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The day had finally arrived. I called the brace shop several days ago and told the orthotist flatly that I wanted a pair of legbraces made to fit me, and that there was nothing wrong with my legs, I just want them because I like them.

Dennis, the orthotist, had been very understanding. He told me that he would be happy to make whatever I wanted, but that he would have to do it during off hours, and that to avoid the usual paperwork, I would have to come by the shop on Sunday. He sounded cute on the phone, so I decided to meet him looking as appealing as I can, and I can be very alluring.

I chose to wear my hair pulled back with a ribbon, a knee-length sundress and white f*me pumps. Men being who they are, I decided to use every advantage. And I thought the heels would show him there was nothing wrong with my legs.

I parked in the lot by the back door as Dennis had suggested, and knocked on the door. It was opened by a really cute guy who said he was Dennis, and I was sure he could hear my heart beating over my stupid giggling.

As he turned to lead the way into the shop, I couldn't help but notice that he was wearing braces himself. Now I really felt guilty since he was crippled. The idea of me prancing around in high heels getting measured for braces I don't need by a really cute crippled guy was at first very uncomfortable, but then more exciting than inhibiting.

He sat down in a wooden chair, and motioned to me to sit in the other one. I sat and crossed my legs, and he pulled one foot over his knee, holding it by the brace.

I was very nervous, and he took me off the hook by telling me that he had always been interested in braces, and that he didn't need the ones he wore, either. After that, I was fully at ease. He brought out some samples, and I removed my heels and tried on several different kinds of braces, my heart racing the whole time. Some of them fit fairly well, but most of them were too small or too large. Even so, they were very exciting.

He had me lie on the table, and made tracings of my legs on some rolled paper, and his hands on my legs were warm and very exciting. He had me stand and he measured me for crutches, too. Then the talk turned to shoes.

I told him that I wanted something feminine, and he suggested mary-janes with one-inch heels and a strap over the instep. I agreed, and asked if it would be possible to modify a pair of pumps like I was wearing to accept the braces. He said he had never done it before, but that he had an idea of how to do it.

By the end of the afternoon, I had decided on two long leg braces with dual uprights, a thigh band, knee pads, and spring operated knee locks. The mary-janes would have matching ankle straps and heel channels for the braces, which would attach with removable calipers. The would be no movement of the ankle joints. I toyed with the idea of a pelvic band and hip joints, but the cost was getting up there, and they were decidedly bulky, so I decided to not do that.

It was over three weeks later when Dennis called to say my braces were ready, and I could come by to get them on the following Sunday. I was nervous and extremely excited all week.

No longer shy, I decided on a white minidress ( it *was* summer) with a short but flared skirt for the trip to Dennis's shop. The braces looked great. They were highly polished steel with flesh-colored leather work. Even the shoes were perfect, little white patent mary-janes with matching ankle support straps that wrapped around my ankle and one brace upright. I noticed that the uprights were about half the width and thickness of the others I had tried on, and the fit was confirmed when I stood and the knees locked with a click. It was divine.

Dennis then produced crutches he made for me out of the same polished steel as my braces. They fit perfectly inside my arms, and were just the right length. I had been practicing with forearm crutches, so I immediately began to swing myself through the office. I stopped in front of the huge mirror by the parallel bars to admire myself, and I liked what I saw.

Dennis suggested lunch out to celebrate my new braces, and I was tempted to decline, but soon I was crutching into a restaurant with my braces making little clicking sounds every time my heels struck the floor. Dennis had left his braces at the shop.

After lunch we took a walk all the way around the lake, about 45 minutes, and my hands and arms were getting a little tired, but I was getting used to the braces. I found that I loved going up and down the concrete steps of the walkways around the lake. I also took my time lifting my legs into the car when it was time to go.

Back at the shop, Dennis told me to take the braces off. When I resisted, he said that he had an adjustment to make. He took them to the little metal shop. I was about to get worried that too much time had passed when he returned with the braces mounted onto the spike heeled pumps I had worn to the shop. These were high heels, between four and five inches high!

I slipped my feet into the shoes and strapped the braces on, then stood up and nearly fell over. I grabbed my crutches and tried them out. Dennis had wisely put free-moving ankle hinges on them, but I found that I still needed to keep the right knee joint in the unlocked position to make walking possible. It was obvious that this would take considerable practice before I would be ready for a public outing, but Dennis insisted on taking me to dinner since the day had stretched well into the evening. I was too excited to refuse.

I lifted my legs out of the car, letting the high heels drop to the pavement of the restaurant parking lot. I had decided to leave both knees unlocked, and stood to accept the crutches from Dennis. As I slipped my arms into the crutches, he deftly gave each knee lock a twist, locking them. The three steps up into the restaurant were a struggle, but I managed to get to the table without falling down.

We were seated at a booth, and I reached one leg over and stroked Dennis's calf with my foot. He was instantly excited, and placed my foot in his crotch. I began to wonder how it would feel to make love with my braces on...

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