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$ Patreon SwissCaster [Edit]
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(Anna - fuckin' positive)
6 hours ago


Membership Site with exclusive SwissCaster Content
the new membership website with hot girls on crutches and nice casts - check it out!
Todays Update:
Anna - fuckin' positive (Photos)

$ Swecrutch Clips [Edit]
(Nicoletta SLC)
6 hours ago
Swecrutch Welcome to Swecrutch! It's a studio store that offers popular clips that have been published before on another studio store. Be sure to check, so you don’t buy duplicates. Enjoy!
$ Crutchcast Clips [Edit]
(Sarah SLC & Rose SLC)
6 hours ago
Welcome to Crutchcast Clips! It's a website that offers clips of crutching and hopping, leg cast and sprained ankle with girls from Europe.
$ Girls in cast - video section [Edit]
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(Minnie Manga and Naomi Melone - Part II)
6 hours ago

Girls in Cast

100% erotic at GirlsInCast

Please follow Minnie's and her friend's BDSM afternoon in this video.

Check our what's new link to visit our Clips4Sale homepage

$ Broken Angelz [Edit]
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(Paul's Margot SLC)
7 hours ago

1575+ Cast Gals / 335,000 pix / 525+ clips - FULLY Searchable!

THE **LARGEST** CAST SITE FEATURING PIX & CLIPS -- Now with Multi-Criteria Search!

  • 2018-05-18 Cassidy LLC Foot Rub And Sock Pix
  • 2018-05-20 Yvette SLWC Sexy Toes & Sole Pix & Clip
  • 2018-05-22 Paul Shoot of Bunkocasts wife Margot Pix & Clip
  • 2018-04-11 *NEW LONG CLIP*: Adriana SLC (1 Month Only) (Available 1 Month Only)

  • ===========================================================
    One of the oldest and continuously updated cast sites from two of the earliest contributing members to the casting community (1997), updated 3 times a week with pix and CLIPS -- new material every week.

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  • And... 525+ short & cast story vid clips on the site including both model and candid med stuff... and MORE added WEEKLY!
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    (Dry Pro und neue Gehstützen)
    8 hours ago

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    $ CastedEurope.com [Edit]
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    (Ksenia SLWC HD Video)
    12 hours ago

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    $ NextGen Ortho [Edit]
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    17 hours ago

    **WEBSITE U P D A T E ** Broken toe story
    $ Broken Angelz Vidz In HD [Edit]
    (Viktoria Trm LLWC & Brandy Trm SLWC&SAC)
    23 hours ago

    Over 400 Clips of Casted Angelz from one of the Earliest Cast Community Contributors

    - Updated with 5-6 new Clips per Month
    - Now in 1280X720 HD / 1920X1080 HD for exceptional picture quality!



    Viktoria Term LLWC & Brandy Term SLWC & SAC On Holiday - Plaster, Fiber and Flip Flops
    Viktoria Term LLWC & Brandy Term SLWC & SAC On Holiday - Plaster, Fiber and Flip Flops Viktoria and Brandy are both on vacation, both casted and both gimping around in sundresses and flip flops while lots of folks stop and stare at the two. They try to gimp along nonchalantly ignoring it and only stop to rest and prop up their tired casted tootsies. Some nice closeups in this one along with lots of gimping. The shape of Viktoria's cast means her limp is very pronounced.

    Rosalie Term SLWC Wet Cast Sock, Freezing Toes Crutching Misery
    A crutching clip with a good story-line. Rosalie hops out on a cold rainy day, her pretty casted toes exposed. She crutches for a but but its clear by the expression on her face that her cold exposed toes are bothering her. So she socks them with a warm woolly sock and continues on. Unfortunately, while its cold it's also wet, and soon afterward her sock is also damp... and cold and now her toes feel even worse! So she pulls the sock off and continues crutching. When she gets back up to her building she actually trips in front or two people stubbing her toe and getting her exposed sole dirty. In the building hallway she wipes off her dirty foot with the damp sock and clutches her bad foot and poor naked toes in pain. Its clear they need protection, wet sock or not! So she put's it back on and crutches off. We like Rosalie's expressions in this one. There are also a few nice closeups of her perfect toes. Rosalie wears a cast sock for about 6 minutes in this clip.

