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Blossoming Love

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I had been dating this guy for a couple of months, he was kind of shy but very kind and considerate. He was not very aggressive but that was okay since there wouldn't be any pressure early on in the relationship. It was Friday evening and we were almost back to his house from taking a long walk when I started to playfully bump into him as we walked. He didn't bump me back so I kept it up in fun. When he finally did bump me back he bumped me hard enough that I had to take a step to my left to keep my balance. I didn't know what happened at first but next thing I knew I was on the ground.

He was quickly over me asking me if I was all right. I thought I was but when I started to get up I started to notice that my left ankle hurt. I was sitting up on the ground when I told him that I hurt my ankle.

He put his arm around me and said, "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean it."

It felt nice for him to put his arm around me, he didn't do it very much and I wished he would get some more self-confidence or whatever he needed and do it a lot more. I was looking at my ankle thinking about how bad it might be when he said "Lift up your leg and don't let it touch the ground. I'm going to help you up." I did and he got behind me, put his hands under my arms and up I went. He quickly took my left arm and put it over his left shoulder holding my left hand in

He said again "Don't let your foot touch the ground. Okay, let's take a hop forward."

We did a few of these and didn't really get to far to fast when he asked if it hurt to do this. It did hurt just a little bit so I said "a little." I think he took it to mean it really hurt and I was just trying to be tough. He moved down a little and I knew he was going to lift me up so I said to be careful. I have to admit I didn't mind being carried.

We got to his house way to soon for my liking and he let me down on my right foot at the bottom of the steps. I put my arm around him and I hopped up a few steps to the door and we went in. He carried me to his couch and he helped me sit down. I was still being careful not to let my foot touch the floor when he lifted my left leg onto the couch. That forced me to turn to my left so I just laid down on the couch. He sat down next to my left leg and started to take off my sneaker. He was being very meticulous about it, he completely unlaced my sneaker before slipping it off my foot. I barely felt it being taken off and I don't think he moved my foot at all when he did it.

He was just staring at my foot when I asked him if he knew what happened. He didn't look at me but I heard him say that I must have stepped on the edge of a rut a truck had left. It had rained a couple of days ago and by now it dried solid. I thought "Well, that would do it." He looked at me and said that I should try to move my foot to the left and right. I knew that if I was able to move it around then I was okay. To be honest I was hoping that I wouldn't be able to. I didn't want all the attention he was giving me to end so soon. I decided to move it slowly to the right. It felt stiff so I stopped before I really had to. He made a sound that indicated to me "not good." Then he said "Okay, now move it up and down."

I couldn't see my foot since I was laying down still so I asked him how much it moved when I moved it left and right. He said "not very much." I said "I don't think I want to try to move it any more, I don't think I can." So it was a lie, or maybe just an exaggeration. My ankle did really feel stiff.

He said "Just a minute" and headed of into the kitchen. I could tell what he was doing, he was getting ice. Oh great I thought, here I am "playing it up a little" and I'll probably end up in the emergency room. He came back with three bread bags of ice and a towel. I sat up and watched as he put the towel under my foot and leg and put a bag of ice on each side of my ankle and then one on top of my ankle. I told him I really needed a hug and he sat close to me and we did. I was trying my best to melt into his shoulder and get really comfortable but the ice was just to cold, even through my sock. I finally told him that my foot was too cold even though I didn't want the hug to end. It did end, he jumped right up and took the ice bags into the kitchen. I could tell that he put them in the freezer and I thought I'm going to have to convince him that I don't need my ankle iced any more, the ice hurt more than my ankle.

He came back and said "I don't think we should even try but do you think you can walk on it?" I thought to myself "Well, if I'm playing it up I might as well do it all the way", so I said "No, I don't think so." Okay, so it was another probable lie, my ankle was stiff and hurt a little but I thought I probably hobble around on it.

He said "I'll be right back with a few presents for you" and he left for upstairs. I thought this would give me a chance to try out my ankle for real. I was able to move it around but a lot less than I thought and it was feeling stiffer than before. "Shoot", I thought, "I really did sprain my ankle." I didn't think it was seriously sprained. I was sure that I could hobble around on it but that wouldn't be as fun as getting all the help and attention that I was getting. He was spending more time upstairs than I thought he would have so I tried out my ankle again. Yep, getting stiffer. I wonder if it is swelling up at all? I couldn't really tell with my sock on.

