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Bill's Castees

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I'm Bill and I just love women in leg casts. I'm a leg, foot and toe man (casts really highlight a woman's toes for obvious reasons). I don't completely know why I am the way I am but I've learned not to fight it. I have a standard line that has worked for me several times in the past. I tell the unsuspecting gal that I'm studying to become a cast technician for a hospital and I need to practice before I take my exam. I've had a positive response three times so far with one repeat customer incredibly enough.


My first was a older woman, she was about 55 at the time but she really looked like she was in her 40's. I knew her from church if you can believe that. She had slender, but shapely legs and my favorite kind of toes (I think that's why I asked her). She was recently separated and feeling quite lonely. I thought I would treat her nicely and get some great looks at some truly hot toes sticking out of a cast. I kind of felt like I was taking advantage of her situation but I was also going to try to show her a good time as well and I hoped she would be feeling better about herself since she would be "helping" me with my exam. I was surprised when she agreed to have her leg put in a cast. It was a few weeks before I got more casting supplies (I had already practiced a few times on myself and was nearly out). I was worried she would change her mind but she didn't.

I was very nervous putting her leg in a cast. I tried my best to make it a perfect cast but there were some problems here and there. Overall it was very convincing, and why not, it was a real cast. I put her right leg in a non-walking short leg plaster cast (my favorite type of cast) and I wasn't disappointed about her toes sticking out of her cast. They were hot. She didn't polish her toe nails which I prefer over polished toe nails, her big toe isn't her longest toe and the silhouette of her toes made a nice curve from her pinky toe to her big toe. My heart was thumping hard for a long while after her cast was finished. She was pretty good with crutches and I didn't ask but I suspected she had to use crutches before. We went to the closest city for the weekend (about an hour drive or so) and had a great time. I was in my late 20's then and most people probably thought she was my mother, but that was okay because I even though she was kind of old she looked great with her leg in that cast. Before I took the cast off I asked her what she liked best about having her leg in a cast (I didn't give her the chance to answer she didn't like it). She said all the help and attention she got from me. I thought, "That was the easy part."

I still see her in church from time to time. She always wears a skirt and high heals to church and she'll often slip off a shoe when she knows that I'll get to see her foot and toes. She usually has a smile when she notices me look.


My second cast was also and older woman. It was a very spur of the moment decision to ask her to help out this poor, struggling, aspiring cast technician (unlike the first time when I tormented myself for weeks getting up the nerve to ask). Diane was in her early 40's and was in good shape, especially her legs. Diane's toes weren't as nice looking as Roberta's toes but I'm such a sucker for women with a leg in a cast and using crutches that I thought she still looked great. This time I tried a long leg cast. Diane wasn't very good with crutches but she was starting to get better by Sunday (the day I took her cast off). The whole experience ended up being traumatic for Diane (and myself) because a co-worked happened to run into us at the IMAX theater. I couldn't let Sharon think that Diane actually broke her leg because I knew that Diane would be showing up to work on Monday without a cast on her leg. I had to tell Sharon the truth about my putting Diane's leg in a cast. I was worried sick that she would tell people about me putting Diane's leg in a cast but a couple of weeks later she brought up the incident to me while we were alone and dropped a hint that maybe she could help me out like Diane did. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. I let Sharon go on thinking that I was studying to become a cast technician and we agreed to a cast outing for the next weekend.


The next Friday Sharon was over at my house. Sharon was very cute and in her late 20's (she was actually a little younger than me). I didn't know if she had nice toes or not since she didn't ever seem to wear open toe shoes of any type. Believe me, I kept looking hoping she would.

I was nervous as I untied her left sneaker and then slipped it off. I knew right then that she had good looking toes. I could see that nicely curved silhouette formed by her toes under her sock. My heart was pounding hard as I slipped of her sock. She had great looking toes. The toe next to her big toe wasn't longer than her big toe (like Roberta) but the same length which was perfectly fine with me. She didn't paint her toe nails either which made things even better in my mind.

Even though my heart was pounding and my stomach was in knots Sharon's short leg cast was my best yet. She looked stunningly beautiful and I let it slip it out. After I said that she asked for a hug from me. Boy did that hug feel right. I felt myself falling for this gal. I never felt like that before with any woman.