    Bridget Term SLWC Self-Conscious Cast Girl Out And About with Some Foot Play
    Bridget is at home changing to go out and shs's destroying yet another pair of jeans by cutting off the leg to accommodate her casted leg. As she raises her leg after tying her one hi-top you can see how filthy the bottom of her cast foot is. Her toes stick way out of the cast and she has to use 'the caster's gimp' walking with her cast leg out and to the side to avoid getting her exposed sole even dirtier. She's pretty self-conscious about her exposed cast foot, only one shoe, and cut off jeans leg. She wears dark glasses to hide her eyes outside as she passes people on the street. She tries to smile as if it's nothing but her exposed foot really bothers her. She crosses a busy street and train tracks to get to a park where she finds a quiet out of the way bench where she can rest her aching foot wiggle her toes and massage her partially exposed foot without everyone gawking at her. There are some really nice closeups of Bridget's cute toes at various points in this clip. When she gets up again, she decides to show how well she can still balance in her cast by walking on a ledge for you. Then she continues to gimp in public trying not to be too conspicuous as she passes folks.


    ** We think all CC listings should be a uniform size... We asked... many times... nobody seemed to be listening so we supersized too :-(
    $ Swecrutch.com [Edit]
    (Bunny Sprain Rose SLC Bella SLC)
    30 hours ago
    WELCOME TO SWECRUTCH.COM!!! YOU CAN SOON FIND THE MOST FROM CRUTCHCAST & SWECRUTCH HERE! This ia a website that offers images and clips of leg cast, bandage, socks, aircast, crutching and hopping, with girls from Sweden, Denmark and Hungary.
    $ Cast Fetish [Edit]
    (Hot 21 Min Victoria Plaster DSLC Clip)
    31 hours ago


    Victoria's Plaster DSLC Slapstick/Foot Worship, 21 Min

    05.21.2018 - You are Victoria's clumsy friend that ran over her foot with your car. She's in a thick plaster SLC with the entire ball of her foot showing. Victoria agrees to let you come over and do things around the house for her, but that turns out to be a disaster. You just make things worse by constantly bumping into and dropping things on her cast. It's so bad, she kicks you out. A month or so later, she forgives you for that and agrees to let you take her bowling. Cut to later and she's in another plaster SLC because you dropped a bowling ball on her other foot. At this point, Victoria wants you to rub and worship her feet to make it up to her. And of course, you do!

    05.17.2018 - Angel's plaster LAC is now completely covered in signatures and filthy after more than five weeks. She comes over on her skateboard to show it off.

    05.14.2018 - This gallery goes with the "week 4" part of Angel's clip where we find her sleeping. Angel is alseep at first and then wakes up to pose with her cast.

    05.11.2018 - Angel comes over to visit after hurting her arm while skateboarding. She seems disappointed that it's probably not broken, but you offer to take her to get an X-ray. Next week she's back over in a plaster LAC and she wants you to be the first to sign it. Later, it's week four and you find her still asleep in bed, so you sneak into the bedroom for a closer look at her very worn LAC. Then, at the end of week 5, Angel comes over on her skateboard to hang out and talk about her LAC, how jealous she was of Victoria's casts, and how much her LAC smells. Finally, she comes over after the cast change in a blue fiber SAC and talks about how she wants you to cast her next time.

    $ Custom Videos Studio [Edit]
    (Squash accident with Gaby)
    32 hours ago
    Welcome to my store! Over 450 clips at Clips4Sale of bandage, socks, aircast, crutching, hopping and limping with lovely models. Enjoy! Last update: Squash accident
    $ cast4sale [Edit]
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    33 hours ago

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    $ The LegCastFactory [Edit]
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    36 hours ago

    J E N I F E R — s l w c c r u t c h i n g
    $ castEquipment [Edit]
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    (New OrthoTape Premium in the UK)
    36 hours ago

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    The newest hangout for casters! [Edit]
    (New LLC video)
    36 hours ago
    Join the discussion. Share your pics. Totally private from Google.
    Checkout out all these posts in our forum!
    Casters Club!
    Amputee Club!
    Brace Lovers Club!
    Cast Stories!
    Foot Lovers Club!
    and also a Casters Meet up section!
    Topics: 1,152, Posts: 8,908 , Members: 1,871 and growing!!
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    (New Application video SLC)
    36 hours ago

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    $ FashionablyCasted [Edit]
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    (Star Video Part 2)
    50 hours ago

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    gipsverband.de [Edit]
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    (Photos of casts & story.)
    52 hours ago



    Medical informations, stories, photos, videos and messages around casts and bandages. - All free.