I laid back down on the couch and waited. I was thinking about what the presents could be when he started back down stairs. I was facing the wrong way to see him coming but when he got to me he was obviously hiding something behind his back and he had a funny smile. He sat down below my foot and lifted my leg up with one hand then slid underneath my leg and let my leg rest on his lap. We were both wearing shorts so that felt nice.

He seemed nervous and when he spoke I could tell he was by his voice. He said "I'm going to take off your sock."

I still couldn't tell what he was hiding. He was very careful about taking off my sock and again my foot barely moved through the whole process. I had propped myself up on my elbows as I watched my sock removed and I looked with interest at my ankle to see if there was any swelling. Finally the sock was completely off and he stuffed it into my sneaker that was on the floor. I was starting to feel "romantic" with my leg resting on his warm legs and I thought it was funny but him taking off my sock was kind of like undressing me a little and it added to my mood. Then I saw what he was hiding. It was an ace bandage and he started to wrap my foot and ankle. I could still see his nervousness because he was actually shaking a little but he was being very careful as he wrapped my ankle.

He would smooth out any wrinkles and as he finished up I was thinking "I can't believe this is happening." We both just looked at my foot for a little bit then I said "I really need a long hug now." He carefully got out from under my leg and he sat behind me a little so I just leaned heavily on him and he put his arms around me. I was very comfortable and was thinking I don't think we hugged this much in the last two months. This sprained ankle thing isn't too bad, I could get used to this. During this time together he must have apologized and asked for forgiveness half a dozen times. I told him it was okay, really. I would glance up at him every once and a while and his attention seemed riveted to my sprained ankle. He was silent for a while and I figured he was probably tormenting himself for doing this to me.

He really did a nice job wrapping my ankle. It was a 4 inch ace bandage and I noticed that it was went around my foot and ankle at least three times. He made a nearly perfect edge right below my toes by putting one layer exactly on top of the one underneath it. It was figure-eight's everywhere else though.

He finally did say something, "I don't want this to seem insensitive but... I'm getting hungry." With all this going on I forgot we were going to go out to eat at Friendlies after our walk. I said "I don't think I can walk."

He said "Just a second, I'll get your other presents," he got out from behind me and headed for the stairs again. I thought "oh no, don't let my other presents be crutches, there goes all that help getting around, please not crutches." With the thought of crutches I sat up, still making sure my foot didn't touch the floor. I thought he would be gone for a few minutes again but he came back around the corner almost immediately with yes, you guessed it, a pair of crutches. I couldn't believe it, what are the chances he would have had crutches. He placed the crutches next to me and I looked at them. They were wood and they looked like they were set to my height already. He obviously planned on me using crutches and dropped them off from when he came from upstairs. He held both of my hands and pulled me up. I held onto his shoulders to keep my balance. He reached down to get my crutches and while I was still holding onto his shoulders for balance and slid the crutches under my arms. I very reluctantly took hold of the crutches.

He asked if I had ever used crutches before and I never had. He spent a minute giving me pointers then said "Lets go."

I asked "Where?"

"Out to eat of course."

Now I felt a rush of nervousness at the thought of being out in public on crutches. I tried to delay by asking to practice using crutches a little first. He watched intently as I crutched around the house. I was getting a strange sensation in my foot and toes as I crutched around. My leg had been elevated for almost 30 minutes and now blood was rushing in and it felt all tingly, especially my toes. All of the sudden he said "I almost forgot something" and rushed up the stairs again. He was hiding something again. He asked me to sit back down and he helped me down with his left hand all the while saying to be careful about my ankle. After I was sitting he knelt on his left knee in front of me but facing away from me, he lifted up my left leg and placed it on his right thigh like it was a chair. He completely blocked my view of what he was doing. He supported my sprained ankle by placing his left hand under my toes. I chuckled a little because his warm hand felt good on my toes. I couldn't feel anything else and when he was finally finished he said "Ta da" and moved out of the way enough for me to see what he had done. The rascal had signed my ace bandage with a black magic marker! He started right below my toes. Here's what it said: "Don't worry, you're still pretty!! Cute toes too!"

After I read it I just reached out for him to hug me. He helped me up and we hugged again for a good long while. He still thought I was pretty. That really relieved some of the butterflies. I asked "Do you really mean it?"

He seemed so serious when he said "I mean every word of it" that I thought about the last sentence about my toes being cute too. Normally if someone said that I would have thought it strange but I couldn't help but thinking that it was so sweet that he thought my toes were cute. I thought I would have some fun at his expense so I took my crutches and took a few "steps" over to my sneaker and sock.

