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Amy's Dreams

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Hello, my name is Amy, and I am a cast lover. I really can’t remember when it all started. It goes back just about as far as I can remember. I remember locking myself in my bedroom as young as five or six, and wrapping myself up in scarves. (Please don’t laugh) After I started school, I remember always being fascinated whenever any of my classmates had to wear a cast. I always envied the attention they received. Especially the ones who had a cast on their leg -- they even got to leave early to change classes, since they were slowed down. They also got to have a friend leave early with them to carry their books. On a couple of occasions, I got to be that friend.

As I grew older, my desire to be in a cast grew as the rest of my mind and body did. In high school, I noticed that girls who wore casts got all sorts of attention. Somewhere in there, my fantasizing about being in casts started to take on a sensual meaning. I wasn’t sure why, but it just did.

Of course, I never told anyone about these desires. Not even my best friend. I thought it was certainly something seriously strange about me. I was not so egotistical as to think that I was the ONLY person in the world who was attracted to casts, but that there must be only a handful of people in the entire world like me. I assumed that they were afraid, like I was, and for the same reasons as I was.

I contented myself with occasionally writing a story about a woman who was in some sort of accident, and was casted in a way that I wanted to be casted. Occasionally, I would illustrate the stories. Of course, these were tucked away in extreme secrecy. I couldn’t have anyone finding out about my "strange desires."

Then, one day -- everything changed!

I met Eric as a fix-up date for a friend. She said she knew this really nice guy who needed a date for a concert. To make a long story short, I went, he was nice, we became great friends and we fell in love with each other. We developed a wonderful relationship. Sure, we had our tiffs, and we drove each other crazy sometimes, but we truly loved each other. Even as our relationship progressed to sex, I could never bring myself to tell him about how I wanted to wear casts -- how I even fantasized about it sometimes when we were making love!

One of our favorite things to do together was to take hikes in the woods. On one of these occasions, we found ourselves near a ravine with a steep drop-off. I was leading the way along the narrow path, walking quite close to the edge. "Be careful!" Eric called out. "I’d hate to see you fall over the side and hurt yourself." "If I fell and broke both my legs, would you still love me?" I asked with a playful smile. "I’d hate to see anything happen to your lovely legs," he said, "but if it did, I would take care of you." "Oh yeah?" I challenged. I was starting to like this little game, and wanted it to go on. "I’d have great big casts on my legs -- you’d have to take me everywhere, you’d have to carry me up and down the stairs to my apartment, you’d have to wait on me and all of that great stuff. I’d be a real pain in the butt! You’d go nuts, then leave me all alone." I said all of this playfully, of course. I know that he’d never do that to me. As he assured me that he’d stick by me, I noticed he was blushing just a bit, and seemed to be a bit uncomfortable with the conversation. "So you’d really take care of me?" I asked, and his reply made my stomach flutter. "Do you want to find out?" He asked.

"What do you mean? Are you going to push me over?" I asked, trying to keep this playful, but it was my turn to blush now. "No, I’d hate to see you hurt! I’d rather be hurt twice as bad myself. But," he added with that mischievous look in his eyes, "You don’t have to break a bone to get a cast." "What do you mean?" I was trying to keep from letting my secret out, even though I was really starting to wonder what he was getting at. "I found a place on the internet where you can get the supplies to make casts." He paused, and I knew he wasn’t sure if he should tell me what this was leading up to. "You see, babe -- there are a lot of people out there, guys mostly, who actually put casts on themselves for enjoyment. There are also a lot of guys who are turned on by women in casts. It’s weird, but it’s true." He looked up to meet my eyes, and said "I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a long time, but I was afraid to -- I’m one of those guys."

My knees felt weak. "You want to wear casts, or you’re turned on by them?" I asked, my voice actually trembling a bit. "I’m turned on by them, Amy. I hope this doesn’t freak you out, but I think it is. Although I could never ask you to do this, I’d love to put a cast on you." My heart was pounding in my chest as I asked "There are women who enjoy being casted?" I asked him. "A few," he said. "I suspect some of these women just do it because their boyfriends or husbands want them to." I couldn’t hide the truth from him any longer. I told him about my desire to wear casts -- from my earliest memories from childhood to the present. As he looked into my eyes, and listened to the tone of my voice, he knew I was serious. This great relationship was starting to look even more wonderful!!!!

For the rest of the hike, the conversation centered around casting. We were both excited as we compared our fantasies. It was truly amazing as to how similar our desires were! We both liked several different types of casts, and we shared most of our dislikes, too. About the only thing we didn’t agree upon completely was material -- he liked fiberglass better, while I prefer plaster. But even so, we were both willing to meet in the middle and try both styles of cast.

