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$ OrthoTape.co.uk Shipping to all of Europe [Edit]
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59 minutes ago

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My cast fetish clips. [Edit]
(model broke her leg. got to video her)
59 minutes ago
Supermodel in a long leg cast. Check out my clips.
$ Discrete Orthopedic Cast Supplies [Edit]
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59 minutes ago

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$ NextGen Ortho [Edit]
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(Part 2.)
1 hour ago

Website B O N I E LLC part 2.
$ Broken Angelz [Edit]
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(Stella Term LLC/Ava 2 Erotic Story Clips)
3 hours ago

1575+ Cast Gals / 335,000 pix / 525+ clips - FULLY Searchable!

THE **LARGEST** CAST SITE FEATURING PIX & CLIPS -- Now with Multi-Criteria Search!

  • 2016-12-09
    Stella Term LLC Crutching in the Park
  • 2016-12-09
    (2) Ava Story Clip Erotic Peep Show & Real Med Cast Interview and extreme Cast Tease
  • 2016-12-11
    Zuzu Double SLWC Toe Polish, Cast Signing and Crutches
  • 2016-12-13
    Cassidy Term SLWC on Crutches Ready to step out
  • 2016-11-18
    *LONG CLIP*: Kim Marvel's broken leg, cast, crutching, bath, nude, and cast talk (Available 1 month only)

  • ===========================================================
    One of the oldest and continuously updated cast sites from two of the earliest contributing members to the casting community (1997), updated 3 times a week with pix and CLIPS -- new material every week.

  • Featuring 1575+ Casted Girls in 2325 Individual image sets and variety sets
  • Over 335,000 images and 525 clips of the finest, most beautiful casted ladies/models you'll ever see.
  • Castgirls from my 40 casting community friends from around the world including CM, Swedishcrutch, CGJ (Japan), CEG (Czech), Gamtrulia (China) SNE, UFO and Swtts, Paul, TCast and _David, Castlovr, Casted Angel, Unc_fan, DA, SGDevil, Myk, CA Caster, CA Dollz, BKast, Golf_thug, Wingnut, and many many more...
  • And... 525+ short & cast story vid clips on the site including both model and candid med stuff... and MORE added WEEKLY!
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    $ Swedishcrutch: Crutching Cast & Sprain Girls [Edit]
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    (Elisabeth Bandage Sprain)
    3 hours ago

    The Most Beautiful Casted and Sprained Women To Ever Crutch & Hop on the Net!

    Did we mention they are all SWEDISH???


    • Free Samples
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    $ TheWhiteWard.com [Edit]
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    (Dual Long Arm Casts and Long Leg Casts)
    4 hours ago



    Cast and Brace BDSM

    Orthopedic Casts

    Orthopedic Braces

    Medical Bondage


    Institutional Bondage

    No membership required


    More Previews: thewhiteward.tumblr.com

    $ castEquipment [Edit]
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    4 hours ago


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    $ CastedEurope.com [Edit]
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    (Daria SLWC Photoset)
    4 hours ago

    the only true golden cast-site on the internet

    In December last chance for photos of 2014 and videos of 2015. They will be moved out of our members area by the end of this year!

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    $ Fantacast [Edit]
    (Victoria FT DSS Movie Conclusion)
    8 hours ago


    Victoria's Faux Term Red DSS Movie Conclusion

    New Limited Edition Victoria DSS Part 3 Clip
    Expires in one week

    12/09/16 - This clip takes place at the beginning of Victoria's last week in her DSS and once again, she's hopeful that she will be able will be able to get it off early. The clip starts with her playing chess with her sister and talking about how she's completely healed and there's no reason for the cast to be on any longer. She's pretty confident that they will take it off early.

    Next, Victoria is telling us how the conversation with the doctor's office went. It turns out that they are not interested in taking it off early, so she has to wait the entire week before having it removed. She's starting to lose her mind and acts a little crazy while telling and showing us just how hard and unbreakable her cast really is.