I said "I was going to put on my sock before we left but since you think I have cute toes I'm not sure I should now. What do you think?"

He was almost pleading when he said "Please, please don't wear your sock, okay?"

He was really serious about my toes being cute, I never suspected this about him but then again I don't think he saw me barefoot yet. I probably had a silly grin as I thought "Well, if you got it, flaunt it." I also thought I'm going to have to get some open toe shoes too. I think I got a burst of confidence about going out in public on crutches so I said "Let's go." I started losing my confidence as I headed out the door to go outside and I started hoping that nobody would see me.

It had gotten quite a bit cooler since I had been outside but the coolness felt good and I was noticing that the cool felt really good on my toes. I thought having my foot and ankle in an ace bandage must be giving my toes a heightened sense of feeling or something. We got to the car and he opened the door for me (now that's a nice fringe benefit of being on crutches) and then helped me into the car. He put my crutches in the back seat and then got in. In order for me to keep my foot off the floor in the car I had to hold my leg up with my hands. It was getting tiring in a hurry so I put my leg on his lap. I had to face him to do it and I noticed that my leg fit with just a few inches to spare. It was twenty minutes to Friendlies but it went by way to quickly.

I was enjoying my leg on his lap again and sometimes he would gently stroke my toes with his fingers which just gave me all kinds of nice sensations in my toes. To be honest, I never thought my toes could feel so good. We were at Friendlies and the place was packed, I thought "Why does it have to be so busy, it's getting late and its still this busy." I was really nervous as I got closer and I just kept thinking "Please, nobody look at me." He got the door for me again (amazing) and their was a couple in front of us. As I got inside they noticed me and I just watched their eyes go right down to my sprained ankle once they noticed I was on crutches. I just let out a weak smile. He actually put his arm around me while we waited, now that was truly amazing, he would hardly ever do that in public. I watched as our waitress came up to us and the same thing happened, as soon as she noticed the crutches the eyes went down to my ace bandage. "Oh shoot", I thought, "I forgot about the signature he left, I wonder what people are thinking about that." I became embarrassed as I thought about "cute toes too!" boldly written on my bandage.

She must have noticed I was embarrassed and thought it was because she looked at my foot. She tried to help out by saying she sprained her ankle in high school and said she loved all the attention she got from the guys. She added quickly for his benefit I'm sure "But, I see you have that covered." We all smiled. She lead us to our table and I winced as most of the eyes dropped as I went by to take a quick look at my foot. I was relieved to sit down and the rest of meal went well.

It had thinned out quite a bit by the time we finished and I didn't feel nearly as self-conscious when we left. It had cooled off some more by now and I only meant to think it but I actually said "The cool air feels really good on my toes." I think someone nearby heard me and laughed a little. I didn't look around to find out who. We got back into the car doing the same thing as last time and he opened the door for me again. I just smiled. I didn't hesitate to put my leg on his lap and I asked "Could you rub my toes like you did before, it felt nice." It looked like he had been shot or something, he finally got out "Are you trying to give me a heart attack or something?" I knew then he enjoyed doing it as much as I liked having it done to me. I said a "Pleeease" trying to put on my best puppy dog look at the same time like I thought he didn't really want to do it. He tried to change the conversation by asking if I wanted to go home and he usually would drop me off about now but now it was my time to nearly beg. Beg him to take me back to his house that is. I just didn't want to be home yet. I didn't have to beg to much and then we were off to his house again.

I enjoyed the ride back and we had a nice conversation but he was starting to get tense as we got closer to his place. The question that got him tense was when he asked if my ankle hurt when I was using crutches. I didn't feel like I was very coordinated on crutches yet and each step kind of jarred my ankle a little, enough so that I could feel it anyway. So I told him it hurt a little. That must have got him thinking my ankle could be worse than he thought. When we were inside he asked me to sit down again and I could tell he was getting nervous again. He started off with "Please let me say everything that I have to say then just think about it, ok?."

I said ok and wondered what was up.

His voice was shaky but he started anyway. "I know you might want to break up after I tell you this and I will understand if you do, but I sure hope you don't want to break up with me." I was all ears at that point. "I'm different than most guys, ummm, I think that toes can be really sexy, especially when they are sticking out of an ace bandage or especially a cast." I tried not to act like I just got shot. "And a nice looking woman, which you are, is very sexy on crutches, extremely sexy when they are showing off their toes." I couldn't help but smile as I thought about what the last few hours must have been like for him. "You have gorgeous toes too, they are very nice, they're straight, and I love it that your big toe isn't your longest toe. You have nice toe nails and I like that you didn't paint them."

