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$ Crutchcast Clips [Edit]
(Christa SLC with high wedge heel shoe)
1 hour ago
Welcome to Crutchcast Clips!

It's a studio store that offers clips of crutching and hopping, leg cast and sprained ankle with girls from Europe.
$ Swecrutch.com [Edit]
(Britney LLC & Betty SLC + New Clips)
2 hours ago


This is a website that offers images and clips of leg cast, bandage, socks, aircast, crutching and hopping, with girls from Sweden, Denmark and Hungary.
- What's New -

(New videos)
3 hours ago


Get 100 % unique, original, candid videos in high quality for symbolic price.

In clips you will see only nice and attractive girls and ladies with

* casted legs

* sprains

* cam walkers

* braces

* bandages

* air casts

* crutches

$ Cast-Video.com [Edit]
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(last day for some SPECIAL OFFERS !!)
5 hours ago

PayPal available NOW !!

On Cast-Video you can buy high-quality-videoclips from our photo-, videoproductions from CASTPLANET,FOOTMODEL and LOSPAC. You can buy single-clips and you can download it directly to your computer.

No membership ! No recurring billing!

No special codecs or players .. just download and start the clip !

Please contact us if you have questions at
team-cast-video(at)cast-video(dot)com !

  • Cast- / Sprain- / Brace- /Amputee- / Feet-/ Crutching - Clips
  • Hospital- / Outdoor- / Indoor- scenarios
  • More than 1000 videoclips online - rising continues
  • More than 9000 minutes online (more than 150 hours/6 DAYS)
  • More than 80 cute models
  • Lenghts between 5 minutes to over 3 hours
  • Shooting-Clips, Movies, Story-Clips and Specials
  • Creditcard, PaySafeCard or Bank debit
  • Pay in USD or EUR
  • FREE preview at YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/user/castlinks

$ cast4sale [Edit]
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(NEW Nobalite purple & red)
6 hours ago

14 years, since 2004 our online shop with more than 950 product, wide range of Fibercast!
We offer many TOP quality utilities for immobilization with fiberglass and plaster bandages from reputable manufacturers, amongst them 3M, Hartmann, BSN, NOBA, Miro, L & R, DARCO, HEBU, REBOTEC and many more.

- Best prices and finest quality for Cast Supplies. Only top quality 3M Scotchcast plus/ 3M Poly Premium and 3M Softcast and many more!
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Choose from many various complete sets, either with plaster, poly cast, soft cast or fiber cast!

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$ Discrete Orthopedic Cast Supplies [Edit]
- What's New -

(Free Shipping | 5% off | Rewards!)
9 hours ago

Casting Supplies... Fast Private ...Discrete Shipping..

1. Free USA Continental Shipping on everything!
2. Quantity discounts, more you buy more you save!
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4. Earn rewards towards future purchases!
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New Batch of tape as of Nove 2018

Did you know using a dirty bucket can cause issues with your casting tape.
Always use a clean bucket that has never had any cleaning chemicals in it!
$ Castedeurope Channel [Edit]
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(2 new videos)
16 hours ago


Castedeurope Channel on Patreon

Starting with 100 online streaming videos

Become our patron on Patreon
and get access to all of our high-quality videos

3 reasons to subscribe to our channel: 1) streaming videos - you can instantly watch videos without downloading large files to your device. 2) video quality - all videos are in full hd resolution and went through a meticulous process of remastering and color-grading. 3) many never before released videos.
$ CastedEurope.com [Edit]
- What's New -

(Julieta LLC HD Video)
16 hours ago

the only true golden cast-site on the internet

15000 extra large photos in 300 sets and 10 hours of HD videos for only one monthly subscription fee.
Enjoy plenty of new stuff that is coming up.

a special bonus for our premium members:
a version of our latest video update (Julieta LLC) in the Full HD format and in amazing and unprecedented quality

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$ Hard Wrapped [Edit]
(Emily Update)
20 hours ago


***Emily is back in black nylons and a purple fiberglass full leg cast.***

***NEW: Members can now watch all videos live on the site! All videos are available to download as well.***

***We are smart phone and tablet friendly. No need to download videos in order to view them.***

Become a member today and see how it feels to get closer to her during her most vulnerable moment.

Sign my cast please....

