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Cast Into Bondage

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"You're putting me on." Angela raised her head to peer down over her breasts at her lover, but all she saw between her parted knees was the top of his head as he knelt at the foot of the table on which she lay.

"Nope," Tom replied, and the knot drew tight as he finished binding her right ankle. Her foot tugged against its anchorage, and her head fell back with a sigh as Tom stood and stroked her navel. She arched her back to offer her naked belly to his caress, but her expression was skeptical.

"On a commercial flight? No way!"

"Oh, ye of little faith!" Tom bent to nibble on her nipples, and she rolled her head with a soft, deep croon. She knew how he loved her sounds of pleasure, and she shared them with him joyfully. But now his mouth released her, and she smiled while his feathery fingers burnished her breasts.

"Wwe couldn't--oooooh, that's nice!" Angela closed her eyes and panted, then shook her head and returned right womanfully to their discussion. "We'd never get away with it."

"Sure we would."

"The hell you say! Somebody . . . " She twitched in delight as a hand nested between her thighs and a finger pierced gently. "SS . . . SSomebody'd be sure to spot it," she panted, "and then I'd just die, Tom"

"Nobody would suspect a thing," he soothed, "and think how much fun you'd have." He leaned to seal her mouth with a kiss, his tongue mating with hers, and she closed her eyes while air hissed through her nose.

He had at least a bit of a point, she thought as the idea flickered in her brain. She'd taken years to realize why 'damsels-in-distress' books and movies turned her on so, but once she'd figured it out, Tom had been only too happy to help. And he knew how she loved 'abduction' fantasies . . . and that her deepest fantasy of all was to be bound in public. To display her bondage and flirt with discovery while excitement fumed in her veins

She moaned, twisting in her spread eagling bonds as he wreaked magic on her sensitive flesh, and he laughed softly. It was a tender laugh, a loving laugh as wicked as his fingers and her skepticism wavered. Or perhaps it was just her sanity wavering under the onslaught of his caresses.

"Sstop a minute!" Tom's hands stilled instantly, and she sucked in deep breaths, staring up into his eyes until her inner tension had eased enough for clear thought. "Do you really mean it? You're not just kidding around?"

"Surgeon's honor," Doctor Thomas Riocelli said solemnly. "I can 'abduct' you in totally secure, completely unconcealed bondage, load you on a commercial flight, and fly you down without anyone suspecting a thing."

"How?" she demanded.

"Ah, ah! I've already made all my preparations, but that would be telling and you know how you love surprises."

Angela closed her eyes, breasts quivering as her breathing slowed. He was right about that, too, the stinker! How could you be a proper damsel-in-distress if you knew ahead of time what the rotten villain was going to do? She felt herself weakening, but still . . .

"I don't know . . . " she said slowly, and he grinned.

"All right, I'll sweeten the pot. If you can escape my fiendish clutches before we reach the plane, or if anyone on the plane notices a thing, I'll go to all six of your wretched bluegrass concerts without even a whimper."

Angela's brown eyes widened. If there was one thing in the world Tom hated, it was bluegrass, and she loved it almost as much as he detested it. He must be awful confident to make an offer like that! "And if I can't escape?"

"Then I'll take you to the airport, load you on the plane, fly you down to the cabin, and have my wicked way with you for one entire month."

"A month?!"

"A month," he said firmly. "Come on! You've got over twice that much vacation time saved up, and I, my sweet, happen to have six glorious weeks off my very own self. Bob will cover my practice for me, and I'll be free as a bird. Which," he leered and waggled his eyebrows outrageously, "is more than I can say for you, me proud beauty!" And he twirled an imaginary handlebar moustache.

Angela giggled, bit her lip, but her eyes glowed. An entire month in bondage at Tom's Appalachian cabin? She'd never had an adventure that long, even without the hormone-stirring anxiety of the way he proposed getting her there. Of course, it would be too embarrassing to stand if he was wrong and someone spotted her bondage. On the other hand, dragging him to all six concerts was mighty attractive in its own right . . . She recognized the self-seducing tone of her own thoughts, yet that didn't make them any less tempting.

"I don't know," she said again, blushing as the waver in her voice said she did know, and Tom chuckled wickedly.

"In that case, let me present another argument." Angela gurgled as he plugged the ballgag deep, but she turned her head eagerly for him to buckle it, and he smiled. He moved back to the table's foot, and her hands curled into happy fists as hot breath flowed over her wet petals. He returned to her head picking up the adhesive tape as he came. Her breath caught at the ripping sound as he tore a strip from the roll.

"You see, Dear Angela . . . " He pasted the strip diagonally over her mouth and massaged it into the smooth skin of her face . . . She groaned in the back of her throat at the kiss of the tape. Again the sound of another strip torn from the roll and she barely suppressed the heave she felt deep inside.

"Until you make up your mind . . . " the second strip was massaged into her face crossing the first.

"To accept my bet . . . " a third strip covered the first two on the horizontal and sealed her lips to the ball in her mouth, this time she failed and her body convulsed as he kissed her taped, ballgagged lips. He moved back behind her head and quickly her eyes were covered with the tape blocking out light, again she twitched. She heard him move back to the foot of the table I'm going to leave that gag right where it is and do this . . . "

His tongue touched and Angela squealed. She bucked in her cords fighting to press more firmly against his mouth, and his teasing laughter gusted into her core as he retreated before her. It twisted her with desire, taunting her with denied explosions, and she wailed into her gag as he presented his argument with consummate eloquence.

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