I didn't know what to think but I found myself glancing down at my own toes. Of course I had noticed earlier in life that my toes were different than most women's. The toe next to my big toe was longer than my big toe, in fact my middle toe was almost as long as my big toe as well. I never thought that someone would think of toes being sexy but I'm glad he liked mine.

"Please let me tell you about this fantasy I've had. Believe me, I didn't mean to hurt you, but it seems like you can't get around on crutches without pain and I know that if I was to put your leg in a cast that you could get around without any pain at all because the cast would immobilize your ankle."

"A cast!!", I thought. I looked back at my foot and tried to envision a cast there instead of an ace bandage.

He continued "It would only be on for as long as you wanted it. My fantasy is to put a beautiful woman's leg in a cast and then try my best to make her love every minute of it."

I was thinking to myself that you were doing a pretty good job of getting me to like having a sprained ankle and my toes, my sexy toes, have felt like they never have before. It seemed like he was done so I asked "How would you try to get me to love every minute of it?"

He said "I would like to give you organics every day that you have your leg in a cast." He winked as he said "organics" and I knew that he really meant another word. My jaw probably dropped. Could this be coming out of the mouth of my shy boy friend? He must have seen my shock because he quickly added "I would give them to you, I would not have them, there would be no chance you would get pregnant because I would use my tongue - or fingers."

My heart was racing at the thought of what he was describing. I asked "Have you done the tongue thing before?"

He said "No."

"How about putting a beautiful woman's leg in a cast?"

He said "No, but I did get to put a beautiful woman's ankle in an ace bandage once."

"How long ago was that?" I asked, probably showing my hurt that he done this before.

He said "Ohhh, about 3 hours ago."

I gave him a "you got me that time" look but on the inside I felt great relief that he hadn't done his fantasy before. When he got me with that "3 hours" statement I could see most of the tension leave him. But now I was thinking hard, trying to imagine what it would be like to have my leg in a cast and then I started thinking about the other part and that seemed worth doing almost anything for. I asked him if I had broken my ankle how long would my leg be in a cast for. He said 3 - 4 weeks if it was a hairline fracture, if it was a more serious break it could be 6 - 8 weeks.

He added quickly "But we can take it off whenever you think you're ready or whenever you want."

I asked "How many times would you give me, well you know?".

He said "Several times I day I hope, I want you to love having your leg in a cast."

My heart was racing and I was ready right then. "Worst case", I told myself "I could 'break down' and tell him the truth about my ankle after it was on and have it taken off that day." I almost felt like it wasn't me saying this but I said "If it is several times, every day, and you think that putting my leg in a cast will help me, then please do."

He just about smothered me as he hugged me. His chest was heaving a little and I thought he might have been crying as he held me. He didn't let go for a while and I didn't try to get him to. When he was finally composed again he helped me up onto my crutches and said "let's go to my room." Then it dawned on me, he had the ace bandage and crutches already, he is probably ready to put my leg in a cast right now! He let me go in front of him and I hesitated at the bottom of the stairs, I hadn't gone up stairs yet. He said he would be right behind me and right then he put his hands on my behind. I remembered "up with the good" so my right foot went onto the step then I got my crutches onto the first step. He kept his hands on my behind the whole time and then he said "Take your time, I'll be right behind you each step of the way." I relished each step up to his room and about half way up he started moving his hands around so I took each step even slower. I could only go so slow though and we got to his room. He had me sit on his bed and then he took off my ace bandage.

I looked at my ankle and sure enough it was kind of puffy. I still thought I might be able to walk on it but I was sure glad that it at least looked sprained somewhat. He surprised me when he asked if he could blindfold me so the cast would be a surprise. I trusted him so I said "sure."

He admitted a few seconds later that he was a nervous wreck and he would probably get worse and he didn't really want to be seen as that much of a basket case. I was blindfolded then he started to get the supplies he needed. He went down stairs and ran the water and then came back up. I heard him opening things and then scissors. My nerves were getting frazzled too, especially when he slipped something up my leg to about my knee. I knew then that my leg was about to put in a cast and thoughts just flooded me, worries and expectations mostly. What ever he put over my leg went all the way down to my toes, covering them up. I thought that was strange since I thought he wanted to see them sticking out of my cast. He wrapped something around my leg from a little below my toes to a couple inches from my knee.