    $ Cast-Video.com [Edit]
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    (last day SPECIAL OFFER - ShoulderSpica)
    57 hours ago

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    $ Crutching [Edit]
    (New Videos SLC)
    67 hours ago
    Slc 1 (Vid 2:12) Beautiful girl with straight hair arrives in the hospital. Beautiful Slc, with visible toes. Beautiful crutching Fantastic SLC Crutching (VID 7:14) Another beautiful setting in Slc. This girl wears a beautiful little dress, and is very pretty. His medical SLC is remarkable, and is very good at using his crutches. Fantastic
    $ Hard Wrapped [Edit]
    (Lauren Video Part 2)
    3 days ago


    ***Lauren Hip Spica Update***

    A place where you will find photos and videos of beautiful women in medical casts. A warm body. Hidden from the outside world. Waiting to be released from its shell. But time has it's grip on the situation. Nothing to do but wait...

    Become a member today and see how it feels to get closer to her during her most vulnerable moment.

    Sign my cast please....

    $ Joe's Clips [Edit]
    (Angel's Med Plaster LAC Month)
    3 days ago

    Joe's Clips & Pics

    Angel's Med Plaster LAC Month, 24 Min

    Get individual Pics & Clips, Discreet PayPal Transactions, 10 megapixel images

    Angel's Med Plaster LAC Month

    Angel comes over to visit after hurting her arm while skateboarding. She seems disappointed that it's probably not broken, but you offer to take her to get an X-ray. Next week she's back over in a plaster LAC and she wants you to be the first to sign it. Later, it's week four and you find her still asleep in bed, so you sneak into the bedroom for a closer look at her very worn LAC. Then, at the end of week 5, Angel comes over on her skateboard to hang out and talk about her LAC, how jealous she was of Victoria's casts, and how much her LAC smells. Finally, she comes over after the cast change in a blue fiber SAC and talks about how she wants you to cast her next time.
    BONUS! The bundle comes with over 150 extra pictures not seen on CF!

    Jennifer's LLWC

    In this clip, Jennifer walks around in her LLWC, pausing to wiggle her toes for the camera. She really liked her LLWC and the ability to walk on it. She lays on her excercise mat and does some exercises before heading back inside. She had mentioned always wanting a cast and so I asked her about it on film.

    $ www.swisscaster.com [Edit]
    - What's New -

    (Tabea with SLWC)
    3 days ago


    the new website with hot girls on crutches and nice casts

    Last updates:
    Tabea with SLWC at home (Pictures)
    Tabea with SLWC (Video)
    Alessia at home - day 2 (Pictures)

    free video preview on https://vimeo.com/swisscaster

    $ Casted Memories Video Clips [Edit]
    (Darcia DHS/Neck Brace Medical Emergency)
    4 days ago
    **Cast Clips for the Cast & Foot Fetishist -- In Clear Large Format SD AND HIGH DEF**


    Darcia DHS/Neck Brace Medical Emergency - Catheter Insertion, CPR and Resus, Defib, Stething
    Darcia is in ICU with a Double Hip-Spica cast following an accident. She has an IV, and is hooked up to the heart monitor with leads, and O2 mask. She wears a hospital gown, neck brace and a green bouffant cap. The doctor comes in and inserts a catheter after spraying her privates to prep for it. Once inserted she checks her BP and then removes her gown and listens to her lungs and heart with the steth. Everything is OK and she leaves the room and lets the patient rest. Soon Darcia's heart rate gets very high but her breathing is weak. The doctor checks her vitals again, than starts to stimulate her heart and calls her name but there is no response. Then she removes her O2 mask and starts ambu bagging her to breath better. Unfortunately, Darcia's breathing gets worse and soon she collapses, her heart goes vfib and then flat lines. The Doctor starts CPR immediately and ambu bagging her - it is difficult to do it in the cast. The defibrillator is charged but there is no response after the shock. The Doctor performs many cycles of resus and CPR, ambu bagging and defibrillations when finally the patient's pulse returns and she is stabilized. A special clip with a casted patient and CPR / Resus. Cath insertion, stething, ambu bagging and realistic defibrillation in this one. A must see for fans!

