air suddenly changed. It was cleaner, cooler, and I realized that I was now being given oxygen. I was still amazed at this when they started to mold my face.

Instead of using plaster bandages to mold my face, they mixed up liquid plaster and poured it into the opening created by the rolls encasing my head. The edges of the cast already applied served to hold the liquid plaster in place. I had a sudden sensation of being smothered, but decided to push the thought out of my mind. I could breath easily enough through the nose tubes. In fact, by now, the discomfort of them being inserted had almost completely gone away. As the plaster set, it got warm, just as the rolls of plaster had. Once it was hardened, several rolls of plaster were wrapped around my head to hold it in place. As these were allowed to set, it occurred to me that every part of my body my now encased in a plaster suit. I wondered what I looked like; probably a large, thick white stick figure with two tubes protruding from the face. I started to think it might be amusing, but then noticed that my manhood was in full erection. I was definitely turned on by the experience, and my penis trying to enlarge itself against the unyielding plaster only served to strengthen my decision: I liked it here, and would submit to anything in order to stay.

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