Love For The Cast [Edit]
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(Patreon New Photos!)
23 hours ago

Love For The Cast

Is a Free Site Of Cast Sexy Girls In Cast


$ FashionablyCasted [Edit]
- What's New -

(Star Video Part 3)
25 hours ago


***Star wakes up from a nap only to find she wasn't dreaming. Her arms are almost useless. She does have some luck rearranging her clothing. As if her arms being wrapped up like a burrito wasn't hard enough, she is limited with what she sees with her neck in a brace.***

***NEW: Members can now watch all videos live on the site! All videos are available to download as well.***

***We are smart phone and tablet friendly. No need to download videos in order to view them.***

Over 180 different cast shoots.

Over 10,000 High Resolution photos.

Over 2,500 minutes worth of video footage with models hobbling around in rigid attire.

***Join for as low as $21.95 a month***

$ www.swisscaster.com [Edit]
- What's New -

(Vanessa and the Kite Surfers)
25 hours ago


the website with hot girls on crutches and nice casts

Last updates:
Vanessa and the Kite Sufers (Video)
Angel at home (Pictures)
Vanessa and her mother at christmas shooping - Part 2
Vanessa and her mother at christmas shopping - Part 1
Sue in the Forrest (Video)
Ellie - wake up with Plaster (Video)
Sue in the Forrest (Photos)
in Bed with Ellie (Photos)

Check out our social media channels:

$ Swecrutch Clips [Edit]
(Kryckan SLC & Liza SLC)
28 hours ago
Welcome to Swecrutch Clips!

It's a studio store that offers popular clips that have been published before on another studio store. Be sure to check, so you don’t buy duplicates. Enjoy!
$ Broken Angelz Vidz In HD [Edit]
(Nancy Angled LLC, Cast Talk, Foot Play)
39 hours ago

Over 400 Clips of Casted Angelz from one of the Earliest Cast Community Contributors

- Updated with 5-6 new Clips per Month
- Now in 1280X720 HD / 1920X1080 HD for exceptional picture quality!



Nancy Angled LLC, Cast Talk, Light Foot play (720 X 480)
LARGER EDITION (Double Size at almost half the price!) REPOST - Before 2009 we converted original 720X480 .MPG's and reduced them to 360X240 .WMVs of lower quality before posting to C4S because of storage limitations. I found these original larger size better quality files while archiving old DVD's. I will be reposting them at REDUCED PRICES along with original content. This girl cannot stop wiggling her casted toes! Cutie Nancy struggles in public crutching with her bulky [heavily signed] llc. She wears a cast shoe to protect the bottom of her toes and match the good flip flop on the other foot. She finally gets to a bench to rest and pulls off her cast shoe. Then she explains to you about her leg injury and knee surgery as she wiggled her toes. After some more crutching she changes into a more comfortable sneaker and ditches her cast shoe all together. She discusses her cast further as she wiggles her toes. Nice closeups as she discusses how she really wants to have the cast come off massaging it and wiggling her toes. Then she takes a climb up some steep stairs and does some more crutching. Finally she rests on a bench again and its back to wiggling her toes, some massage and more cast talk focused on movement in the cast of her foot and toes. She also discusses the difficulty in getting around in certain chores and how people help her (which is the only thing she'll miss). Some nice closeups.

Hanga Term LLC Hard Time at the Restaurant With Foot Play
(English) Sexy Hanga has enough problems having to crutch around in a long leg cast and single heel. But as she crutches to her favorite local restaurant on her lunch break the new waitress there seems to have a problem with her stiff leg and exposed toes. When she asks to move the table and chair around to prop her leg up or put it on the chair the waitress looks annoyed. But she really has kittens when poor Hanga asks her to use her pen so she can scratch the itch between her toes. In the end, she crutches off and dejectedly and wiggles her exposed toes in worms eye view closeup.

Kelly Term SLC Rocking Her Cast Foot and Exposed Toes in Public While Shopping and Gimping In Her Single Huge Heel
Sexy Kelly knows how to rock her cast because she's had a med one before on the same foot and has learned how to get around with one on for weeks. She also is aware people will be checking out her casted leg and exposed toes, so she makes an effort to look as good as she can and wear the sexiest footwear on her other foot. She knows people will stare but doesn't mind bouncing around on one huge sexy heel and a flat cast shoe so that it looks like she grows and shrinks half a foot with each step. That's the best part of this clip as Kelly gimps around town with her real sis while people check her out. Is it the flaming red hair of both girls, her stylish appearance and rocking hard body or her exposed toes sticking way out of her cast that people are checking out? Her combination of confident style and self-consciousness as she gimps past people tells the story. The clip starts out with her in a store shopping with her sis and her cast foot covered in sheer nylon. However, soon she is trying on clothes and her sister helps her pull off the cast shoe and rips though her stocking and tucks it into the top of her cast so she can easily try stuff on. Soon after Kelly leaves the place bare toed on her cast foot. Then for most of the clip she is gimping around town as most folks stare (including her sister) at her casted toes and exagerated gimp thanks to her huge heel. You even catch Kelly checking herslef out in wtore windos and the reflective surfaces of cars. If you like to see sexy cast girls gimping in one heel you have to have this clip. This one is a personal favorite.


