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Cari & Candi

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I stumbled onto this web page at the office today, and I have to tell you about my sister and me. We are identical twins. So identical that nobody has ever been able to tell us apart. Of course we pulled all the twins stunts when we were kids, but my sister and I are truly best friends on a level that may be difficult for others to understand. We share everything. Even ideas and feelings

We are 5' 5", 125 lbs, 34C-24-34, natural redheads (really!), with green eyes, and 31-years-old as I write this. Of interest here is the fact that we both love to wear leg braces. Over the past few years we have collected several pairs of braces. We have long ones, short ones, light ones, heavy ones, braces that lock at the knees and some that don't.

Our only problem is that we both also love to dress sexy and wear high heels which doesn't exactly go with braces. So we just swap off. Sometimes I wear heels and Cari wears braces, then it is very easy for me, Candi, to wear the braces while Cari wears heels because everybody still thinks it's Cari in the braces.

"Cari" is always the crippled twin no matter which one of us wears the braces. People tend to get less confused that way.

I should also tell you that we tend to go overboard quite a bit. For instance, we love to wear really sexy and revealing clothes whether dressed as Cari or Candi. We also like to tease which has gotten us into trouble more than once.

On our trips out of town when we really get crazy things usually get started by us getting dressed up. We no longer dress alike--not usually, anyway. Here's a typical story:

The real Cari was the crippled twin, dressed in a clingy white halter-style mini dress with a cute little flared skirt. She wore the shiny braces with the white leather work and white patent leather flats with a strap over the instep, Mary Janes. Shiny aluminum Canadian-style crutches completed her outift. I wore a green silk slip dress about four inches above the knee. Nude hose and white platform sandals (2" platforms, 7" heels) completed my outift.

I drove the convertible up to the hotel entrance, where my door was opened for me. I swung my great looking legs out, and the bellman couldn't take his eyes off my legs. In those platform sandals, I am almost six feet tall, and the poor bellman wound up staring at my chest.

I suggested he help my sister out of the car, and he raced around the car, opened her door, and stood dumbfounded as she lifted her legs out one at a time with her hands, then locked one knee, and stood up. He got her crutches out of the back seat and held them out for her. She gave him a giggled thanks, and we both laughed as we walked into the lobby.

We're used to people (men and women) staring at us, but when we dress up and one of us is crippled, the stares are unbelievable. And what a turn on. By the time we checked in and got to our room, we were extremely turned on. So we went to work on the bellboy.

We asked him to get us some ice, and when he returned, I had disappeared into the bathroom. Cari was seated on the side of the bed with her braced legs sticking out straight in front of her off the bed. She was fumbling with them and fuming about the knee locks. Of course the bellboy offered to help.

She turned on that pouty charm and had him working on her knee locks in nothing flat. While he investigated the mysteries of her armor, she began to tell him how she just hated being crippled, and asked him questions about how many crippled girls he knew and had he help a lot of other crippled girls in the hotel, and was he totally turned off by her crippled legs. Of course he told her how attractive she was, even if handicapped.

Then I came back from the bathroom. I had removed my dress, wearing only my matching bra, panties and garter belt, stockings and shoes. I of course acted surprised to see him, but made no effort to cover up.

I told him I knew all about her braces and would help him get her knees unlocked. Well, we did get her knees unlocked, and then we convinced him to stay awhile. He left there a very happy boy.


The next day it was my turn to be "Cari". I like to do things a little bit differently, though. We can get away with not doing exactly the same thing as long as we're not trying to romance the same guy.

The braces I wore had extra straps at the ankles, knee pads, and connected at the waist to my back brace. This gives me the feeling that I'm truly paralyzed, and I just love it. I use this system when we know we're going to be standing or walking for awhile.

There aren't even any ankle joints on the braces, just straight steel uprights, and the shoes I wear have steel shanks in them and a rocker sole about two inches high in the middle, tapering off to the toe. In these shoes my feet are totally useless, even my toes, so they help me to feel even more crippled. Heads turn to watch me as I swing through the shopping mall.

I'm also wearing a short black wrap around skirt and a leotard, with my back brace on the outside. The brace straps across my back, and the metal uprights come up my sides and then curve together under my breasts. Actually, the brace gives my breasts a little boost, like a push-up accessory! I can't bend from the waist until I release the locks on each side. It makes the swing gait on crutches with my straight and braced legs very difficult, but it heightens the feeling almost to a point of ecstacy for me.

My sister is wearing a very short sun dress, a floral print on a white background, and white sandals with six-inch spikes. There is only one thin strap across her toes and another around her heel. Very sexy.