Later that evening, we went to his house, where he showed me the internet cast sites. I was truly amazed at the number of people that were like me!! It was truly a shock, considering that only a few hours earlier, I was certain that there were only a handful of people like me, if there were any. We talked as we surfed through the cast pages, and we realized that we had to do a cast soon. Eric had never applied a cast before, and I, of course, had never worn one, but we knew we just had to try one. He said he knew of a local outlet where he could get everything we needed. We planned to do a LLC in plaster the next Friday night, and we couldn’t wait.

That week went soooooooooo slow. I was so excited that I could hardly keep my mind on anything else that week! After the six longest days of my life, Friday finally came!

Since my apartment had stairs, and was a more difficult place for a person in a cast to be, we decided to do the cast there. He said it would give him more opportunities to spoil his "injured" ladylove. He had told me to just come home from work, take my last shower for the weekend, and be ready for him, he would see to the rest. After a long shower, I took extra time fixing myself up: made sure my hair and makeup were perfect, wore his favorite perfume, and put on blue jean shorts and a sweatshirt (one of his favorite ways to see me dressed -- he’s a down to earth kind of guy, God bless him.) I also made sure that I wore a black lacy bra and underwear, since it had always been a big turn-on for him. When he arrived, He was carrying a large box. He kissed me and went straight to the bedroom and set it down.

"Do you want to eat first, or do you want to jump right in?" "Eric, I’m so excited, I don’t think I could eat if I tried," I told him. He smiled, and said "Good -- let’s get to it!" He went to the stereo, put in my five favorite romantic CD’s, and set it to play from them at random. "For effect," He said. We then went into the bedroom, where he laid out a plastic tarp so that it covered about half of the top of the bed and a large section of the floor as well. He instructed me to sit on the bed. He then removed my sneakers and socks, and unfastened my shorts. Seeing that I was wearing his favorite underwear, he looked up at me and smiled. He slid them down slowly, caressing my legs as he went. "This will be my last chance to do this for a while," he said "So I’m going to remember it!"

He then started to lay out his supplies on the floor. I saw the things I knew it took to make a cast: stockinette, padding, scissors, gloves, and of course, the plaster bandages. He went to get a pan of water and began to work. "I’ve been reading all I could find about making casts all week long, so this should be pretty good, even if it is my first cast." "Well," I told him with a smile, "If not, you’ll just have to keep practicing." He unrolled a length of stockinette, and slid up my right leg all the way to my hip, where he bunched it up a little. He then began to wrap the padding around my foot and ankle, then began to work upwards. I noticed how he was making the padding overlap the previous turn by one half perfectly. He was truly dedicated to making this a great cast. I had told him how beautiful I thought some of the casts from the web were. He anchored the padding at the top of my thigh with a bit of tape, and my stomach fluttered a bit as he took the first plaster roll and dipped it in the pan of water. After carefully squeezing the excess water out , he started wrapping at the ankle, then working down to the toes, then back to the ankle. The sensations of his hands applying the plaster was definitely getting to me! After the first roll was done, he trimmed the padding at the toes, then folded the stockinette back. He prepared another roll of plaster, and first anchored the stockinette at my toes, then started back upwards. After the second roll was done, the cast came almost to my knee. As I expected, I could feel the warmth of the setting plaster. I had dreamed of this feeling, and knew it would excite me, but I did NOT know how much. My breathing had become hoarse and ragged, but Eric didn’t notice. He was molding and shaping the plaster, and he was entranced with his work. "Honey, this is sooo wonderful," I half said - half moaned. "It’s shaping up really nice, too -- I think you might be a natural!!" He looked up, and smiled. His eyes told me so much. The look of enjoyment in his eyes was so wonderful to see. He returned to his work without saying a word."

The third roll of bandage started back at the ankle, and ended at the knee. Being the last layer for my lower leg, he took extra time getting it to lay smooth and perfect. After it was done, he wiped his hands, and sat back, holding my casted lower leg with the palms of his hands, so as not to dent the setting plaster with his fingers. While we waited for what was done to dry, I tried to calm my nerves, which were wonderfully on edge.

The next bandage started below the knee, then he wrapped it to mid thigh, then back to my calf before working back to mid thigh. He was still shaping it as he went, and it was really looking good. With the next two bandages, he kept working higher and higher up my thigh until he had run out of leg. "Honey," I said, "If you go any higher with that, it’s going to be a hip spica!" He looked up, smiled, and said "We can do that, if you want." "Let’s go ahead and start small, OK?" was my reply. When he had trimmed the top of the cast, and folded the stockinette under, he used a seventh roll to anchor it and add another layer to down below the knee. He kept molding and smoothing until the plaster was almost set. By now, I was feeling the heat from the drying cast in my upper thigh, and it was having a serious effect on me. he laid a couple of old pillows we had set out on the bed, and carefully laid my casted leg on them. We both looked down at the cast. It was very nice, especially since this the first cast he had ever made. It followed the contours of my leg quite well, even though it was quite thick. without saying a word, I pulled his face to mine, and kissed him deeply. As for what came next, I’ll let you imagine. :)