    12/05/16 - These pictures go along with the first part of clip two. Victoria is expecting her DSS to be cut down to a pair of LACs today after having worn her DSS for an entire month. She's is a great mood as she decorates the Christmas tree.

    12/02/16 - Today is a great day for Victoria. She's going to get her DSS cut down to a pair of long arm casts. She's been in her DSS for over a month and she is so happy and excited about getting her big cast cut down. Her sister helps her get ready for the doctor's office as she ponders the new things she will be able to do when she can move her shoulders.

    However, Victoria returns from her appointment in her DSS and is so upset she can't even talk about it. Later, we find her in her bedroom sulking and she tells us what happened. She hadn't healed as fast as they had hoped and so she must continue to wear the DSS for another four weeks. She is devastated.

    11/28/16 - Just like in the first clip, Victoria just came home in her red DSS and she's very sad and depressed about it. In this 50 picture gallery she looks like she's having pictures taken for documentation or insurance purposes. She shows her cast from all angles, but is definitely not a happy camper.

    11/25/16 - Victoria had been expecting to get a couple of LACs for her injury, but got a DSS instead. It came as a complete shock to her, as she found out right before they put it on. Now, she's facing the reality of being stuck in her DSS for weeks. In this clip, she goes through a range of emotions as she comes to grips with her situation. Needless to say, she is very upset about it. Stay tuned!

    $ Cast Fetish [Edit]
    (New model Christie)
    9 hours ago


    Beautiful Christie's Orange LLC Pics

    Limited Edition Victoria Plaster LLC Clip Day 2
    *Expires Sunday

    12.09.16 - Christie is a gorgeous new model that once broke her leg playing socker. She was a lot of fun and looking forward to the next shoot. We picked orange to go with her outfit. Let me know what you'd like to see her do next!

    12.04.16 - Victoria wakes up in her plaster LLC the next day and continues decorating for Christmas and has to get on the floor to clean up an ornament that she dropped. At the end of the clip, there's some cast talk while I get some nice shots of her cast and toes.

    12.07.16 - Check out Victoria's second day in her plaster LLC in this huge gallery. She continues decorating for Christmas and gets some sexy bedroom pics.

    12.02.16 - DJCasts' super sexy model Lexxi is back posing in a red and blue striped LLC. Log in now to check out these 55 hot pictures and stay tuned for a clip!

    11.30.16 - Bella was laying on the bed and doing these funny arm movements in her DLATS and I grabbed my camera and said "do that again". She did for a minute and then grabbed some bubble wrap and started popping it.

    11.28.16 - This gallery is from Victoria's 2 Day plaster LLC day 1, last Monday. Victoria poses around the house and decorates the Christmas tree in her plaster LLC.

    11.26.16 - Victoria did her first LLC term earlier this week. I put it on Monday morning and took it off Wednesday afternoon. The footage in this clip is from Monday. She does chores in the kitchen and then decorates the Christmas tree in the evening.

    Glamourgesso [Edit]
    (Enjoy LAC+LLC Free Videos!)
    11 hours ago
    High Class Cast Site from Italy - Totally Free

    New site will be online soon.
    In the meanwhile join our Youtube Channel to enjoy FREE Videos

    Glamourgesso: High Quality - All Free
    $ Broken Angelz Vidz In HD [Edit]
    (Chloe LLC Crutching Soccer - My Big Toe!)
    13 hours ago

    Over 400 Clips of Casted Angelz from one of the Earliest Cast Community Contributors

    - Updated with 5-6 new Clips per Month
    - Now in 1280X720 HD / 1920X1080 HD for exceptional picture quality!



