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Audrey - Dinner

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Audrey - Dinner

Audrey's dinner invitation was too good to decline so I accepted immediately. I helped her out of the car and we walked to the door. I noticed she was limping more than earlier. "It is nothing, I am just stiff from sitting - and a little sore - I need to get my calliper off and have a good soak in the bath," she said "shall I see you back here at eight?"

I left her in the hall and dashed to my car to return home to freshen up - I had an hour and a half to change and return.

As I showered I wondered where we would be dining, and who would do the cooking, would we go out or stay in? To be safe I put on a suit and tie and dressed to cover any eventualities.

At 7:59pm I was back on the doorstep ringing the bell. Within minutes I heard her uneven footsteps in the hall and the door opened. As she stood framed in the doorway, illuminated by the lantern over the step, she looked radiant. Her hair was now scooped back and held up at the back of her head emphasising her high cheekbones and slender neck. Her dress was white brocade with gold threads running through and it sparkled with every move. Fitted tightly at the waist and bodice it showcased her superb figure. The neckline revealed the most delectable breasts and cleavage I swear I had ever seen.

When my gaze finally got to her face, she smiled and stepping back invited me in. I closed the door behind me and turned and greeted me with a long slow kiss. She smelled divine and very seductive. "Come on don't rush but dinner is almost ready." Stepping past me she headed for one of the panelled mahogany doors off the hall. As she moved away I was able to admire the dress as it showed off her superb butt, with its above the knee hem and well cut flare, revealing another calliper that was much slimmer and looked lighter than the others.

The dull grey finish indicated it was made from the new metal titanium. The leather straps were white and instead of a boot she was wearing a shoe that matched the one on her right foot. To correct her unequal leg length she now had a paten - a device like an ice skate fitted to the sole and heel of her shoe. When she walked her foot seemed to float above the carpet and only careful examination revealed the 4-inch high support.

I followed her into a magnificent dining room with mahogany furniture and lots of cut glass and silver. The long dining table was empty apart from the silver which surprised me so I continued to follow Audrey and we turned right into a room with sofas and upholstered chairs and a log fire that burned brightly.

"I am proposing we eat in here, it`s much cosier than the dining room - take a seat – would you like a drink?" I requested a gin and tonic, which she prepared with lemon and masses of crushed ice, from a mahogany - covered sideboard, with built in refrigerator. She carried them across on a silver tray that had a loop handle over the top so it could be easily carried with one hand. The drinks were excellent and the view of her as she prepared them was even better but I was beginning to get a little concerned about dinner.

"Dinner is in the kitchen - would you please help me through with it?" she said. The girl reads minds I thought but being ravenous rose to my feet placed my drink on the sofa - table and stooping down, took hold of her as she sat on the sofa and swept her up. She was much lighter than yesterday - maybe it was the lack of a coat and the titanium calliper, though it still bit into my forearm despite my sleeves "Where is the kitchen?"

Laughing she pointed to another closed door and we lumbered toward it - she reached down and turned the handle and we entered.

The kitchen was a combination of high and low tech and very large. Standing by the main cooker was a heated trolley with dishes on top. Despite the extractor fans that purred above the cooker the aroma wafting from it was entrancing. I set her gently down and having disconnected the lead, I pushed the trolley as she walked theatrically in front displaying that lovely butt and superb figure. I had forgotten about her calliper and so had she. I was getting hungrier by the minute.

I parked the trolley and plugged it in then Audrey opened it up and started to serve the most delicious assortment of dishes I have ever enjoyed. Each was designed to enhance its predecessor and also be capable of surviving in the trolley. After an hour or two of good food, wine and conversation with a fresh and enchanting mind I was intoxicated. Each time she got up to serve wine and food I would marvel at the superb way she had overcame her severe handicap and how attractive she was including the calliper.

We sat back on the beautiful long grey - leather sofa after stuffing ourselves silly and relaxed. One of her father's Havana cigars and a cup of excellent coffee were now poised on the sofa table with a malt whiskey and I was in heaven. Audrey by this time was stretched out on her back head on my lap discussing the merits of loading the dishwasher or having another brandy.

Having decided on the brandy she swung her feet to the floor and pushed her knee back and set off toward the drinks sideboard. Unfortunately she cannot have locked her calliper properly because to my horror as she placed her weight on it,it folded at the knee and she pitched onto the floor like a sack of potatoes. I was by her side in seconds and found her unhurt but in tears, "Polio wins again," she said. Stay still and let me examine you." I said as I recovered from the shock. Her already short skirt was now covering nothing as it displayed a very expensive set of white underwear and a pair of stockings with suspenders. Her calliper was all that I had imagined. The titanium side irons continued up into a 5-inch wide laced corset or bucket top in soft white leather, that fitted her thigh perfectly.