Soon after Sharon's cast was finished I noticed that she looked like she was in shock at having her leg in a cast. I just held on to her hand to reassure her and I told her she looked beautiful with her leg in a cast. I think I must have been coming unglued at the seems. I was normally very careful to not let there be any hint that I found them attractive in their cast (or because of their cast). It seemed like I was uncontrollably dropping hints about my attraction to her and she was responding in kind. We ended up sleeping together that first night in the big city. That weekend was a whirlwind and I didn't want it to end. I told her that and she wholeheartedly agreed with me. I so desperately wanted to keep seeing her in her leg cast that I decided to take the leap and spill my guts about my attraction to women in leg casts. She seemed surprised but seemed to take it well otherwise. Thankfully she accepted my apology for being deceptive about the cast technician story. She admitted that she wasn't so concerned with helping me out on my exam as much as it was a chance to be with me for the weekend. I felt like I was trying to play my trump card when she admitted she wanted to be with me and that is why she let me put her leg in a cast. I said I would try my best to make every day of the week like this past weekend and more if she would keep her leg in the cast and tell everyone that she broke her ankle. She asked a few questions which I answered very honestly then she said she would. Quite frankly, I broke down when she agreed to keep wearing her leg cast (for six weeks). Tears were streaming down my face as I proceeded to smother her with hugs and kisses.

I arrived to work early on Monday. Sharon wasn't showing up at her normal time and I was getting nervous that she had changed her mind. Finally, just before 8:30, she called from the closest pay phone just like we planned. Everything worked out great, the receptionist even had Sharon on speaker phone when she said "I broke my ankle" for the first time (but definitely not the last time). I went outside to meet her and help her up the stairs. She looked gorgeous. She took my hint that she would look so sexy wearing a skirt. She looked great in that cast and the skirt didn't cover any of it up. The main thing of course was that she didn't wear a sock over her cast and her toes were incredibly cute.

Everything went great for those 6 weeks while Sharon had her leg in a cast. I felt like I was on cloud nine the entire time she was in her cast and using crutches. After I took off her cast her leg was not in the best off shape and she found it difficult to walk on since it was very stiff. I wrapped her ankle in an ace bandage and she used her crutches for a few more days that week until her leg limbered up a bit. She looked sexy on crutches with just an ace bandage too. It was those cute toes of hers sticking out of the ace bandage that did me in. I thought that her wearing the ace bandage for a few days added a nice touch in that it made it seem ven more like she had really broken her ankle. It gave people the idea that she had her cast off but wasn't completely healed yet.

Everything went great between us for a few months after I took her leg cast off but then I think it started to bug her that I always wanted her to put her cast on at night. Nights always seemed to be a lot more passionate when she did put her cast back on and wrap it in an ace bandage. I think she started thinking I only loved her when she was wearing her cast because I was so much more passionate when she was in her leg cast compared to when she wasn't. If I had realized that then we might still be together. I believe that those doubts kept nagging at her and eventually when we started to have little spats now and then I think she thought they were caused by me thinking she didn't wear her cast enough of the time for my liking. In a way she may have been right. I was greedy, I couldn't get enough of her wearing her cast and I probably showed my disappointment when she didn't. It might have been subconscious on my part, but now that I think of it, towards the end I would only get passionate if she was wearing her cast. It's not that I was cold or unfriendly if she didn't, I just wasn't passionate and she picked up on that over time.

I was in a major funk when she broke up with me. It got pretty uncomfortable at work and within a month she had a new job in a new town. I was hurting in a major way and feeling very, very lonely.


It was almost a year since Sharon had broken her ankle for me when Diane had me help her with some work after hours. She brought it up in a subtle way and before I realized what was really going on Diane was telling me that she knew that Sharon hadn't broken her ankle, that she was just helping me become a cast technician. It seemed obvious to her that I might need more practice since I was still working here and not working in a hospital somewhere. She offered to help me again but only if she would get lots of help from me getting around the office and at her home while she had her leg in a cast. I agreed of course but somehow I still seemed hollow on the inside.

We started off on a Friday night like last time except this time I put her right leg in a short leg cast. Non-walking and plaster, of course. She requested her right leg this time and already came up with the story that she broke her ankle dancing with me. In fact, it was my fault. That would give me the excuse that I felt bad about breaking her ankle so I would naturally spend a lot of time helping her to make up for it. I thought it was a good idea so I agreed to the story with the addition that the fracture was just a hairline fracture and that it may be completely healed within three weeks. If for some reason you wanted to stay in your cast longer you could just say it isn't healing as fast as they though it would. She thought that was a good idea and agreed to that addition to the story.

It was several months ago but I was still hurting from Sharon breaking up with me. Even though I was hurting from the break-up I was still nervous and excited while putting Diane's leg in a cast. The cast turned out pretty good. Diane had used nail polish on her toes and they were in much better shape than the first time. She was obviously prepared this time. I didn't mention a thing about liking it better if she didn't polish her toe nails though. She didn't mention a thing this time about wearing a sock over her cast which I was thankful for. Even though she didn't have my favorite kind of toes and she polished her toe nails she still looked awfully good in that leg cast. She also was doing a lot better on crutches this time. It must have been because of the long leg cast that she wore last time that she wasn't very good with crutches.