** We think all CC listings should be a uniform size... We asked... many times... nobody seemed to be listening so we supersized too :-(
$ Broken Angelz [Edit]
- What's New -

(2 Trixie Body Cast Updates New Pix)
39 hours ago

1600+ Cast Gals / 350,000 pix / 600+ clips - FULLY Searchable!

THE **LARGEST** CAST SITE FEATURING PIX & CLIPS -- Now with Multi-Criteria Search!

  • 2019-01-11 Yvette LLWC Sexy in Black at the Office Pix & Clip
  • 2019-01-13 Rosalie SLWC Warm Fingers and Cold Toes Pix & Clip
  • 2019-01-15 Angel Trixie 2 BC sets 25 New Pix
  • 2018-10-19 *NEW LONG CLIP*: Grace LLC Long C4S Clip (Available 1 Month Only)

  • ===========================================================
    One of the oldest and continuously updated cast sites from two of the earliest contributing members to the casting community (1997), updated 3 times a week with pix and CLIPS -- new material every week.

  • Featuring 1600+ Casted Girls in 3000+ Individual image sets and variety sets
  • Over 350,000 images and 600+ clips of the finest, most beautiful casted ladies/models you'll ever see.
  • Castgirls from my 40 casting community friends from around the world including CM, CGJ (Japan), CEG (Czech), Gamtrulia (China) SNE, UFO and Swtts, Paul, TCast and _David, Castlovr, Casted Angel, Unc_fan, DA, SGDevil, Myk, CA Caster, CA Dollz, BKast, Golf_thug, Wingnut, and many many more...
  • And... 600+ short & cast story vid clips on the site including both model and candid med stuff... and MORE added WEEKLY!
  • ===========================================================

    You can Access the regular PIX site by clicking the $ BROKEN ANGELZ link at the top left and the CLIP SITE by clicking WHAT'S NEW link.

    NEW 10% off on orthotape.com orders if you are a current member of this site!!**

    ** We think all CC listings should be a uniform size... We asked... many times... nobody seemed to be listening so we supersized too :-(
    $ castEquipment [Edit]
    - What's New -

    (*** ALTOCAST back in stock ***)
    51 hours ago


    1 case ALTOCAST Fiberglass Casting Tape (10 rolls) from 39,- EUR


    The online shop for products used to create immobilizing bandages

    Some of your special advantages:

    • neutral packing, invoice and packing list inside package
    • very fast shipping! We guarantee: orders until 12 pm will leave our warehouse on the same day! On your demand there is express shipping available for next business day delivery!
    • We ship to any country inside EU plus Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Norway
    • secure payment options available, secured payment transactions with SSL: PayPal, credit transfer in advance, cash on delivery, payment on account/invoice
    • answer the polls on our site to influence our future product range!
    • future extension of our product range with currently not available products in Germany and Europe!
    $ Real Cast and Crutching-Wheelchair [Edit]
    - What's New -

    (Crutching Slc white Sock)
    61 hours ago

    This beautiful girl gets out of the car with her greens crutches. She is wearing a Slc with a white sock on it. Crutching up to the receptions.
    $ Long Toes in Term Casts Video Clips [Edit]
    (Emma Term SLWC with Toe Plate Crutching)
    3 days ago
    Long Toes is Custom Term Casts
    Medically Applied Casts on Pretty Girls Expertly Photographed in Realistic Situations
    We did a bunch of custom never before seen term shoots with Benetta, Emma, Yvette and Zuzu and have lots and lots of footage we will present here for these four girls who spent parts of consecutive months over a few years term casted. Its an astonishing amount of footage that would take years to release otherwise, so we decided to create a single theater just for these girls term casting experiences.


    Emma Term SLWC with Toe Plate Crutching in Public with Sock

    This is crutcher's clip. Emma takes her continuously casted foot for a crutch around town on a cool autumn day. She struggles up and down stairs while keeping her cast foot warm and toasty with a woolly sock. She has to rest though and pulls off her sock to air out her toes before putting it back on and crutching off.