I knew from her reaction only her pride was hurt but I knelt beside her and proceeded to mop up her tears and console her. "Why does it have to spoil things?" she cried. "Up you get," I said as I lifted her to her feet this time locking her calliper myself. I then put my arms around her waist and my hands on that superb butt. "It hasn't spoiled things - you had an accident, it could have happened to anyone especially after wine, which reminds me, I have a coffee, whiskey and cigar somewhere - would you now like to get yourself a brandy?" We kissed a long slow passionate kiss and I vaguely recall exploring her butt and the back of her calliper as we embraced.

I sat down as I watched her walk across to the sideboard and return with drink intact.

Audrey placed her drink down on the table and said excuse me a moment. Minutes later I heard a distant door close and she returned carrying a pair of elbow crutches, which she parked next to the sofa.

Then she sat down and said, "Do you mind if I take my calliper off?" "No of course not," I replied. Promptly she lifted her leg onto the sofa by the strap round her shin and undid the straps at her knee and the laces on the bucket top. "Would you undo the straps round my foot and my shoe," she requested. I promptly took her foot in my left hand and did as I was asked. When all of the fastenings were released I said, "allow me," gently lifted her leg from the calliper by her calf and slipped it off her leg. Then I removed her other shoe.

I was amazed how light her calliper was. I placed it behind the sofa with her shoe and resuming my seat , lifted her feet onto my lap and started to massage them through her stockings. Her reaction was to pickup her brandy and relax with her head back and eyes closed. I worked on her right foot first and could feel her toes responding as I probed and gently squeezed. Her left foot by contrast was soft and flaccid though she was almost purring and obviously enjoying the sensation. After about 10 minutes of this she said, "I must go somewhere." She picked up the crutches off the carpet and standing on one foot slotted her arms into them and griped the handles. Then she crutched confidently across the room and out into the hall.

Watching her as she moved I noted how appropriate her description of her paralysed leg was. It did just hang from her skirt and swing with her toes almost touching the carpet despite her leg being shorter.

Whilst she was out of the room I picked up her discarded calliper and examined it out of curiosity. The craftsmanship was superb. The wide thigh cuff was still warm from her body heat and so soft yet firm. The knee straps were designed to support the knee both at the back as well as the front. A semi circular steel hoop that joined the two latches enabled them to be unlocked with one hand, operated the knee locks. The sidebars were oval in section and the cross section varied to maintain strength at high stress areas whilst reducing weight to a minimum. The shin strap was also soft and firm. The calliper was designed to slightly flex like a spring to cushion shock loads.

The shoe was both elegant and functional. Instead of the usual tubular socket to receive the spur of the calliper it had rectangular slots that fitted tongues on the end of the calliper side bars. It was also designed to stay in place without a strap. The T strap was a matt clear flexible plastic material moulded to the shape of her ankle that was almost invisible at a glance. Under the shoe was the paten that consisted of a thin titanium sole plate with a non - slip surface. This was fastened to the sole and heel by slim pillars welded to the sole plate. The whole appliance weighed less than a third of others I had handled.

The door opened and Audrey crutched back into the room and resumed her position with her head on my lap. Without her calliper she picked up her left leg like a joint of lamb and dropped it on the sofa where it lay with the foot turned outward and the toes drooping down knee bent and exposed.

For the next four hours, our world was that sofa, with soft music filling the atmosphere. We talked of dreams and the nightmare of Audrey's illness, when she woke up in hospital to find her leg would not work anymore. She told of her childhood and the way people treated her differently. Of how she had craved an ordinary pair of shoes like her school friends and how her parents had bought her some which she would wear in front of the mirror in her bedroom supporting herself on the furniture - pretending she did not need the iron.

Gradually the conversation turned to romance and her lack of experience with boyfriends. Having attended an - all girl private school followed by single-sex college at univerity the opportunity to meet boys had been rare. On the occasions she had met someone she had liked she had found no response, pity and even repugnance and she had stopped trying. This was a pity because she had much to give and receive.

For several hours I stretched out relaxed with this intelligent, capable but vulnerable creature curled out on my lap admiring her.

Eventually we must have both fallen asleep.


Audrey is still a bright intelligent and attractive lady who following her time and experience with me went on to continued financial success eventually taking over her fathers business, and several experiences with other men. Eventually she settled down with one of them, they have children and are a smashing family.

We remain family friends.

When we first parted I was devastated but over the following months realised we would not have been right for each other especially after I met the girl I have been very happily married too for the past 30+ years.

Over dinner with my wife and her husband, relatively recently, Audrey told me and them that I had made her feel attractive and desireable as a person. She also learned during that time to cope with the rudeness and lack of consideration she still encounters.


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