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Bodycast's Story

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bodycast's Life-Story

This is a story about my casting fantasy with my wife and the cast I want her to were and how I got her stated casting. There is also some information on how my casting fetish came out.

My desire for wearing casts and seeing people in casts started when I was 14. When I was 14 I had to have major knee surgery and has to wear a long leg cast for 4 months. That's how I got started, then I broke my left wrist plying baseball four years later. I like looking at anybody in a cast.

For the last seven years I have been an avid caster doing several long leg casts, short leg cast, and a couple of long arm casts. I loved every minute I was imprisoned in either plaster or fiberglass. I did make a pair of reusable long leg casts made of black fiberglass, so I can wear them at any time. To me the feeling just is not the same when I wear them, since I know I can take them off at anytime. Nobody in my family knows about this except my wife, more on here later.

A little over five years ago I started dating my future wife. I kept my casting desires from her because I don't want her to think I was crazy. She is very nice looking with a great set of legs that are well defined. She is also very open minded which is good. After we dated for a while I started to tell here about my casting desires and how I would like to cast both her legs in long leg casts. The first word out of her mouth were "you got to be crazy." I told her to be open minded and I started to ask if I could cast her legs. She flat out said no, so I dropped it for a while then I started to ask her more and more. She did finally give into me with a little bit of hesitation on her part. This process took almost two years. What helped to get her to cast was I told her it would be like a sexual bondage thing because she was into doing kinky things. So I proceeded to order the supplies I needed to cast her.

The time came for me to imprison her legs in the casts. The supplies included two boxes with 10 rolls each of 4" pink fiberglass casting tape, a roll of stockinette, a roll of cast padding and a spreader bar. The plan was to get Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off of work. We agreed to apply the casts on Thursday evening.

The time came for us to begin our first casting adventure together since we've been going out. The first thing I did was to cover both legs with the stockinette, then wrapped both legs with padding, adding extra around the ankle area to make it feel more comfortable for her. You could tell she was nervous about the casts because she would not relax. I made sure she was still wanting to do this since it was time to apply the fiberglass. She said let's go.

I started with her left leg. I started to roll the fiberglass just above the ankle and went to the toes and the back up the leg until the roll ended. Smoothing it out as I went. I started another roll were the other stopped, with this roll I went all the way up her leg to where the cast was going to stop then back down the leg until the roll ended. The third roll went just like the first and so did the fourth. I used a fifth and sixth roll to go from the top of the ankle to her hip to reinforce the whole cast basically. By the time I got to the fourth roll she said her leg was burning, so I explained that it was the fiberglass setting. I kept smoothing and molding the fiberglass to her leg while it was setting. I waited about 15 minutes before I started to do the other leg. I repeated the whole process over on the right leg. She made the comment that she could not move her left leg, which I said was good. As the right leg was setting I was carefully spreading her legs apart to incorporate the spreader bar. I placed it about three inched above the ankles, I used another roll of fiberglass to attach it to the leg casts. She asked me what the bar was for and I told her it was for stability. Her ankles were in a natural position and the knee's were bent to a 20 degree angle. Her legs were completely encased in pink fiberglass from her toes to her hips, this really started to get my hormones going, seeing her in the casts.

The casts were setting up real nice and faster for some reason. I told her that she could not move for an hour or two until the casts dried enough. If she needed anything yell for me. She was in my bedroom and I went into the other room to use the computer. When the casts were dry enough for her to move I got her a pair of crutches tor her to get around. Her first trip was the bathroom. There were no stairs that she had to go up or down which made it a lot easier for her. By this time it was about 9:00 p.m. and we both started to get hungry so I went to get something for use to eat. The whole time we ate she could not take her eyes of the casts. She could not believe how the casts left her feeling so helpless. She made the comment that she felt so imprisoned by the casts, I said that's what casting will do to you. I said you'll get used to the feeling.

After we got done eating we decided to go to the bedroom and watch TV since it was a lot more comfortable to her to lay down on the bed. We tried to get romantic but she just was not into it because she was still in awe over the casts. We finally fell asleep about 2am. By this time the casts were set completely on the out side. She had a restless night because of the casts and having to move both legs at the same time because of the spreader bar. So I went to sleep out in the living room so she could have the bed. I could not sleep either because I was excited about her being in the casts. I checked in on her a couple of times during the night to see if she settled down. I noticed that she did settle down and fell asleep so I laid down beside her, admiring my work.

The entire time. I still could not believe I was able to convince her to be casted. She did not say much about the casts that night and I didn't want to ask her about them until she got used to them. The only question that she keep repeating was, what is this bar supposed to do? I keep telling her the same thing every time, it was for support, I had other plans for the bar though. I read stories about how people that were into sexual bondage used casts with this set up to make the sex better. I thought I would try it. She also likes to do kinky stuff during sex.

