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Another Cast Story

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Julie was so happy to see her boyfriend after nearly 3 weeks away onbusiness. She ran to the end of the jetway, toward Bill, who was waitingwith a dozen roses for his sweetheart. She never saw the child's strollerbeing rolled in front of her from the waiting crowd. As she fell from her4" heel, the kind Bill always loved to see her in, and over the frontwheel of the stroller, she immediately realized that she had done someserious damage. Bill came to her rescue, and tried to remove her leftshoe, but she was grasping in pain. It hurt way too much, to have notbeen broken, as she would not even let Bill remove the black high heelfrom her hurt foot. The reunion suddenly took an unplanned detour to thehospital emergency room.

Bill carried her from the car after the short ride, and upon seeing thedoctor's reaction, he knew that his dream had finally come true - he couldfinally see his lover's leg encased in a plaster cast! What he didn'tknow is how she was also getting excited over the same thing - the thoughtof wearing a cast had crossed her mind a long time ago, since enjoying thepleasure of a plastic splint four years ago, when she fell while playingtennis, tore some ligaments, and spent 3 weeks on crutches.

As the doctor cut off her stocking, and began wrapping her ankle in softcotton, she was already wet from the thought of her rigid plaster bondagethat he told her she will be wearing for 6 to 8 weeks! He then wrappedthe cool, wet plaster bandage around her leg, beginning just above hertoes, around her ankle many times to hold it firmly in place, up her calf,and just below her knee.

She waited about 30 minutes for the plaster to dry solid, as Bill admiredher painted toes protruding from the front of the white cast. She wasmore excited than ever as the orthopedic nurse handed her a pair of newwooden crutches, and instructed her on crutch walking. She had no troubleadjusting to the crutches, but her high heel was a bit tough to maneuverin. She removed her heel, handing it to Bill, who now held both of them,and proceed to daintily crutch across the lobby toward the exit. Shequickly realized that she would need something on her bare foot, due tothe extremely cold weather outside , and stopped at the sundries shop,asking Bill to buy her a pair of socks. He helped her place one on hergood foot, but decided that her toes were just too pretty in the cast tocover them with the other.

She crutched through the exit, toward the car, and sat down, admiring thebeautiful cast that would be with her for a long while. Bill sat down,stared at her casted toes, and finally admitted to her that he had waiteda very long time for this moment, to see her in a cast.

When they got home, she paraded around their apartment for awhile innothing but the cast, before they made fast and furious love.

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