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(last day SPECIAL OFFER - Ginger)
8 minutes ago

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(New lady MARINA Med COMBO)
2 hours ago

- Stunning mix of "Real_MED" and "Rec" casts
- On-demand custom sets for an affordable price
- Worn casts available on sale
- Free pictures of all our sets

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(Diana with plaster to the city - part 1)
9 hours ago

Cast Fetish & Beyond

Today new:
Diana with plaster in the City - Part 1 - Video

check out our social media channels:
facebook.com/swisscaster - twitter.com/CasterSwiss - instagram.com/swisscaster2020

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(Vanessa - Part 1)
19 hours ago


Membership Site with exclusive SwissCaster Content
the membership website with hot girls on crutches and nice casts - check it out!

Today new:
Vanessa - Part 1 - Video

check out our social media channels:
facebook.com/swisscaster - twitter.com/CasterSwiss - instagram.com/swisscaster2020

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(J A N E T)
20 hours ago

Jannet sprained

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24 hours ago


1000+ Clips from "THE" Longest Continuously Running and Largest Cast Community Site
OUR LATEST CLIP (http://clips4sale.com/store/5330) a/o 03/01/21

Hanga Term LLC "Have Some Ice Cream, Oh Mot on My Toes!"
(English) Hanga is out publicking with her friend on a beautiful summer day. She is dealing as well as she can dragging around a sweaty hot full leg cast. She's got a mismatched open cast shoe on so she can walk and use a crutch cane for balance. Her friend decides to help her mind off her cast by suggesting they buy some ice cream. Hanga agree and they gmip over to a bench to eat it where Hanga props up her casted foot on her friend's lap to relieve it. All is well until her clumsy friend drops some of her sticky ices right through the opening of her cast shoe and between her exposed toes. Hanga reacts and her friends immediately opens up her cast shoe to clean off her toes in a nice long scene. Then they continue their stroll but Hanga still feels it's sticky between her toes and bands down to try and clean them.

1600+ Cast Gals / 350,000 pix / 600+ clips - FULLY Searchable!

THE **LARGEST** CAST SITE FEATURING PIX & CLIPS -- Now with Multi-Criteria Search!

Beatrice Term SLWC Boat Trip Pix & Short Clip
Benetta Out For a Gimp and a Bite Pix & Short Clip
Trixie LLC Office Polish and Massage *NEW* Big Pix & Story Clip!
*NEW LONG CLIP*: Angel Kiki & Babette LLC Long Clip (1 Month Only)

Medically Applied Casts on Pretty Girls Expertly Photographed in Realistic Situation
OUR LATEST CLIP (http://clips4sale.com/store/5023) a/o 02/19/21:

Yvette Term SLWC Public Gimping in Skyscraper Heel With Lots of Closeups and Foot Play
This was easily one of the best shots of Yvette we ever did and a "Must See" First she is in sexy short shorts and gimping around on one huge Skyscraper heel where we made her climb up and down some rather huge steep stairs. That required lots of rest though on benches where she put her foot in the camera's face to play with and wiggle her long pretty polished toes, on a railing where she put propped her casted foot over it to wiggle her toes and provide great worm's eye views and on another bench for some sole shots. The Her casted foot was shot from pretty much every angle in closeup and she also got in about 8 minutes of gimping around in public as well.

Plaster Cast Clips for the Cast & Foot Fetishist -- In Clear Large Format SD AND HIGH DEF
OUR LATEST CLIP (http://clips4sale.com/store/4956) a/o 02/16/21:

Chrystal DHS Post Surgery Hospital Recuperation Clip
(English) Chrystal is recovering from her pelvic altering surgery and the doctors and nurses come in to change her catheter intubate her with a respirator to help her breathing and most importantly to explain to her what's been done and what the course of her recuperation will be as she lies immobilized wondering what she will be able to do. Chrystal's is filmed from all angles as they work on her and tell her what she should expect as she responds. A solid medical hospital post-surgery recuperation clip.

Erotic Cast Clips for the Cast & Foot Fetishist -- In Clear Large Format SD AND HIGH DEF
OUR LATEST CLIP (http://clips4sale.com/store/27725) a/o 02/09/21:

Chrystal DHS Open Wide and Say AHHHH!
(English) Sexy Chrystal is recovering after surgery to widen her pelvic region in order to better enjoy her relationships. She's been in a DHS body cast for weeks now in order for her pelvis to heal properly. Today is the big day where the nurse will determine if the surgery was successful and she can take in various sizes and enjoy it. The nurse starts with a small device inserted in Chrystal's vagina and to her joy she can not only take it but it feels really, REALLY good! Then the nurse pulls out a MUCH larger dildo to see if Chrystal can take what she was absolutely never able to before, to her surprise it feels great and that's obvious from her reactions as the nurse slides it in and out rapidly to get her reactions. She is in fact SOOO excited that she is getting the nurse excited too and wants to share her pleasure with her. The nurse next pulls out a vibrator to insure Chrystals stimulation reaction both inside and out is appropriate. Chrystal, who is by now quite sure things are fine after the dildo workout she's just received turns the tables and invites the nurse on the bed to reward her for her work. The nurse mounts her and Chrystal ends up stimulating and fingering her until she cums even though half her body is immobilized in plaster. This is a very erotic and sexy clip featuring two pro's with personal chemistry. New girl Chrystal is almost completely immobilized while her exposed privates get a real workout, but she proves she can give as good as she can get! Don't miss this "must see".

