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$ Cast-Video.com [Edit]
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(last days SPECIAL OFFER)
1 hour ago

PayPal available NOW !!

On Cast-Video you can buy high-quality-videoclips from our photo-, videoproductions from CASTPLANET,FOOTMODEL and LOSPAC. You can buy single-clips and you can download it directly to your computer.

No membership ! No recurring billing!

No special codecs or players .. just download and start the clip !

Please contact us if you have questions at
team-cast-video(at)cast-video(dot)com !

  • Cast- / Sprain- / Brace- /Amputee- / Feet-/ Crutching - Clips
  • Hospital- / Outdoor- / Indoor- scenarios
  • More than 1000 videoclips online - rising continues
  • More than 9000 minutes online (more than 150 hours/6 DAYS)
  • More than 80 cute models
  • Lenghts between 5 minutes to over 3 hours
  • Shooting-Clips, Movies, Story-Clips and Specials
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  • FREE preview at YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/user/castlinks

Cybercast Place [Edit]
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(Todays' Updates Brazilian + More...)
2 hours ago

CyberCast Place

Hot beautiful and sexy latinas in Gips...

Amazing uploads with photos of gorgeous women, mostly latinas, in real medical casts...
Grab the best free content like pictures of pretty ladies with awesome casts, braces and crutches.
Enjoy it all !!

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Cast + Lifestyle [Edit]
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(December FREE updates)
2 hours ago

Recreational casting like a lifestyle...

Hmmm...I was wondering to find a web site that shows a new point of view of the Casts, sports and other hobbies.
So I decided to create one new, fresh, original in the casters community.

Feel free to participate...
gipsverband.de [Edit]
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(Photos of casts)
2 hours ago



Medical informations, stories, photos, videos and messages around casts and bandages. - All free.

Lifestyle + Cybercast.blogs [Edit]
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(Even more Photos & Videos)
2 hours ago

The only purpose is to recreate the people’s attraction for the delicateness and tenderness of a casted lady. We don’t enjoy with the sickness or the pain of hers. We are more likely with this kind of alternative fashion.
Cyber Arm Cast [Edit]
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(New Holidays updates)
2 hours ago

A new site of CyberCastPlace.com

Enjoy Sexy, tasty and stunning latinas in cast...
Find stories, free photos, articles, videos and all related to Casts + Lifestyle

Great free resources for casters fans!!!
$ http://orientalcastgirls.com [Edit]
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(Yuzhen Sprain SLC and Xuyun Eye Bandag)
3 hours ago


    Sexy Asian girls from east hemisphere, with casts!
    Visitors can browse the ENTIRE catalog now!

  • Enjoy our new homepage with the cute Chinese ladies with injured arms and legs.
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$ CastedEurope.com [Edit]
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(Barbara SLWC & LAC Sample)
3 hours ago

the only true golden cast-site on the internet

LAST CHANCE for videos of 2013 and photos of 2012 in December !
They will be moved out of our members area by the end of this year.


a special bonus for our premium members:
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The Castroom [Edit]
(Viele neue Bilder & Webfinds)
4 hours ago
Das unabhängige, werbefreie Forum

Mehr als 100.000 Bilder

Eigener Chat-Raum "CastRoom Lounge"

100% Kostenlos!

Spezielle Foren, Gays-Only & Women-Only!

The new and fully indepedent, 100% free Community for Casters & Bracers!

Your Online-Home. Join now!
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  • New Activity System! - Become active and access all our goodies!
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  • Chat with other casters in our exclusive CastroomLounge!
  • Cast & Brace Wiki - You are welcome to contribute!
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  • Create Your own Gallery!
  • More than 100.000 pictures
  • Watch the exclusive CastRoom-Videos!
  • Join our social groups to find casters near You!
  • CastRoom-Meetings are announced in our Social Groups!

    CastRoom.net - The Real Thing !
  • $ cast-shop [Edit]
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    (Versand auch zwischen den Feiertagen!)
    6 hours ago

    Seit über 10 JAHREN der Onlineshop mit mehr als 800 Artikel, große Auswahl an Kunststoff Gipsbinden und vieles mehr!

    Alles rund um die Immobilisation von Kunststoff Gipsverbänden. Große Auswahl an Herstellern im Programm u.a. 3M™ , Hartmann, BSN, NOBA, Miro, L & R, DARCO, HEBU, REBOTEC und viele mehr. Immer TOP Qualität.

    • NEU CAMO CAST Als 5er Packung oder als Komplett Sets erhältlich.

    • 3M Scotchcast Komplett Sets: SAC, LAC, SLC oder LLC 3M Scotchcast oder 3M Softcast in vielen Farben erhältlich.Auch in Echtgips diverse Sets.

    Unsere 3M Scotchcast Komplett Sets oder Sparpakete in vielen Varianten und in 14 Farben verfügbar.

    Mit unserem Newsletter bleibt Ihr immer auf dem Laufenden und verpasst keine Angebote mehr!
    100% neutrale & diskrete Verpackung, schnelle Lieferung, Lieferung auch an Packstationen. Postfiliale oder Post-Box.
    Jederzeit mit dem Sendungsstatus Eure Lieferung verfolgen
    . Wir akzeptieren PayPal, Kreditkarte, Vorausüberweisung.
    $ College Crutching Cuties (CCC) [Edit]
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    (NEW! Delaney's Disaster LLC!!!)
    12 hours ago

    College co-eds crutching, gimping, struggling in leg casts and on crutches. From LLC's to SLC's, cast-shoes to crutches, CCC is better than EVER. Click "what's new" for youtube sample vids! Some awesome new clips updated in New format! Check Out College Crutching Cuties: -Storyline Videos -A balance between REAL med casts/recreational casts -Athletic, pretty girls -Lots of toe closeups -Lots of Crutching
    $ FashionablyCasted [Edit]
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    (Geanna Video Part 2)
    15 hours ago


    New: Geanna can not stand still unless she wants to wobble in place. The rubber heels on her double walking casts are like stilts. She has to constantly keep in motion to avoid falling over. She has beautiful toes and really knows how to use them.

    Over 75 different cast shoots.

    Over 4,500 High Resolution photos.

    Over 1,500 minutes worth of video footage of our models struggling around in rigid attire.

    ***Join for as low as $19.99 a month***

    $ Castworld [Edit]
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    (Stacey sac/slc Miss Rainbow cam.)
    18 hours ago

    Diary website following the Castwold family and there friends throughout the year. Each weekly update will contain a minimum of 100 high quality photos, other updates may appear between the weekly ones with a minimum of 50 photos per update. Some updates contain hd video clips.

    Membership from $10 per month Recurring and Non-recurring payments available.