We slept in the next morning, and woke up ravenous. In our post casting frenzy, we’d forgotten to eat! Eric looked at our mess from the night before, and sighed. "Let’s go get something to eat before I clean this up." He gave me a sponge bath, then got himself ready to go. (We almost did not make it past the sponge bath.) I put on my hardly worn sweatshirt and shorts from the night before. It wasn’t easy getting the shorts on over the cast. (They were short shorts, but the cast came up VERY high.) He, of course, had gotten me some crutches, and I already knew how to use them, having had a sprained ankle or two in my day. At the restaurant, I noticed that I was getting stared at, just like I had thought I would. It was nice, getting so much attention from people I didn’t even know. Over breakfast, Eric made me an offer. "Amy, we both have vacation time coming, why don’t we take it together?" He got a playful look in his eyes, "A friend of mine has a cabin down near the lake where we can be alone. It would just be you, me, and a lot of casting supplies!" The way he was looking at me, though playful, was also quite sincere. I said "Where do we go next with this?" He raised his eyebrows, and answered "The question is ‘Where DON'T we go next?'"

I can’t wait!!!!!!!


Amy's Dreams

Chapter 2

Friday couldn't come soon enough for me that week. Eric and I were going to take our first vacation together. It sounded so wonderful -- Just me, the man I love, Mother Nature, and a few boxes of casting supplies! It still surprises me even today, how we could be so compatible, but only later discover each others' cast fantasies.

After the longest week of my life, Friday evening finally came. I rushed home to pack, and waited for Eric to pick me up. I packed my usual sort of summer outfits, plus a lot of extra sweats, and oversize t-shirts, in anticipation of the week's activities. Eric arrived in his truck to pick me up at about 7:00. We loaded all of my things in the back with what he'd already packed. I couldn't help but notice that there was a wheelchair and crutches back there.

"Why don't we do a little something before we go? Sort of a head start," Eric asked. Of course, I knew what he meant, and agreed. He told me to go upstairs and wait for him.

When he came upstairs, he carried a large box. "We'll still have plenty for the trip, won't we?" I asked.

"Believe me, Amy -- We've got more than we'll need," He said with a sly smile. He spread a drop cloth over the edge of the bed and the floor. He left the room for a few minutes. I heard my Chris Isaak CD start up in the other room (He KNOWS what that music does to me) He came back with a pail of water. How I loved to see that pail. He'd put two casts on me since we discovered our mutual casting desires, and I loved the sight of our "cast bucket" He surprised me when he produced a long bandanna, and tied it over my eyes.

"You'll know most of what I'm doing by feel, but there will still be some surprises."

He blindfolded me, then gently laid me back on the bed. It was very interesting and exciting, using only the senses of touch, hearing, and smell to know what he was doing to me. I felt my shorts being slipped off of me. I felt him kiss my legs from the thighs all the way down to the toes. then I felt him slipping stockinet up my right leg. His hands moved teasingly light and slow as he slid the stockinet up my thigh to my hip. Then I felt him take my left leg, and slip stockinet on it to my hip, as well. I knew what was going to happen then, and I was very excited by it. I felt the padding being wrapped slowly up my right leg, taking care to put an extra layer where the ankle bones protrude from the sides of the leg. The second cast he'd put on me had been a bit painful there, and he wanted to make sure I was comfortable. I heard packaging being torn open, and then the sounds of the bandage being dipped, and then wrung out. Then, I moaned softly as I felt the wonderful feel of the heavy bandage being wrapped around me. I noticed that these bandages smelled different than the others, so I figured out what he was doing fairly quickly.

After he'd wrapped the first few rolls on my right leg, I noticed the heat from the setting. I also noticed that slowly, as the cast set, I lost the ability to feel the wrapping process on my leg. This only seemed to heighten my building arousal. After he'd finished with the seventh roll, he trimmed the cast, and then he turned me on the edge of the bed, so he could prop the finished leg up on pillows while he worked on the other leg.

"I want to see your work," I said.

"Not until I'm done," He replied, "This is my best work yet, and I want you to see it all at once."

About an hour later, the second cast was done, and I was about to melt! I was sooooo hot with desire at just knowing both of my legs were casted- I hadn't even seen the casts yet! The CD's were still playing, and I was about to go mad!

"Okay, here goes" Eric said, as he untied my blindfold. I looked down, and there were my legs- both of them encased in hot pink fiberglass from the toes all the way to my hips. I couldn't believe how beautiful they were. Two pink, fiberglass, full leg casts! It was great. I looked at Eric, who smiled at my reaction to his work. I asked him how long until they were dry.

"They'll be fully dry long before morning, but they're dry enough to travel right now." He said.

