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$ Cast Fetish [Edit]
(Victoria's 3 Day Plaster LAC Pt 2)
5 hours ago


Limited Edition Victoria's Three Day Plaster LAC, Part 2, One Week

LE Victoria's Arm Break LAC Clip, Expires Monday

01.19.17 - Victoria's sister follows her around and films her doing her normal routine around the house in this new 31 minute clip. This clip is from Wednesday and it starts with Victoria getting up and getting ready. She cooks, cleans, and gets her cast signed. Stay tuned for a bunch of pics.

01.16.17 - It's now several weeks later and Victoria is still wearing her sling most of the time. Her cast now has lots of signatures and she goes out to the coffee shop and grocery shopping with her sister. Watch as Victoria talks to her sister about her cast (and other random things) and then try to push around a cart and shop with one hand. There's still more to come so stay tuned.

01.14.17 - Last week Victoria got a plaster LAC on Monday and taken off Thursday right before she had to leave. This clip is footage that Victoria got around the house doing her usual routine in the cast. She does her house work as if the cast was medical and doesn't use it at all. Log in now to download this 37 minute clip before it expires!

01.11.17 - This gallery goes with the Victoria Breaks Her Arm clip posted on Monday. These pics show Victoria with her fresh plaster LAC in a sling. These pictures were taken Tuesday last week after she spent the night in it.

01.09.17 - Filmed over the course of her plaster LAC term last week, this is the first part of three. In this clip, Victoria is out back throwing the ball to her dogs when she slips on a wet plastic lid and slams her arm into the deck. She comes home in a plaster LAC in a sling. She does some stuff around the house and then explains to the camera what exactly happened, what the doctor said, and what it's like. Then she decides to facetime a friend and tell them about her cast and how it happened.

01.07.17 - Victoria just finished up a three day plaster LAC (from Monday until Thursday). I didn't bother trying to divide the pics into days like I have before. Here's the first 100 and it's got pics from Monday and Tuesday.

01.05.17 - Today's my first update all year! But that's just the quiet before the storm. I'm going to have a lot of great stuff going up this month. For example, just today I took a plaster LAC off Victoria after she had it on for three days. Then she had to jump on a plane and leave. But she will be back in March, so if you want a custom/sponsored shoot, get in line now.

$ cast-shop [Edit]
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(3M Scotchcast Sets in 12 Farben!)
5 hours ago

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Castars [Edit]
(New update !)
7 hours ago
What is Castars ? The most biggest listing of celebrities with injury, crutches, cast, ...
$ castEquipment [Edit]
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8 hours ago


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$ The LegCastFactory [Edit]
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(V I D E O)
11 hours ago

Annie T E R M C A S T part 1.
Glamourgesso [Edit]
(Enjoy new Anamaria LAC Free Videos!)
14 hours ago
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$ One Shoe Sprain / Hopping / Tickle Clips [Edit]
((3)Jades Bad Sprain, Rose Crutch Sprain)
21 hours ago

One Shoe Sprain / Hopping / Crutch Clips
**One Shoe Sprain Hopping & Crutching Clips -- In Clear Large Format SD AND HIGH DEF**

Jade Accident and Bad Sprain with Foot PlayJade Accident and Bad Sprain with Foot Play
While practicing an acrobatic trick with a ball Jade falls and slips so hard that she twists her ankle badly and can't get it back right. She still has to practice though but after a few more stumbles things only get worse until its impossible for her to stand on her bad foot and she needs to pull her shoe off. She'll never get that one back on!

Rose Crutching through through the Mall with Bandaged Foot in Cast Sock in HD
Rose socks her bad sprain in the car before crutching into the mall, but its rainy outside the sock is dirty and soggy and the silhouettes of her poor toes show through the dirt marks in the sock, so she pulls it off to give her bandaged sprain foot some relief before she puts it back on and continues her crutching.

Rose Crutching through a Village in the Rain with her Bandaged Foot in HD
It's so wet outside that Rose decides to leave her cast sock in the car because it will only get wet and soggy making her poor, bandaged and sprained foot even more miserable. So she crutches through a village in the rain with only her bandaged foot and toes exposed.


- Our crisp, clear clips are filmed and edited by professional videographers and equipment.
- We constantly script new stories for our clips and customs
- Compare the clarity & resolution of our clips, and you'll immediately notice the qualitative difference.

* We think all CC listings should be a uniform size... We asked... many times... nobody seemed to be listening so we supersized too :-(