    Cassidy Angled LLC Crutching About Town and Soothing Toe Massage
    This is a crutcher's clip with foot play. Poor Cassidy is trying to adopt to her long leg cast the best she can. It's severely angled at her knee and especially her ankle and she can't put her foot down flat. In fact. her foot is angled so severely that it points almost straight down and she can't wear anything over the cast to protect her toes or keep them warm because everything keeps falling off and it's too difficult to keep bending down to pick it up! So she must crutch around bare-toed, and when she stands she must keep her vulnerable toes on the top of her one good shoe so that she doesn't scrape or stub them on the ground. As the clip opens she waits for her friend to meet her just this way, trying to balance her naked toes on her one good shoe while balancing on her crutches. She is waiting to go window shopping since she's not in a mood to buy clothes or shoes in her currnet condition. When her friend arrives she almost immediately 'goes for the toes' grabbing at her five naked toes to feel them. Cassidy is getting used to this 'toe shake' as then new greeting in her casted condition although she's hardly comfortbale with it. Then they public around the town for most of the clip with Cassidy trying to avoid people staring at her long useless plastered leg and naked toes as she struggles along on crutches. Finally they end up in a cafe and her friend let's poor Cassidy prop up her angled aching casted foot on her thigh to rest it. Of course that means her vulnerable toes are within hands reach again and her of course can't but offer to massage them for her and warm them up which is a nice long scene with closeups. Cassidy can't help likining her friends nice warm hands soothing her cramping foot in the angled cast as she pulls on her cute exposed toes.

    Kiara SLWC/SAC Combo Black and White (and Pink) and Casted all Over, Office Cast Talk
    (English) Kiara is doing work in her office a couple of weeks after her accident and getting use to her casted condition. Her friend Viktoria comes over for a visit to see how she is doing. They are both dressed in sexy lil black numbers and heels, except Kiara has only a single shoe and her cute little exposed toes are popping out of her cast. Obviously her cast is the center of attention and conversation as she models it and bitches about what she can and can't do in one shoe and with one arm. The plaster keeps messing up her single heel and she keeps having to clean it. Kiara is envious of Viktoria's two beautiful heels even though she compliments them. Every time she looks down however she sees her naked dirty toes -- and you do too! Throughout the clip and in closeups as they first talk in the office then gimp out into the hallway for more closeup shots. Those of you who've seen Kiara clips know how sexy she is and that she is very natural and realistic in the clips talking about her casted experiences. Whats nice in this one too is the difference in heel size as Kiara clicks and thumps on her good heel and cast heel alternatively gimping around.



    - 5 New 1024X58HD/1920X1080HD Clips Per Month!
    - Our crisp, clear clips are filmed and edited by professional videographers and equipment.
    - Our casts are made by professional hospital technicians.
    - We constantly script new cast and foot fetish stories for our clips
    - Compare the clarity & resolution of our clips, and you'll immediately notice the qualitative difference.

    * We think all CC listings should be a uniform size... We asked... many times... nobody seemed to be listening so we supersized too :-(
    $ Castlinks.com [Edit]
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    (Update CastPlanet & FootModel)
    4 days ago

    Cast-Video.com & WishAmp.com:

    13. May 2018

    NEW Special Offers with Melody, Estelle, Suki, Katy... !!

    PayPal available now for Cast-Video.com - CastComedy.de & WishAmp.com !!


    CastLinks informs briefly and concisely and places the most important links to our sites

    • Castplanet.com- Latest update : 18. May 2018
      Best Cast Fetish Site - High quality pictures ! , More than 90.000 pix and over 24 hours videoclips, all for one monthly fee.

    • Footmodel.de- Latest update : 18. May 2018
      Sprain - Cast- Bandage - Braces - Feet - Legs, More than 50.000 High-Quality Pictures and over 15 hours of Videos online!

    • Lospac.com - Latest update : 14. May 2018
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    • Cast-Video.com Latest update : 13. May 2018

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