"Oh we'll leave in a little bit," I said as I pulled him down to the bed, guiding his lips to mine.

At about midnight, we finally hit the road. I must say that I enjoyed it very much when Eric lifted me out of the wheelchair and sat me in the truck. I do enjoy being babied!

It was an eight hour drive across three states from where we live to the lake. Actually "Lake" was not the best word to describe it -- this was the convergence of three major rivers -- It was HUGE! About two hours into the trip, between dosing off and on, I panicked, as I started to feel the call of nature. Eric calmed my nerves as we pulled into a rest area. He produced from the back of the truck, the crutches I was already familiar with, and two nasty looking cast shoes.

"I know these aren't pretty, but at least you can crutch around with them. "He strapped them to the feet of my casts, then followed me to the ladies room door. "Just yell out if you have trouble, and I'll come in and help." Fortunately, my two previous casting experiences with Eric had made me quite the crutcher, and I figured how to move around, even though it was BOTH legs casted this time.

We stopped at a truck stop near daybreak for an early breakfast. Eric got out the wheelchair for this. He helped me into the wheelchair, propped my legs up on the foot rest, then pushed me into the restaurant. At 5:00a.m, a truck stop is far from deserted, and all eyes were on us as Eric wheeled me in. All during breakfast, I noticed people staring at me, trying to look like they weren't staring. It was amusing, to say the least!

At about 9:00 a.m. Saturday morning, we arrived at the cabin. Eric helped me in, then proceeded to unload all of our luggage and supplies. We decided to lie down for a nap before we went grocery shopping. As I undressed for bed, I couldn't help noticing Eric admiring my fully casted legs. One thing led to another, and we ended up needing the rest more than we thought!

Later that afternoon, we went grocery shopping. I used the crutches to follow Eric along as we picked up the week's provisions. We discussed quietly how we'd handle the week's casting adventures. We decided that we'd take turns choosing what casts I would wear. I would wear the casts for a day or two, then we'd change the casts. That gave me up to 48 hours in each setup. We decided that we'd go ahead and give him his turn that night as he only wanted to add to the two long leg casts I already had. I asked what he was going to do, and he gave me that adorable sneaky smile and said "You'll see."

After dinner, Eric took a few pictures of me in the leg casts, then got out our "casting bucket" and the dropcloth, and spread it out. When he also came after me with the blindfold. I playfully tried to resist, but in the end, I let him blindfold me. I heard him digging through the box of supplies, and after a few moments, he took my left arm and gently kissed it up and down the full length of it. It dawned on me that I was getting my first arm cast now!

"Honey, why don't you put the cast on my right arm, since I'm left handed?"

"Oh, I'll get to that," he said. Wow!! this was going to be great- 4 full casts!!!! He slipped the stockinet all the way up to my shoulder, then cut out an opening for my thumb. He then began wrapping the padding, working his way slowly up my arm. He worked slowly on purpose, because my sighs and wiggling let him know that it drove me crazy. After the padding was done, I heard the sound of bandages being dipped. I was starting to feel like Pavlov's dog- every time I heard the sound of cast bandages being dipped, my body temperature started to rise!

He started with my left wrist, and worked his way over my hand, and then back up. I noticed that he was casting my wrist in a slightly turned down position. He kept working his way up my arm. The second roll of bandage started in mid forearm, and with it, he worked his way up past my elbow. After this roll was done, he held my arm out to the side, and started a third roll. I could feel this one being wrapped all the way up to my shoulder. He then began to mold the cast carefully. As the heat started, I noticed that I was able to feel what he was doing less and less. after a short while, He propped my arm on something I couldn't see, then kissed me several times before starting on the right arm.

After the process had been repeated on my right arm, he returned to the left. He lifted it, and removed the unknown support. As he lowered my arm, I felt the cast dig into my armpit.

"Ouch- that's not too comfortable, honey," I told him.

"Don't worry, I'm just checking out where I should trim it. He then began to work with a knife and scissors. As he worked on first the left, then right arm, I started to realize how helpless I was.

Shortly after, he took off my blindfold, and I got a look at my new additions -- Two wonderfully sculpted full arm casts, in more of the hot pink fiberglass. My wrists were both turned down evenly, and each cast came up all the way to my shoulder. the casts were trimmed to allow comfortable shoulder movement, but also cover as much as possible.

"Eric, these are gorgeous!" I told him with a bit of wonder in my voice.

"No, Amy -- YOU are gorgeous! Sitting there in shorts, your bra, and four full casts, I don't think I can control myself!"

"Then don't," I replied. "Get rid of those gloves and get over here!"

Sunday morning, I woke up unable to move, and needing to go to the bathroom badly. "Eric, wake up!" I said frantically.

"What's wrong?" He asked, clearly concerned.

