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A Day with Gretchen

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(I want to preface this story by saying the following. The names have been changed to protect the innocent, or just to protect. In no way do I intend to tell this story as a means of conveying, in any way, child pornography or molestation. The experience described in based on real experience, however creative license has been taken. Both involved parties were of the same age and no laws were broken and no illegal actions involving adults and children are at all tolerated by me. The story, I hope, will stir up childhood wishes and aspirations of its readers. I hope that they will remember playing doctor or any other role playing game that kids so love to play. This is meant entirely for a positive purpose. Thank you and enjoy)

In the summer of '83 I had an experience in my life that would forever be remembered. I have always liked to be bandaged and have always desired to be casted, though this latter experience has not been realized, yet. All of these desires can be traced to the wonderful childhood experience of 1983.

I always loved playing with and wrapping myself up in the gauze from our first aid kit. It somehow made me feel important and, for lack of a better word, good. I remember once finding an ACE bandage in our medicine closet, and the excitement I felt. "No more gauze that's falling apart!". I was in heaven. I never really understood these feelings. Even at an older, more mature age, I had them. However, these feelings did not become really passionate until my experience with a precocious little girl named Gretchen.

It was the summer of 1983 and was about eight; she was as well. We had been friends for about a year and were bosom buddies, as they say. We were playing at her house, in her room, and she suggested we play in her parents camper. The was one of those fold out campers that are so fascinating to young kids. I was impressed. Entering the camper, I was amazed at the inside of the little portable dwelling. However, on further inspection, I noticed a first aid kit under a cabinet.

Memory fails me and I don't know how the subject was brought up, but somehow I opened the kit and inspected it as well. Maybe she brought up the idea, I can't recall. But in my hand was the roll of gauze I so dearly loved.

I had the gauze and she wanted me to wrap her in it. Slowly undoing the wrapper from the gauze, I felt my heart jump at the anticipation of the experience about to be had. She sat on the camper bed and I kneeled below her at her feet. I was readying myself to wrap her ankle.

Wrapping her ankle, I felt the excitement of my first experience with a girl. That experience was heightened by the experience of working with bandages. A whirlwind of feelings was opened and I enjoyed every second of it. Slowly undoing the roll of the bandage, I slowly went up the foot and across the ankle, finishing just below the start of the calf. The thrill was indescribable and I wanted more. She enjoyed too, loving the attention I gave when the wrapping was complete. I doted on her and pandered her, like I was her caretaker when she needed me the most. She was injured in a figure skating fall, practicing for the Olympics, and I was her soother.

She seemed to enjoy this experience, however it was our only one. From that day on, I knew I loved bandages, and I grew an affinity for plaster casts as well. From the age of eight I dreamed of being casted or bandaged myself. I wanted to walk on crutches, and I wanted to be pandered the same way Gretchen was by me. Some of these dreams actually did come true, and the ways I accomplished them were some of the strangest and most invigorating experiences of my life. And I hope to have even more. I hope to tell of even more.

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