Sprained One Shoe Girls in Difficult Situations
OUR LATEST CLIP (http://clips4sale.com/store/14183) a/o 01/18/21:

Lulu Single Flip Flop Bad Foot Tickle Therapy
(English) Busty Lulu's foot condition has gotten so bad she can't feel it and walks around in a single flip flop even in winter. She goes to the alternative medicine foot clinic to see what they can do and the doctor asks her questions and has her walk around in her unbalanced heel she lightly touches her soft foot and then asks Lulu to get on the table for some treatment. Lulu doesn't know what to expect but as soon as she allows her flip flop to come off the tickling begin. Lulu's sole is soft and her second toe is longer than her big toe. Despite her problem her foot and long pretty toes look perfect. The nurse tickles her with her finger until Lulu not only regains feeling in her tickled foot but she has completely lost control giggling and screaming as her toes splay and curl and the doctor unrelentlessly continues to tickle her newly sensitive tootsie to insure she won't lose feeling in it ever again. A great tickling clip featuring a very ticklish new patient.

OUR LATEST CLIP (http://clips4sale.com/store/63721) a/o 02/18/21:

Chrystal the Girlfriend Thief Relentlessly Foot Tickled in Hospital
(English) When Chrystal finds herself in the hospital after a bad fall and sprain, she realizes she is in the same facility as the nurse whose girlfriend she is fooling around with. They think she suspects but they aren't sure. But when the nurse appears its clear she does know Chrystal has been fooling around with significant other and decides to teach her a lesson she won't forget. The nurse begins finger tickling her bare feet while Chrystal writhes and reacts to her soft soles being played with. Then the nurse has a special treat for the hapless patient as she takes a flat shoe lace like string and wraps it between her sensitive toes pulling it between her even more sensitive toe cleavage while Chrystal reacts, her toes curl and her sole wrinkles. A sexy tickling clip featuring new girl Chrystal.

(NEW VIDEO from legwarmer)
31 hours ago
Join the discussion. Share your pics.

UK Casters Group is growing

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(Ramona - SLWC TERM)
35 hours ago

Ramona - SLWC TERM

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(Jessica Gallery Update)
46 hours ago


***Jessica Update***

***We are smart phone and tablet friendly. No need to download videos in order to view them.***

Over 180 different cast shoots.

Over 10,000 High Resolution photos.

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(Gray LLC FREE Step Ladder FAIL)
57 hours ago
Fun cast vids! Subscribe if you like!

(Diana Publicing Gallery Update)
3 days ago


***Diana has no problem getting the stares. She loves attention even if it means sticking out like a sore thumb. Getting people to wonder what new kind of mask she is wearing and what happened to her ankles.***

***Watch all videos live on the site! All videos are available to download as well.***

***We are smart phone and tablet friendly. No need to download videos in order to view them.***

Become a member today and see how it feels to get closer to her during her most vulnerable moment.

Sign my cast please....

(Steph Purple SLC $5photosets $5Patreon)
4 days ago
Medical Casts! Come meet the girls! We are bringing casting to a whole new level!

  • Photosets & Videos

  • Girls who love to wear casts.

  • Fiberglass Casts/Sprains/CAMS/Crutches

Keep an eye out for Updates!

(113 new images, 3 stories and 13 videos)
4 days ago

A content sharing site for casters

- 25208 images
- 395 stories
- 195 videos

This is a site like flickr or deviantart, but created for casters. You can upload your photos, publish videos, stories, see content submitted by other casters, comment on them and add to favourites. The site is free but private to avoid spam or people that don't belong to our community, so you must register.

Improved mobile support

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(CASTBRAZIL Katy Plasterllc podolatry)
4 days ago

Katy fractured her tibia in 2 parts after the ladder fell on her leg. In this chapter she is returning home after the return of the orthopedist. Katy comes home where her friend begins to admire the cast of her beloved. He starts to massage his feet, caresses and kisses his feet, there is a podolatry scene with the cast, they love the feeling with the cast. This chapter and all your long journey with your broken leg is in 2 more chapters in my store, visit and see other great cast with Brazilian women. instagram: @castbrazil

(pictures and videos)
4 days ago
pretty women with cast and crutches