"Honey, I have to... well... go. And I can't move worth a darn!" "He smiled, clearly relieved that nothing worse than this was the matter, picked me up, and helped me into the bathroom. "I guess I should have thought of this." I said "What are we going to do?"

"Relax," He assured me. "We'll take this setup off you tonight, and go with one that you decide. So, do you feel up to going out in public like this?" he asked. I worried a bit about the fact that I was so helpless, but the thought was WAY too exciting to pass up.

"Definitely," I replied. I'd really like to see what people's reaction would be! You know, I like plaster better than fiberglass, but not much -- these are great!"

We drove for about twenty minutes, until we got to the nearest "tourist trap" town. That was the nice thing -- there were towns like this all around the lake area. We could go to a different town every day, and never have to drive very long. We used the wheelchair, and as he pushed me around the local malls and shops, I was the center of attention. All day long I overheard people say "I wonder what happened to her?" When I had to "Use the facilities," we simply asked a security guard if Eric could come into the restroom with me to help me. The guard simply got a "closed" sign from the janitorial staff and waited until we came out. I couldn't believe it was this easy.

Around 5:00 we went back to the cabin. Eric took me outside of the cabin in the wheelchair, and took some pictures of me with the four full casts. He then helped me to lie on a blanket he had spread out, and took a few more. We went back inside, where he used the small Dremel saw he had to carefully remove the casts from me. He cut the casts off carefully, keeping them intact. He said that he wanted to save them, and I might actually want to wear them again. (I hadn't thought of that, but it didn't seem like a bad idea!) Although I loved those casts, it felt good to be able to move again. We had a quick dinner (It was nice to be able to feed myself again, but I did miss having to have Eric feed me.) We took a hike after dinner to work the stiffness out of my muscles. Especially my legs- they had been casted for 48 hours, and were tight, to say the least. While on the hike, Eric asked "So -- what do you want tonight? It's your turn to decide."

"Well," I replied, "Did you get those 6" wide rolls of plaster that I asked you to?"

"Of course" he answered, starting to figure out what I wanted. I then outlined to him what I wanted for us to do. Later, I stood there in my bra and panties, Waiting on the dropcloth, as he prepared all of the supplies for tonight's "little adventure" He slipped the stockinet "shirt" over my shoulders, and smoothed it out. This was going to be my first body cast, and it was something I had long dreamed of! He started with the wide padding, wrapping it around my hips, then working his way up. He wrapped loosely around my chest, then stopped at the armpits. He then worked with a narrower roll of padding, covering my shoulders, and part of my neck. He used the narrow padding and tape to hold the padding to the contours of my chest.

"There's no sense in smashing you flat with the cast, I'd still like for people to be able to tell that you're a woman, and a well endowed one, at that," He'd told me beforehand. After he was satisfied with the padding he started dipping the bandages. Once again, he'd blindfolded me, so I had only sounds, feelings, and smells (Yes! once again the wonderful smell of plaster!) to inform me of his progress! His hands were sending wonderful waves of feeling as he worked the rolls of plaster onto the contours of my body! I was getting so hot and bothered that I wondered if I would be able to wait for him until the cast was done. He knew how I was enjoying it, as I was uttering the occasional gasp or moan as he worked. My legs were getting a bit tired as he molded the plaster to my shoulders and chest. As we waited for the plaster to dry, he helped me to my knees, to make things a little more comfortable, but I could tell by the warm setting plaster, that the cast wouldn't allow me to sit until it was trimmed.

After what seemed like an eternity, The plaster was dry enough to allow me to lie down while he trimmed the cast. He helped me to lie down on the bed, and I noticed how rigidly the cast held my body. I felt like a turtle, unable to move or roll over without Eric's help. It was wildly exciting to me. He trimmed the bottom of the cast first, shaping it do that I was able to move my hips, but not my pelvis. he then pulled me back to my feet, so he could add another roll of plaster to anchor the stockinette and padding. He then helped me back to a seated position, so he could trim and shape the cast at my neck and shoulders.

When he was done, he removed my blindfold, and gave me a mirror so I could see his handiwork. It was hard for me to believe that he'd never made a cast before me, his work was so professional! The cast was marvelous! It was perfectly shaped to the top of my thighs, and it came up about 2 inches on my neck. I was able to move my head, but only slightly from side to side. He had allowed full motion of my shoulders and arms. He had followed the contours of my body perfectly, and I almost cried at the beauty of his work. "Eric, this is beautiful! I can't thank you enough!"

"Amy, I am the one who should be thanking you -- I never dreamed that I would find a girl as wonderful and pretty as you -- let alone have her turn out to love casts like I do -- You're all of my dreams come true!" I pulled him to me, and held him tight against the hardness of the cast.

"I want you, Eric. I want you now! But I don't know if we'll be able to with this cast on me." Let me just say -- we found a way!


