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A New Hobby

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It's never too late for a new hobby! I'm a man in my 50's, married, with grown children. A couple of years ago, I slightly injured my foot playing racquetball, and it didn't heal quickly. I was left with an ankle which pained me sporadically when I walked, and when it hurt, it made me limp badly. Finally, I consulted an orthopedist, who took some X-rays, and concluded that there had been some damage to the Achilles tendon. After a course of ibuprofen helped, but not enough, he prescribed a removable cast (really a brace) from my toe to just below my knee. This would allow me to walk, and could be removed for showers and in bed.

Well, as I hobbled out of his office, I felt myself becoming extremely aroused, and after a few minutes suffered(enjoyed?) the inevitable consequences. Fortunately, it was winter and my overcoat concealed any wetness that might have been visible on my pants. When I got back to my office, I cleaned myself up in the men's room, and proceeded to enjoy the firm caress of the cast.

Originally the cast was prescribed for three weeks, and at the end of that period the ankle had improved but was far from normal. The doctor told me to persist with the cast which I did, but things didn't get better, and since I guess my case was rather uninteresting the doctor felt there was nothing further to do. Mentioning this to a friend elicited a suggestion to visit a podiatrist. She was interested, looked carefully at the x-ray and the foot, and prescribed ice and hot water baths to stimulate the circulation along with ultrasound once a week, and of course, continue with the cast for another month. Well, she knew her business, and at the end of the period my foot was well and I could walk normally without pain.

I found the cast a real turn on, and have looked to obtain a full leg cast or brace, but so far have not been successful. I enjoy reading about braces and casts, and fantasizing using them. Of course, I have kept the removable brace and wear it when I can, which is when my wife is away. It would be tough to explain to her my fondness for this form of bondage, as she is rather square, so I look elsewhere for this kind of enjoyment!


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