Then I could hear him putting some- thing in the water and then wrapped my leg some more. I realized it must be the plaster. I could feel some of the blood rush out of my head when I realized that. He did it a second time and wrapped again. Then he dunked a third time a wrapped my leg again and smoothed things out. Then I could feel that my toes weren't covered any more and then the stuff that went to my knee was pulled down. I thought "So that's how they do it?" He dunked something into the water and wrapped my leg two more times then stopped. I asked if I could look yet.

He said "Please, not yet. Your leg will get kind of warm in a minute or two and I'll do what I can to keep you cool." Sure enough, my leg was getting warm so I let him know. As soon as I said that I started feeling a breeze on my toes. It helped a little bit. I wondered if he had a fan or was he blowing on my toes himself. It wasn't steady like I thought a fan would be so I guessed he must have been close to my toes and blowing on them. It kind of gave me a warm fuzzy that he would do that for me. My leg didn't feel as warm but I noticed that the cast seemed to be getting tighter. It wasn't uncomfortable, just a snug kind of feeling. Finally it didn't feel warm at all and I mentioned this to him hoping that I could have my blindfold off.

He said "First let me get you comfortable. Lift your leg up." It had been hanging over the edge of his bed all this time and when I went to lift it up I could feel its heaviness. He must have put his hand under my cast to help me and then said to scoot back to the head board. I did and he had put a pillow there already. Then he said "Let your leg down slowly." It stopped going down sooner than I expected and I thought "Hmmm, he slid those pillows under my leg fast."

He sat next to me and put one arm around me then started to unwind my blindfold. He told me to close my eyes and he said he was putting his hand in front of my eyes until I got used to the light again. I think I had been blindfolded for about 30 minutes by now and it took me a minute to get used to the light again. He put his hand in front of my face so that I couldn't see my leg at all.

When I finally said I was okay he said "Ta da" again and quickly moved his hand out of the way. I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw my leg in a cast. It was very smooth and white and it looked like I had it done at the hospital. It looked so real -- it was so real. All those fears and worries about having my leg in a cast overcame me and my eyes started to water. I just buried my head into his chest. He kept saying it was ok and that I looked absolutely gorgeous. After holding and trying to comfort and encourage me for a long while he finally asked if I wanted to have an "organic." I was so excited about the prospect that I couldn't talk, I just nodded a big yes. To make it brief, it was wonderful.

He had me put my casted leg at about a right angle with only the heal of my cast touching the bed and he caressed my toes as he gave "his gift to me." I felt like my legs were paralyzed after it happened. We just stayed next to each other after.

I woke up staring at an unfamiliar ceiling. I woke up thinking "Did yesterday really happen?" I lifted my head up and looked down and there were my toes sticking out of a cast - yesterday happened! I looked to my right and he wasn't there, I looked to my left and my crutches were leaning against the wall. Yesterday's clothes were close by so I put them back on, stood up and quickly put my crutches under my arms before I lost my balance. Then I crutched slowly to the stairs and remembered "Down with the bad" so I put my crutches on the step below then very carefully let my right foot onto the step. I thought "Going down stairs is going to take some getting used to and to top it off my toes are starting to tingle like crazy, much more than with the ace bandage." After I got to the bottom of the stairs I thought I should try to move my foot. Not even close to being able to move it in my cast. I couldn't even wiggle my toes they were tingling so much.

I knew where he was now. He was taking a shower. I thought I would make myself useful and make breakfast. It must have been humorous watching me try to carry things around on crutches but I eventually got it started by the time he got done his shower. He thanked me for making such a good breakfast. After we finished I asked if I could take a shower. He said no and I thought he was kidding but then I remembered that my leg was in a cast and I couldn't get it wet. He said we would have to do some shopping before I could take a shower, shopping at a pharmacy that is.

He said we had some time to kill and he said he was in a "giving" mood so back to the stairs I went and he was right "behind" me again. It wasn't long before he was caressing my toes again and as he put it "trying to make me love having my leg in a cast." He was doing a good job of it.