We like watching each other walk, so we tend to drift apart as we shop. I am nearly helpless with all my bracing, so she doesn't usually stray too far away. I had noticed a guy who kept looking at me, so I began to put on a show for him, dragging a foot as I looked in several store windows, shifting my weight, tossing my hair, choosing a route that made me go up then down a few steps and putting on my best crippled girl act for him.

When he followed me in the bookstore, I knew he was a devotee and so I came up behind him as he was looking at a book. I said, "Excuse me, please" and he nearly dropped his book, stammering something unintelligible before stepping back to let me walk by him.

I took a book off the shelf, barely two feet away from him, and then fumbled it, dropping it on the floor. He picked it up and held it out. "Thank you," I said. "I'm sorry, I can't do much of anything for myself these days." I placed my hand on his, and left it there a bit too long, then took the book. I offered to buy him a cup of coffee, and he accepted, but he insisted on buying the coffee.

There was a coffee bar in the bookstore, but I suggested we go down the mall to a cute little coffee shop I had seen. I did my best little crippled girl act, and sat as gracefully as I could in a booth after removing my crutches and unlocking my knees one at a time. He watched me sit from across the room as he picked up our coffees. I reached down and rearranged my feet and legs as he watched.

We talked some small talk, and then I said, "So how long have you been a devotee?" He nerly spit coffee all over the table. I told him that I had seen he follow me all over the mall, and that I knew he must be a brace or cripple devotee, and not to worry about it.

He confessed that he was, and at about that time, my sister caught up to us, and yelled loud enough for everyone in the coffee shop to hear: "Please remember that you are crippled and something could happen to you when you go off alone. Now be a good little crippled girl and sit still while I get some coffee."

She prissed off, as our would-be date watched with his eyes firmly on her high heels, and she returned shortly with her own cup. As we talked, she began to stroke his leg under the table with her foot, and his face turned fire engine red!

Because I like to, and because I knew it would feed his fantasy, I told him in great detail about my skiing accident and subsequent paralysis. I made certain to include that I have normal feeling from about mid thigh up, but not in my lower legs, and that I was so fortunate to have bladder and bowel control.

As we got up, I asked him if he would mind getting my crutches for me, and of course he was only too glad to. As we parted, I could feel his eyes on me as I crutched away from him, the thick soles my shoes slapping loudly on the tile of the mall.

For dinner we decided I should be Cari again, and I wore an off the shoulder black cocktail dress with a flared short skirt. The back brace is totally concealed, and the shoes I am wearing with my braces are black patent leather with wide three inch heels and two inch rocker platforms. My sister wears a floor length black silk dress with a slit all the way up the sides. As she walks in her black patent leather platform pumps (one inch platform, seven inch heels) she is the ultimate in femininity, large nipples clearly visible through the silk.

Looking at myself in the mirror as I crutch down the hall, I can see my breasts clearly as I lean over the crutches and straighten my arms. And what a racket we make! My unbending shoes sort of slap the floor--remember I am rigid from my mid-torso to my toes, and Candi's spikes and platforms make a rapid loud click as she prisses with those short little steps her shoes make her take.

After dinner, (Did I mention his name? It's Andy) our date suggests a carriage ride through the city. We think this is a great idea, but when we get to the carriage, it is obvious that a crippled girl in braces and crutches is not going to be able to get in the carriage. So Andy picks me up, and places me in the seat, helping me to unlock the braces and arrange my legs.

During the carriage ride, I see Candi stroking the back of his calf with her high heeled shoe, so I extend my leg a bit and place my foot next to his ankle so he can also feel my presence. He is obviously getting really turned on.

Back at our hotel, Andy lifts me out of the carriage, and I laboriously climb the six or eight steps up to the hotel entrance from the street. Candi prisses by with a toss of her hair, and holding Andy's hand says, "Come on, slowpoke, we're not waiting around for you to hobble up the stairs." And they disappear into the hotel. I give them plenty of time to get their own elevator, and even sit for a few minutes in the lobby waiting for them to get to the room.

Candi, meanwhile, is all over him in the elevator, and as soon as they get into the room, they remove each other's clothing and fall on the bed. I arrive quietly about ten minutes after they, and slam the door. They jump up, startled and totally nude.

Candi then rushes over to me, and throws my crutches across the room. We embrace and kiss deep passionate kisses. She helps me take all my clothes off except for my braces and shoes, while Andy watches open-mouthed on the bed.

Candi pulls my dress off over my head, then unhooks the front closure of my bra and removes it, so I am standing in the middle of the room in only my leg and back braces, crotchless panty hose and heels.

You can pretty much imagine the fun we had with him. He was one happy boy when we kissed him good night and sent him on his way.

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