The weekend went similarly to the last time except I drove and we didn't run into anyone we knew this time. Not that it mattered this time since she was planning on staying in her cast for at least three weeks. I dropped her off at her place Sunday evening then headed back to my place. I got a call from her at about 9:00 that night. She forgot that she couldn't drive with her right leg in a cast and asked that I pick her up to bring her to work. I knew then why she asked for her right leg to be casted.

I arrived at her place in plenty of time to get to work on time. She opened up her door before I got to it and she crutched towards me. I never saw her look so good. She wore a short white skirt, shorter than I ever noticed her wear before (and no sock). She was all dressed in white (to match her cast I guess). She was somewhat dark skinned and tanned easily and the contrast between her cast and her tanned leg and tanned toes was definitely a sight to behold. In fact I spent some time beholding it right then.

We arrived a little early for work but she didn't want to go in yet. She held my hand and thanked me for the wonderful weekend and for picking her up. I told her I should be thanking her for what she was doing for me. When she noticed a few of the people from our office arrive she said we should head inside. She gave my hand a squeeze and told me that helping her out of the car is one of the things she likes most about having her leg in a cast. Then she added, "Besides getting help going up stairs." I was feeling charged up that she was telling me things that she liked about having her leg in a cast. She timed getting out of the car just right. Stan, Jenny and Tina were all looking at us (probably wondering why she rode into work with me) as I got the crutches out of the back seat and gave them to Diane. I could see the surprise on their faces as Diane crutched into view with her leg in a cast. She flipped her hair, took a few more strides on her crutches then waited for the questions. And the questions came. I stood beside her as she explained in detail how events transpired leading to me breaking her ankle. It was an accident of course, and I didn't mean it to happen, but it was clearly my fault. She made it a point to say that she forgave me for breaking her ankle and thanked me in front of everyone for agreeing to help her out while she had to be on crutches. That first bit of help in front of everyone was just a few seconds away as I held the door for her as she crutched through. I then quickly caught up to her as she waited for me at the bottom of the stairs. We had gone up stairs together before but this time it just reminded me to much of all those times helping Sharon up the very same steps. I felt sad thinking about Sharon but it quickly turned to gladness as I looked at Diane's cast and toes. It felt so good to have a nice looking woman's arm around me, with her leg in a cast depending on my help to get up stairs.

Diane didn't wear anything over her cast for the entire three weeks and also wore a skirt every day just like Sharon had when her leg was in a cast. I was at her beckon call at the office. She needed my help frequently (thankfully) and would usually stretch her casted leg out under her desk so that as much of it as possible would be visible to me when I came into her office to find out what she needed. I spent a lot of time at work with the desire to splash cold water on my face during those three weeks.

Diane also had something that needed to be done at her home just about every day. It was usually minor, just an excuse to get me to her place in hopes that I would stay longer. I didn't mind although I never got as friendly with her as she had hoped. I guess it was to soon after Sharon. I'm fairly sure that the reason she had me take her cast off after three weeks was because she wasn't getting as far with me as she wanted. She sure did drop a lot of not so subtle hints. Part of the reason I didn't respond as much as she wanted may have been Sharon but part of it was also the fact that she was quite a bit older than me. I was also somewhat afraid that it I let myself get caught up with someone who knew about my attraction to casts (and wasn't afraid to wear a cast to try to entice me) then I might have a difficult time ending such a relationship. It would be difficult to resist that person if they came waltzing out on crutches with a leg in a cast every time they wanted something. I really wouldn't mind that scenario (actually I would love it) but I want it to be with the right person and I just felt that the right person wasn't Diane.

Diane got decidedly cooler toward me after her cast was off. It took a few months but things became more normal between us at work (there was no after work any more).


Diane's cast had come off at the end of last summer and it was the start of a new summer. I guess I was over Sharon by now since I was really wanting to spend many of the summer weeks with a female friend who would hopefully be in a leg cast. I had been on dates with Tammy a few times during the last couple of months and things seemed to be going well. In some ways she reminded me of Sharon, mostly in the way she never seemed to wear any open toe foot wear. She was taller and thinner though. She wasn't as pretty as Sharon but she was still attractive to me. I decided to try my "I'm studying to become a cast technician" line when the time seemed right. It seemed a little different asking someone I was dating. I have to admit I was swinging for the fences on this one. I was asking her up front to have her leg in a cast for at least four weeks. It had to be worn this long to make sure that I could make a cast that would stand up to the rigors of normal life for the amount of time that a person would normally have to wear a cast. We talked about it for a while and I was beginning to think that I was going to get turned down for the first time. I felt I had to make it seem more enjoyable so I mentioned the weekend together and how I would have to be with her a lot more to help her out while she was on crutches. We were really only dating a couple of time a week and I felt like I was gambling on if she was interested in me or not. If she was then she would want me to be around a lot more, if not then I would now know.