    Zuzu Term SLWC Dealing with a Broken Foot At Home w/ Foot Play

    Zuzu is a bit fidgety at home with her broken foot and exposed toes.She see's you checking her out and strats fidgetting some more, sticking her foot in your face and playing with her exposed toes. She then uses the tip of her crutches to spear and chuck her useless shoe, and then crutches into the kitchen where she does some work with her cast foot propped up. Then she crutches back into the living room where she uses one crutch to balance while she sweeps with a broom in her other arm and adjusts and reties her one good shoe. This one is a must see for closeup cast and exposed toe lovers.

    Benetta Term SLWC Crutching with a Dirty But Warm Cast Sock

    A crutcher's clip. Benetta crutches around outside on a cold day stopping to rest and wiggle her cast toes in her warm heavy woolen sock. You can see its getting a little dirty at the bottom when she sits down and wiggles them. When she crutches up some stairs Benetta takes the sock off for a few moments just to gve her long toes some air and splay them out. But she quickly puts them back on. This one is for cast sock lovers.


    ** We think all CC listings should be a uniform size... We asked... many times... nobody seemed to be listening so we supersized too :-(

    $ Fantacast [Edit]
    (Jessica Lynn's Waiting Room Sexy Pics 2)
    3 days ago


    Jessica Lynn's Waiting Room Faux Term Pink Striped LLC - 2, 55 Pics

    LE: Jessica Lynn Gets Dirty in a FT LLC, SLC & Plaster LAC, 27 Min

    01/14/19 - Here's 55 more sexy pictures from the first half of Jessica's super hot new clip. She's sitting across from you in the waiting room and being super flirty, showing off her cast and toes and even flashing you.

    01/11/19 - First of all, I want to be clear that Jessica is fellating a DILDO in this clip and the sex scene is simulated. That said, this is an epic 27 minute clip and surely the hottest Jessica Lynn clip to date. It starts off in a waiting room. Jessica broke her leg badly three months ago and has been in a series of LLCs and she's about to have her cast changed to an SLC. You were her first love in high school and you almost went all the way in the past when she had broken her arm. She has a cast fetish stemming from that experience and the way you looked after her back then. She suspects you have the same fetish and is desperately coming on to you because this is the last time she's going to see you at the doctor's office. A very flirty conversation ensues... she flashes you and even touches herself when no one is looking. She's called back and comes out in an SLC, handing you her old LLC. She kisses you and you make plans to get together soon. Two weeks later, you've been seeing each other and she had her friend cast her arm in a plaster LAC and make her SLC purple. She comes to the door, hands you her cast shoe, and leads you to the bedroom with her casted arm. Things get super hot when you get to the bedroom!

    $ Cast Fetish [Edit]
    (Geena's Plaster SLWC - Part 2, 90 Pics)
    3 days ago


    Geena's Plaster SLWC - Part 2, 90 Pics

    01.14.2019 - Here's one more beautiful gallery of Geena posing her plaster casted legs and toes in the studio. Let me know what you'd like to see her do next!

    01.11.2019 - Geena says that cast modeling is one of the most fun things she's done in a while. So yesterday we did this. She's looking beautiful in her plaster SLWC!

    01.07.2019 - In this final gallery, Mariah poses her LLC on the bed. Log in to check out these final awesome 90 pics!

    01.04.2019 - Remember Emma's Black Friday outing in her pink LLC? Here's the long overdue pictures from that shoot!

    01.02.2019 - The beautiful Mariah is back posing her LLC in a different set with her cast propped up. Log in now to check out these 75 great pics!

    $ Custom Videos Studio [Edit]
    - What's New -

    (Bree in high heel)
    3 days ago

    Welcome to my store! Over 450 clips at Clips4Sale of bandage, socks, aircast, crutching, hopping and limping, bunions, amputee with lovely models. Enjoy!
    Nurse Sindy's Cast Stories And Pictures [Edit]
    (Vintage Casts)
    4 days ago
    Contains Nurse Sindy's new and achieved cast stories. These stories include Lynn's Bad Break and Meg's Great Adventure. Also contains true accounts from men and women who have been placed in casts in real life. And a variety of cast pictures
    $ Dirty SwissCaster [Edit]
    (Webcam Girl with LLC)
    4 days ago


    Membership Site with exclusive Erotic SwissCaster Content
    the new membership website with hot girls on crutches and nice casts - check it out!

    Today new:
    Webcam Girl with LLC (Videos)

    $ Patreon SwissCaster [Edit]
    - What's New -

    (Vanessa and the Kite Surfer)
    4 days ago


    Membership Site with exclusive SwissCaster Content
    the new membership website with hot girls on crutches and nice casts - check it out!

