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Angela knew it had to happen. The day had started out too perfect. The sun was shining in a totally clear sky, and although she knew the temperature was going to climb quickly enough, in the early morning hours that she chose to ride her bike, it was still cool.

She was very content this summer; she had just received her masters degree from university and had an offer to start working with a local advertising firm as soon as she was available. Instead of diving right into the workplace, she decided to take a month or two off and relax after her mad dash to finish school a year early.

This was her first day off with nothing to do and nowhere to go, so she had decided to take a long ride through the hills toward the ocean, enjoying herself completely for the first time in years. She dug her bicycle out from behind her room-mates camping gear, pumped up the tires and headed out.

No sooner had she made it down the driveway and out into the street when she heard the squeal of brakes behind her and felt herself being pushed from behind. She flew over the handlebars and rolled on the pavement a short distance before coming to rest against the center divider. Immediately she stood up and limped over to the side of the road. She noticed that there was a dull throbbing in her hip and the toes of her left foot seemed to be tingling, but all in all, she was amazed that she hadn't been hurt that much worse. With that thought, she sat down on the curb and passed out completely.

The ensuing events went by in a blur. There seemed to be lots of running feet. Angela vaguely recalled being loaded into the back of an ambulance, and the sound of the siren as she was taken to the hospital, but the rest of the trip was blank.

What she definitely remembered was the emergency room, and the feeling that her whole left side was on fire. As the paramedics moved her off their gurney and onto a hospital cart, every slight movement sent spasms of pain up and down her side. A doctor's face suddenly loomed large in her view. He pushed a black mask over her mouth which quickly started to grow and cover her nose and eyes and ears and...

Angela finally awoke, slowly opening her eyes and looking around the empty hospital room in confusion until she remembered where she was. The sun was shining through the window, casting long shadows across the room and she knew that she had been out for most of the afternoon. As she looked around and saw the she was alone, the events of the day started coming back to her, and she realized that the excruciating pain that she had felt earlier was mostly gone, replaced by an relatively minor throbbing. She was immediately relieved; apparently she had not been hurt as badly as she thought.

Still in a haze from whatever drugs they had given her, she tried to sit up in the bed and prepare to leave, determined to spend as little time in the hospital as possible. She had a moment of dizziness as she struggled up onto her elbows, and became vaguely aware that something seemed to be pushing against her lower stomach, holding her against the bed. More annoyed than alarmed, she pulled back the sheets that covered her and stared down uncomprehendingly for a moment before it registered that the entire lower half of her body was covered in a thick, fiberglass cast.

Fighting to think clearly, she pushed herself up into the best sitting position that she could, pulled the skimpy hospital gown back and continued to stare down at herself in disbelief. The cast started above her hips and extended downwards, covering both legs in a thick layer of fiberglass. Her right leg was left exposed from the knee down, the cast only encasing her thigh, but the fiberglass covered the entire length of her left leg, stretching all the way to the end of her foot. Her left knee was held slightly bent and her foot pulled down with the ankle extended. A fiberglass-covered bar that ran diagonally between her legs, attached to the cast above her right knee and at her left ankle, held her legs in an embarrassingly wide spread-eagle position. She tried to move her legs within the cast and discovered quickly that she was unable to move a single muscle. She could obviously move the un-casted lower part of her right leg, but she could not move a single muscle of her left leg and the rest of her lower body. Only her toes, barely visible where they protruded from the end of the cast, would respond to her bodily commands.

Soon she gave up trying, putting her back on the pillow, curious to find that for some reason her heart was racing. As she lay there staring at the ceiling, she was surprised at the mix of feelings that she was experiencing at being so completely immobilized. She was amazed to find that she was actually becoming physically aroused by her predicament. She reached down to feel the crotch that had been left exposed by the cast and was amazed to find that she was totally wet.

Just then, the door to the room opened and in strode the doctor that had attended her in the emergency room. Angela became acutely aware that with her legs spread apart by the cast, she was baring it all to the doctor. She quickly pulled the sheets back up and tried to sit up again as the doctor came to stand next to the bed. With no regard for her modesty, he pulled back the sheets again and started examining her.

He put his fingers under the edge of the cast around her hips, apparently to check whether it was too tight, and then moved to the area of the cast around her crotch. Instinctively, she tried to press her legs together, becoming frustrated when the cast prevented her from doing so. The doctor was older and not very good looking, but it didn't seem to matter to Angela: the touch of his fingers against her skin, and her inability to move or even flinch was driving her crazy. It didn't help that she was normally extremely ticklish. She closed her eyes and tried to control her breathing until the doctor was finished examining that part of the cast. He continued examining the rest of the cast, giving no indication that he noticed her discomfort.

The doctor finished by examining the toes of her left foot. It almost more than she could bear. Her toes had always been very sensitive; over the years she had resisted the offers by men to massage her feet because it would almost certainly set off a cycle of excitement that she knew she could not control. Now, she had no choice but to allow this virtual stranger have his way with her toes. She gasped when the doctor began squeezing each toe, innocently testing for proper circulation and completely unaware of the anguish that he was causing her. She quickly converted the gasp into a cough, gripping the edge of the bed until he was finished.

The doctor made a note on his chart and then leaned against the opposite bed, explaining that she had fractured her femur, the largest bone in the body, and what he had had to do to set the bone and describing that she was in a spica cast and although it was cumbersome and almost impossible to walk in, it was what was necessary in order to keep the fracture site appropriately immobilized...

He could have been talking about kumquats in Cameroon for all Angela heard of him. A small part of her mind that was still functioning recognized that the lingering effects of the drugs was probably the blame for all the strange sensations that she was experiencing, but it did little to help her plight.

Her ears perked up a little when the doctor said that she would be in the cast for at least four months. She knew that she probably should be concerned about that, but as he went out, the feelings of excitement that she had been barely able to hold in check were back in full force.

Closing her eyes, Angela put her head back on the pillow, becoming aroused again by the feel of the cast on her body. She focused internally and began a mental exploration of the cast, sensing the way it encircled her waist, closely hugging the shape of her hips and following the curve of her rear before separating at her crotch to wrap around her thighs. She tried again to move her legs together, this time enjoying the thoroughly helpless feeling when she failed. She could feel herself getting moist but she resisted the temptation to touch herself, instead desiring to wait and savor this moment for as long as possible.

As Angela continued her exploration, she was almost annoyed that the cast did not cover both of her legs. A confirmed picture-straightener; to the core, she did not like the lack of symmetry that came from having her lower right leg exposed. She did find that she very much liked the feel of the cast on her fully encased left leg. The way it held her knee firmly locked and immobilized the muscles of her calf. She found that she was most excited by the cast around her foot. She liked the feel of it pushing against the sides of her ankle, holding her foot in a gentle arch, caressing the ball of her foot, but leaving her toes exposed almost as a reminder that she was really inside there.

Without opening her eyes, she pulled the sheets back and, pressing her un-encased right foot flat against the bed, she tilted herself up a little and lifted her body off the top of the bed, excited even more by the feel of all her joints and muscles moving as one. She relished the fact that she accomplished the same results whether she strained to move inside the cast or relaxed her muscles completely; the cast prevented any and all movement. She settled down on the bed again and then reached down to touch the surface of the cast, admiring the rough feel of the fiberglass and taking a strange satisfaction in knowing that it would not come off.

She could wait no more. She reached and started masturbating furiously, throwing her head back as she climaxed time and time again, her toes clenching and unclenching, her hips writhing and straining to move within the rigid confines of the cast.

Finally, exhausted and bathed in sweat, she drifted off to sleep, content with the knowledge that she would be in the cast for quite some time.

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