    Chloe LLC Soccer Practice on Crutches - Ouch, My Big Toe!
    Chloe has been sidelined by a soccer accident and a bad leg break but after a few weeks in a cast she feels she is getting rusty and is worried about her continued place on the university team. So her friend suggests they go out and practice even though she is on crutches, using a light plastic ball to protect her exposed and vulnerable casted toes. She finds it hard crutching around with a stiff leg, but she still manages to get hold of and keep the ball. The problem is even the light ball is still rough on her poor naked toes and she finds herself kicking from the side so as not to stub it. Her friend brings her open toed cast shoe for her to see if it will help. She puts it on and it provides some support but her big toe is so long it sticks out of the front of her shoe and still stubs when kicking the ball after a few more minutes of torturing her poor big toe on her fully casted leg she decides its enough and limps up the stairs using her cast shoe, careful not to stub her aching big toe further on the stone stairs.

    Lia Term SLC My Poor Aching Foot! Crutching and Light Hopping in the Park with Leg Sling, Foot Play, Toe Curling & Massage
    Despite repeated warnings from her Doctor Lia has not stayed off her badly broken and casted foot and as a result it has not set and healed properly. That's earned her a bone resetting and weeks in a newly applied cast to replace the broken down one, having her cast shoe taken away and replaced by a leg cast sling. Now she is absolutely forbidden to put her foot down! In addition to hobbling around on crutches, she now really has to really adjust to life on one leg as she must drag her bad foot permanently behind her for the duration. No more balancing on her bad foot! She is extremely self-conscious wearing the sling and having to balance on one foot and constantly looks around her to see who is staring. Her toes curl as she walks as she tries to hide them from staring eyes. She in walking on the street and through the park and having particular difficulty navigating the all the stairs she always took for granted on two legs. Now however, she must stop in front of each one and decide how she will hop up or crutch down it. When it all gets too much she stops at a bench to check and massage her poor exposed foot she's been dragging behind her. On the bench there are some great closeups and worms eye view As Lia massages her exposed toes while curling and splaying them. (she really has cute talented toes!). Then its time to move and she is confronted with a series of more stairs to navigate on one leg.

    Before 2009 we converted original 720X480 .MPG's and reduced them to 360X240 .WMVs of lower quality before posting to C4S because of storage limitations. I found these original larger size better quality files while archiving old DVD's. I will be reposting them at REDUCED PRICES along with original content. This Posting:

    NEW!- Jordina SLC & Sprain (720 X 480)
    NEW!- Mindy SLC Crutching, Gimping and Cast Talking (720 X 480)



    ** We think all CC listings should be a uniform size... We asked... many times... nobody seemed to be listening so we supersized too :-(
    $ cast-shop [Edit]
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    13 hours ago

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    $ Casted Telegraph - Clip Store [Edit]
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    (Claudia - SLWC heels & crutches 2 / #1)
    22 hours ago

    Claudia takes a short walk with her friend in downtown on a beautiful autumny lane. Both of the girls wear unique platformed high heels and Claudia even put her favourite Disney princess sock on her SLWC. This clip is part of a series where she was casted for a few days. Claudia hurt her other leg too, so she had to use a bandage all the time, bacause the wound was quite bad.
    $ Girls in cast - video section [Edit]
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    (Sophie - Smoking)
    23 hours ago

    Girls in Cast

    Girls in all type of casts

    Sophie the beutiful girl has had an accident, so she has to wear a shoulder spica and a short leg walking cast now. She had to spend some days in the hospital but she is at home again. It's her first day at home after the hospital. Follow her on this afternoon in this video...

    $ FashionablyCasted [Edit]
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    (Margarit Video 3)
    23 hours ago


    Over 100 different cast shoots.

    Over 6,000 High Resolution photos.

    Over 1,800 minutes worth of video footage with models hobbling around in rigid attire.

    ***Join for as low as $21.99 a month***

    $ Hard Wrapped [Edit]
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    (Cougar Terry Update)
    23 hours ago


    A place where you will find photos and videos of beautiful women in medical casts. A warm body. Hidden from the outside world. Waiting to be released from its shell. But time has it's grip on the situation. Nothing to do but wait...

    Become a member today and see how it feels to get closer to her during her most vulnerable moment.

    Sign my cast please....