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$ Swecrutch Extended Clips [Edit]
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(Clips On When She Gets Injured & Sprains)
14 hours ago


Welcome to Swecrutch! It's a studio store that offers popular clips that have been published before on another studio store. Be sure to check, so you don’t buy duplicates. Enjoy!

  • Elisabeth Sprains Her Ankle When Swinging, HD
    Elisabeth is out on a walk and finds a playground. She can’t resist it and starts to have fun on the playground. She begins to swing and drops her shoe. She continues to swing a little more, before jumping of the swing. But when she jumps of, she hurts her foot. It’s so painful and she can’t walk on her foot anymore. Poor Elisabeth must hop on her leg. She gets up and hops over to a bench nearby. On the bench, she takes off her sock and you see her pantyhose, that she has under her jeans. She loves to wear pantyhose, no matter what kind of clothes she wears. On the bench, she feels on her foot and massage her foots with each other. Elisabeth hops back to get her shoe back and she needs to hop back all the way to the car. It will take forever, but she must. During the time she hops, she pauses sometimes and at one point, takes her sock back on, because her toes is beginning to freeze too much. We see her fade away when she still hops on the sidewalk. Then the scene ends.
  • Elisabeth On The Next Day After She Sprained Her Ankle, HD
    Poor Elisabeth injured her ankle yesterday and she still has to continue her with her daily life. She is having her lunch break and is taking a walk out in the fresh air, since she works in an office. She is wearing her normal outfit, she always wears at work. Skirt together with shirt, high heel and pantyhose. She crutches around nearby her work and enjoy the air. Mostly she holds her leg in front and behind, while crutching. At some point, she begins to tip-toe and only use one of her crutches. She does this for a little while and then begins to use both crutches again. Elisabeth takes of her sock during her time, when she crutches and only have the pantyhose on her injured ankle. Elisabeth finds a bench and take quick rest there. She wiggles and tries to warm up her toes. After the rest, she continues to crutch and the last 40 seconds she starts to jump all the way to the parking area.
  • Elisabeth Is On Her Way To The Shopping Mall, HD
    Elisabeth injured her ankle while she was swinging. She has been at work and now she is on her way to the shopping mall. She wears a blueish sock on her sprained ankle, that goes high up to the knee. Elisabeth still wears her typical office outfit and heads in to the mall. Apparently, they are rebuilding the shopping mall, even if it’s only a couple of years old. She is so surprised and a little bit disappointed, but continues her round in the mall. She goes inside a couple of stores, but the one that’s most noticeable, is the shoe store. In the shoe store, we see when Elisabeth tries different kinds of shoes and hopping on her leg with her high heeled shoe. But she doesn’t find anything and heads back to the car, so she can get home again.

  • From Wednesday - Friday There Will Come Clips On..
    Ice Termcast SLWC, Sarah Bandage & SLC And Penelope Medical Cast.
$ cast4sale [Edit]
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(NEW black Cast and new Heels)
16 hours ago

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$ Casted Memories Video Clips [Edit]
(Amirah Double LLC Recuperating Foot Play)
18 hours ago
**Cast Clips for the Cast & Foot Fetishist -- In Clear Large Format SD AND HIGH DEF**


Amirah Double LLC Recuperating in ER with Toe Massage and Foot Play and Cast Talk
(English) Amirah is recuperating in the hospital with two broken legs that have just been plastered from hip to toe. As she sleeps with both her legs propped up on a pillow the nurse comes in and wakes her up to check her cast and wipe away the excess plaster on her toes and her thighs. She also knocks on the cast to see if it's dried. Amirah explains her accident as the nurse works, and when she finishes wiping her toes with a clean cloth she moves on to massaging patient Amirah's cute little toes. You can tell from the look on Amirah's face how soothing it is. Appreciating how immobile Amirah is she also teaches her to use the traction bar above her head to prop herself up and move around on the bed. She also makes her do exercises by raising her casted leg to maintain her muscle strength and reduce some of her boredom just laying in bed. An excellent clip featuring sexy and popular Amirah in a double llc. Click here to see how things progress when the nurse starts sucking Amirah's toes.

Darcia SLWC Hobbling Out Stubbed Toe and Casted Toe Massage
Sexy Darcia and her friend are on the way to a bar and they are all dressed up which for petite Darcia means a low cut dress in all the right places showing off all her assets. She's wearing a leg cast with five cute naked toes blasting out of it while her huge boobs are also almost spilling out of her ow cut dress. She's got one skyscraper heel on and which makes it necessary to walk with her friend's help. Still her dress is so body tight and short it also means you don't have to do much to get an up skirt with each unbalanced step she takes. This bar hop (no pun intended) the first time they will see if her helpless state and cute little toes sticking out of her cast will attract guys. Guys certainly do as she hobbles down the street so she is pretty confident. As they walk along poor Darcia is still unsteady and stubs her big exposed casted toe on stone stairs. She howls and her friend has to bend down to massage her poor vulnerable toes. But She needs to sit down and nurse her foot though. So they find a bench where she can prop up her throbbing foot and her friend can massage her naked toes in a long closeup scene from a variety of angles as she wiggles and curls them and makes sure her friend is careful not to hurt them more with the massage. Then she hobbles off with her friend to the bar.

Jade SLC Clumsy Maid, Stuck Toe and Soothing Foot and Toe Massage
(English) Maid Jade is at work even with her bad foot sticking out of her cast. As she waters some plants she gets dirt and water all over her casted foot. So she struggled into the bathroom and puts her foot up in the sink to try and wash the dirt off gingerly without getting her cast all wet. Unfortunately, the clumsy made manages to get her big toe caught in the drain of the sink. She has to call for help. And when it arrives Soap is needed to lubricate around her casted foot in order to extract her toe from the drain. When it is finally gotten out of the sink her foot is throbbing. It was tough standing on her one good leg and balancing without moving spraining her poor toe in the drain even more. She now she needs sit at a table, prop her cast foot up and allow her friend to use cream on her exposed casted foot in order to soothe it. Her friend is careful to massage between each toe and you can see the relief on Jade's face as her naked casted foot is pampered. Nice long closeup foot massage shots with her expressions in the background.



- 5 New 1024X58HD/1920X1080HD Clips Per Month!
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(Casey LLC)
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    Join the discussion. Share your pics. Totally private from Google.
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    $ Casted Telegraph - Clip Store [Edit]
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    (Eszti SLWC)
    21 hours ago

    Eszti - Downtown day in SLWC (part1, part2), Eszti - Wellies and SLWC
    $ CastedEurope.com [Edit]
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    (Elizabet SLWC Sample)
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