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$ Fantacast [Edit]
(Victoria's 1.5 HS Clip, 32 Min)
9 hours ago


Victoria's 1.5 HS Clip, 32 Min

Video Now 1080P at Fantacast!

08/29/15 - This clip starts off right after Victoria's hip spica is finished and she's laying on her back trying to move. She finds she can scoot around, but not get up by herself. She spends a lot of time in the kitchen cleaning and even talks to the camera about it. Finally she tries to scoot herself to the couch and get up on it and it is a struggle. Log in now to check out this big clip!

08/21/15 - Today's update is a sort of prototype of a plaster high heel long leg walking cast. It would have been better had I actually put some thought into it before the shoot. However, it did give me some good ideas for how I'd like to do it next time. Let me know on the message board or email if you'd like to see a better version of this cast on Bella. For now, check out these 75 pics.

08/13/15 - In this second gallery, Victoria moves inside to pose on the floor and on the couch with her leg propped up. Someone emailed me commenting that this cast is similar to the one I did on Brittany years ago. It's not a coincidence :)

08/11/15 - It's Victoria's second time at Fantacast and this time she's in a big, thick, pink & black 1.5 HS! Victoria looks beautiful as ever and she's posing outside on the deck. Log in now to check out the first 50 pictures and stay tuned for more.

$ Cast Fetish [Edit]
(Lucy's Blue LLC Clip)
9 hours ago


Lucy's Blue LLC Clip

Video now in 1080P HD

08.29.15 - In this clip, the beautiful Lucy changes from her "nerdy" outfit into some lingerie on camera, then does some toe wiggling on the couch. And finally she gets completely nude for some outdoor crutching! I've got some good stuff coming up next week, so watch for it.

08.24.15 - One more new model and I promise I'll post some video :) Welcome Kaley, a beautiful model that I met with earlier today for this shoot. This shoot was kind of a quickie to see how she'd do with it. She could not get the hang of crutching, so I decided to not do video. Let me know what you think of her and if you'd like to see her back in a long leg walking cast.

08.21.15 - Lucy's video will be coming up shortly, but for now I want to share with you a sexy new model, Aurora. There's lots of video of her coming up as well. Laura took to modeling her cast like a pro and seemed to "get it" before I could explain anything. Log in now to check out 100 great pictures Aurora in her LLC.

08.13.15 - Things get even sexier in this second half of the set. First, Lucy is at the computer desk in lingerie with some nerdy glasses and her cast propped up. Then she poses in the kitchen and on the couch in her lingerie. Finally she poses nude outside wearing nothing but her LLC and a sandal. Log in now for 100 very hot pics!

$ Footmodel [Edit]
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14 hours ago

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(NEW Full HD Member Video -Desiree crutch)
16 hours ago

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$ Castlinks.com [Edit]
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(Cast-Video.com - NEW MODEL NEW MOVIE)
16 hours ago

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20 hours ago

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$ Broken Devilz Vidz In HD [Edit]
(Lia Term SLWC Sexy Casturbation& FootPly)
22 hours ago

When good Angelz go bad...

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OUR LATEST CLIP: Lia Term SLWC Sexy Casted Club Hostesses Deals with After Work Blues With Foot Play & Extreme Casturbation

Poor Lia is sitting home depressed after another full night of clubbing and hostessing. Why would a girl with such a beautiful face and rockin body - so pretty from head to her cute wiggly toes -- be so down??? Well, actually its those aforementioned pretty toes of hers, specifically her five exposed piggies on permanent forced display. They are blasting out of her heavy, hot, sweaty term plaster leg cast which she has been stuck in for weeks. She's sick of gimping and crutching around the club on only one unbalanced closed high heel while everyone checks out her other five naked toes. But at the same time most are not careful or observant enough not to step on them between the dance floor and the tables while she is doing her job delivering drinks. Her poor little toes ache from another night of clumsiness and foot abuse from careless and tipsy stiletto heeled women as well as heavy heeled men who come up to flirt with her in the dark club and step on her poor toes as an introduction! The folks with the boots are the worst! People even spill part of their drinks on her vulnerable ped when she brings them over leaving her having to clean off her sticky alcohol-covered toes before leaving work every night! It's disgusting and depressing! Now back home she massages in between her aching, exposed toes, all up and in between the toe cleavage, trying to soothe them and wondering how she is going take her mind off of dealing with this extreme foot abuse for more weeks in her damn cast! There is only one answer as she slowly removes her dress and undies and begins to sensually touch herself. To make herself feel better about her cast She fantasizes about the one cute guy tonight who she knew was really into her half bare foot and cute exposed toes. Even though he was with someone else he kept asking her over for a drink, checking out her toes and leaving big tips... He even bent down to touch her little piggies She keeps thinking of his warm touch on her cold vulnerable toes As she slowly caresses her tits and honey pot slowly bringing herself to orgasm as her exposed castd toes curl. This is the perfect casted foot show / play and masturbation clip. If you're into this, get this... JUST GET THIS... We always know we have a classic on our hands when it takes us an hour just to select the preview pics because they are all so good we don't know which to show! And believe us we left out a lot of great erotic full shots and closeups taken from all angles! We are consumers as well as producers of this work and believe us when we tell you you'll want this one for your collection!



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$ Casted Memories Video Clips [Edit]
(Cassidy SLWC Cold Toe Gimping Thru Snow!)
23 hours ago

**Cast Clips for the Cast & Foot Fetishist -- In Clear Large Format SD AND HIGH DEF**


Cassidy SLWC Gimping Through The Slush in Freezing, Drenched Cast Sock - Extreme Foot Abuse & Foot Play
Trudging through a wet slushy wintery day is never fun but for poor Cassidy its an absolute nightmare. She agreed to gimp out when her friend asked her to go shopping to get her mind of her casted foot. But with each step its all she can think about! Although dressed in a heavy park to keep herself warm, the heavy sock she thought would protect her vulnerable casted toes is in fact them and sending chills throughout her body no matter how warmly dressed she is! That's because she didn't consider the cold slushy snow absolutely soaking it through after just a few blocks of walking and was too vain to put a plastic bag over her sock to keep it dry. You can see the snow attach itself to the bottom toe part of the sock. So each frozen painful step is an icy nightmare for Cassidy's five poor lil piggies. Although she and her friend try to go through alley ways and less snow covered places it's really no use, the damage has been done and her sock is soaked through and through. So Cassidy has to stop twice foo prolonged periods during this clip to pull her grungy cast sock off and reveal her freezing tootsies. Her friend tries to be helpful rubbing her poor naked toes with her warm mitten and even taking her cast foot between her two mittened hands to make a tunnel blowing hot air directly onto her casted foot - now there is a friend! Some really nice closeups of Cassidy's long perfect toes in this classic snow toes clip.



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