Amy's Dreams

Chapter 3

Monday morning, after breakfast, we cleaned up the mess from the previous night's casting. Well, Eric cleaned it up mostly, I wasn't much help, but hey -- I was in a body cast! Eric asked me again if the cast was comfortable.

"Very comfortable, dear -- you've done well again," I said, giving him a kiss. "I want to go out in public again. I've never seen a body cast in person, and I'd like to see what sort of reaction this will get from people." OK, Amy," he replied. "But what are you going to wear? Are you going to cover it up, or flaunt it?"

"Oh, let's cover it up, but not much. Let's not let them doubt that I'm in a body cast!" Eric dug in his clothes for a minute, then handed me a red tank top, which would show clearly the neck area of the cast, as well as most of the shoulders, and a bit of the chest and back areas. "Which town are we going to today?" I asked, as I wriggled into the shirt. We decided on another tourist trap town with a large mall, and plenty of other public places.

The reactions to my cast from the people were about what I had expected. I had to walk arm in arm with Eric, as I could not see directly down to my feet because of the cast. He had to guide me whenever we reached stairs, or anything else tricky. I got the usual stares from people who turned away embarrassed when I looked back at them. I was loving this. I was again drawing a lot of attention. I saw several quiet conversations between people as they sneaked glances at me. We had lunch in the food court, and we noticed a young man who kept staring at me, though he tried not to show it. I pointed him out to Eric, who remarked "I'll bet he's a cast lover, too."

"Should we go talk to him?" I asked.

Eric said "Nah -- we're giving him quite a show, let him enjoy it without embarrassing him."

Late in the afternoon, we headed back to the cabin. We discussed the cast, and decided to leave it on another night. I put on a regular t-shirt over the cast, and we headed out again. We found a piano bar, and spent the evening there, listening to the music. When we got back, we laid in bed, and discussed the next day's plans.

We slept in the next morning, and as soon as we had eaten our breakfast, Eric used his saw to carefully remove the cast. (After he had taken more pictures) He placed the two halves of it with the hot pink casts I had previously worn. We decided that I would take the rest of Tuesday to have some fun without casts. We got a two day rental on a pontoon boat, and we cruised around the lake all day. Eric fished, and I mostly stretched out and worked on my tan. Near dark, we headed back, and had a nice hike in the woods before going in for the night. While we hiked, Eric told me the casts he would like to put on me next. (It was his turn to choose) I agreed to let him do what he wanted, even though it sounded a bit scary.

About 9:00 Tuesday night, Eric got out our supplies, tools, and of course, the "casting bucket." What we were doing tonight was the first of a two part casting application. He slipped stockinette up first my right, then my left legs. He then proceeded to wrap them with the padding. I noticed that he was getting a bit quicker and more sure of himself, as these were the 5th and 6th full leg casts he had made on me. The plaster bandages went on without a hitch, and in two hours I was very casted, and very aroused. I had the most beautiful set of full leg casts I had ever seen! They were perfectly molded, and shaped to the end of my foot so as to allow full movement of my toes. (something Eric always insisted on) They ended just below my hip. When I say just below the hip, I mean it. If he'd gone any higher with them, they would be connected.

"Eric honey, you should consider a career as a cast technician -- these are as beautiful as any I've ever seen!"

"Just wait until tomorrow when we finish the job. That's what I'm really looking forward to." he said. I gave him a steamy look and asked "Well, are you going to help your 'injured' lady with anything she needs?"

"Of course," he replied with a slight bow. "Anything for the distressed damsel."

"Anything?" I asked.

"Anything," he said with a smile.

"Then come here and get into this bed with me!"

We slept late Wednesday, then headed out on the water with the rented pontoon. There were a few boats out on the water, even in the middle of the week, and I sat out on the open deck. I wore my bikini, and laid out for some sun. Most of the other boaters looked with interest at the woman in the bikini with her legs in casts.

We had a wonderful day out on the water. I was careful not to get sunburned, as that would make any casting very uncomfortable. Eric couldn't resist using the boat as his setting for the pictures of me in the two plaster full leg casts. We stayed out until 4:00pm, when we had to return the boat. We had a quick dinner, then went to the bedroom for the second part of this cast setup.