Afterwards he was calling pharmacies and when he found one that was open we went shopping. I didn't know what we were shopping for and I wasn't feeling confident about going out in public, especially now with my leg in a cast. I didn't try to play around with the sock thing this time, if he liked my toes I was going to show them off. I can really see why he would like toes sticking out of a cast if he thought toes were sexy. The cast really draws attention to my toes. I even catch myself looking at my cast and inevitably I end up looking at my own toes. I was starting to get better with my crutches and I also noted that in my own thoughts I was thinking "my crutches" and "my cast." Was I getting used to it already? I sure wasn't used to it in public because when I got outside I was hoping that no one would see me again. It was daylight now though and it seemed like everyone noticed me from a mile away. I slowly got more and more used to the glances and out right staring that I got.

The pharmacy visit was uneventful and I found out what it was that would let me take a shower without getting my cast wet. We went back to his place and I took a bath instead of a shower. He was in a giving mood again and I thought I could really get addicted to this. I still only had my clothes from yesterday so I put on one of his t-shirts. I felt like shopping and I thought he probably wouldn't refuse my requests, I was right. We went to a mall that I didn't normally go to. I was getting more and more used to the stares, especially his, and when I would ask to stop every once and a while I made sure that my toes were in plain sight for him every time and I happily noticed its positive affect on him. In one store I tried a few things on and showed them to him. Every time he said I looked great and I could tell that he was mostly looking at my cast and toes and not my clothes so the next time I did the game show thing with my cast, you know, running your hands over a car, et cetera. His jaw literally dropped for the whole time I did it. I felt like I had tormented him enough after a few minutes of that and we went back to his place and ate a very late lunch.

During lunch I asked him "I was wondering if you would be doing the same things for me after I had my cast off - not that I want it off or anything."

"Honestly, I only think I could do that if you have your leg in a cast, please, its hard to explain."

I wasn't in a fighting mood I guess and I never noticed him lying to me before so I decided to take his statement as the truth and decided I wouldn't expect some things when my cast was off. But my leg was in a cast now so I put my casted leg on his lap and asked if he could do my toes. He started to do them very lightly, almost too lightly. It felt nice and I let him do it for a minute before I said "Ummm, I meant up stairs." I think he was a little surprised that I was actually asking but he quickly helped me to my crutches and off we went. The stairs really helped things along again and lets just say it was wonderful again.

I really thought about certain things after that. I was already thinking I didn't want to be without so I finally made up my mind as to what I would do. I didn't tell him though. I asked if he would bring me back to my apartment so we got ready to go. Out into the world I went, cast and all, and this time I didn't really feel all that self-conscious about being in a cast or on crutches. It was a short ride to my place. I thought "This is it. People I know will see me in a cast, is there any turning back now?".

He helped me out of the car and onto my crutches. No one saw me that I could tell. We got to my place and I began to be glad for all the stairs and I wasn't disappointed. My, how my shy guy had changed. We got to my door and I opened it. This was a defining moment for me. I stepped inside and looked around then said "Carol, are you here?"

She said "I'm in the kitchen. Where have you been?" She then poked her head around the corner. I was probably grinning from ear to ear and she let out "My God what happened?".

She came over to me and as I was about to speak I thought "Drum roll please." I said "I broke my ankle, well, I didn't actually break it", I turned to my very appealing romantic interest and said "he did."

He seemed shocked and she gave him a half serious slug in the arm. saying "How could you do that?"

He blurted out "It was an accident!."

I interrupted them before things got out of hand and said to Carol "Its actually fractured in two places and I'm going to have to have my leg in a cast for 6 to 8 weeks." He was looking at me with a "are you really sure you want to do that" kind of look.

She said "You poor thing" as she looked down at my cast. I thought "Don't be so sure about that!!"

It's been a month since I "broke my ankle" and he has done an excellent job of getting me to love being in a cast and on crutches. Too good, sometimes I feel like Pavlov's dog. He'll start caressing my toes and I'll be ready. Twice recently I ended up more than ready, once at his place just watching a movie and the other time he was sneaking in some toe caressing under the table while we were waiting for our dinner at a nice restaurant. I'm sure that's why that rascal would do my toes when he did other things, so that the two would become associated with each other in my mind, and now they are. I have gotten quite graceful on crutches also and instead of being self conscious in public I feel more like I'm showing off for him and I love doing it. When I crutch around in public with nothing over my cast I feel like I'm walking around with out a shirt on but no one else notices except him - its very exciting. If its raining I have to wear a sock but I'll find an excuse like "my toes are too warm" and I'll always take it off inside. He loves it. I love it too! Well he is going to be here in a minute or two. I think I'm going to stare at what he signed on my cast, starting right below my toes again. He wrote:

Don't worry, you are

absolutely gorgeous!

Sexy toes too!



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