    Today new:
    Vanessa and the Kite-Surfer (Video)

    $ Casted Memories Video Clips [Edit]
    (Jade LLC Prepping for Interview FootPlay)
    4 days ago
    **Cast Clips for the Cast & Foot Fetishist -- In Clear Large Format SD AND HIGH DEF**


    Jade LLC Prepping for a Night on the Town the Hard Way with Foot Play
    Jade is at home convalescing and munching on a banana when she calls her friend up to help her dress for a night on the town. She'll be going out with her leg in a full leg cast and needs all the help she can get! Her friend arrives and helps her dress up in hose and a single heel to compliment her cast. Jade complains about her cold toes and her friend uses a pen to massage between her toes and then starts tickling Jade playfully until she begs her to stop. Her friend suggests she do some toe exercises to keep her leg strong and they pass something between their toes. As they get ready to go out Jade practices on her crutches and heel. However she slips on the banana peel of the fruit she was eating and lands right on her ass, ruining her dress! A funny foot play clip with closeups.

    Lia Term SLWC With Heel Bar Bad Foot Forced Exercise Abuse at the Office With Extreme Foot Play / Massage
    When Lia hobbles into work following her Achilles heel surgery with a heavy plaster contraption and heel bar (to avoid putting weight on her heel) her poor foot is already hurting her and her exposed toes are cold and cramped. As soon as she sits down she begins massaging her poor foot. Her know-it-all boss comes in and she is sympathetic but also aggressively insists she knows how to make Lia's foot feel better because she once had a cast on for a completely different injury. She grabs at Lia's bare foot protruding from her cast before Lia can register any resistance and starts massaging her sole and exposed toes. Then she insists Lia has to exercise her foot to uncramp it and devises a series of exercises that requires Lia to grab a sock with her bare toes and pick it up with only her toes. The boss also tries to pull it away from Lia but instructs her to clutch it between her toes as hard as she can to resist her taking it away to exercise the muscles in her foot. Lia needs her job so she curls her toes and tries to hang onto the sock for dear life hoping more damage isn't done to her poor vulnerable tootsie by her crazy boss. Meanwhile the boos looks like she is having way too much fun at the expense of poor Lia's bad foot! A must see for closeups and foot play fans...

    Veronica SLWC Walking Lessons in Unbalanced Heel and Extreme Foot Play with Foot Massage and Toe Exercise Therapy
    (English) Veronica is having a lot of trouble getting around on her gimpy casted foot and one huge heel. Having sacrificed one shoe already however, petite Veronica refuses to give up her height though. So she struggles over to the clinic with he achy cast foot and exposed toes to ask what she can do about it. The sympathetic physical therapist shows her how she can walk on one heel to put less pressure on her cast foot and also protect her exposed toes by walking with her bad leg to the side instead of as she does on her good foot. After a number of tries she gets Veronica up on the table to give her vulnerable toes a soothing massage with gel that protects the foot from the elements and really helps relieve her aching tootsie. After cleaning her toes of the the excess gel the therapist gives Veronica some exercises to do at home to relieve her cramping exposed toes. She makes her practice them in the office, picking up items with her exposed toes to maintain her muscle strength in her bad leg. A must see for guys who love petite Latina cuties in a cast and lots of closeups and foot play!



    - 5 New 1024X58HD/1920X1080HD Clips Per Month!
    - Our crisp, clear clips are filmed and edited by professional videographers and equipment.
    - Our casts are made by professional hospital technicians.
    - We constantly script new cast and foot fetish stories for our clips
    - Compare the clarity & resolution of our clips, and you'll immediately notice the qualitative difference.

    * We think all CC listings should be a uniform size... We asked... many times... nobody seemed to be listening so we supersized too :-(

    Cast_and_Amputee_Cutouts_and_ES_Mods_2 [Edit]
    (New Photos Added)
    5 days ago
    This is the second group in a series of groups which are for those who enjoy simulated cast photos, as well as women who are amputees, who enjoy either the old-fashioned paper cut and paste or taping method or by Electronic Surgery which is photos altered by programs such as Photoshop (R) on a computer. Please feel free to contribute but please assign the photo,the credit according to the artist who did the adjusted image if possible. I do permit anyone who can to improve the quality of my images via Photoshop or other photo-editing program or website. As of January 2017 , I am now posting COLOR photos which I have edited on a website called faceswaponline.com, which is an excellent alternative to the very expensive Photoshop editing software. I invite those interested to try it! You may post photos which you've edited and everyone is welcome to edit and post my photos as well. Please do NOT post spam in the messages. Those who post spam or off topic items will be barred from the group! People who like to post regarding trading of images are welcome!