Friday morning got here, when we woke up I told her to stay in bed and I would get her her breakfast in bed, she liked that idea. I fixed her whatever she wanted. I asked her if she wanted to go and do anything today. She looked at me with the most stupidest look on her face and said you got to be crazy. I said no I thought you would like to get out of the house for a while so I thought we could go to the mall or something like that. She then said forget I not leaving the house with these casts on my legs. I said why not. Here reply was I do not want anybody we no see my in theses things, what would I tell them, you put these casts on me for the fun of it, everybody would think we both are crazy. I decided we would just stay home then. I went to use the computer while she ate breakfast.

After breakfast was done I started to ask her some questions about how she felt with the casts. The first question was, how do you feel? Her reply was like a prisoner locked in a cell with my legs imprisoned with these pink fiberglass casts on my legs. The next question was were you legs comfortable in the casts? She answered that she was very comfortable in the casts, and that she was surprised that casts could be this comfy. I said good, I did a good job applying the casts then.

When Friday night came around I could tell in her eyes that the casts were really turning her and me on. It turned out to be a good night for the both of us. That was when I told her why I applied the spreader bar. She had a look on face that was of surprise and joy at the same time, she said I could not believe you planned it like this. It turned out to be a great night for the both of us. I got what I wanted and so did she.

Saturday came and I finally convinced her into going to the mall but we had to drive an hour to get there. She said I will go if we go to one where no body will know use, so I said okay. We can drive that far. We left the house about 11 am and got to the mall about 12:15 due to traffic. When we got there I left her in the car so I could get a wheelchair for her. The mall issued me a temporary handicap parking tag so I could park up close to the building. While she was getting out of the car I noticed that there were a lot of people walking by and looking at her as she got out. I heard on person say, " I wonder what she did." I started to laughing to myself if they only knew. She asked my what I was going to tell people if they asked. I said to tell them you were in a car wreck.

As we went through the mall we could see the people that were looking at her. I could tell that she was enjoying the attention she was getting, I was too. We spent about three hours in the mall looking around. One nice thing about she being in the casts was that she could not stop at all the stores and try everything on and spend lots of money! I was thankful of that. On the way home from the mall she told me that she was thankful that I was able to talk her into going to the mall and that she really enjoyed the attention she got from the people looking at her in the mall.

On the way home I asked her if she wanted to stop and get something to eat. She said yes lets stop. I asked her if she was willing to go inside with the casts on because of the spreader bar making it difficult for her to maneuver, she said that was fine, so we stopped a Wendy's for dinner. As she was making her way in a young man asked my what happened to her and I explained that she was in a car wreck. He then said I envy you because your wife is in the casts, he then said that he has always wanted to wear casts on his legs. It didn't click on my head that maybe he will turn out to be a recreational caster like me. I went to order after we got her seated at a table. They were not busy, but there were a few people in the building just about all of them look at her while we sat and ate. She said she could not believe the amount of people that looked at her today.

We got back home about 7pm that night. She said she was tired from all the excitement of the day and from the weight of the casts when she had to move, so she went to lay down and take a short nap. She asked my to wake her in about an hour, so I said okay. She was sleeping so good I just let her sleep all night. I went laid down beside her at about midnight. She sleep until about 10 am Sunday.

I fixed her breakfast in bed again, so she could relax and enjoy her last day imprisoned in the pink fiberglass casts. She admitted to me that she had enjoyed the weekend. I asked her how long she wanted to wear them today and she answered until sometime tonight, I answered back OK. I told her I did not have any plans for us today and asked if she wanted to do anything, she said no I just want to be here with you so we can both enjoy your handywork. When she said that I was totally thrown for a lop and I asked her to explain. She answered by saying I really did not want to do this the entire time but I got tired of you asking me all the time. She further said I did not really know what to expect from you once you had me in the casts because it would have been easy for you to take advantage of me since I could not move my legs at all. She then said she really did enjoy this weekend in the casts, it gave me a good understanding of what it would really be like to break a bone and have to wear a cast for months. I asked her it she was will to do it again some other time and she answered she would like to do it again. My heart dropped to my toes when she said that. At that point I knew I was successful in turning her into a caster for life. Later that night when I started to take the casts off I asked her if she wanted to keep them and she said yes. So I carefully cut the casts off so they could be reused.

Friday night something special happened to us romantically with the casts, that's why she wanted to keep them and I agreed to what she said. We keep the cast in the closet so if she wanted to wear then anytime she could get them out and put them on herself with a couple of ace bandages. After we got married we moved into a bigger apartment and the casts got broke so we have not made a new set yet.

Since the first time, she has worn several more long legs, short leg casts, and a couple of long and short arm casts. She amitted she liked to wear long leg casts more. I have just about been able to completely talk her into wear in a double hip spica during out up coming vacation since we are staying home. She wants it to be pink fiberglass too.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this story, If you are having problems with convincing your wife or girlfriend, try what I did, I asked her to be open minded out it when I asked the question. I do visit the irc channel quite a bit as bodycast if you want to talk. My email address is bodycast@juno.com.

Thanks! bodycast

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