After blindfolding me again, Eric slipped the stockinette shirt over my head, and carefully smoothed out all of the wrinkles. Next, he put stockinette on my left arm from the hand to the stockinette shirt. He carefully wrapped the padding on first my body, then the arm. He had me hold on to a broom handle to steady my arm. He began the plastering at just below my waist, and worked his way up, going slowly and carefully. He worked his way up to my chest, and used a figure eight method to cover my chest and shoulders. Doing it in this way made for a cast which didn't flatten out my chest. His hands, as they molded the cast to my body, sent waves of pleasure shooting through me. After this was done, he worked his way from my left shoulder down onto the arm. He took breaks from plastering every now and then to mold and shape his work. The cast was already starting to get warm on my body as he was finishing the arm. I was moaning slightly as the heat was really getting me turned on. After he had held my arm while the plaster set up, he took the broom handle, and used his saw to cut it to length, then used more plaster bandages to attach it to my cast at the forearm. He held me in this position until the cast was set, then he slipped stockinette up my right arm, and applied the padding for a long arm cast. He then plastered my right arm from the hand to the shoulder. He trimmed the shoulder spica as the right arm cast was drying, and by the time he was done with this, the arm cast was ready to be trimmed. He removed my blindfold, and gave me a mirror so I could see all of the new casts. I was very immobilized, but it was quite stimulating. Eric cleaned up the mess, then he cleaned himself, then he cleaned me up. He knew I was about to burst with wanting him, but he took his time, working slowly and sensuously on me. Finally, when I thought I was going to explode, he laid me back gently on the bed.

Thursday morning, I woke up to find Eric already out of bed. I looked down at myself. It was a sight to see. I was encased in plaster almost completely- both legs from toes to hips. My right arm from fingers to shoulder, and of course, the body cast covering my torso from below the waist to my shoulders, and down the left arm to my fingers. I lay there thinking about how truly great it was to have a man like Eric. He was charming, funny, sweet, sensitive (not TOO sensitive, though) and how lucky I was to have him for just these things. Then, when you added the fact that he found casts on me to be an incredible turn on, as I found wearing them to be.... well, it almost seemed too good to be true. It was like I was dreaming of my perfect guy, and would wake up soon. Eric came into the bedroom carrying a tray.

"Breakfast," he announced. "In bed, and fed to you no less." he added with a smile.

He carefully fed me, and when I was done, he helped me into the bathroom, where he washed my hair and gave me a sponge bath. I was in heaven, to say the least!

"Eric, this has been the best vacation of my life. For years, I always wanted to wear casts. I never, in my wildest dreams, thought I would find someone who loved the thought of me wearing them."

"Amy, I know exactly how you feel. I never dreamed I would find a woman who would even think of letting me cast her, let alone love it like you do. But. I must confess -- I loved you with all of my heart before I had the slightest clue as to your cast wearing ... well fetish." I hooked my casted (but sort of mobile) right arm around his neck and pulled his face to mine, kissing him passionately. We were slightly delayed in getting out into public that day!

We drove to a town about 50 miles away that day. This town had several historic sites, as well and many small shops designed to attract the wives of the men who had come to the lake for the fishing. Eric pushed me around in the wheelchair all day. I was only wearing shorts, as the support bar on my shoulder spica wouldn't allow me to squeeze into a shirt. I think I must have turned the head of every tourist in the town that day. Once, as we were in one of the shops, a woman asked me what had happened to me.

"I had a skydiving accident," I replied without hesitation. " My main chute failed, and my reserve didn't deploy until I was almost to the ground. It slowed me down some, but I still hit hard."

Playing along, Eric added "Yes, and that was her last jump, too. Right, Amy?"

"We'll talk about that later." I said, trying to act a bit perturbed.

"Girl, listen to him -- you're lucky to be alive!" the woman interjected.

At lunch, Eric and I laughed at the outrageous story I'd invented on the spur of the moment.

"I can't believe you came up with that so quick, and said it so seriously," he said. The rest of the day was filled with seeing all of the small town. We used the historic sites as the backdrops for the pictures of me in these casts. We toured all of the sites that were accessible to the wheelchair, and we received cooperation from all of the shopowners and tour guides whenever we asked for it. We returned later that evening, tired, but satisfied from pulling a full days publicking without any problems at all.

"Do you want them off now," Eric asked.

"No, let me wear them another night, honey. These casts are your best work so far, and they're just too beautiful to cut up just yet." We were fairly worn out from the busy day, and we went to bed early after dinner and some TV.

Friday morning, Eric and I went out for breakfast. Of course, I received a lot of attention -- almost everybody in the restaurant turned to look at me at some point, and a few even came up and asked us what had happened. We used the skydiving accident routine. It was quite funny, really. The story was ludicrous, at best -- yet everyone seemed to believe it! On the way back to the cabin, we lined out our plans for the day.

The first part of our plans was to get me out of the casts I was in. I hadn't worn a cast for very long all week, but we wanted to try several different things, and we had plenty of supplies, so we were able to try a lot of different things. I was a bit restless after being restricted by the casts all week, so I spent Friday as a free woman. I got to swim in the lake, we had a great hike, and we even went fishing for a while before dark.