It worked! She agreed and we decided that we would do it tomorrow (Friday again). She wanted more time before she had her leg put in a cast but I convinced her to do it tomorrow. I was afraid if she had to much time to think about it she might change her mind. I said, "Besides, people who really break something don't have any time to prepare before hand." She said she couldn't argue with that. We thought of a few different ways for her to have broken her ankle and she decided on a simple but believable story. We were just fooling around together and when she tried to run away from me and stepped in a small hole and broke her ankle. Short and to the point.

I was really pumped that night and the next day dragged on for me. I was home getting everything ready for Tammy's cast and I was a bundle of nerves waiting for her to show up. She was very nervous too. I suggested that it would be easier on her if she broke her left ankle so she could still drive. She agreed. I was really nervous as I unlaced her left sneaker. I was full of anticipation as I slipped her sneaker off revealing the shape of her toes. I tried not to show my disappointment. They were more like Diane's than Roberta's or Sharon's toes. I slipped of her sock then took a long look at her toes. They seemed to be between Diane's and Sharon's shape and although they weren't my favorite I found that there was something subtle about them that made them rather cute. Her toe nails were nicely trimmed and no toe nail polish thankfully. She had a bigger than normal gap between her big toe and her other toes - maybe that's what made them seem cute to me.

Tammy watched intently as I put her left leg in a short leg cast. I may have made it a little tighter than normal since her toes were starting to get a slight purplish red tint to them. The cast tightness also made the gap between her big toe and other toes even more pronounced. I don't know why but that made her toes look even sexier sticking out of that cast. I asked her if she had ever used crutches before and she hadn't. Expecting another Diane I was surprised at her natural grace on crutches.

I had really been the gentleman while dating her and I don't even think we had held hands yet but when we got to the first set of stairs I was quick to offer help that I hoped she would really want. It felt so great to have my arm around her as I helped her down the stairs. I thought I might have had that feeling that I had with Sharon, but then again, maybe not. Tammy was definitely sending vibes that she enjoyed the help getting down the stairs. We both were looking down at the stairs and at her casted leg (and toes in my case) as we slowly headed down those stairs.

We went to the city again and after we got on the interstate Tammy lifted her casted left leg and placed it right on my lap. She said she broke her ankle and she was supposed to keep it elevated right? I said, "I can't argue with that." I tried to make it sound like I was trying to be helpful to her when I suggested that maybe I should rub her toes to keep the circulation going. She said, "Please do." She seemed to enjoy it. I know I sure did. I was hoping that she couldn't somehow sense my state of excitement through her cast. The more I glanced at her toes the more attractive the seemed to become. I was really starting to hope that things went well this weekend.

We did the normal dinner thing then went to a hotel. This one had a bar and she suggested we have a drink or two since the night was still young. We had fun doing all the games in the bar like darts, pool and a pinball game. I had fun playing but had more fun watching her play on crutches. We also sat at the bar and we each had a couple of drinks. I'm definitely a light weight when it comes to drinking so I was feeling fine about then. Tammy seemed rather loosened up herself. It may have just been the drinks but I think she was rather enjoying the glances and stares from the men in the bar because of her cast and crutches. By the time we left I had three drinks and Tammy had four. We were both having a grand ole time (we were both all giggles) as we headed up to our room. I tried to be casual as I sat next to her on the bed and suggested we get comfortable and watch a show or two. I was on a roll or she really had too much to drink but she found everything I said funny and I have to admit she was pretty funny herself. We didn't pay much attention to the TV.

I woke up feeling very comfortable (I didn't have too much of a hang over). Tammy was curled up next to me with her head partially resting on my shoulder. Her left arm was draped across my chest just under my neck and her left leg was laying on me with her left knee up near my chest. I tried not to move to much as I positioned myself to look at her casted leg laying on me. Wow! Did it look great laying there. Her foot wasn't touching me and if she hadn't been in a cast I'm sure her foot would have just flopped downward but it was rigid as it stuck straight out into the air giving me a great view of her toes sticking out of her cast. Her toes looked so sexy with that cute gap between her big toe and other toes. It was then that I realized that it would be really easy for me to fall for her. In fact, I think I wanted to fall for her. I'll have to be really careful about not devoting too much time to her cast but still devote enough time to make sure she really enjoys her leg cast. I hope I can pull this off and make a cast lover out of her.

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