At about 8:00 we went inside, ate a quick dinner, then I got undressed as Eric began to gather the supplies for the next cast. I stripped almost completely naked, leaving only my bra on. Eric said it was easier to do the cast the way he wanted if I wore it under the cast. He slipped the last stockinette "shirt" over my head, and pulled it down to over my thighs. He also slipped stockinette up my right leg and arm. He then wrapped the padding from my right thigh all the way up over both shoulders, and also covering the right upper arm. Again, as always, his hands moving over me, along with the thoughts of being casted, started to get me hot. Once again, he took extra care to make sure that my breasts were not flattened out any more than necessary. He then opened up the first roll of 6" wide red fiberglass bandage, and went to work. Soon, he had crafted a very nice red body jacket that was getting warm as it set.

As the fiberglass on my body was setting, Eric wrapped the padding around the rest of my right leg and arm, and then applied the rolls of fiberglass to my leg, stopping just below the hip. I, of course, was getting quite excited by the heat from the drying, as well as the restricted movement. Eric hadn't blindfolded me this time, and I could see that the cast was looking very nice as he worked.

After the fiberglass covering my body was dry, he turned me on the bed, so that my hips hung over the side. As I lie on my back, he had me hold my leg up in the air. When we had it near where we wanted it, Eric began joining my leg cast to my body cast. He used quite a bit of the wide fiberglass to make the cast strong, and after the cast bandages had been applied and smoothed, he helped hold my leg in the correct position. We waited until the fiberglass was set, then he sat me up on the bed, and began casting my right arm, joining it to the body cast as well.

He started cleaning up after the cast was set enough to support my arm. By the time he was done cleaning, I had a firmly set shoulder-hip spica combo. I was able to look down and admire his work. It was, once again, very nice, and very comfortable. I couldn't help but to be aroused by the look and feel of this cast, and I gave Eric my best "come hither" look, and used my left hand to motion him over to me.

The sleeping arrangements were a bit different that night. He had to prop pillows between me and the headboard, since I would have to sleep sitting up. I didn't sleep so well, I sat there for a while, thinking about the week, about the casts, and about the man snoring softly next to me. It was in these thoughts, that I finally drifted down to sleep.

Saturday morning, we decided to get out into public as much as possible. After his shower, Eric gave me a sponge bath, (I really loved those!) then helped wash and fix my hair. He then slipped a pair of cut off sweats over my hips, and tied them at my waist. We went out to breakfast, then to another mall. He pushed me around the mall, which was fairly busy, being a weekend. We caught an early movie, then went to a park for awhile, where we sat in the sun, watching the people as they tried to act like they didn't see me. One young man, however came up to us. As he approached, I couldn't help but think that he looked familiar. He came up to us, and began to speak.

"You aren't really injured are you?" he asked. I was shocked to hear him say this, and I could see the surprise on Eric's face as well.

"What makes you say that?" was all I could think to say.

"Well, when I saw you Tuesday in the other town, you were wearing a body jacket, but your arm and leg were fine."

Suddenly, I knew why he looked familiar- he was the guy who had been staring at me when I had the plaster body cast on. I felt the heat of a blush cross my cheeks. Oh, boy -- we were caught! I just hoped we could get away from him as soon as possible, as I was very embarrassed by this. "Don't be uncomfortable," he said. "I wondered the other day if you were really hurt or not. You seemed to be showing off the cast, and I thought you might be wearing the cast for pleasure, not an injury."

Eric spoke up: "You've caught us -- we're recreational casters. There's nothing wrong with her, and there's nothing wrong with what we're doing." He said defensively.

"Oh, I agree that there's nothing wrong with it," the young man said. "In fact, if I had someone who would let me, I'd be doing it, too. By the way, I'm Tim," he said holding out his hand to Eric.

That broke the ice -- we asked him to sit down, and we became friends quickly as we talked. We told him of our adventures that week, and he told us about what he liked the best, and said that he envied us, getting to act out our fantasies as we were.

We stayed with Tim most of that day. After taking some pictures of me in the red fiberglass, Eric suggested we go somewhere else. Tim suggested the town market, as there were always many people there on Saturdays. It was quite an afternoon. We left Tim with his address and phone number, and his promise to admit his casting desires to his girlfriend. We ended up not getting back to the cabin until well after dark. I asked Eric if he would mind taking my cast off that night.

Sure thing Amy, but why? You wanted that one specifically, and I thought you'd wear it until tomorrow."

"True," I said, but this week has been the best vacation I have ever had, you've fulfilled many fantasies that I have had for years, but every time you've made love to me this week, I have been restricted by one or more casts. I want to make love to you with no restrictions!"

After he had carefully removed my shoulder-hip spica, and placed it with the others for safekeeping, I took him outside to the beach, and thanked him properly!

Sunday, we packed up and headed out early. It was quite interesting, loading up the removed casts that I had worn. Of course, I had to try a couple of them back on. As we left, I couldn't help but feel a little depressed, leaving the cabin where I had made my dreams come true -- To be placed in several different types of casts by a man who I loved very much. As the cabin disappeared around the corner, I couldn't help but think that this was probably not our last trip here.

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